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    1. Nihad Cafarov


    2. Angel Martinez

      Koeman out!!!!!!

    3. Mohammed Saneeh

      Plss i wud love to have a trial at barca academy in DUBAI for the youth team plsss i play right back and i am 14


      Dear Barcelona, ​​first I liked the team, but then the players were injured, a lot of players left, so I do not like it. I still do not remember the game you lost 8-2 to Bayern Munich.

    5. سمير احمد

      ronald koman out barca

    6. Alonso Alonso

      Griezmann lárgate ya

    7. Alonso Alonso

      Griezmann al carrer

    8. Alonso Alonso

      Griezmann out

    9. Salman Zubayer

      Booooooooo Barca

    10. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    11. 西本和矢


    12. Distiy Cirebon

      There's no messi barcelona bad.Turn tiki taka back on.Give Messi the best friends to turn on tiki taka

    13. M.DENİZ

      Barcelona champion

    14. Dylan Kev

      Out Koeman, being a good player doesn't make you a good coach, you're not cruyff.

    15. الصاعق 89

      RONALDO ,Si

    16. Ronie Iebach

      For Ronald koeman coach and all Barcelona players ... the way to win consistently to win is to think really want to win ,, have the intention, enthusiasm, high confidence you can definitely win, don't accept and get angry if you get a draw or lose, you must winning basically. from the beginning of the match to the end must play very aggressively, pressing, high presing, powerful, a lot of running for the ball, good finishing, strong defense, by closing the opponent's cross, and not letting the opponent, shoot the ball into the goal Barcelona. from outside the penalty box, or inside the penalty box

    17. Barsa

      Ousmane Goal

    18. Rony Lazo

      KOEMAN OUT 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    19. up down

      Koeman OUT!

    20. Julyss Mba

      Jeux fade.

    21. Mr Kariem

      Martin Braithwaite does not need to be played better selling.

    22. Matheus Souza

      Barça 😭😭😭😭😭

    23. Tanpa Sayap


      1. Tanpa Sayap


    24. 'Rayan' 'Barzani'

      If Barcelona draws with Eibar without Messi imagine what will happen if Barcelona plays Bayern Munich without Messi probably 20-0 Barca please fix the defense our team can is amazing but the defense is the problem please like if you agree

    25. Ayo Osadolor

      Messi have to leave Barcelona

    26. Andi Ono

      NO MESSI!! NO PARTY Guys!!!

    27. Scryptyc

      Let’s have a vote... Griezmann or Suarez? Just leave your comment with either name. I’ll email it to Barce personally.

    28. Scryptyc

      This would have been a victory had you still got Suarez. But no. Sell him cheaply and let him win the league. At least Simeone recognises talent when a bargain is given to him. Where would Barce be if they had have kept Suarez? Certainly in the top 2. And NOT 6th. It’s beyond me why managers sell players who can win games.. If you didn’t want to win the league, why didn’t you sell Messi also? Clearly Koeman was brought in to make Barce win nothing so wouldn’t it have been an idea to sell Messi also? Just a thought as clearly, Barce ain’t going to win anything this season. Well, maybe a corner or a throw-in. Maybe buy Suarez back?

    29. Renzo Mayta

      Yo creo que no hubieran vendido a Vidal era muy bueno sinceramente:'c

    30. Eliyahu FB

      Messi had to play and both Dembele and Coutinho had to open rather than Braithwaite, and make the vehicle more defensive [especially not having Messi make attacks]. And really Araujo had a big mistake but he made a good defense, and also caused a penalty [which Braithwaite missed]. And really Barça did not play well.

    31. Jn Crls


    32. Messi

      Com esse Koeman a chance de título e 0% mano deixar Messi no banco mesmo precisando ganhar é brincadeira se continuar assim vai nem para eoropa league

    33. Manoj TJ

      We Miss You Suarez Really Miss U At Game😓 We Need More Goals😪😓

      1. Manoj TJ

        @Scryptyc Laporta Or Victor Font

      2. Scryptyc

        Well said... worst mistake of any manager this season.

