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    HERE WE GO! The 2020/21 season is here! Barça kick-off their new La Liga campaign against Villarreal at the Camp Nou.
    This Sunday we will be bringing you:
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    1. FC Barcelona

      SEE HOW ANSU FATI & KOEMAN reacted to dream start! 👉👉 paprom.info/block/v/mKS6epegrYx2xZg.html

      1. MLBB Mania Story

        Oh yeah Finally barto kick out !!! 😊😉

      2. Ofek Shalev

        Barca for life💪🏻💙❤

      3. MLBB Mania Story

        messi has survived in the club ... but why BARTO THE CLOWN hasn't resign?

    2. Turbinado Gamer

      Nosostros Siempre estamos juntos ! 🔵🔴⚽️🇪🇸👍 Vamos Barcelona ! 🔵🔴⚽️🇪🇸👍 Vamos Botafogo FR / RJ ! 🔥⭐️⚫️⚪️⚽️🇧🇷👍

    3. ummer shahazad


    4. Najmus Chowdhury

      what's the point of streaming this when everyone is gonna watch the match

    5. victoria helburn


    6. paula paula

      Pourquoi vendus Suarez Sîl vous plaît

    7. Ahmad Ridzwan

      34:34 asspanyol

    8. Wieslaw Sobocinski

      BARCA LIVE l Barca 4- 0 Villarreall

    9. Sabeeh Zakir


    10. Gavin Lee

      sigh where do i find beautiful spanish women who speak english way better than i do spanish...... estoy triste

    11. Oyisa Fuzile

      Where are the lady who was here last season

    12. Videos AG

      Por qué no hacen las transmisiones en español?

    13. raniya FATHIMA

      who wants to out berthomeu 👇

    14. Ofek Shalev

      Barca forever💪🏻💙❤

    15. Lorina Oso

      Ansu Fati is the little king 💜👑

    16. Sydon _

      This system would better suit semedo I Hope dest adjusts quickly

    17. victor jcdon

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    18. النمبر1_افلام_ومسلسلات؟

      فاتي مولع مونو معاي😍

    19. Joasme Mosan


    20. Joasme Mosan


    21. Joasme Mosan


    22. Joasme Mosan


    23. Anzonini Delpuerto

      14 COUTINHO 💪🏼

    24. AL SAMI


    25. Zarif Hussain Zayan

      I like messi

    26. یاور حقی

      بادرود بربارسلونایی کبیر یه بازی عالی از تیم رونالد کومان

    27. ابتسام الدبعي ابتسام الدبعي

      اكثر فرحه في حياتي يا برشا ونتمى لك المزيد من التقدم

    28. ANi

      Oh my finally Julia is back 🤗🤗

    29. VA BETS Manyatsi

      Barca need top quality players to match up real, psg, Liverpool, Bayern

      1. Michiel Kroese

        They need a good team first of all Not just buying players that will never fit in

    30. DitIsRedouan

      I think FC Barcelona are going to sign Dest and Wijnaldum and they want Bartomeu to resign because he is trying to stop

      1. THOMAS.MONTOYA-GOMEZ 103049

        Not Wijnaldum he wouldn’t start

    31. MLBB Mania Story

      messi has survived in the club ... but why BARTO THE CLOWN hasn't resign?

    32. Tatarot

      This thumbnail makes Barca look like it’s a small club

    33. Big Smoke 2.0

      Im from Malaysia,barça always in my heart

    34. Force TM

      Where is Ter stegen

      1. ANi

        Injured till next month

    35. Dhanish Mohammed


    36. Dhanvith k.r

      Show us the highlights please

    37. Himanshu Singh Rathour

      When messi passes the ball in opposite team yard ,even the players of opposite side want to score a goal 🙏🤟🏻

      1. ANi


    38. Pohsnem website

      Sergio busquest need to be bench. We should give chance for Alena or pjanic or puig to start first xi instead of busquest. Everything will be fine. Alba substitution replacement is required. R. Araujo or Eric garcia should replace pique. Dest should replace Roberto. Depay is coming is fine. Griezmann need to improve alots.

