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    La Liga returns on Saturday with Barça travelling to the Estadio Ramón de Carranza to take on Cádiz who lie one place above Ronald Koeman's side in 6th place.
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    1. Danar Jonathan

      Lenglet is a joking defender

    2. אורי שטרית


    3. Alexandros Mpougatsas

      Stop do idiot moves in team and give all to take back guardiola pleaseeeee this is not coaches after pep the chaos in team!!!

    4. Itachi Uchiha

      A situação tá triste

    5. Sirus 21er

      Lenglet worst defense.

    6. golden Frieza

      I'm leaving for a bit after Juve

    7. Cloud Xz

      Since the 8-2 Barcelona is complety broken. Bayern took there Soul.😅

    8. الصاعق 89


    9. GOLAZO TV

      THIS MESSAGE TO THE PLAYERS. they don't deserve to wear this shirt. Shame on you. A second division team beat you. Cancel contracts. You don't deserve those salaries. I am tired of seeing these players. Messi Jordi alba busquets Pique Lenglet. OUTT OUTT EMBARRASSING.!!!!!!

    10. Alex fabiano Dos Santos castro


    11. sLwAt MaFe

      Wats noooooo barça 2-1

    12. Zaky Ramadhani

      Please barca... Dont playing countinho on LWF... He 's can't play there.. Koeman must playing coutinho in playmaker / AMF. .. please koeman.. Please Koeman..!!!

    13. Suresh Kumar

      Please give Chance to young players..😞.. I can't watch Barca play like this any more...stop playing with 4-2-3-1..💩..We have won more game with 4-3-3 this season.😒😔

    14. Pippo Miaudo

      Messi OUT

    15. قناة اهداف برشلونة

      Komen out

    16. Prasobh Pradeep

      This is what happens when you leave a player like Suarez for free

    17. 西本和矢


    18. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    19. The Inevitable

      Ronald koeman

    20. Herberth Herman

      Yo creo que lo mejor que puede hacer Koeman para levantar nivel es: 1.- Messi no debería ser el capitán del equipo, pienso que Ter Stegen debería ser el capitán y cuando no juegue Marc, Piqué debería serlo. 2.- Contratar a un verdadero psicólogo y motivador para cambiarles el chip y que haga actividades para integrar y unir al equipo. 3.- Cuando juegue Messi regresen al esquema 4-3-3.

    21. FifaGaming

      We should get Upamencano

    22. Mardy Bum

      The defence keeps on making ridiculous mistakes!!!!!! The whole team played really slow. Thats exactly how you should not play against buses like Cadiz

    23. Lucifer Alan

      ❤️ luv u all

    24. Saksham Bansal in COVID-19

      Honestly messi was the player who played the best See the full match

    25. Dani

      This livestreams are so cringe haha like whole barca

    26. MR. STARBREAKER 452

      Hablar español COÑO

    27. Dognumber5

      Ronald Koeman. Out! Out! Out!

    28. Opeckty M

      Barça might even not qualify for Champions Next season lul

    29. كروري HD

      ابلعو برشلونة

      1. كروري HD

        @للمدريديستا فقط شتريد شدات

      2. للمدريديستا فقط

        @كروري HD 🤨

      3. كروري HD

        @للمدريديستا فقط وهسه شني المطلوب

      4. للمدريديستا فقط


    30. ngampa konyak

      Barca need one centre striker and one defender. 4-3-3 formation seems to be much better at the moment.

    31. Saad Khan

      Pjanic instead of busquets ffs

    32. Alex KZ

      Cadiz 😂😂😂 👍👍👍, barsa 👎👎👎💩

    33. Il Mandingo

      MESSI OUT indecent performance

    34. il maestro donato inglese

      Messi outt Jordi alba out Busquets out Lenglet out Pique out

    35. il vendicatore

      How do you lose with a newly promoted?? Fire all players put the barcelona B embarassing

    36. Jan Mesquita

      Esse time está uma merda

    37. momo mussad

      Messi OUTT busquets alba lenglet pique outtt you are not worthy to wear the barcelona jersey😤

    38. Bergomi Inter

      Messi out you don't commit anymore, you have become scarce

    39. عشاق كتاب الله The Book of Allah

      نقدم لكم أجمل وأشهر التلاوات.. شاهدوا فيديوهاتنا ونعدكم بأن تعجبكم قناتنا وجزاكم الله خيراً 💖

