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    Relive every strike from the group stage of Barça's UEFA Champions League 2020/21 campaign!
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    1. Kbri Gebregziabher 7G Tegnerskolan

      And then lost 3-0 to juventus

    2. Casanellas Oriol

      I love Barça @somcules

    3. Cricket News

      Hey where is the goals scored by FC Barcelona against Juventus in the 2nd match ?? Oh yeah I forgot sry wrong question . . .

    4. This Guy

      Fati died today

    5. Adit Halder

      @FC Barcelona nobody cares even if ur club scores double the goals scored in total by all clubs, just get Messi's smile back

    6. Jesús Campos Guillén


    7. Saeed Rafsan Bornil

      4:43 I think its is the last goal of fcb in this season .

    8. Vitor Oliveira da Cruz

      Visca Barça

    9. Jonathan Calleri

      Braithwaite is the GOAT 😎😎😎

    10. ITS KKRULE

      I think griezman soudl cut his hair because before he had hair he win trophies 😆

    11. Faijul Aman


    12. Adil Belagchour

      i love barcelona but this year we are so bad 😥

    13. BARCA FAN


    14. zainab 11

      Grizou 💖🥺

    15. Daksh Froster123

      Trust me, we will lose in the finals.....MARK MY WORDS

    16. Eric Velasco

      Every time Griezman has an open shot he misses

    17. Saif Dz


    18. Yasmín Navarrete

      Barca marca 😍😍😍😍

    19. JhoelilJ Beneditp

      No se pero siento que Messi y los mayores de 28 e alegran cuando un joven anota o da una asistencia

    20. *HuZzY;.p BS

      Mann that juve match still hurts ronaldo might have scored 2 pens but we came in 2nd place and drew PSG for another humilluation

    21. TGA Mystery

      THANKGOD fati and dembele will recover in february. justin time for the psg clash

    22. istreamCODM !

      The Griezmann’s goals tho

    23. 西本和矢


    24. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    25. Anurag Madgulya

      Hey those who are saying we are gonna be pissed of in round of 16.. listen .don't be a plastic fan ... We should support them instead of spreading negative vibes

    26. Salma Lamdkar

      I love you so match barça

    27. Katherine Reinosa

      what's the name of the background music

    28. Fuur Fuur


    29. VAR

      (Copie/Colle cette compo et faisons en sorte que ca devienne une trend qui remonte jusqu'aux socios puis jusqu'à Koeman dans les reseaux sociaux.) Fati/Dembele Griezmann/Dembele Messi Pedri Riqui Puig. = Voilà la compo parfaite et ca tout le monde le sait . De Jong Alba Dest Mingueza Araujo

    30. Собиржон Бекчанов

      0:06 1:54 2:01 minutes PESSI goals

    31. Alan Joseph

      Griezmann Like Braithwate Comment

    32. Jeswin Thomas

      Really want these plays to comeback🙏🙏🥺 puig...everything will be gud🤦‍♂️

    33. SILEL

      Barcelona losing one match is like dropping a pencil and picking it back up. We lose a game, but we're back at it!

    34. Hafsa Ismail

      The best player ..... Messi Best assist man ....... Griezmann

    35. Not Ralph

      U forgot griezmann’s volley

    36. Zona Blaugrana - Barcelona News

      Visca Barca 💪

    37. Tetraites Killmonger

      MartinGriezmanDembele MGD

    38. AI - 07WL 930154 Aylesbury PS

      all pessi goals all pens

    39. Toheeb Adeshina

      Barcelona are not strong enough to face psg this season

    40. The Young creator

      Martin braithwate was great in the champions league

    41. Love Ugam

      Now is Barcelona vs PSG.. please guys wat will be the outcome?

    42. Jack Tz

      When is ansu fati coming back

    43. Meme_Lord 77

      these goals are good but nothing compared to what we used to do or be like everyone would fear us now were just a joke to them im certain that at round 16 we will get destroyed i just want to see the smile on messi face again because when his smile is always on his face that means hope confident comfy with the way he plays but what can i say screw you 2020


      Dembele and Ansu are very important in the team

    45. Amrish De Alwis

      Who is here after we got PSG in the round of 16?

    46. gamer pro

      No match day 6 😂😂

    47. Gunadi Gunadi


    48. Ali Miley

      I'm Single 😍😥

    49. Ismail Ismail kt

      Messi fans like🔥🔥

    50. hector perez

      Men I love when Barca WIN 🏆🏆🆒

    51. Faraj Gaming


    52. Milic Pineda

      Ojalá les toque el bayern en la champions para q les meta otros 8 😂

    53. محمد عمارنه


      1. zainab 11

        ليش يعني تذكرنا ليشش

    54. Lil Batchy

      FCMessi lol what a joke this is

    55. LoOoDa

      Messi ! Let cutinho shoot a freekick at least once! Its so predictable

    56. DCM Plays

      This just proves we need ansu back

    57. Dimuthu Dissanayake

      Busquet breaking records by going old,slow , extending retirement age


        Sri Lankan ???