      1. THOMAS.MONTOYA-GOMEZ 103049

        No Busquets is still good he played well

    39. pubg mobile edit show

      Hello everyone I've opened a new channel please take a look

    40. Yin Jun Tang

      I just remembered Villarreal has Mr Good Ebening

    41. Rodrigo Gonzalez

      Trueque Griezmann por Lautaro porfavor, Griezmann no encaja en el Barza en ninguna posicion.

    42. Mauro RAELIANO


    43. Summy Philip

      Barcelona have a flying start

    44. Free fire

      New Jersey is good for us

      1. ANi

        I thought so too 😂

    45. Harman

      Who thinks barca needs another crosser like alba on right side....🧐

      1. THOMAS.MONTOYA-GOMEZ 103049

        MASTER PS-4 Gaming Roberto might have trouble getting a lot of playing time because with Dest at right back and Busquets and De Jong in midfield Pjanic will be ahead of him when Busquets and De Jong are not playing it will be Pjanic and Alena or Puig in the two midfield positions

      2. Yug Sethi

        @THOMAS.MONTOYA-GOMEZ 103049 yup i think he will be better in bench as he adds that versatility koeman can sub him in either as a cm or rb with him in the bench we can make great use of his versatility

      3. THOMAS.MONTOYA-GOMEZ 103049

        MASTER PS-4 Gaming I don’t think Roberto will go to midfield he will probably be on the bench if Dest comes in at right back with Busquets alongside De Jong

      4. ANi

        @Yug Sethi Hopefully dest does well We really need a good RB

      5. Yug Sethi

        @ANi yup in yesterday’s match aa roberto was not making runs villareals rb just moved in position of cb if dest will be there that 1 extra cb wont be there and coutinho grizzeman and messi can put more pressure and when the lb or rb move to cb they can just pass to alba or dest and if they execute a good cross than we can score thats good strategy if dest come

    46. BeastGamer AG

      JULIA!!! Long time know see... ❤💜

    47. SinwonTV

      NICE 🔥🔥🔥

    48. Hasna Hz

      Barcalona fans and team like❤️❤️❤️

    49. Аким Истомов

      Так бы все игры

    50. Berlayar Maning

      Bartomeu out Suarez good job for two goal on his debut

    51. Cyfrozen Yuoz waow

      Me gusta la habilidad de Messi sin barba y no me gusta la habilidad de Messi de tener barba. Puedes ver en este juego que Messi es mucho más animado y encantador ... este es mi Messi favorito, Messi sin miedo a ganarle a alguien que tiene muchos jugadores. Así que le ruego a Messi que no lleve más barba ... ¿La afición del Barcelona está de acuerdo conmigo?

    52. CHA

      take good

    53. Task Force

      Fantastic Game 🔥💥💣 *Scorers* Fati - 2 Messi - 1 1 OG by Pau Torres *Assists* Coutinho J.Alba

    54. Jebril Alfred

      Bartomeu out

    55. Jebril Alfred

      Hey Bartomeu U better not sell ansu

    56. SK9HDr

      1:14:30 Ansu Fati 1:18:35 Ansu Fati 1:33:00 Penalty given to Ansu Fati 1:33:53 Messi Penalty Goal 1:44:40 Own Goal

      1. anas ddfdqkolo

        Thx neymar

      2. ANi


      3. تغريد الشويخ

        Thank u for saving my time

    57. Alejandro Possu

      Cracks son los mejores el mejor canal con las mejores noticias del fútbol los amo a todos

    58. Xabi Altuna

      Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Vive la Révolution! Chemin vers la Guillotine! Que paguen con cárcel, devolviendo todo lo robado Floreta de Hamelín y sus apesebrados emboscados blancos. No queremos más vividores, ni chaqueteros y lacayos serviles. Ojalá sea verdad después de una larga espera de cinco años. REVOLUCIÓN total desde la cúspide a la base!!! ✊💙❤️