    34. Subhadra PS

      Without Messi barca is a big zeroooo

    35. Leon 281

      its not better😢😳🙈

    36. linda hamor


    37. Anu Jith

      പോട പട്ടികളെ ക്ലബ് പറയിപ്പിക്കാൻ കൂറെ കളിക്കാർ

    38. Joly Akter

      No messi no party

    39. OnLine TRendDing2

      Why brauthwait taiking penaltyeven though there is have griezman dejonk



    41. Landress Ho

      Koeman can use dembele and dest at once but both of them very effectively in different style dest more out wide and for dembele more deep mid and destroy opponents defensive line and breakthrough opponents defend they should be combo with pedri and messi and I think we should sell griezman and countinho cuz both of them are finished already if koeman still using both of them I believe not for long koeman will be sack I believe

    42. Mbark Love

      RONALD KOMAN 🖤💞👌

    43. Oufae Lahlou


    44. Yasin Baran özalp


    45. Tarun Hrishikesh

      Lord Brathwaite got 2 chances to score a goal. Both were messed up

    46. Oufae Lahlou


    47. Μάριος Κούρος

      No Messi no party, griezman trash

    48. Gokul V S

      My Words New chapters For Barca 👇 Don't Shout To Braithwait... Gave Confidence to Him... He will be best striker.... And Plzzz Make a Counter attacking Game plan with no Fear... 🙏.... And Koeman should Take More responsibility on the confidence of our players..... If Our Opponent Score 1 or two Goals in our post don't be Scare and Sad.. Just Counter attacks and Break the opponents... 💪 VISCA EL DE BARCA....

    49. Josep Maria Bartomeu

      Hahaha barca are 10 points off atleti and real😂

    50. Monoloko


    51. Jyotirmoy Sarma

      First match of the year 2020 a draw last match of the year 2020 a draw. WOW!!!🤔🤔

    52. Naruto Uzumaki

      Araujo out

    53. Naruto Uzumaki

      This team is mediocre .

    54. Swarup Sen


    55. Alain Junot De oro

      Keomen thank you for destroying the team but now I'm a real fan bye bye barca

      1. Aadeeshvar Singh

        Fake plastic fan

    56. Greatest of all time.

      From now on, everyone, comment "Puig in" only.

      1. Greatest of all time.

        @Rens Right but we can't see a young talent wasted.

      2. Rens

        Maybe get the 4 attackers messi, pedri, fati and dembele back and fix the attack in stead of crying about a young kid who as been benched for reasons

    57. Greatest of all time.

      Griezmann out. Barcelona wasn't supposed to be this. We scored only one against a shitty team. Pathetic! Now you will realize the importance of Messi.

    58. Magdiel Ramos

      Please bring back Luis Suarez because I miss him 😔🙏 for he can helps win like we beat Bayern on 2015

    59. Magdiel Ramos

      Return pep Guardiola or xavi

    60. Magdiel Ramos

      Bring back style like 2010

    61. Magdiel Ramos

      Bring back history like we won like 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

    62. TUCO

      valverde out

    63. Gopal Sarma

      This Barcelona team drastically declined throughout the last few years

    64. Jonnathan Games Martins

      Neymar e messi please


      I am for india goa I love Barcelona

    66. Ritesh Vikram Singh

      They can only score goals in Training session...

    67. Ayaan

      Griezmann is the only problem he should go back to athletico and give Suarez back

      1. Ayaan

        @Greatest of all time. Bro when did I disrespect Luis I never wanted him to leave

      2. Greatest of all time.

        Now you are realizing the importance of Luis. He just played bad for one season doesn't mean that you disrespect him and forget what he did for 5 years.

    68. Ritesh Vikram Singh

      Trash team with a pathetic manager. Messi should leave as early as possible.

