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    1. MOHAMAD SH.27

      captain for Gerrard Pique captain for Gerrard Pique captain for Gerrard Pique captain for Gerrard Pique captain for Gerrard Pique captain for Gerrard Pique captain for Gerrard Pique

    2. Lucas Perez

      Cool m8

    3. Alexis Sosa

      my advice let pjanic start instead of busquets (he was an extraordinary dmf once not anymore ) pjanic is faster

    4. Jack Howard

      Barcelona just aren't the same no more without Messi, Suarez, Neymar together 😥

    5. Vo Tuan Tu

      Koeman subbed Fati while he was the most threat tells you something about this Bartomeu buddy

    6. Alexander Saavedra Neyra

      El barca se a vuelto de lo más aburrido, parece un juego de niños, no se apoyan entre compañeros y mucho menosprecian a Dembele que es un gran jugador, ya no veo a Messi solidario ni a ninguno Dembele fuerzas amigo eres lo máximo fuerzas

    7. Kamal Ahmed

      super man

    8. Qais Salem

      Am inUAE

    9. mihail asanov


    10. videos. online

      Penssi lol

    11. la* Pulga

      Come on, wake up Barca⚡ and show your best performance✨🌟💥 get rid of your rivals💥🔥 because you are the real champion🌟✨ # / # / # viscabarca😎😎 \ # \ # \ forcabarca😎👍 @ # @ # vamosbarca😠😡

    12. Sigit S

      messi should be get red card for kicking the ball. if other player doing that, for sure they will get red card but not for messi. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    13. Micah Mokua

      so we beat juve away and cant beat alaves away barca are being so inconsistent we need more consistensy

    14. Martin BRAITHWITE


    15. Rafif Alrescha Limoa


    16. Rafif Alrescha Limoa


    17. Rafif Alrescha Limoa

      busquets presence mean a bad lose

    18. Kimo Savage

      Messi is a legand

    19. Mariam Said Abdallah

      We did well but we must improve

    20. AD10S D1EG0

      Rubbish team !!.

    21. Be Positive

      Valverde is clear of the frauds that came after him

    22. cjaime5137

      This is FC Barcelona

      1. ItsBleon _Yt


    23. ARMY

      grezzzeeee ❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭💍💍💍💍

    24. MZ production

      Barcelona harus ditingkatkan lagi klasemen laliga kebanyakan kalahnya

    25. İsmail Salih Turan

      Why is nobody talk about referees and their decisions against us?I am sick of that for weeks in La Liga.This may cost us championship

    26. Mariam Said Abdallah

      Improvement from griezmann

    27. Ronie Iebach

      Player barcelona have to train hard for such a fine finish player liverpool jurgen klop👍👍👍

    28. Anzonini Delpuerto

      pero que le pasa a este equipo, es de locos, ganan a la Juventus en su casa, y no son capaces de ganar al alaves🤦‍♂️

    29. parham ghayuorpour

      O mai God I love yuo Messi 😍

    30. 구지?

      Poor barca

    31. Beastial Adoration

      ¡Vaya tela! Cuidado y nos quedamos fuera de puestos Champions esta temporada...

    32. xɨҡօʍɮɨsɨօ glashsat

      Once are gain BARCELONA drew because of Koeman. If you guys watched the game how was Messi's performance for me it was poor. Then second half Koeman decided to take out O. Dembele

    33. Shayan Abbaspour

      messi out

    34. Shayan Abbaspour

      messi out

    35. Shayan Abbaspour

      messi out

    36. Shayan Abbaspour

      messi out

    37. Shayan Abbaspour

      messi out

    38. Shayan Abbaspour

      messi out

    39. Shayan Abbaspour

      messi out

    40. Shayan Abbaspour

      messi out

    41. D P Haokip

      Pjanic is so good. Hope he will get the most minutes

    42. Yashwant M

      my advice let pjanic start instead of busquets (he was an extraordinary dmf once not anymore ) pjanic is faster

    43. Labib Rahman

      No one: Literally no one: My brain during an exam: so come wilfred bony ,score some goals for swansea, we go wild wild wild...

