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  1. Habesha Corner

    49:50 cameraman choosing between ronaldo and david 😂😂😆

  2. Eric Serrano

    I ain’t no Barca fan but that shirt is fire 🔥

  3. The Fantorangster

    For the second penalty you cut off the clip before the incident happened. That's a mess up

  4. 하세요안녕

    한국인 없나요?

  5. امیر زارعیان


  6. NXS_NBS _Taurus62

    Fun facts: all Juventus fan dislike this video...

  7. Shannon Filip

    I have a Messi Christ and I wear it at evry Barcelona game on tv

  8. المصمم البراء هديان

    مابش احد يتكلم عربي

  9. Piyush Waikar

    Can anyone please tell me the starting song they played in it

  10. Anaki Chen

    we got our first jan transfer!

  11. masito masito75

    Grand coby sempre estara meu cor😍😍

  12. Adel Fahd2005

    I liked

  13. Mohammed1Akram

    0:10 neymar looking at her 👀 boo Bs

  14. Jamaican Trucks

    Best to ever do it🔵🔴🔴🔵

  15. Èric Font

    Que mal acabó todo

  16. thonny martin

    made in masia

  17. PSB 18

    Pedro, que gran infravalorado!!!

  18. Aro Ramzy

    Piquè was on tears at the beggining

  19. Tito Auditio

    bienvenido al PSG Leo Messi

  20. Maaz Hussaini

    No Barça live tonight? 🤕

  21. Leo LP

    1 billion debt serious!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Saamir Ahmed

    There is only one king messi

  23. Ignacio Bravo

    NAAA se ree copiaron del ezze

  24. Francisco Oliveira Mr.Oliver



    BAGUS sekali

  26. Spamzzy

    Messi is best footballer, and a very good Christian and a very good person

  27. cotne tsikarishvili

    vinc metanxmebit like am coms

  28. cotne tsikarishvili


  29. سعد حسن رهود العموي رهود

    فسكا بارسا

  30. Lika Hakani Hakani

    Griezmann best of the best player ,victory for Barcelona !!!!

    1. Subtain Alwaeli

      Not even close

  31. Culers_ Wave

    Barca is dying with debt 1.2 Billion. After 1 year it will be 2 billion. Where is that Prestige Barca was nurturing all over the past years!

  32. Raxford Cobbynson

    I saw the nutmeg from De Jong to Mingueza😂

  33. Anzonini Delpuerto

    Alguien que le diga a Koeman que Messi juega de Extremo derecho, Braithwite de 9, y que ponga a Dembele de Extremo Izquierdo. y si quiere puede poner a Griezmann jugando detras de Messi 😥🤙

  34. Vi Thu

    I need boy friend9X5LE9-TZMYX2-5J4ACS

  35. Hasnain Arnob

    Miss you in green battle field leader 😢💜

  36. Aiden Cora

    make it next seasons barca jersey to

  37. Ricardo Pérez

    1173 millones!!! Oido cocina!!! Os ayudare si...!!! y ya os vale a los catalanes de pedir ayuda o consejo ajenos...y siendo galego como soy ....era suponible que antes os abririais las venas..!!!.ahora si( dadas las circunstancias ) que voy tener que preocuparme!!!


    I dream to win Barcelona✔️✔️✔️❤️✔️❤️✔️

  39. Real Madrid fans

    Fake you

    1. Leo LP

      Toxic kid you lose vs a Club that play in the third leauge

  40. silent x

    Whoever chose the bgm has poor taste

  41. Azpiri Flores Agustin

    Quiero ver a Messi ganaaaar es el rey del fútbol

  42. Azpiri Flores Agustin

    El Barcelona es mi vida barca forever

  43. Diegø Camchø

    What ITS the 7?

  44. ermyasxd

    eramos felices y no lo sabiamos

  45. Soufiane Mrabet

    Neymar vuelve

  46. Marcelo hudson gentil Moreira

    Visca Barça eternamente visca meu Barça.

  47. Fabio Brawl Stars

    Messi sollte eine Rote bekommen aber Jordi Alba bekommt dann rote Karte häää

  48. Zekeryebeyli Zekerye official


  49. Vale King

    The name of the girl?

  50. Halal Sadafa


  51. Dj Moufdi Officiel

    next messi

  52. last muradzikwa

    its now ueseless barca


    The king 🤴 is back with more energy

  54. Axel Jimenez

    Uh le quemaron la idea al EZE