🏋️ BACK TO WORK! First-team return to training

FC Barcelona

317 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼24

    After a few days of rest, Ronald Koeman's men returned to training on Monday at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. All the available players from the first team took part who are not on international duty.
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    1. FC Barcelona

      👇WHICH COUNTRY are you supporting in the international break? REPLY BELOW! 👇

      1. Khomba Thouna

        Argentina & Spain !!🔥

      2. MNR Rifty

        From Bangladesh 🇧🇩😊

      3. Whoami

        Trade griezman for someone better tbh

      4. Wish Jr


      5. Usman Khan

        Just let messi leave

    2. Zhanara B


    3. Xabi Altuna

      Bartomeu dejo un club en ruina a todos los niveles. Algún día lo pagará. Jugadores vividores de la sopa boba OUT ✊💙❤️

    4. Anil Dang

      Please tell me the singer's name.

    5. Tatiana Carballo

      ok vamos barca

    6. bed

      Good Video el

    7. الإسلام ديننا والقران كتابنا

      القران كتابنا والإسلام ديننا

    8. saraswata limbu

      Coutinho.. my boy

    9. Alysson Leôncio da silva

      My starting 11 (4-3-3 Ter stegen Dest pique lenglet alba pedri de jong coutinho Messi griezmann fati

    10. Ivane Gordeladze

      Where is messi?

    11. HUNTER X

      Coutinho com a camisa número 11

    12. HUNTER X

      Coutinho com a camisa número 11

    13. HUNTER X

      Coutinho com a camisa número 11

    14. HUNTER X

      NEYMAR 2021

    15. Ismail Ali

      No music plz

    16. Arthur Tarwo

      P. Coutinho taking number 10 if Messi left will be fire 🔥 on CAMP NOU. He’s a very talented and skillful player.

    17. The Memes Grabber

      We want umtiti

    18. Themba Mekwa

      What’s this track?

    19. Praya


    20. 09

      Riqui stil barca future

    21. 西本和矢


    22. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    23. Dr. Dear

      Is coutinho back?

    24. Dhan Rai

      best club in world Barca messi Messi messi

    25. Mohammed hussein

      I wish messi is happy in at FC Barcelona

    26. Nasim Amin

      Those who want to see Riqui Puig in a match... Like it❤️

    27. Romeo kökèny


    28. Hassan Soumare

      Samuel Umtiti retourns

    29. Murilo belette

      The giant is back

    30. No Name

      wish Dembele well, and welcome back Coutinho

    31. DaMhA HiLaS

      Samu umtiti is back againnn😍😍

    32. Halim Fahri

      barca need new center back 👍

    33. Willy J Rod

      Increíblemente el unico que parece que tiene ganas es Coutinho

    34. Mad Miller

      What do name have the music ?? please

    35. Alonso Alonso

      Why Dembélé wear leggings?

    36. Den varghese Benny

      Kbfc fans like👇👇kerala. India

    37. HD movies 720p

      I m glad that coutinho is back n messi isn't injured

    38. Young Shall a

      It seems like dembele helps to push umtiti to do his best in training,am I the only one that notices that🤔

    39. vo phong

      Try more C1, laliga, king, super =- M10+cuti+anti+...

    40. vo phong


    41. Marvel 19

      Can u guys make the song HAPPY

    42. Joshua Shaw

      who thought he was gonna say himself

    43. Tiguida Sylla

      Good job play so good

    44. zak progii

      We believe on u guys keep working visca Barca

    45. Carlos Fernando Gochez

      Canción (song, cançó)?

    46. Pablo Armijo

      You guys need to add the music... you play some good jams I can't find nowhere

    47. Barcelona Football

      Like comment

    48. mohamed ousseni

      Best team of the word❣🔵🔴

    49. Nathan Barros Santana


    50. LyLy SKOOLITE

      i really hope that Barcelona won't sell Riqui because he's a very good player,he is fast and can make the difference when he has the ball.He's happy and he want to be in Barcelona,RIQUI IS STUBBORN(he's ready to stay on the bench for the whole season because he wants to be in BBBAAARRRCCCAAA!!!!!!!!!), this kid is so talented and sell him will be a very BAD IDEA WE'LL REGREAT IT And i fell the same thing for Dembélé ...........

    51. Lucas miranda

      O melhor 14 esta de volta

    52. Faisal Purnama

      Coutinho is back🔥🔥🔥❤️

    53. Daniel Preuninger

      Forca Barca 👍😍😊

    54. Raheeb Osman

      Phil trained well

    55. Enrique Uribe

      Que yo le pongo más huevos que Piqué y Alba, te lo digo y lo firmo ya. Menudas ganas que se le ven a Coutinho.

    56. Shyam Kumar M

      Waiting for umtiti back✨


      Vamos Barça 👍




      My idol back 😄



    61. Vaibhav Negi

      Petition to know the name of song!!!!

    62. Aminul Farooque

      Where's Messi?This is my question

    63. いいともチャンネル


    64. Nata Li


    65. Nuriddin Akmaljonov

      UZBEKISTAN 🇺🇿👈 Barcelona✊💯

    66. Not Ralph

      No ansu fati 😢

    67. Marwan

      Where is Messi !!!

    68. iradukunda bosco

      But I can't see leo? Any prob?

    69. felipeeliasm


    70. Kazembe Moses

      Am so happy to see countihno back to training

    71. Demor aranta

      Welcome back umtiti..👍👍👍

    72. Baggio Roberto

      Még az a zene alá....

    73. WOLF PLANT

      coutinho is back in training :)

    74. The Best Friends

      🤣🤣🤣🤣2:40 Dembele 😁

    75. Abdulaziz Ahmad

      Nice one coutinho really waiting for you against atlantico

    76. William Angulo

      the name of the song?

    77. Drakon Official


    78. Xavier

      Coutinho looks fat maybe he 8 2 much

    79. Владимир Гальма

      Barcelona tze Best

    80. Anubhav Kumar

      Samuel umtiti is a waste of space and 200k euros he's getting paid every week

    81. Dilip Shelar

      Hi dembele support from 🇮🇳 love u keep smile byy 😉😊👍

    82. Engel GL

      Dembélé Magic!!

    83. Joash Jr

      Coutinho 🎩 ⚡️

    84. RFG

      Osmane Dembele, P. Countinho 🔥🔥🔥

    85. Vorel 05

      Coutinho 💪💪💪

    86. Johnny enfo production

      FCB Barcelona es muy importante para nosotros

    87. aviv smith

      Why they are look so tired? Their sprints are 2 slow... come on When need some speed !!!

    88. Prateek Nagar

      Most of these guys would be gone by Jan.

    89. Hemanta. Biswas Kashyap

      Umtiti is back

    90. Rayane : The Gamer

      Give a chance for Riqui and Aleña

    91. Tall Afro

      Alena to replace Buesqets this weekend maybe??

    92. Pema Wangzin

      Puig happy to see you here hope we will see next match

    93. The ẞø¡¡ Mùnn¡mhn

      Atleti is taking notes

    94. Ringo edu worldwide


    95. xéw xéw

      Dembele is back 🎗✍

    96. hebbiche Aymen

      Music name pls ?

    97. MD.Mizanalfiyaz mahim

      There are good news that cot back.

    98. مرتضى عمار

      ماكو عرب

    99. Ahmed ChK

      Big same is baack 😁😁😁

    100. AFRIQUE ACT