    44. Oladele Olaitan

      For many reasons why a player must not see himself as special that he would insult the management, and try to decide for the team. Now same player was caught making hell of mistakes. Coach needs to find solution to his attacking style. The play pattern exposed the defence. Barca delay game too much..possession is different from winning a game. We need winnings , victory ...thank you.

    45. Александр Колесник

      Идиотик,любимая команда и любимый игрок,такое видеть,что тут может нравиться???

    46. Wesam Abo halima

      Who gets an equal score against alaves

      1. Strike Master


    47. മലയാളി Gaming

      Messi will be their?🥺

    48. Game Time

      i watch at Malaysia

    49. fernando higa mendoza

      Es mejor que desistan de este tipo de difusión.. escuchar y escuchar diálogos que ni estimulan el interés del aficionado al fútbol.. Les seré franco en decirles ponerse a verlos a ustedes.. y no los juegos del partido.. es perder el tiempo.. Espero que lo entiendan y mejor pasen las secuencias del partido.. el partido los ven solo ustedes.. y nosotros como unos idiotas los vemos a Ustedes.. Asuu! que bonitos son..

    50. Dika Spot

      Barcelona 👍👍👍👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    51. Muhd Zayyid

      I am watching From India


      ok, barca suck, lets admit it. Messi's just playing like a 6/10 in half the matches, misses chances that he should b scoring, the entire team has this excuse that if they lose or have a disappointing draw, its all bcus of bartemaeu. If u barca fans hate him soo much, Y r u getting affected by everything he says, in fact u shuld b adapting, that is a mark of a great team, exactly what hansi flick did with a decaying bayern, exactly what pep did with a decaying barca. If barca rnt being carried by messi anymore, when was a positive impact made by coutinho or ansu. Blaming Bartemaeu is actually pointless, look at trump for example, he has mostly brought a negative impact on USA, but US is still thriving, bcus of how innovative the population is, they hate trump, but they don't make excuses, blaming something on trump bcus something bad happens with the country, and when it actually might b their fault. All i can say is that Messi has bcome a liability to barca, with a huge contrast of his wages and how he's playing rn.


        lets continue : i'm not saying barca r gone, but their rebuilding efforts r not going well they need to b more professional and need to unleash each player's potential, the ones who rnt able to unleash their potential in the club must b sold. rn, that list includes messi, greizman, pique, jordi alba, roberto.etc Messi fans keep complaining about the dedication of the team playing around messi, and now the team is more dedicated than messi, it does'nt make sense, football isnt a desk job, if messi isn't interested/or happy to playing for barca, then he shouldn't b playing

    53. unintended choice

      i miss pep... 🥺😩😢

      1. Soviet Bravo Six

        @Oladele Olaitan true.

      2. Oladele Olaitan

        Don't ..he is not doing well presently in EPL

    54. Ken Y

      Remember always, its not the manager, it's the players. Managers are spectators at this level and every level tbh

    55. Fuad Husen


    56. MR E

      Ngl Defence lackin

      1. Strike Master


    57. MR E

      Finally Griezzman did something

      1. Natacha Griezmann


    58. Gulshan Akhtar

      We won with juventus & it's over now can we please focus on the next games?

    59. AJMAL VOLGs.


    60. AJMAL VOLGs.


    61. AJMAL VOLGs.


    62. AJMAL VOLGs.


    63. Swarup Sen


    64. Nini

      I think 4-2-3-1 does not work in Barça. And we definitely need a central forward asap.

