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    1. اسلام خرفي

      I'll be the best player in history. Wait

    2. Lazare Tavshavadze

      Why you are editing the match that we lose? Go triyn some footballers you can't see? we are loseng very bed at laliga...

    3. rádio Paraná

      el Barcelona fodese

    4. Adolfo Huerta Gutierrez

      Alguien me puede explicar pq hablan en ingles?

    5. x Monsters


    6. Luke Andris

      I’m not trying to say that Barca has a bad defense, but Barca needs a better defense. Barca also needs to try harder to win the champions league. Barca needs to bring back injured players really quickly before the team falls apart. Barca needs to get players to run quicker. Barca needs to pass the ball to open players. Barca needs to improve the transfers of players. Barca needs players to make smart passes. Barca needs to win every game this season. Barca is going to win the champions league this season if they make better improvements Barca for life 🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴 Like if you agree 👇

    7. Kapten Cyber


    8. donnys Gallindez

      visca barsa

    9. afin afin

      Bad coach

    10. Mihill Kolgjeraj


    11. brian xx1

      Buy bernardo silva very good mid and skill, passing complete

    12. Saugat xettri

      No penalty no party for lord pessi

    13. T1gerJAW 20

      Wow theese guys are jokers.They know nothing,when a team score they say it was a mistake or lucky goal.I know u are barca fans but give the other team some credit when they score.The brunette girl is just considering all the other teams bad she doesn't deserve to be shown on youtube

    14. Cesar Honwana


    15. يس زكريا ادريس حسين زكريا ادريس

      I weti playi barch line up

    16. hguzman1975ify

      Barca used be so good back then but something is happening to them

    17. علاوي المدريدي


    18. To ReĐa

      *Love foe barca* 🔴🔵🇮🇶🌺✌

    19. RoblaxiaTigerTV


    20. orang biasa

      Suarez Suarez Suarez Suarez Suarez Suarez Suarez back to barca

    21. orang biasa

      I am so sad

    22. Fahd gamer 12

      Ter stegn

    23. Tristan

      These female presenters though, all fire wowoow

      1. muaz ali


    24. TUCO

      1:46:51 😁

    25. altin younow

      They cant shot before they have passed the ball like 200 passes. Try some new things. Its not the old days. Or u will get stuck in La Liga like u are right know.💙❤️

    26. 가을햇살

      Stupid Steken😰

    27. wizard koubeyssi

      If messi play with this level ..let him go ..we dont need him anymore

    28. Santa

      I came to watch the game not to watch two boring people talk

    29. دي يونغ وريكي داعسينكم

      FOREVER BARCA 👑❤️💙

    30. احمد داودی


    31. פאדי קשקוש

      Barca fan now:ter Stegen is the best goalkeeper in the world

    32. Julkarnaeen Araf

      Ter Stegen made a flying save as well as made a horrendous keeping mistake in this match. But he is not the only one to be blamed. The forward line just fell apart without Ansu. Hope he comes back and Barça will be guaranting wins after wins.

    33. chi M3hřą

      Pessi shown his place 🤣🤣🤣 pessi can take training from the goat cr7 🤣🤣🤣

    34. Nour Cell

      ( knlihghk

      1. Nour Cell



      Messi leave the team and go to another team you’re to good to be in that team

    36. KAMIKAZE

      Barcelona can win Europa champions league next year

    37. Shahroon Bhatti

      Its OK Stegen we love you.....

    38. ucha iskandar


    39. william arisandi

      Mediocre team

    40. Garis Khatulistiwa

      This team are missed Mascherano. Barca defense these day so shit and always goes offense. No one player who want to stay in defense area like Masche. Barca needs new Defenders who has genius tackle skill and can handle and leading defense area like Masche. Player like Pique is so assh*le and Lenglet also completely DUMB!

    41. القرأن الكريم

      عملت القناه مشان اساعد نفسي ممكن اشتراك في القتاه 😔🥺

    42. então vcs gosta !

