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    All focus turns to the #UCL now as Barça prepare for their third European challenge in three weeks, going into Wednesday's game with Dynamo Kyiv at Camp Nou on the back of two wins from two games.
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    1. FC Barcelona

      ⚽ Juve 0-2 Barça: The official 'Aftermovie' 👉 paprom.info/block/v/aI6zorOdum6P26g.html

      1. M Restu

        @Ole's At The MasterClass apa kau?

      2. Ole's At The MasterClass


      3. M Restu


      4. Amal Mohamed

        Barca I love you

    2. Cousins Channel

      👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀how many eyes 👆????

    3. Naqeebullah Poya

      This Barca is going nowhere. Throw Griezmann out🤮🤮🤮🤮 find a real no.9. Stupid move with this clown. His low confidence costs us a lot. Can’t tap in an open goal 😡😡

    4. gaglet


    5. Ezekiel Omolasho

      Barcelona's training looks like child's play..no wonder they have very low conversion rates.

    6. The Card Maestro

      Guys Barca will win today. And we wont be disappointed at all. A good win is coming.

    7. daniel paciak

      que musica es esta

    8. Mihill Kolgjeraj

      Barcelona8 vs0 dinamo kijev

    9. broken

      We really need a striker now more than ever. We miss a lot of chances.

    10. Landress Ho

      I have no doubt bout this team they are good but some old player are bad so they should rest I mean pique,Sergio they are not really can count on already I guess the best option is aroujo and pjanic should be a starter it’s sad to see a good team but play not consistantly

    11. Pratham Thorve

      Who thinks Barca can win UCL this season?? 🙄🤔

    12. Aden Leo

      Visca barca pique outt

    13. afouda ruben

      Puig moves ❤️

    14. Cesar Duron

      Now that bartomeu is out we better start winning bcuz this la liga season aint looking good and for god sakes bench busquets🤦🏽‍♂️

    15. Matheus Silva

      puts the braithwaite "myth" on the pitch...

    16. sukuany

      Espero que el ultimo partido por lo menos haya servido para que Koeman despeje dudas con respecto a Pjanic, Busi no deberia ser titular por encima de pjanic.



    18. PabloTube

      I ask Barcelona to focus on high pressure because this pressure closes the areas of escape and decimates the opponent in defense, and also that you focus on the players who came, this is my hope, we want only old Barcelona ...Vesca braça...vesca catalonia...

    19. Kalani Brown

      Make riqui puig play!!!

    20. Mickie Morris

      I'm getting tired of these predictable training sessions. They supposed to be practicing - Coner positioning, Quick counter attacking, Crossing in to the box, Shooting in front of low block defense, Quick wing passing, And LOW BLOCK DEFENDING. Doing that Rondo ain't gonna win us anything...

    21. SDev099

      Riqui Puig has to start. He is the only creative mid out there other than Pedri.. Bt Koeman is stubborn useless prick...

    22. Shiv

      busquets mal training eo bhul bhal pa tule dicche.

    23. Mateo Ramirez Enriquez

      you need to griezman and dembele are very players the two you do not other players because the team is well team

    24. SHEINEY CO

      ohhhh yes ter stegen we need you!!

    25. Thomas Bodlos

      Auf geht's Barcelona ihr Packt das ihr gewinnt 3:0 😊👍

    26. Abhijit Behera

      A line up full of young players may be good for next game I mean ansu pedri riqui trincao dest they all should line up in next match

    27. Robin Robso

      Griezmann please have your old hairstyle

    28. Krenzaxk Sipali

      Im here cause im just want to see the gem of RIQUI PUIG

    29. prajwal bhandari

      Kuch nai hoga tum log se.

    30. Faris Fadillah_26


    31. qwe Z3EM


    32. Hasyim Putra13

      Where is Coutinho now out of sight?

    33. mukhriz mohd

      dest pedri puig pjanic.. messi as striker

    34. Mohiyadiin Abdillahi

      I am fans of barcelona I want to join it

    35. Aditya Maharshi

      Now that Bartomeu is OUT!!!! Lets go back to Spamming FORCAAAAAA BARÇAAAAAAA

    36. Khady Ndao

      Ter stegen is back

    37. Random World etc

      Hey Admin are we going bankrupt.. I hope me viewing the full ad helps

    38. Andrew Sisimit

      Imo we need to stop using pique, we need younger, faster, and hungrier defenders, it’s annoying see pique start when he’s making all of these mistakes, Neto has been amazing goal but because of the defense, we’ve been crap

    39. Jose Aparecido Gonçalves


    40. Tahmidur Araf

      Dest should start who else agrees?

    41. Rin


    42. ragu mr

      Dest should start

    43. N K

      After that what. Do we take our eyes off when you play La Liga.

    44. Vishwajeet Shinge

      Sergio Pique are legends no doubt..but they are slowing down our attack and defense..I guess it's time to step down

    45. Handoko AMN15

      PIQUE OUT!!!

    46. BIMA

      hope i can come back

    47. kevin Dereck

      Necesitan entrenar físico tipo Bayern Múnich 😰

    48. Victoribenji Chizaram

      He should be starting I agree

    49. Aldo Durán

      Where was Messi?

