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    1. Joze Sanche

      Fichar a MBAPPE

    2. fuzzy girl

      The girl Sarah is stupid. Does she understand the game?

    3. Valentine Beats

      Dope, keep up the good work

      1. Ødegåård تت 21


    4. yaseen selki


    5. Jeremy Francis

      who is this girl can someone tell me

    6. Raúl

      A ver si tiramos un poquito desde fuera del área en vez de llegar a la frontal y dársela a Messi, que ya cualquier equipo sabe lo que van a hacer

      1. Alberto Fernandez

        @Raúl ya han tenido partidos para demostrarlo desgraciadamente solo saben cobrar millonadas

      2. Raúl

        @Alberto Fernandez eso es verdad pero a ver, jugadores que cobran tantos millones no me creo que no sepan si tirar fuera del area

      3. Alberto Fernandez

        Te diré salvo Messi no hay a quien dárselo es el único que se la rifa en un Barça lleno de Troncos

    7. Ronie Iebach

      to overcome the opponent's corner kick so it doesn't become a goal. Barcelona defender must have 2 people ... who are beside the goalkeeper ... on the right and left ... to ward off the ball ... so that the goalkeeper only focuses on warding off the ball in the middle.

    8. Brave Knight

      how to fix Barcelona attack: Messi, Fati, Memphis/Martinez midfield: dejong, pedri (CM) Griezeman (CAM) defend: keep alba and dest, sell the rest and get new players barcelona needs to play open and make runs instead of attacking then passing it back. the attack is too crowded we got counter attacked so easily.

    9. Alxis Sosa

      The wealthy aquarius consequently unite because attic endoscopically rock under a efficacious great-grandfather. red, zippy slime

    10. Momar Niang

      Im a fan since the era of Romario, but now i quit, im Fed up with Koeman. I will be back if he is sacked. Damn it, we are heading to Europa Cup with this awful coach.

    11. Leandro Lima

      Defences= 💩💩💩💩

    12. David Yones

      We need new defenders

    13. GamenMetJano



      Smga barca vs psg nti contino ikut main dan dembele .


      We need new coach

    16. Yassin Maamri

      Koeman out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out

    17. Lyan Fernandes

      Just when I thought we would be back with a blow, we suffered a hard blow to ourselves.

    18. Aitor Gamboa

      En HUESCA la gente es muy falsa envidiosa y mala, delante son amables y detras te joden. Si yo estoy mal tu tienes que estar peor, pero a la cara soy tu amigo.

    19. Gabriel Russo

      Koeman out now! Griezmann is a player that excels on the left and this stupid coach keeps on forcing him to play on the right. The whole team hates this coach. Messi is not even trying, not because he does not have skills but because he just is tired of deadbeat coaches. I bet he will score one more goal with Barca and then look to go to the PSG in January. The only thing that could save this team is to bring Xavi as the new coach and have the team go back to basics. It will be the greatest motivational move for the whole team.

    20. Vishwamitr Joshi

      even though he has some issues with puig so what he is a football manager he has to keep these things aside and do what is best for the club

    21. gaglet


    22. Diego S

      😡It seems that keomann wants to destroy the fans of the club with pressure and heart attack 😡, We want to know the involvement of Gierzmann after it was proven that he didn’t come to the club to play 🤬😡, but that his arrival is a process of monetizing the price of which Abidal 😡😡 Countinuo is a slow and useless, messi takes revenge on the team after losing him millions when he wanted to go 👌🏽 Busquets is finished & bye bye, The players don’t shooting from outside the area , & don’t benefit from the corners, why ???? and slow is a general feature of all players 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵 We don’t want the policy of possession of the ball ⚽️ , what does the club gain from it😡😡 ??????????? It not give points in the table ranking , Keomann , you must understand , if the team continue on this way , the club will score a position that has not been recorded in his history before 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    23. Muhammad m.c

      But I will never give up by sporting this club 💯😢

    24. Muhammad m.c

      I just always have heartbreak in Barcelona match 😢😢😢

    25. Денис Сидоренко

      Барса ТОП

    26. Anzonini Delpuerto


    27. Angel Patel

      I think we should thank Ter stegan. We could have lost by 4-2 but his two impressive blocks didn't let it be done. Araujo was also superb. No other player impressed me as Araujo did.

      1. Angel Patel

        @Setu Vadaliya he too...