      Eu tou chorando muito todo mundo fica falando o Barcelona não sabe que vc existe e nunca vai sabe e tu nunca vai conhese eles

    43. Arsh Vlogs

      Messi never give up you are the best player in the world Ronaldo zero

      1. TUCO

        ok kid

    44. então vcs gosta !

      Essa mensagem vai para o Messi e o Barça Barcelona eu sei que vcs estão passando por momentos difícil mesmo perdendo eu sou uma fã de palavras eu nunca vou para de tosse para vc eu vou fica te vendo joga no momentos bons e ruim eu nunca vou desistir dos meus sonhos é e fica sabendo que eu amo vcs Messi eu sempre chorei quando eu via vídeos seus e quando eu fiquei sabendo que vc ia sai do Barça meu coração quebrou em milhões de pedaços mais depois eu entendi mais eu espero que vc não sai eu tou me recuperando ainda não acurtumei ainda espero que vc leia esse comentário

    45. Thuy Nguyen Thi

      Hey the next seasons will be better

    46. Thuy Nguyen Thi

      Use braithware sometimes please

    47. V ALT

      griezmann, umtiti, busquets, braithwaite, koeman OUT buy a number 9 and get a better coach problems solved

      1. ShotGunSling

        Why Braithwaite he is goat 🐐

    48. skech_one

      I'm so sad I feel like every sport is just fake Fake players there all just actors in it for the money the most beautiful game more like the most corrupt game in the world if ask me I'm no longer watching any sport at all.anymore I'm done it's all fake money corrupts absolute

    49. LaPulga

      Joke of a club, just play 4-3-3

    50. LaPulga

      Fucking play messi on rw ,cout cam, griezmann out , dembele out , fati lw and a new 9 not mr braithwaite

    51. Pr4t By TH3M!S

      Haber Chicos ( Griezman & Messi, Messi & Griezman ) alguien vio ayer al tal Messi o al Griezman, es que se me rompieron las gafas y no pude ver el partido bien ={ Acaso les habrá pasado algo en lo que baje a la farmacia a por un par nuevo de lentes? A mi me dijeron que el Barça de Koeman jugó con 9 jugadores :”/ Las cosas pintan súper fea y no es por el CoV19 ni por el disparate de Andres al salir por el balón a media Cancha 🤣... K patéticos necesitamos más video de Messi y Griezman entrenando 🥺🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    52. Alex fabiano Dos Santos castro

      Muito Bom you tube ⚽👏👏👏

    53. Rohan Rastogi

      I can see Barca playing in next year's UCL can be difficult 🙄

    54. Evelyne Risasi

      Keep it up Barcelona you can do it better💪💪💪

    55. Moon OverSanjuan

      Bartomeu dejo un club en ruina a todos los niveles. Algún día lo pagará. Jugadores vividores de la sopa boba OUT ✊💙❤️

    56. Zouhir Elazzouzi

      Nouhibou lbarsa dima barsa

    57. bugra kandemir

      🇺🇾Suares vs messi🐐🇦🇷

      1. bugra kandemir

        🇪🇦costa vs 🇨🇵grizman🤙

      2. TUCO


    58. Shayaan

      Sell messi buy talents like mbappe,neymar, felix and depay

    59. Jonathan Muteba

      Give mee the number for koeman😠😠😠😠 the problème for the Barcelona it why?

    60. FIKAR 18

      cambia de entrenador xavi hernandes ronand comenta tirar como Suarez 👇

    61. Umar Farooqui

      As always barca losess

    62. Diego S

      😡 Keomann stand up for go with Gierzmann & Dembele out side of the club 😡😡😡 4-2-3-1 isn’t for team like Barca , maybe for Holland 🇳🇱 😡🤬🤯😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

      1. FIKAR 18


    63. Viktor Janceski


    64. anas _alghamdi

      الله يلعنك نادي فاشل

    65. Behnam Jami


    66. Atok Grunge

      btw.. so KOEMAN OUT!!!!!

    67. Omar Yahya

      Disappointing result. Wishing Pique a speedy recovery, doesn't look good that injury

      1. Imed MAJDOUB

        LMAO Dude this is great news that pique is injured. He was one of the worst players in yesterday's game even roberto's injury is great. Dont forget they have araujo who is much much younger than pique and even better. Didnt you see how he played AGAINST juventus?