    50. Ali Omar Muhamad

      the club soon broke like me as a fan..no money anymore rip barca


      The GOAT keeper is back.😍😍😍

    52. Andy Hartono

      I'm sad 33 years messi is flop while 35 years ronaldo is so great

    53. Marc-Gaming

      Riqui Puig should be a starter like who agrees

    54. Isaac Frank

      Dest and Pjanic should start. And most especially, Barca training should be all about finishing, they really lack strikers, like I don't freaking know what's happening 😬

    55. Steve Bilindo

      je crois que l'équipe devrait s'améliorer plus pendant les séances de l'entrainement surtout sur le plan vitesse, tir au but et des physiques pas seulement les jeux avec les ballons, les talents sont là je sais bien

    56. VesteroidGaming

      Busquets is too slow for the type of football the team is trying to play. He drags the team down and needs to realise he ain’t quick enough. Makes passes when opponents are closing him down to get a foul but they are getting smarter and realising that he does that a lot meaning if he loses the ball the whole team has to get behind the ball which results to a lot of counter attacking from the other team which is how we generally concede goals

    57. 20 29 52 Neil D'Souza

      I. Love. You can play football 🏈

    58. Rakta Baruah

      My expectations from this team is in feets ..

    59. savio puthur

      Messi shouldn't do everthing by his own, he must trust others to help him. Doing everything is bad for him and the team. And plz stop passing too much inside the box, try to shot.



    61. Zatrazato Hazur

      Iam tired 😓 to comment ( advice) now , time to change Barcelona dna (playing style) and cells!! They should shooting the ball all kind of situation when near d box area, they shoot it but they want to make sure 100% goal it will not work sometimes so better shoot the hall even in front opponents , ball will reverse you guys have chance to again shoot, better watch last match Ajax vs vvv game !!!

    62. Shajina Bakker

      Ter stegan 👏👏

    63. Ahmad Munandar

      Ter stegen 💪

    64. Dovran Production

      pique out

    65. Mohammad Emran

      Can u shut the hell up on twitter? If u lose against juventus then what?

    66. Lalboi Manlun

      I think it's already pretty clear that Pjanic should start over Busquets and Dest over Roberto and Trincao over Dembele.

    67. FBI Man

      Dest should be a starter and Sergi Roberto should be kicked out from the club

    68. Shayan Abbaspour

      messi out

    69. Wanted Outlaw AM

      Please if anyone in Barca with power can hear kick Pique out of this club he is just not the same player he was.... he is the reason for the weakening of Barcas defense you will not win anything as long as he stays.... it should have been him not Suarez..... its time to get rid of him and depend on Aroujo .... he is a young and promising talent

    70. Qwarthe

      No chance for Barca lol

    71. Nir Aizik

      This should be our starting 11: Ter Stegen Dest, Pique, Lenglet, Jordi Alba De Jong, Puig, Coutinho Messi, Griezmann, Ansu fati Like if I agree

    72. Herolind Morina

      Barcelona 9-0 Dynamo Kyiv

    73. KL 13 GAMER

      3:14 what a move from rique puig and koeman is nit using him

    74. Ashutosh Singh

      Busquets out

    75. Manish lama

      Messi must play like Ronaldo position,de jong must perform more in the mid field he is not 100 %

    76. Manish lama

      Juventus score 3 last games but unfortunate offside if those were counted ash hole defenders

    77. Manish lama

      Piqe,jordi Alba,Sergi busgets out otherwise lose again

    78. Syahdiar Rohman


    79. Negib Khalef

      Vamos Barça! Let's win tomorrow.

    80. حسن كيمز HSNKEMZ

      وين العراق ❤️💙

    81. ngampa konyak

      Shooting training is important. Messi will score this time.

    82. Nemika Benthota

      Ter stegen is back! finally ! 👇

    83. Nik Afham

      Stop starting busi please

    84. Anvar

      boys ter stegen is back

    85. Muhammad Afsal M

      Play Puig

    86. muhana hilal

      Stegen Dest- pique - umtit - alba Puiq - de jong Trincao - pedri - konrad Fati . . The starting 11 next much

    87. Adam

      Ter stegen mamacita 😍❤️

    88. Hari Asok

      Loaning out a fully fit extraterrestrial todibo..keeping money chewing bed warmer umtiti..Only barca can do these

    89. PESMOBILE 2021

      Barcelona FC ilove you 😍 My fen VIETNAM my

    90. Fiston Kayembe

      Guys I really like busquet But he’s good for Barca anymore they must sell him please Like if u agreed with that 👇👇👇👇

    91. InfinityFootball

      all eyes on UCL and no eyes on LaLiga

    92. Sergio Lucani

      Barcelona Loser😉

    93. Ngwane Hansel

      Barca cannot keep depending on Messi! Create a playstyle that involves everyone.

    94. Farhana Saki

      How many more maches will you guys take to understand busquets pique are already spent.Plz start with Pjanic Dest and Araujo(when he is back). Like if you support

    95. Rakesh Barua

      Konrad from right n from left trincao I think it's goin to b best attakers from front.barca must b buy this Luis diaz.he is so fast skillfull n solid.gud to b open chested with dembelle in last minutes game.

    96. Tirumalya Bhattacharya

      With a Messi hattrick

    97. Tirumalya Bhattacharya

      Barça win 6-0

    98. ample_filings8

      Can anyone tell me pls terstegen is not playing

    99. crazy football

      Ter steagen is back 🤙🏻🤙🏻

    100. Simba Harp

      Koeman hates puig