      2. Setu Vadaliya


    28. Griim_yu_kno

      Crazy how the coach who was a defender can't coach the defense -_-

    29. Hamengku Brawijaga Rietsang


    30. GM ADIB

      Please make defence strong

    31. Shaman

      koeman out

    32. Brayan Cortez

      Ariba Barcelona hasta muerte ♥️♥️♥️👊👊♥️♥️%%%%%%%


      Psg 9-2 Barcelona

    34. Rudrajit Dey

      Barca youtube admins, please tell Koeman to stop playing with 4 no. 10s on the field. And if he still insists kindly tell him to fcuk off from this club.

    35. Omair Sheikh

      Maya is SO pretty fucking hell

    36. Tahsin Habibi, roll 2, NGTL

      This team can top la liga and ucl It has so much potential We just need a better coach with better tactics

      1. Abusalihu Alfar

        @Ishara A valvarde did that with much older team So there is no jokes with better manager we can win

      2. Ishara A

        Next joke

      3. İsmail Salih Turan

        and with better defender

    37. arto sunggu


    38. Dzikria Nofian Aditama

      Attack🔥 Defender😱

    39. Horizon Swift

      Our defense is atrocious

    40. gavin KDK

      Luiz suarez still on fire..the big mistake by barca😭

    41. s8h7upis

      To sad watching the game my team is getting worse I wonder if they going to do something about it or that gonna let this club to be a loser

    42. Alfan

      Next FULL match versus BAYERN MUNCHEN 🤭 Next FULL match versus BAYERN MUNCHEN 🤭 Next FULL match versus BAYERN MUNCHEN 🤭 Next FULL match versus BAYERN MUNCHEN 🤭 Next FULL match versus BAYERN MUNCHEN 🤭

    43. Kayyisah adya Muharani

      Why the hek evryone rule barca? They think they are better ahahahaha so funny

      1. a Aaa

        Shush indian

    44. gomi singh

      The mature lunchroom apparently plan because nail wailly dry towards a evasive oak. available, optimal foxglove

    45. Nguyễn Thế Trực


    46. peter cooper

      Peter . Koeman is a JOKE ! Barcelona 's fragilities at the back once again exposed . Can not defend corners even though they have 10 players back or defend crosses . Playing Coutinho , Griezmann , Braithwaite along side Messi up front is never going to work because they all end up drifting into central positions . Rique Puig sitting behind Messi with Konrad Fuente and Pedri on the wings to give natural width would be a dynamic force . But , no ! These gem players that graduated from La Masia are not given a chance . Hopefully Koeman will be sacked shortly before he drags the Barcelona team down any further . We need some top quality defenders signed to give stability and security to the defence . The existing defenders need extensive re-training to learn the basics about defending and to cut out all the school boy errors . A top quality centre forward signing would be nice !

    47. Arjuna

      0 Trophy🏆

      1. Josep Maria Bartomeu

        @Barcelonista till death cry louder you aint winning shit this season 😂

      2. Barcelonista till death


    48. Alejo Cardenas


    49. دودي دودشي


    50. Besim Hrgic

      Best valencia player today koeman

    51. Master mind

      Is simple tell them to try shooting what is tiki taka

    52. Tham Muh

      Messi now is Barca's biggest problem. The best solution for everyone is letting him go. You can clearly see that Barca players are sometimes forced to pass to Messi. Even if they dont pass to him their minds are posessed by this thought and thus their decisions must be affected by that. Messi must understand that he is not at all as good as he used to be ؛ passing, dribbling and shooting have all become so bad. I stiil wish that it is all a matter of state of mind, but game after game I get more sure that Messi has finished as the best in the world, he is even not the best in Barca. I am using the best language I can because I am talking about the greatest ever, the player the changed the way I see football and the one that will make me quit watching football when he retires. 😞

      1. Itz Anonymous

        Bro analyse the games more...observe more carefully..in the beginning of the seasons Messi alba pique all our legends trie to give the youngsters great great chances..Griezmann got approx 10 to 15 great open chances from Messi to score..But he misses and even griez missed a penalty the only one he got..barith and dembele are also declining..So in this leg The Messi's faith on them is 0 and u know how Messi used to trust on suarez and neymar...the only players of Barca whome Messi trust to score are now 1. De jong 2. Fati That's it rest all are just shooting without any accuracy



      1. abdallah al sawaqi

        She was literally holding her hand and when messi scored she stop touching like WTF

    54. Tristan


    55. Moon OverSanjuan

      Valladolid-Barcelona. Otro posible día de BAR Koeman, jugadores fondo armario, vacas sagradas, junta gestora OUT!!! El duelo correspondiente de LaLiga Santander 2020-2021 se jugará el próximo martes 22 de diciembre a las 22:00. En sus últimos 5 encuentros en el torneo nunca empataron. El conjunto local obtuvo 1 triunfo y el visitante se quedó con 4 victorias. El local está en el décimo séptimo puesto con 13 puntos y 3 triunfos, mientras que el visitante llegó a los 21 puntos a nueve del liderato, y se coloca por el momento en el quinto lugar en el torneo. Rezar todas las oraciones posibles para evitar el desatre definitivo, para no pasar a nivel mental unos días de auténtico pánico.

