🤣ALL of ANTOINE GRIEZMANN funniest moments! 🤣

FC Barcelona

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    Relive the funniest moments of the 2019/20 season from Antoine Griezmann and tell us in the comments what your favourite moment is!
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    1. FC Barcelona

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      1. Francis Abrams

        Josep Maria Bartomeu and Ronald Koeman Barcelona problem is the defence line Gerard Piqué needs to be off load now Gerard Piqué is not used in the squad and we need a new centre-back, new a left-back and a right-back

      2. Ali AlDailami

        Bartomeu OUTTTTT!

      3. Ali AlDailami

        Bartomeu OUT!

      4. Ali AlDailami

        Bartomeu Dimisio

      5. Ali AlDailami

        Bartomeu OUTT

    2. Joan Posso

      *Soy muy heterosexual, pero Griezman en serio me hace dudar mi sexualidad*

    3. Josep Maria Bartomeu

      What's more funny is his penalties 😂

    4. Brenda Espiegle

      Griezmann ..just play like a football player please...


      I dont want him to leave , Antoine if you are reading this we love you 💙♥️

    6. Luiz 021

      Griezmann is my favorite player

    7. Ansaf Shaji

      Its better if someone asks him to be availabe there as a stricker to recieve the pass and convert them to goals, instead of playing defensively. When barca make counter attacks griezie is most of the time at the back 1/3rd, bcz he is always playing defensive. Its time for him to be a pure central stricker who plays many shots on goal

    8. o l i v r

      i feel like once he finally gets a (proper) haircut, he will start playing better again

    9. Riya


    10. Ta Waa

      ¿Podrías traducir tus videos al francés con subtítulos? Porque amo tus videos pero no entiendo nada

    11. Pepe Molina

      que parida

    12. dienrab cam

      Su primera temporada si que fue funny

    13. Savannah ou nana

      J adore ce joueur

    14. Manoj Shrestha

      Barca should sign defenders. But why not signing any defender s.

    15. MK Singh

      What's more laughable ? Griezmann's career at Barca

    16. Mukesh Pathak

      Fc Barcelona amazing tricks ⅓

      1. Mukesh Pathak


    17. Hesham 8500

      ليش مافي ترجمة 😭

    18. zia ullah

      Why the Hell this lady is still with the team she is a curse on Barca Team

    19. Mecky

      ¿Qué es increíble? ¡Es GRIEZMANN!

    20. Juan Villamil

      2:23 :(

    21. Victor Alves

      Hehehe 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    22. Relja

      Grizman funniest moment is his sesano

    23. Asha Latha

      Who's here after he was given the No.7 jersey

    24. Deandrew Pottinger

      Best part of the video 👉1:41

    25. Lord_Bee.BlueSpeedJay 21

      Bro, when Ter Stegen catches the ball and started doing the “Take The L” celebration which is the one Griezmann would do. I laughed so hard, he’s wild for that 😂

    26. Caliel Mouriño

      Don't matter if he plays bad, I love this guy

    27. Luis Lopez

      It’s going to be hard the next couple of seasons. Messis last year. And the team is transitioning to a new play style. Will always support these colors 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    28. Raphael Asuncion

      Next time translator the audio.. Dont forget u have alot of fans in the english speaking countries where we don't hear anyone speak Spanish.

    29. dxvglas

      You could have put all his matches

    30. Jovinho

      Ou sont les français ?

    31. Bogdy-Zeu


      1. Bogdy-Zeu

        @Jovinho 😏🔴🔴

      2. Jovinho


    32. Leon Djukic

      Do Messi funny moments

    33. Eric Nottebohm

      Funny was his season

    34. DonG LI

      Где комментарии на английском языке хотя бы? Сидите переводите с русского теперь

    35. nisam nizu

      Barthameu out

    36. Rohith Mahesh

      He'd play better if he cuts his hair and trims his beard

    37. Noobie Of the year

      Funny vid.... hopefully this season he can help the team win a tittle

    38. Zerajnim Egroj

      And they said he doesn’t have friends

    39. the islander

      Ter Stegen imidating him was awesome.

    40. Messi Ronaldo


    41. FOOT NEWS

      Super griezouuuuu 😍😍😍😍😘💙♥️

    42. CreativeRad

      “Ella = Internet ou música ?” Yo = Con el internet puedes escuchar música 🤷🏽‍♂️😂😂😂

    43. sentis pintolitk

      eu sou um único brasileiro num monte de gringo

    44. Vansh Vardhan Singh

      1:09 Ter Stegen HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Lol



    46. Milotote 1

      Oh seen this before

    47. Samuel Gómez

      Grande Griezman

    48. Rowex Games

      Ter stegen please

    49. Monoloko


    50. Raul AntiCatalunya


    51. Stošija Jović

      GRIZZY super sexy

    52. Etnad Lebrøn

      It makes me so happy to know we still have the one and only Antoine Griezmann on our Barça, I don’t care how hard you judge him from the first season he will always be a World Cup winner and a legendary striker through his career!