    59. Sandhya p v

      you are kdding us we dont want to see the commenters face we want to seethe match

    60. Jr Vargas

      MESSI COMO FALSO 9: - Ayuda en la presion (sin presionar) porque el rival por el simple hecho de que Messi este por el centro, no se le ocurrira salir jugando por ahi. Porque donde la pierdan y la coja Messi estan muertos. - Hemos visto la capacidad de Messi para dar increibles asistencias y con 2 jugadores rapidos por las bandas, seria escandaloso. - De a poco va perdiendo velocidad pero sigue siendo un jugador que puede crear, distribuir, asistir, generar y marcar. Desde esta posicion lo puede hacer. - Ya no es tan rapido para ser extremo y mismamente esta posicion le permitiria descansar mas, con dos jugadores en los costados que trabajen. - Ademas de que es un futbolista total y puede actuar como un "10". Nota: En caso tal Messi decidiera quedarse y FC Barcelona quisiera hacerlo parte de un proyecto vitalicio.

    61. Sandhya p v

      are you kidding there is no match its full of commentry

      1. Jayden V.

        That’s how all of these vids are due to copyright😂it’s been like this for years

    62. Jr Vargas

      MESSI AS FALSE 9: - It helps in the pressure (without pressing) because the rival, by the simple fact that Messi is in the center, will not think of going out there playing. Because where they lose it and Messi catches it, they are dead. - We have seen Messi's ability to give incredible assists and with 2 fast players on the wings, it would be scandalous. - Little by little he is losing speed but he is still a player who can create, distribute, assist, generate and score. From this position you can. - He is no longer so fast to be extreme and this position would allow him to rest more, with two players on the sides who work. - Besides that he is a total footballer and can act like a "10". Note: In such case Messi decided to stay and FC Barcelona would like to make him part of a lifelong project.

    63. more milo

      ansu fati best young player in europe!!!🔥🔥

    64. BRuh_0

      OOF they ripped villarreal apart

    65. Lord Bunbury

      Why was nobody passing the ball to Griezmann even though he was wide open a lot of times and made good runs?

      1. Jayden V.

        Honestly many were open at the same time

    66. Marian Munteanu

      Forse cominci a giocare calcio Messia

    67. alexispisunyer

      OSTRAS! Quin partidás de Luis Suarez, millor encara que el de Benzemá. M’ en vaig a celebrar, culés

    68. Pablo Julio Gravano

      alli esruve en el mundial de e3spaña del 82........estadio hermoso

    69. Porygon

      Fati getting fouled and he couldn't kick the penalty for his hattrick? Barcelona stupid? Messi stupid?

      1. Porygon

        @Jayden V. Stfu, i have anger issues

      2. Jayden V.

        Calm down.

    70. Kayyisah adya Muharani

      Let's appreciate Pique!! for his extraordinary way of keeping the ball. And when team know messi want a goal, then the team always give the ball to messi, aww i like it 😜💪👀

      1. Varun VL

        @Yug Sethi yep pique was on a whole new level. Goes to show that pace isnt always op, talent is

      2. Yug Sethi

        @Brandon Hookvillareal players were trying to exploit pique lack of pace in second half but pique was at his prime

      3. Yug Sethi

        @Brandon Hook i watched the whole match pique and lenglet both were really good thats why neto didnt have to do much

      4. Brandon Hook

        @Varun VL Pique shows up a lot but you don't hear his name in the media until barca loses

      5. Varun VL

        Exactly! Pique was rock solid that match. Very impressive!