    68. Atok Grunge

      poor barca.. where goat is? eating grass in the field.. is really sad bruh... really sad... keep blaming varvade, satien... the problem is.. messi.. he start to show how suck is he.. i love barca more then any club.. but no more..

    69. WB MYTH X

      We won’t reccy pouch

    70. Henderin Mohsmmad Ali

      go messi

    71. Saymond Enamorado

      Me da depresión ver como el equipo de mis amores cae en pedacitos, te amo barça pero estos últimos 4 años me has hecho sufrir mucho

    72. FERgameplays

      Date una vuelta por mi canal estoy subiendo modo carrera :)

    73. Nawfal Shimi

      اسيرو تقاودو

    74. KING_ GAME

      why grizman not cf

    75. Capi THE GOAT

      Barcelona can’t nothing😭😠😡🤬

    76. Jonathan Muteba

      Barça négatif

    77. Taii Channel

      Barcelon posisi 10, Koman tidak ada peningkatan . Tambah buruk aja mainnya

    78. Taii Channel

      Gati pelatih coba Xavi Hernandez.

    79. Taii Channel

      Kecewa lihat Barcelona.. ganti pelatih Xavi Hernandez

    80. BS BHG

      A message to ter stegen Fuck you what happend to you last 4 matches u were like the best gk



    82. RR CHANNEL

      Ter Steagen idiot

    83. Iyer Iyer

      Idk why Barca played like City. Possession, Possession and only Possession. But can't score and concede.

      1. Luke Andris

        the team was poor with roberto and pique so them being injured is not a problem for barca

    84. Abdul Rahman Rhaeem

      Ronald koeman 😠😠😠😠😠😠👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿😠😠

    85. Abdul Rahman Rhaeem

      Barca win please

    86. Abdul Rahman Rhaeem

      Ter stegen gk lb alba cb lenglet cb pique rb roberto LM de jong cm coutinho cm pjanic rm dembele Lf griezman Rf messi 4 4 2 this formation best

    87. Abdul Rahman Rhaeem

      Barca next please win please 😫😫😫😫😫😫

    88. Abdul Rahman Rhaeem

      Barca please this ucl laliga copa del ray cup winner please barca please 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

    89. Om Annamraju

      Frenkie’s gonna go in defence and atleast now aleña and Puig might get their well deserved chances

    90. Shashank Samar

      It's hard to see a team which dominated the Europe is now failing in most of the matches one reason for this maybe some stupid transfers like Neymar to PSG Luis Suarez to Atletico vidal to inter and rakitic to Sevilla and except Neymar everyone was sold for a small amount.

    91. Zezo Gaming

      no Leo mess

    92. Isrrael chale

      3rd Koeman simply doesn't have the level to be coaching Barcelona , he doesn't learn from his mistakes, the club isn't going anywhere with him Koeman is one of All the Bartomeru's big mistakes.

    93. Isrrael chale

      2nd Koeman simply doesn't have the level to be coaching Barcelona , he doesn't learn from his mistakes, the club isn't going anywhere with him Koeman is one of All the Bartomeru's big mistakes.

    94. Isrrael chale

      Koeman simply doesn't have the level to be coaching Barcelona , he doesn't learn from his mistakes, the club isn't going anywhere with him Koeman is one of All the Bartomeru's big mistakes.

    95. Onkar Rath

      We're not going to win the league. Maybe not even get in the top 4

    96. ぽこやまさぶかた


    97. Lim Yu choi

      koeman out

    98. OneToGo

      Just look at those old good football days when Messi found company like Neymar and an attacking midfield. Can’t we just do it now? We have even started loosing simplest games. Please make the players play efficiently, change the games tactics. This will surely change Barca. Barca need Neymar now.

    99. Mateus Henrique

      Messi vai pra o Manchester city no fim desta temporada?

    100. Shaunak kulkarni

      We should have won mann. Still suarez was not there