      1. Patrick Star

        Bro he is already a legend he had one bad Saison ok but was ist really bad??? To score goals is one thing in football to know how to play like griezmann is the other important thing

    53. Savvy_Griezmann

      The funniest moment of his first season in Barcelona is his first season in Barcelona. Wait... better. Its him at Barcelona

    54. Karanveer Singh Deora

      Depay Griezmann Messi Coutinho De Jong M Pjanic Alba Lenglet Pique Semedo M ter Stegen

    55. Eb Speedz gamer

      You guys give him more time in interviews Q/A funny moments than his time on pitch 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    56. Eb Speedz gamer

      Why you bought him for showing him interviews and Q/A he only plays like 10 minute of the game coming off the bench

    57. Abdulkarim Alsanie

      Griezman striker suarez out

    58. FaKe Muffin

      Lol 8-2

    59. Nick Khutsishvili

      the funniest moment is when he signed at barcelona

    60. nazal 1

      Who is the admin ?? A serious and Interesting individual

    61. Rohan Kale

      2-8 IS ENOUGH GUYS PLS STOP 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    62. sodako san the legend of wolf

      Yes I love you but heat bartmio

    63. Ali AlDailami

      Bartomeu OUT.

    64. Харниса Джалилова

      Гризманн а.!!! Самый продвинутый Среди ............очень умный и Порядочный!!! Верю что он сам Никогда не покинет Барселону! Будьте здорлвы!!!

    65. Tom Edward Channel

      Le deseo a Antonie todo lo mejor. esta temporada debe ser triplete

    66. Daniel Garcia

      Vivir sin internet o vivir sin musica, pero que dificil

    67. eymen ünal

      Tu estupido acá le ganaste al real madridi jugando como un hombre en la laguna, casi tienes que irse messi, toma tu mente o adiós çine

    68. Headphone Legends • 10 years ago (edited)

      Barto OUT

    69. M.COHEN

      Le plus grand

    70. Luis Suares

      Tiene que triunfar el principito ya verán

    71. Youssef Tayger

      Grizmann tooop ❤❤💙💙

    72. anak *

      I hate griezmann

    73. Yael Aguilar

      1:08 Ter Stegen bailando como Griezmann es lo mejor que verás hoy

    74. Thabiso Maenetja

      Griezmann shouldn't leave he was not used properly hope he stays and plays like he used to

    75. TrawlrZ

      Barca fans: help we are falling apart and bartomeu needs to go, we are scared we might have a bad bar future and not even qualify for UCL Barcelona: Look at Griezmann he's so funny 😂😂😂



    77. Martin U

      Un gran sujeto, hace reír a todos 😂🔵🔴

    78. Chaya Barman

      Barca should not sell him.beacuse after messi's departure,barca need a RWF.Griezmann can take that spot

    79. FUCK YOU!!!

      While watching this video and still... BARTOMEU OUT!!! ❌ 🤣🤣🤣

    80. Fat 10

      He'so lovelyyyyy😍😍😍😍

    81. Short Clips

      I pray who ever reads this becomes successful.

    82. Micaela Mazzoleni


    83. Micaela Mazzoleni


    84. M Hafizh Al Fajri

      Grizzie's attitude is like neymar

    85. Elkusla


    86. Ram PUBG :D

      He is so funny guy 🙄😆

    87. عاشق ال football

      There's no fun for Barcelona till they get their revenge

    88. Muhemmed Sindi

      The funniest moment was when he wore Barca’s kit 🤣

    89. An Nguyễn Văn

      Fan Barcelona

    90. andrea morretta

      Ter Stegen 1:08 😂😂

    91. Ahadu Monitor

      the funniest moment is that hes scored about once 😂😂😂

    92. Carmen Maria Martinez Garcia


    93. V G

      Hes like Cristian from elite

    94. sangeeta rai

      1:11 ter stegen showing loser sign, is soooo hilarious

    95. 133 7

      Hope you have nice season

    96. Turbinado Gamer

      Nosostro Siempre estamos juntos ! 🔴🔵⚽️🇪🇸👍 Vamos Griezmann ! 🔴🔵⚽️🇪🇸👍 Vamos Barcelona ! 🔴🔵⚽️🇪🇸👍 Vamos Botafogo RJ ! 🔥⭐️⚫️⚪️⚽️🇧🇷👍

    97. Deba's Soccer

      I love Messi & Griezmann Bonding🔥

    98. Deba's Soccer

      Guys Please Put English Subtitles ! 🙏

    99. Shibi Raj

      1:10 ter Stegen does the L on Griezmann!! 💙❤️

    100. Joomy

      Lmao I wonder if they read the comments they see everyone is mad