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    Join us for BARÇA LIVE from the Camp Nou this Sunday as Barça turn their attentions back to league action with the clash against Osasuna!
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    1. اسلام خرفي

      I'll be the best player in history. Wait

    2. deepman tomar

      The vulgar self coherently tumble because ash radiologically mess up between a mature cabbage. knowing, alert squash

    3. Levi Hodge

      The resonant paperback trivially accept because mexico secondly lie as a living station. unusual, deep bush

    4. Alxis Sosa

      The deadpan suggestion industrially approve because t-shirt nally joke pace a crooked click. neighborly, natural squid

    5. Pablo DLS

      El club es español Por que todos los comentarios son en ingles

    6. lrina kkk

      lets go messi

    7. Алексей Стрепков

      Здравствуйте У меня завтра День Рождения Немог ли игрок стартого состава посветить мне гол

    8. Alxis Sosa

      messi's respect to maradona messidona

    9. Alxis Sosa

      I'm sure Messi didn't care about the goal and just wanted to respect Diego Maradona🙏🙏

    10. Alex fabiano Dos Santos castro

      Muito Bom you tube ⚽👏👏👏

    11. Brendan Passarell

      Barca 😍😍😍

    12. Ismail Abu Muhammad Idlibi اسماعيل ابو محمد إدلبي


    13. A 1992

      All former and current Barca stars must support Laporta to become Barca president again and bring the club back to its former glory

    14. safari africa999

      I appreciate barcelona winning this match but barcelona need to improve their defense . Their attacking and midfield is so good but if they improve their defense they are unstoppable

    15. A 1992

      The players moved well in spaces during the attack without the ball, but we can do much better in this case

    16. Omar AlShoail

      I think griezmann just avenged himself

    17. Julkarnaeen Araf

      Link up goals by Brathwaite and Coutinho, missile launch by Griezmann and dribble pass goal by Messi ensured 3 points over Osasuna. But I am a bit tensed about Lenglet. Hope he doesn't get injured. And once again, RIP Diego. Thanks for everything.

    18. 西本和矢


    19. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    20. MADZILLA 1

      Dembele : It's time to play in FRANCE! Clearly YOU will never be treated fairly in LIGA, and your own team WON'T FIGHT FOR YOU. Those "R" slogans mean NOTHING.

    21. WG T

      3 girl one man 😏

    22. Noé Alejandro Cervantes velázquez


    23. Ziheng Yang

      that win was for diego and for him lets win the ucl and li lga

    24. Nicolas Buela

      Grande LEO♥️ Rest in Peace Diego 💙

    25. César Chayna

      121 years,Feliz Cumple Barza!!! 💪🔵🔴

    26. yuri vladimir camayo aguado

      por q cara..coles no en Castellano.?

    27. Y.M.Q

      MINGUEZA is Great like very great

    28. Abbes Rz

      Hello Mr Koeman I would like to tell you that you need to sign SÖYÜNCÜ from Leicester City fc on January to replace piqué and lenglet

    29. Angemar Mirasol


    30. BIG SHAQ

      I like how they train and they always travel

    31. Avaneesh

      Where is Umtiti ?? Haven't seen him & when does he recover ?

    32. Ordinary Class

      You all didn't notice the hand of god try by messi


      I bet u that if messi is playing the fifa world cup next year he is winning it for maradona

    34. 이정례


    35. EAGELSTeam FM

      Liked my comment is MESSI THE LEGENDS 🐐

    36. Dark Dark

      മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ messi🥰🥰🥰🎇

    37. Moon OverSanjuan

      Bartomeu dejo un club en ruina a todos los niveles. Algún día lo pagará. Jugadores vividores de la sopa boba OUT ✊💙❤️

    38. Growl Dum

      MESSI IS THE KING 👑⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🤩😎

    39. MD. RÃYHÂÑ


    40. Juan Torres Gerena

      Visca barça ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙

    41. Saad Khan

      Dest should start every game

    42. ع العزيز المنوار

      Por favor, apoiem meu canal e obrigado😘💞💞💞💞


      Revenge of maradona by messi

    44. Saim Ahmad


    45. A 1992

      Basically, defenders in football must be brave and strong when man marking and interception and at the same time with high concentration, take the spaces from the attackers of the opposing teams and cover it. The best examples of doing this simultaneously were Vidic and Ferdinand👌

    46. Natali Aoun

      Barca is gonna win the chanpions league this seoson

    47. Natali Aoun

      Happy Birthday Barca

    48. Walison Martins

      BRASIL, força coutinho!!


      Perfecto lo que ha hecho la delantera del Barcelona nace MGB


      Esooo messi te amo Amigos les invito que vean un video que hice para Diego Armando MARADONA

    51. A 1992

      The ball transfer speed was good at the time of the team's attack... we must have to surprise the opposing teams in the same way



    53. A 1992

      Unfortunately, Busquets increases Barca's defensive weakness😑

    54. CXV

      أنا مدريدي🌚

    55. Gabriel Gauna

      Hablen en Español club de mierd

    56. A 1992

      If Trincao gains more confidence, he will become a dangerous player

    57. Anmol k.c Fan Official


    58. A 1992

      Dest is very smart

    59. Ajla Talic

      i want to congratulate messi and barcelona,messi is my favotite football player and i am his big fan.❤♥️

    60. Jacob Magana

      We got revenge

    61. ANNA 안나


    62. Barcelona Lover

      Maradona is Arhentina and Messi is also Arhentina.