    65. Mike G13

      Tbh looking at the score predictions, these guys still believe this is the 2009/2012 Barcelona. And the way they talk about the rivals, they should stop being so arrogance, as well as all the fan base tho

      1. Nathaniel Espinoza

        For real tho

      2. Thabiso Maenetja

        True if we want the old barca back we should not be so arrogant and the real barca will probably come back as this season progresses

    66. Pharm 1234

      This is a crime in sport. This football furnished matches (Alaves-Barcelona), should be banned urgently. Also, betting on football matches should be banned.

    67. arielazo :v

      Pique ya no tiene velocidad y fortaleza mental pierde concentracion y vision del juego (no me brinda seguridad).

    68. Soccer OBJ

      28:25 28:31 28:33 28:49 29:18 29:38 29:45 29:50 30:00 30:16 30:20 30:31 30:48 42:55 45:27

    69. Erwin Vargas


    70. Xabi Altuna

      Fuera los jugadores vividores de la sopa boba ✊💙❤️

    71. Xabi Altuna

      “El futuro tiene muchos nombres. Para los débiles es lo inalcanzable. Para los temerosos, lo desconocido. Para los valientes es la oportunidad.” Víctor Hugo. Aviso para navegantes, sobre todo para aquellos que optan a la presidencia del Club, ojalá los socios estén siempre alertas ante próximas plagas de vividores, tecnócratas, emboscados, empresarios de bolsillos calientes, comisionistas y demás lacras conocidas, no se puede repetir algo tan fatídico y bochornoso para la entidad. Solo falta que todas las causas pendientes abran el camino del enjuiciamiento de la junta al completo, con el posterior encarcelamiento de Bartomeu y los suyos, que salga a relucir toda la verdad, propia y ajena, con todo lo que conlleva más allá del Club. Pura Mafianistán. 🏴‍☠️ 🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂

    72. Raimon Dang

      Still used Pique, busquest??

    73. Wictor Eduardo

      E aí, rapaziada! Me chamo wictor, eu sou jogador de futebol e tenho passagem por alguns clubes da 3 divisão do carioca. atualmente estou sem clube, mas decidi criar esse canal pra que assim, meu futebol alcance lugares maiores, e também, eu possa realizar meu sonho. Então da uma passada aqui no canal e da uma moral. Tmj!!

    74. Frank Annan

      Messi is not performing at all, and the coach was not bold enough to substitute him. Messi shouldn't been taking free kick again, he is no more messi we used to know. His performances is below average. He need to start from the bench and give the fresh blood chances to prove themselves.

      1. Rudransh Kapoor

        Frank Annan below average what the hell he was literally the best layer on the pitch today what dyu expect him to do when 3 -4 players surround him every time he gets the ball and he’s not brilliant but he’s not below average either

    75. Rikho Pane

      What is this, barca play like last year, all of barca fans say bartomeu out and the player will play good lol, i hope the next Presidente of barca will change this team, i hope braithwaite and Griezmann will be sell and buy lauro martinez or depay and absolutely buy defender

      1. Daha bir İntikam

        @Get Clapped BY Youssef stupid,more cry

      2. Daha bir İntikam

        @Get Clapped BY Youssef haters

      3. Natacha Griezmann

        Get out 👋🏻 Jealous Barça Fan, we don't need ya get out plz 👋🏻

    76. Besim Hrgic

      With players like busquets,pique,roberto we will fight for spot in ucl next season

    77. soap

      everyone talking about neto and pique but busquets was atrocious. i never wanna see him start again.

    78. And


    79. serz1885


    80. TUCO

      valverde out

    81. Iksan Theuw

      Peccaat ajah Koeman Thu..jeleek dhi..😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏

    82. Ederśon Silva

      Buy striker

    83. marvin walker

      blesi my friends i'm really missing continou the creativity an fire power to shoot one thing to boost messi up i hope he start focusing on what messi did best scooring even when players have made a wall in front of him make every goaly shake when your standing behind the bal because we miss that

    84. Hafiez Hakimie

      Hurmmm..i dont know what to say

      1. Bonnie Valls

        Well I do, Where the heck is Messi ?! Bartomeau is gone. We went thru 3 managers what's the issue now Leo?