    71. KBRON


    72. KBRON


    73. Passion4football

      This shows that barca has done it and will do it again. Forca barca

    74. sebasgaba15

      Like si vienes por Manu de cracks xde

    75. 叛 MOY YT

      Manu de cracks hablado ingles, INCREIBLE

    76. di Giallo TV

      DI GIALLO TV 👇🏼⚽🔥

    77. Reda Ali Alsady

      من حقكم تذكرون نتائج غيركم و من حقنا نذكركم بنتائجكم على بركة الله بسم الله 6-2 : الأول: هنري الثاني: ميسي الثالث: بويول الرابع: هنري الخامس: ميسي السادس: بيكي 5-0 الأول :تشافي الثاني :بيدرو الثالث :فيا الرابع :فيا الخامس :جيفرن 5-1 الأول :كونتينهو الثاني :سواريز الثالث :سواريز الرابع :سواريز الخامس : فيدال 4-0 الأول :سواريز الثاني :نيمار الثالث :انيستا الرابع :سواريز وشكرا الرجال تفتخر بإنجازاتها والنساء تفتخر بإنجازات رجالها

    78. Reda Ali Alsady

      هدفان وتمريرة حاسمة واحدة للوافد الجديد لويس سواريز في أول ظهور ودخول في الشوط الثاني عند الدقيقة 70 يصنع في ضرف دقيقة ونصف عند 72 ويسجل في الدقيقة 85 و 93 بالتوفيق لك حبيبي ❤💪 لوزيتو 🤩🤙 🇺🇾

      1. ناصر المطلق

        حلووو في عرب هني ،، الحين بيشوفون تعليقك الاجانب عبالهم سحر وطلاسم 😂

    79. Reda Ali Alsady

      ❤️🔙🇭🇷 Ivan Rakitić scores on his returning debut for Sevilla FC!

    80. Reda Ali Alsady

      FC Barcelona's All-Time Top-Scorers: 1- Messi 635 2- Cesar Rodriguez 232 3- Luis Suarez 198 4- Kubala 194 5- Samitier 184 6- Escola 167 7- Paulino Alcantara 143 8- Eto'o & Rivaldo 130 10- Mariano 128 .

      1. John Cena


      2. Av 10

        What atletico channel

      3. ANi

        You are everywhere man .😂 Atletico channel too Keep up 👍

      4. Av 10


      5. Gaminglegends 12

        Av 10 Messi has scored goals for his international team aswell. And he didn’t meant all of his goals in his career he meant the goal in barca

    81. Reda Ali Alsady

      Fc Barcelona 4 - 0 Villarreal Club Ansu Fati ⚽️15 Ansu Fati ⚽️19 Leo Messi ⚽️35 Pau Torres (Own goal) ⚽️45 .

    82. pubg mobile games

      We still need defenders even we won please get us young defenders

    83. gunna tt

      poor tebas didnt even think for indian fans

    84. gunna tt

      la liga is going down ...look at seria A its going up..every game of seria A is telecast on live..so is this the greatest league in the world la liga???

      1. gunna tt

        @Thalapathy sakthidharan @hu asked u idiot..don bark everywhere

      2. Thalapathy sakthidharan

        Serie a is boring defensive league go and cry somewhere

    85. gunna tt

      no la liga match telecast in indian channel so sad

    86. Jake

      For the first time watching Barca I got a bit excited? A lot of work still needs to be done but I enjoyed the game? It felt different. The team knew their roles, they understood what was going on and they understood and trusted eschother. It no longer consisted of players first thought is to pass to Messi but a lot of what happened that was good actually didn’t come from Messi which to me is a good sign. it shows other players are wanting to take control, wanting to make things happen and not putting the reliance on Messi all the time. There was movement,free flowing football which has been missed for so long. Even with the youngests they came on, they didn’t seem lost or scared? They made things happened they looked the part and didn’t look out of place. Which again you feel like you can trust these players even with the lack of experience they have. Obviously there is still a lot that needs to be done. But one thing I can say for the first time a little bit of excitement came back. One thing I would wish, thd middle needs that burst of pace and drive and willingness to go forward which busquets doesn’t give and he was a bit sluggish and slow which ruiq would give and I’m gutted that he isn’t given the chance as I feel he would change this Barca team. However it was a good performance I just want them to carry it on into the second half and not slow down.