    58. Abhinav manikuttan

      All this for finishing second in the group?

    59. Joel


    60. Vora Man

      Messi King football.

    61. 10 sided cube

      i think Dembele Has a contract with injuring

    62. LM10 Vamos

      We are the best team in the world 😍😍😍😍😍

    63. El Comentarista

      I still disappointed for that Juventus 3-0 Barça Not angry, just disappointed

    64. takieddin Samadi

      Parece que no hay ningún español por aquí todos hablan inglés 🤣🤣si eres español like 👍👍👍👍

    65. bradda ditsnextlevel

      All our wins in cl are without messi

    66. Methembe Ngwenya

      Just forfeit in the round of 16

    67. JOHN JOSE

      If we perform like this so poor, we are gonna get humiliated for the 4 th straight year in champions league.

      1. GUCCI EMO

        ? we played so good in the 5 games we played, all went downhill vs juventus. Don't become that plastic fan who just criticizes them all day.

    68. kus

      Our best goal was from griezmann, and it’s not only the finish by griezmann but the build up play from dembele and Alba was amazing

    69. Ranjeet Sohanpal

      That Grizi goal against Feren..... Is a thing of beauty 😍

    70. Ayush Chhetri


    71. Satria Abrar

      My feeling is Barca only reached the last 16, but hopefully not 😔

    72. Marco Sonzogni


    73. Ricar Do

      Antes de cuartos estais fuerisimos

    74. SportGamingComputing

      @FC Barcelona, These type of videos won't heal the wound deep inside our hearts. Barto & his crew absolutely demolished this wonderful club. Hope that we'll get Dortmund as our next opponent orelse....

    75. Shivang Srivastava

      I am saying playing dembele we would have better chance of scoring/winning any match, ofcourse if we dont defend well, not matter how well we attack we will loose.

    76. Sergio Gonzalez

      That ball from Riqui on GRIEZMANNS GOAL 😍

    77. Lionel Messi fans club

      Nice 😌👍

    78. Demonetization

      The reason I loved Barcelona was not that there were players who were the best in the world in the squad but it was because of the chemistry they had, they could pass to each other without looking and score. Now I just see Messi being the only one there who still has the barca magic I love. We keep getting random signing in the hopes Barcelona will return to conquering Europe just to have them benched or forgotten after a few matches. That shitty president left already and Barcelona needs to return. If you are a true Barcelona fan, you would still support Barcelona in their darkest times. Come on Barcelona it’s time to return.

    79. Daniel Preuninger

      Forca Barca 👍😍😊

    80. Alejo Cardenas

      I love Braithwaite & Dembelé combination 😍🤯😍

    81. Alejo Cardenas

      KOEMAN OUT!!

    82. pradyumna mohanty

      They know they are going to get knocked out of the champions league that's why they are posting this season's goals and are not going to score anymore..

    83. Gaffer Dembele


    84. John Blessed

      Our team needs to be more consistent especially in away games. We know two of our best wingers (Ansu Fati and Dembele) are injuried but this is no excuse, our other players need to step up and be determined to win important games. 😠🔵🔴💪🔥

    85. Rodrigo Iriondo

      Such a great campaign in this CL was totally ruined by the game v juventus. We can't do that again

    86. HYPE

      I miss Ansu ❤️❤️🔥

    87. Arroz con huevo

      Somos una cagda ,le falta ser un equipo peligroso , toso cambio en el barca , espeeo que mejoren 😞

    88. Yusrifal.dahlan Yusrifal

      Indonesian absen

    89. Darren Joffee

      ao in other words, we need ansu and dembouz back

    90. Leo Master

      Don't worry guys lord pique will lead us to UCL trophy. I'm sure

      1. 19 Omar Ahmed Ebrahim Husain Alhashimi Alhosani


    91. AYMANE.990

      messi >all barca

    92. Chris E.

      Literally couldn't finish watching because of the music.

    93. JOSEPH Sepulveda


    94. Tabacchum Taba

      Messi is love Messi is beauty Messi is king of football

    95. jack nick

      I am just praying we go out of the champions league without another black spot in the club's history.

    96. Landress Ho

      I miss the old barca with tiki taka way that show the world how beautiful football are just simple touch but very interesting to watch

    97. Jose Alvarez Vega

      Nothing to be proud of, we need to be critic and change the mind set

    98. chrisna yss

      Lord Braitwaith

    99. Tahmidur Araf

      3:38 Tiki Taka

      1. Tahmidur Araf

        @Vinay Kevin Raj 8A bring back what?

      2. Vinay Kevin Raj 8A

        Pls bring it back

    100. Tobias Laureano

      Qué raro de que no subieron el resumen del barça vs Juve...😏 Es fácil solo los 2 goles cr7 y 1de Mckennie