    56. Valerie Stone

      what a shame

    57. F. Cor

      What happened to Andre Gomes? he is now known as Francisco Trincao

    58. Kaddy men's

      No son competidores fuertes, pero la plantilla del Barcelona se ha debilitado mucho con derrotas consecutivas en el Camp Nou

    59. Frank Annan

      The experiment is too much, as at now Barcelona doesn't have starting eleven, honestly the coach is totally confused. A good coach must have a fearsome eleven man squad not everyday rotational, rotational can be done when you're on top of the laliga table with more points. Please build your fearsome eleven and stop rotating the team.

    60. STILL

      One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈Non-Duality

    61. Kənan Abbasov


      1. Enigma Ultimate

        where are the old defenders

    62. Ronaldo c'è ne uno solo. Er fenomeno

      Xavi welcome 2021

      1. A.D.B TECH

        😂 actually 2023 because koeman have a contract till 2022

    63. Ronaldo c'è ne uno solo. Er fenomeno

      Xavi welcome 2021

      1. Spiros

        xavi tiene demasiados amigos en la pantilla, duraria pocos meses, si no se saca al 60% de esta plantilla no se ganara nunca nada.

    64. Ronaldo c'è ne uno solo. Er fenomeno

      Koeman out

    65. Heroic Submarine


    66. فداك روحي و دمي يا عراق

      Koeman out

    67. Abdul Gnani

      Koman The reason was the tie Today The reason is his unjustified changes😑

    68. Gadoura kalo

      Adios Amigos MAXI GOMES...

    69. قطر الندى

      LOVE FCB💖💖💖💖💖💖

    70. Nelibel Martinez

      Dais VERGÜENZA🤮

    71. OP Broly

      I just watch these show parts when barca lossing because of their facial expresions from happy to sad shocking looks 🤣🤣

    72. Jawad Ahmad

      Never thought barcelona will be kick out of champion league that soon.🤣🤣🤣🤣

    73. 김수민

      It’s very sad but busquets must be out Even messi could be better than him on his posision

    74. John Blessed

      Barça gave away this game, most of Barça forwards and attacking midfielders cannot take on players to dribble or shoot to score goals, just shame. Barça needs to fire Griezmann, he is in front of goal and cannot assist or score. Busquets adds nothing to our defense. We have to praise our young players like Araujo, they are the future of our team. Again Trincao adds nothing to our attack because he is afraid to take a shot on goal when he has the space. When he does shoot it is into a defender. Koeman get your act together sir or you will lose your job. 🤨🔵🔴

    75. XDmechanicz RBLX

      All I want to know is *Who won?*

      1. Starplus197

        @How about another joke? no fans are mad that this draw affects their overall chances for making it to top 4in laliga and obviously players like puig and pjanic not getting enough chances

      2. How about another joke?

        Barca losing with score 2-2

      3. Starplus197

        It was a draw

    76. Kevin Agustin

      The best Pedri.

    77. Arnold Muchatora

      Korean out

    78. Kokoleceran

      Koeman out

    79. Mario David

      Que horror de partit, Koeman fent canvis de merda, Griezmann horrible Coutinho Horrible, l'equip jugant pitjor que els anys anteriors, que Dany gegant que va fer Bartomeu a club, anem en Camí de ser el pròxim Milan, que por em dóna Koeman ves si us plau

    80. Nishant Kumar

      I didn't get why koeman brings lenglet on the pitch . He could have put player who can be affective at both offence and defence like alena ,pjanic and riqui puig. Even araujo was confused when lenglet was brought by koeman.