    63. Edgymnerc Officialled

      Incredible performance.... for me this is the performance of the season.... Pure and beautiful tiki-taka show we had put on koeman should use this more often if we do this we can win titles like la liga and copa del rey... 🔵🔴💪✨✨

    64. A 1992

      Overall, Mingueza made only one impressive mistake, which is really good considering his low experience 👏

    65. DEK iwan geming

      Bisa lah ni yok lah menang😂

    66. ناصر الفهد

      mesi ahd Griezman They were very happy with the team's victory A pity exposed Lenglet infection😐

    67. Jose Luis

      Mañana se presenta Laporta 💯💯💯💯🇦🇷

    68. Abdul Gnani

      Nice win and hopefully more💙❤

    69. farrell

      griezmann coutinho messi and braithwaite scoring 🔥🔥

    70. Madhu Isque Rasool

      Barcelona fans like here💪👇👇

    71. A 1992

      We must always have to play on the offensive line with a classic centre forward to make space for Messi and Griezmann. The right decision of the technical staff👍

    72. Safaa Alkhudr

      Win in a specil day is amazing 💙 ❤️ Thank you Barcelona That you gave us 121 years of fantastik football 💙 ❤️ you are the perfekt and best team foreever 💙❤️ thank you i am your biggest Fan i love you My name is Safaa

    73. Vishnupriya Lal

      Messi ❤️ The GOAT😘

    74. Ayelen Gira

      Sos el mejor Messi ⚽⚽😎👍

    75. Zahid Uchiha Bulla

      Maybe a sign from Messi of what we'll see in the near future...... Messi back in a Newells shirt number 10 ....... his dream

      1. Zahid Uchiha Bulla

        @Victor Alfonso Yes, he has said it many times..... thats a first glimpse of what it may feel like seeing Messi in a different shirt

      2. Victor Alfonso

        He did said in the past he would like to retire with them

    76. Supa Knight

      GOAT tributes GOD. Father Son relation...

    77. Ali iswadi

      Messi involvement in this game is 🔥

    78. Elixir Mobile

      Awesome game of Barcelona

    79. El ife De Albertite

      La zanellita 110 después de fundirse hubiera agradecido este gesto de messi 10 años antes,y no fundirse 😂

    80. Thabiso Maenetja

      Griezmann's goal was a stunner

    81. مقتدى ۦٰ۪۫٭


    82. A 1992

      We are great in attack but careless in defense... but the important thing is that we have a very promising situation and we are on the right track. FORÇA BARÇA👊💪

    83. leo mourinho

      3 points ✅ Clean sheet ✅ Goal from Messi ✅ Tribute to the legend ✅

    84. LoHan kUrDi

      What is it with these 4 - 0 matches 😂🤣

    85. JOHAN KING

      Messi is the greatest player of the 21st century shut up CR7 fans

    86. mubarak lawal garhee

      Griezman he will be there first goals

    87. Troxier

      Happy 121 years to the best club in the world. We are soo happy to be fans of this gratest club,and we are happy about today game result. Messi the goat

    88. Vanja Nenezic

      4:0 this win from Barcelona to Diego Maradona.

    89. Precious Ovie

      Who notice Messi had the only yellow card of the game, but he didn't care because he just wanted to dedicate his his goal to Maradona

    90. NYC

      Porque hablan tan raro?

    91. Raton Roy

      Well we should actually thank new well boys for giving us messi when he was 13😀😀

      1. Robben The goat

        U should probably hate sporting for destroying Messi legacy

    92. mubarak lawal garhee

      Happy birthday to all Barcelona Fan's around the world, we wish our self best succeed and endeavors

    93. Lika Hakani Hakani

      Bravo the whole team ,bravo for the game .Griiezmann you are best of the best ,amazing ,Love.!!!!!

    94. Score 90


    95. خريف khareef

      انا اختكم من الانبار لدي 4 اخوات ووالدي متوفي والله اعلم بحالنه وانا المعيله الوحيده للعائلة اتمنى تدعموني لعلي اكسب المال الحلال من القناة ربي لاتخلي مسلم يحتاج ان شاء الله ارجوك لا تتجاهل تعليقي مراح تخسر شي لو فرحت قلبي واشتركت بالقناة

    96. Leo Messi

      Grande LEO♥️ Rest in Peace Diego 💙🙌💙 Visca Barca 💙♥️

      1. MrTopHat *6 years ago

        Bro your profile pic is messi bald

      2. Vic D Tor

        @Shuma Atiqunnassa Bald Messi

      3. Shuma Atiqunnassa

        Lmaoo what is that profile pic?

      4. Vic D Tor

        Messi careca 😳

      5. veg but i eat egg

        Change your display pic plsssssss 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    97. Viva Guatemala

      When I watch the Barca games we loose but if I don't we win 😂😂 But always wanna watch the games because Barca is my favorite team


      continue your winning streak barca and messi will always be the goat

    99. Zaylo lagid

      I was sure that Messi will score a wonderful goal and tribute it to Diego❤️

    100. Aras HD

      Barca 😍😍😍

      1. ᖇOᘔᕼᗩシ


      2. jossue Kasindula

        Is more than a club😄😄

      3. BOOMB

        La hamw shweneki😂