    40. klein


    41. Shashank Samar

      The only thing that can bring Barca back on track is some good signings in the January Transfer window.Just hope for the best

    42. Not MainManMané hth

      watching match centre>>actual game

    43. CRYPTIC

      Please tell koeman to step up his game in la liga we want to play in the champions league next season

    44. Nelton Jesus

      O que está a acontecer com Lionel Messi

    45. Anzonini Delpuerto

      Lenglet se merece banquillo, no puede meter la pata de esa manera, eso no lo hace ni un juvenil, no deberia jugar como titular.

    46. Ronit Chourasia

      I come in every defeat to watch the reactions Sorry but can't help it

    47. Keemoo Kooora

      We all love Barca ,,,, but in this season the team's performance is a shame

    48. برشلوني برشلوني


    49. Landress Ho

      I think koaman should use more effective tactics your tactics is very easy to explore very lame your attack is from left or right if alba and dest is lock then nothing barca can do I think put more attacking in mid cuz some opponents they have good defensive tactics so that time mid is the best option I can see every game barca only focus on left or right side that not a good tactics too much left or right players it’s useless

    50. Snow Blade 667

      Mais KOEMAN t’es fou ou tu fais exprès? De jong Bousquet non ça ne marche pas, arrête de nous faire tes tests à la con c’est plus le moment des tests bordel😡😡 met nous un bon 11 une bonne fois pour toute😡

    51. Daniel Owusu Ansah

      Most disgraceful team this season in the league is our team Barca ten marches four loses what a disgrace sometimes I even hide myself as a Barca fan


      Barça whyyyyyy

    53. Landress Ho

      That just a small present for Cadiz cuz we are in Xmas mode 😩

    54. ahmad sy

      كان يجب ان يدخل ريكي بويتش بديل لبوسكيتس في الشوط الثاني وليس اخراج مدافع واعادة ديونغ للدفاع وتفريغ الوسط ريكي بويتش لاعب مبدع ولا يمكن للخصم ان يتنبا بحركته القادمه ويسبب الكثير من المشاكل للخصوم ولكن كومان لا يحبه لانه يفكر خارج الصندوق ويرتجل وكومان يريده خشبه يضعها حيث يريد

    55. Eitan Lupu

      We're fucked

    56. SAKIBUL

      Barca are done mate, barca are done!!. One of the worst teams ever

    57. فداك روحي و دمي يا عراق

      Barcelona to the europa leag

    58. BRAWL STARS brawl tolk


    59. jesuis marabout

      You've heard of it, it's on You don't believe it at all, maybe. But know that by the power of occult forces, plants and spirits, everything is now possible where everyone thinks impossible. you will see an immediate and surprising result. contact me WhatsApp contact or direct call: +229 94716850

    60. Mike G13

      Those score predictions means two things: 1) They don’t really watch the Matches 2) They’re fans, I don’t blame them, I really think if they say the truth, they may be get fired tho.

    61. ItsBleon _Yt

      Barca are back *On getting thrashed again*

    62. Sta Aki

      We don’t want this coach

      1. Sta Aki

        Sosososooso bad

      2. Sta Aki

        He is to bad in coaching

    63. Garis Khatulistiwa

      Barca with Messi these days like an Idiot Teammates. This guy was really destroying Team. Without Messi: won 4-0, 3-0 With Messi : lose 1-2, how could be a guy who called a GOAT ❎❎❎❎❎❎

      1. Gowrav Satheesh

        No bro u can't say that Cause in last few la Liga match messi made a impact in the game Remember against real betis when messi was in bench in the first half and the score was 1-1 but when he came out the final score was 5-2

    64. MD FARHAN

      Both goal is nothing only mistake of barca player . After seeing states I amazed barca try more then 20 shots on target but no goal this is the big problem ........

    65. Omar Yahya

      Straight back down to earth. So disappointing

    66. football Gools

      الله يلعنكم 🖕🏿

      1. RAHAND ____2006

        WE MISS OLD BARCA 2010

    67. Rayhan Chowdhury

      4-2-3-1 formation doesn't suit Barca We should talk to Xavi and Iniesta for our problems.They can give us solutions.