    87. XY GAMING

      ╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱ ╱╱┏╮╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱ ╱╱┃┃╱╱╱┳╱┓┳╭┫┳┓ ▉━╯┗━╮╱┃╱┃┣┻╮┣╱ ▉┈┈┈┈┃╱┻┛┛┻╱┻┻┛ ▉╮┈┈┈┃╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱ ╱╰━━━╯╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱

    88. Natali Aoun

      Let’s go

    89. saurabh bhandari

      Where is sarah??

    90. Iván CA.

      ¿Y Cracks? ¿Cuál de esos manes era? De los de ahi no ví a ninguno en el canal.

      1. Ignacio Pérez

        @Iván CA. de nada

      2. Iván CA.

        @Ignacio Pérez gracias

      3. Ignacio Pérez

        aparece en el minuto 1:48:05

    91. Tevin Onyame

      We should have just sold braithwaite

      1. Sumathi N

        So what about Haaland and Davies

      2. mnyanduzi k

        and rafinha

      3. Sparsh Pandey

        And i still can't understand why we bought him??

    92. OSCAR MH™

      Porqué estando en España no hablan en español 🤣🤣

      1. SISAD GS

        Porque imagino que según su visión el canal de PAprom es para gente de alrededor del mundo y que la gente de España sintoniza Barça tv que es el canal de televisión oficial del club. Creo que se puede ver desde todo el país solo que en Catalunya está en catalán y en el resto en castellano. Aunque como soy de Barcelona siempre lo he visto en catalán, pero sé que hacen una narración del partido en castellano también.

      2. Teddy London

        Estan practicando su ingles 😁😁

      3. Alfredo Rodríguez

        the shoting 🤣

      4. the shoting

        Si re fijas casi todos los comentarios son en ingles no se porque jajaja

    93. Satantra Sengupta

      Great start!! Visca El Barca!

    94. Team Savage

      Bartomeu out

    95. SINA rezaei

      Suarez + Vidal + Rakitic = 3.5 million euros Bartumeo:I will make a revolution in this team(Suarez scored 2 goals in 20 minutes) Fans:Bartumeo Out

      1. Lord Bunbury

        Suarez: 15 million a year salary Vidal: 7.8 million a year salary Rakitic: 8 million a year salary Barcelona is almost broke. They needed to let go of their older expensive players to get some breathing room. Barca can’t play with the same players forever. New players are fun to watch as well. You need to keep evolving and rotating otherwise barca will become AC Milan or Manchester United. Who held on to their superstars too long without room for new players.

      2. SINA rezaei

        @Shadow Vortex7 yeah

      3. Shadow Vortex7

        We sold suarez so he can score against us

    96. Omar Yahya

      Great result. The GOAT does what he does best and so happy for Ansu to get a brace as well. Let's keep this up boys. Visca el barca

    97. Instagram Highlights

      We should sell Griezmann not Suarez

      1. Lord Bunbury

        If the players start passing the ball to Griezmann he will show his talent. He didn’t get any balls even though he was wide open a lot of times.

      2. Shadow Vortex7

        Too late

      3. Shadow Vortex7

        Too late

    98. Twan #10

      Barca eased up on the gas in the second half smh

      1. Mr. Nice Man

        They have 3 matches in a week, koeman probably tell them to back up and be less pressing... I mean, it’s already 4-0 what could go wrong lol

      2. Thalapathy sakthidharan

        No Koeman gave chance for younger players it's a good thing

    99. Subhadip Chanda

      Barca has great attack but still needs to work on defence

    100. Silo_Yt

      Great game today ngl didn't expect a 4-0 win but hey great start for the season team and lets keep working harder💪💪

      1. Silo_Yt

        @Tatarot im saying it as a compliment to them and saying like "lets keep working harder" like i was just saying as a expression to work harde amd to get better

      2. Tatarot

        Silo_Yt are u part of the team.why should u work harder da