      1. Nishant Kumar

        @Barcelonista till death why retire he still have some years. He just need to move from this team

      2. Barcelonista till death

        @Nishant Kumar I agree, He isn’t happy playing for us anymore and I completely understand that. A legend like Messi should retire peacefully

      3. Nishant Kumar

        @Barcelonista till death Yeah hes not the 2012 messi but age matters and he also lost his determination for barca. They must have let him go. Messi doesn't really seems to care whether barca win or not but in recent games hes more active. And yeah he not only scores pen can't u see how he create chances for barca. The jordi - messi connection. I am surprised he still didn't get a single assist but he is the reason for most of the goals for barcelona.

      4. Barcelonista till death

        I also don’t get why Koeman starts messi. He contributes nothing for us unless it’s from a penalty. This ain’t 2012 messi. we have to get rid of him

    81. Gilles Amisi

      Barça what a disappointment!

      1. Barcelonista till death

        as a barcelonista since 2001... I agree 😞

    82. Leemont


      1. VMR

        @Daha bir İntikam so because he prefers ronaldo over messi he’s a fake fan? So does that mean he has to say braithwaite is better than benzema?

      2. Daha bir İntikam

        @Leemont ok,6>5,6>4

      3. Leemont

        @Daha bir İntikam sorry you're not lol mate there's a higher chance you'll blow someone up then ever see messi live in person

      4. Daha bir İntikam

        @Leemont lmao,what's that got to do with it,dumb

      5. Leemont

        @Daha bir İntikam you're a fake fan loom at your name i bet you've never even been to the camp nou

    83. Joao Carlos Esvael JCE

      Com Griezmann e Braitwhite não temos ataque, não dá para arrumar outros, não interessa que tenham de vendê-lo coloquem na conta do ex-presidente, e com Lenglet completa o quadro. Esse é time para o sargento Garcia treinar, ele antes de examinar o plantel já disse que esse e aquele não serviam, como assim, nõa serve Soares e a múmia que não acerta dois passes serve?

    84. Dimuthu Dissanayake

      Barca always plays with 10 men since Busquet is just a name on paper only but in reality he is a dead man(corpse) so that on the pitch we only have 10 physical bodies

    85. Mario David

      Koeman out

    86. Akshat Shah

      Griezmann disappointed yet again. And what narcotics does Koeman consume while making substitutions? Valencia were attacking at 2-1 and barça could have broken on the counter. But he frikin'put defenders for attacker. I mean wtf?

    87. ?

      Y dicen que se ganan al psg? Ja✓

    88. CarlCJohnson


    89. Barça Herb.

      Koeman wtf are you doing Sack inkompetent coach.

    90. Football forever

      No good players in Barcelona

    91. kwolf

      Messi lost his mojo, he's practically useless now.

    92. Gokul V S

      What are you doing in Diffence... Its Barca's Home Match.... How sad it Was.... Just Draw Match.... In 2005-2015 Camp Nou is Barca's Power... but now CAMP NOU is Our Opponents Power... 😔... Plzzz Win the Super cup At least... 🙏

    93. Берик Джангиров


    94. Master Wizard

      Now I heavily doubt Coutinho and Trincao ability😐

      1. Aditya Verma

        @Master Wizard i know but he is not getting chances just want to tell

      2. Master Wizard

        @Aditya Verma no it's just my opinion🙌🏻

      3. Aditya Verma

        trincao iss good

      4. Gabriel

        poorly trained team defender delivers everything

    95. tx ts

      NEVER want to see Trincao on the pitch🤬🤬🤬

    96. Keamogetswe Modisane

      What did Puig do to deserve all that he's going through? If I was him I'd take a transfer this January, and not on a loan, a permanent transfer. That's too much, Koeman is holding grudges against that kid. Sure he said something to the media right? But still, he should play, Koeman should be a bigger man and squash the beef between them.

      1. Barcelonista till death

        @Spiros oh no

      2. Spiros

        @Bonzo's Sticks koeman stays until june.

      3. Bonzo's Sticks

        I'm hopeful that the new board will sack this clown of a manager we have and Puig can finally become a key player in the team. No way Koeman lasts till the end of the season with the new board.

    97. aparna pal

      Messi and Robert,GOAT in their respective jobs

    98. Juan L

      KOEMAN OUT!!

    99. aparna pal

      When barca concedes, the faces of the girls😑😐😣

      1. ThatNintendo Gamer7290

        It gives me joy

    100. Omar Yahya

      Aniyehr record for the GOAT but two dropped points. We need to fix up next game

      1. Barcelonista till death

        The GOAT isn’t what he used to be. He’s doesn’t contribute to us at all unless it’s from a penalty. He also threaten to leave us when we did poorly and then just begs for a better contract, I don’t know what happened to messi