    69. Ahmad Faizal


    70. Adetokunbo Emmanuel

      Sorry to say, that was a mediocre performance... It's looking more and more like Barcelona will be struggling to qualify for a Europa league spot if we continue to play this inconsistently and unconvincingly. Messi won't play in Europa league and it'll be a shame really. But who is taking responsibility here? No one! About 70% of these players aren't showing they deserve to be here. Three at the back yet being so hard pressed with them being so jittery all the time? And how did Braithwaite get the nod to play the penalty? So frustrating really

    71. Kevin Lee

      they can't even win against Eibar... so finished

    72. Juan David Urdaneta Pinilla

      El barcelona "SIN MESSI NO ES NADIE"


      Congrats legend of all time Cr7💪🏻💣💥🎓

    74. Thushan waidyaratne

      Messi's decision of leaving BARCA is fair. Because anyone doesn't like play with the team like this.We got only one goal against EIBAR at our home . It's not surprise that messi leaving from Barcelona. After arriving of setein and Koeman, Our greatest era is end.

    75. Lebogang Immaculate Selebano


    76. FAYIZ X

      Aaa naayinte mon baromeo kaaranaan namamde tikitaka nashtapettath😭😭😭


        Avne kuricchu parayalle🤬🤬

    77. Thushan waidyaratne

      Koeman always say about attitudes. Why don't you sell useless Griezmann,Pjanic, Braithwate.. Anyone can train BARCA better than Koeman. This team is the worst team of BARCELONA

    78. Gabriel

      Koeman I can coach better than you with not doubt! Please let me coach Barca and save then from the disaster you have created.

      1. Gabriel

        @Dr_ Negative I was the coach for the SLC LDS Business College soccer team during 2014 and 2015.

      2. Dr_ Negative

        Then become a coach

    79. Gabriel

      Koeman has destroyed Griezmann career making him play on the right. Koeman please go and take lessons from Simeone for 10 years and then come back and lead a team like Barca.

    80. Dita Kartika

      think the new coach is not suitable. It is better to be replaced

    81. s8h7upis

      Ridiculous game I preferred to see Riqui playing but are couch don’t have the ball to give him a chance or he don’t like him

    82. yellow


    83. fikar Sgn

      Ronald koeman out

    84. Sajith C S

      Shame on such week defensive side of FCB, where is the attacking master class behavior of FCB

    85. James Sujanto

      No messi, no win

    86. Porygon

      Griezmann played 66 minute.. I thought we learned from the previous match when he is not starting and not a single minute on the pitch? I said this already 100 times. Koeman is just another garbage manager. I mean cmon. Every guy that is posting comments here all the time have a better knowledge about the barca player then koeman -. -

    87. Kokoleceran

      Koeman out

    88. Brayam Alegre Arteaga


    89. habib akbari


    90. Anggit Prakoso

      sell brait sell brait sell brait sell brait sell brait sell brait sell brait sell brait sell brait 💔💔❌❌

    91. Guillermo Asencio

      saludos desde México!

      1. Josep Maria Bartomeu

        Adios desde la liga😂

    92. Guillermo Asencio

      Grizman Out!!! o cómo se escriba! es una vergüenza!!!!

    93. Guillermo Asencio

      Coutinho Out!!!!!!!!

    94. Guillermo Asencio

      Koeman Out!!!!

    95. Guillermo Asencio

      Gracias Bartomeu por está mierda de equipo!!

    96. King Henry Akrong

      Griezmann was a disgrace, thinking in the absence of Messi he will take up the reigns but total flop with inconsequential impact in the game. Dembele to the rescue I just hope he won't be injured until the end of the season

    97. brick forge12

      I'm slowly starting to lose faith to Griezmann, he's a good player but he will never fit in the barca style

    98. Rikho Pane

      De fak your doing koeman? Why you give penanlty to Braithwaite 😂😂😂, you think Braithwaite is ronaldo9, The list that I think can make a penalty at Barcelona is Messi, Pjanic, Griezmann, Coutinho

    99. nohemi rivera

      Koman out!

    100. Jawhar Alavi

      Match shows how barca is dependent on messi these days. Lets hope for the best in 2021❤️