    85. Hyardylis Ryan

      Koeman out😡


        Guys I found it

    86. Muhammad Fadhil Alfirdaus

      hagamos una fiesta de goles contra el Real Betis el jueves 7 de noviembre de 2020

    87. Moussandi Mlimi

      Koeman Out

    88. Ben Gelo

      Valverde is back to the team, the next problem to the team is messi 👎 🇬🇭🇪🇦

    89. Muhammad Fadhil Alfirdaus

      Vamos Barcelona, ​​solo cocina con Alavés 1-1, hagamos un banquete de goles con el próximo rival para que los campeones de España sean el espíritu de Messi y amigos

    90. Simba Harp

      The laziest team in the worl world poor decision making by the coach and koeman is too bossy nobody on the touch line! Do they even train shooting or no one can shoot we owned the ball Bt did nothing with it

    91. French Viking

      Piqué and Busquets is a problem, first half was horrible..

      1. Nathaniel Espinoza

        I agree

    92. Ivan Martinez Pascual

      This is so sad

      1. Strike Master

        It really is


      Mais pourquoi les joueurs du Barça se basent sur Messi pour marquer des buts 😠😠

    94. Raton Roy

      This is why I miss ter stegen.😔😔Neto is wonderful but today's mistake wasn't expected from him.

      1. Soviet Bravo Six

        @Raton Roy I know Ter Stegen is better, he definitely had much more experience.

      2. Raton Roy

        @Oladele Olaitan No he was injured.But he has already returned to practise.Hopefully he'll start as main gk soon.

      3. Raton Roy

        @Soviet Bravo Six No neto is wonderful but ter stegen is way better.

      4. Soviet Bravo Six

        @Oladele Olaitan no, But he is just saying that neto is bad or isn't good enough which he isn't true.

      5. Oladele Olaitan

        Has Stegen left the club ..?

    95. ZoUsE ZoUsE

      Ronald keomen out bring. guardoila

    96. Tokyo Japan

      We beat Juventus and we tie to a team that places 13th every season disappointedly I was looking for a big victory 4-0 well let's see next Wednesday

    97. Reda Ali Alsady

      Visca Él Barca 🔵 ♥️

      1. Vo Tuan Tu

        Piqué and Busquets is a problem, first half was horrible..

      2. ايهاب Bu

        Sergio Roberto out Girad piuqe out Buscatch out Dimple out Griezmann out Umtiti out Do not force us to expel you Barcelona fans, please And you should leave soon Otherwise, you do not want you to be expelled from our team

    98. Martin Perez

      Why does Koeman keep starting Busquests and Sergi Roberto big difference when Dest and Pjanic came on in the second half. Also we need to work on our finishing to many chances missed all because of those extra pases.

      1. ايهاب Bu

        Sergio Roberto out Girad piuqe out Buscatch out Dimple out Griezmann out Umtiti out Do not force us to expel you Barcelona fans, please And you should leave soon Otherwise, you do not want you to be expelled from our team

    99. 3A_ Sudiman Nur Fajri

      Kok makin memburuk penampilan barcelona?

    100. Rafa Soha

      Everyone before Alaves scored : Neto is a good keeper Every one after Alaves scored : Neto is bad we need MTS

      1. Alexis Sosa

        Everyone before Alaves scored : Neto is a good keeper Every one after Alaves scored : Neto is bad we need MTS

      2. Abdulaziz Ziyad

        @ايهاب Bu yo mr, no one needs your opinion. you don't have to keep on reposting this nonsense everywhere. Your acting as if you are the head of Barcelona

      3. ايهاب Bu

        Sergio Roberto out Girad piuqe out Buscatch out Dimple out Griezmann out Umtiti out Do not force us to expel you Barcelona fans, please And you should leave soon Otherwise, you do not want you to be expelled from our team