    68. Lucy Njuki

      Use to be a big fan of Barca but I prefer bayern Munich

    69. Atok Grunge

      poor barca

      1. RAHAND ____2006

        WE MISS OLD BARCA 2010

    70. ShRey Soldier

      Possession 83% to Barca still losing 2-1! Disgusting. Barca is already out of the title race trust me.. Atletico have it.

    71. Brayam Alegre Arteaga

      Fueraaa Mierdaaaaa

    72. RVG YT

      This is too much.We have lost against teams which are pretty bad .If suarez was at barcalona everything wold have been different.Ronald Koeman is a very bad coach for barca pls sack him!!!!!!

      1. Ken

        Its not the manager , there's only so much he can do..

    73. Ken

      When does Fati come back?

      1. RAHAND ____2006

        3 Months later FATI ARE BACK

    74. Kai Tatezawa

      😭😭😭 Damn man Cadiz were really good 😢.. but we were playing very well too! But it’s okay.. Because all of the Barcelona fans including me will win the treble. Copa Del Rey, La Liga title, and of course. The champions league trophy.🏆🏆🏆 Also can we stop saying NEGATIVE things about Barca? There is a lot, but still they are trying their best you know. Even the defense line I like Lenglet and Pique! So let’s not make Barcelona feel more and more bad about the fans.

    75. CS30

      2:20:17 who all wants their 😂😂 instead of teady

    76. CS30

      Who the lady in black . We are losing because of her over acting

      1. CS30

        @Ken Yaa she is , but she is overreacting

      2. Ken

        Sarah? She's beautiful

    77. Mukund Gupta


    78. King Ram

      This Barcelona defence kills more people per second than covid-19

      1. Whis


    79. arjun tnag

      Barca failed 👎👎🤣🤣🤣🥳🥳

      1. arjun tnag

        @RAHAND ____2006 yes bro very much.

      2. RAHAND ____2006

        WE MISS OLD BARCA 2010🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺


      Wow.Just Wow. How did we lose to Cadiz of all teams

    81. Ashay Gupte

      I am counting on you in the champions league

    82. Ashay Gupte

      And pls don’t give up

    83. Ashay Gupte

      I hope they take these comments serious

    84. Ashay Gupte

      We can’t make fun of varane because our defense sucks

      1. ALEX


    85. Ashay Gupte

      I can’t take this anymore

    86. Kamal Saha

      Barcelona needs to practice finishing drill.

    87. Mohammed Sinshad

      No problem match's not finish la liga not end this season better luck next Match barca win next Match Barca champions on la liga and ucl

    88. Tokyo Ramen

      everyone who is blaming Messi is very stupid we lost this match because our defense is shit. Messi isn't in charge of the defense Messi has become a playmaker more than a marksmen goal scorer because we don't have one. is it his fault? No, they pass it to him .he's doing his best. I'm shock of how many Messi, critics there is he bust his ass on the field all people can do is bitch like to see people play like that after all the shit he's been dealing with

    89. Karan Patel

      Fun Fact: All the 3 goals were scored by Cadiz 😂

      1. Kaushik Roy


      2. RoblaxiaTigerTV


      3. Umar Farooqui


      4. Usha Deka

        @ALEX Yes

      5. ALEX

        What really?

    90. Bishal Achhami



      Lenglet out

    92. abdul abdul

      i think we need to bench Messi

    93. Guilherme de Melo Aureliano

      Juventus vs barcelona CR7 X E.T.E Con este fùtbol ni siquiera pasa los octavos de final de la champions league

    94. Carlos Ramirez

      Ive lately started to see that barca performs better without messi... Messi is good and has done a lot of things for us but its not forever every time Messi plays barca dont do good bc the team automatically becomes dependent on leo

    95. Ghost Driver

      Allí tienen a su CAPITAN Dembélé que hace las diferencias en los partidos jajajajajaja. Desgracia de Equipo

    96. Besim Hrgic

      With this defence maybe we can go in top 4 for ucl next year

    97. Sumit Kumar

      Those silly mistakes Costing us the game 🙌

    98. Muhammad Nur zailani


    99. Ridho Arifian Ramadhoni

      Messi fault

    100. Edgymnerc Officialled

      **Europa League instensifies**