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    The #UCL action is coming thick and fast as Barça take on Juventus at the Allianz Stadium in Group G of the UEFA Champions League! Follow all the action LIVE with us!
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    1. Mohamed Kaishan Shifaz

      barcaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


      برشلونه فشله احسن منهم بايرن 8.2هذوله برشه

    3. Amira Bakki amira Bakki

      Very good match

    4. Tyler Jones

      why neymar leave barca im was so sad when i saw that on 442oons

    5. Agnel Sanoj

      yo this is going to be intense man

    6. Ryan Sol


    7. thepapiboy

      59:14 Yubi Yubi

    8. Albert Osei

      Are we watching sports journalists or the game?? Can't they just simply give live coverage of the game itself?? Smh

    9. Source ST

      please wear the black uniform barcelona 😫😫

    10. Mahadevan Raman

      Morata played handball, barca was in recent best

    11. DRN editz

      Morata the legend of offside😁

    12. Migue Bnd

      VARcelona 1 Bayern Munchen 9 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Wilsen Saturne

        Guess what that was the past so stfu you mad cryyyyyyy more 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    13. Hermione Agreste


    14. localhost 35


    15. saya kan ikan

      Bangke gua kira pukuk 3 malam

    16. Warsus 24

      That game was mi birthday and they one the was the best birthday present ever that BARCELONA 1 juventus.

    17. Alejandro Hernandez

      CR7 with coronavirus

    18. احسان صادق


    19. Dat boi Wesley


    20. Daad DooLaaL

      Please play Ansu and Dembele together 😑


      best of luck for next time messi fan

    22. Blaze Jose


    23. gaglet


    24. Football Gamer

      Have you seen barac team compared to juv team if de light Ronaldo and all them have played Barcelona would have been destroyed

    25. Turi Player

      Love you fc Barcelona

    26. Michael Okeny


    27. Wieslaw Sobocinski

      Barcelona tez ma piekne i dobre pilkarki

    28. monsters mind

      Catalan ------------------------------------------------ De vegades era encantador veure't jugar per moments. Continueu amb el mateix esperit! Griezman ben fet, continueu així! Dembele, ja és millor, agafes forma! Araujo ben fet, Pedri té una bona relació i molt poca pèrdua. Ansu, ets fantàstic, eres massa espavilat en aquell moment, el volies regalar per fer-lo bell, el meu amic també pateix això))) però està bé, tot funcionarà amb el temps! Tots bons companys, bon joc i, el més important, que es va fer agradable veure un partit així, recorda al Barça! Visca El Barca!!! Visca Catalunya!!! English ------------------------------------------------ Sometimes it was delightful to watch you play for moments! Continue in the same spirit! Griezman well done, keep up the good work! Dembele, it's better already, you are gaining shape! Araujo well done, Pedri is remarkably good rapport and little loss is dear to watch! Ansu, you are great, you were too clever in that moment, you wanted to give to make it beautiful, my friend also suffers from this))) but it's okay, everything will work out over time! All good fellows, good game, and most importantly, that it became pleasant to watch such a game, it reminds the very Barca! Visca El Barca!!! Visca Catalunya!!! Russian ------------------------------------------- Иногда моментами было восхитительно наблюдать вашу игру! Продолжайте в том же духе! Гризман молодец, продолжай в том же духе! Дембеле, уже лучше, набираешь форму! Араухо молодец, Педри замечательно хорошее взаимопонимание и мало потерь любо дорого смотреть! Ансу, ты молодец, перемудрил в том моменте, ты хотел отдать чтобы красиво было, у меня друг тоже этим страдает))) но ничего страшного, все со временем получится! Все молодцы, хорошая игра, а самое главное, что смотреть стало приятно на такую игру, напоминает ту самую Барсу! Visca El Barca!!! Visca Catalunya!!!

    29. Ayush Kr

      Let's see what will be the score when CR7 🐐👑 will be back Siuuuuu!!!

    30. vedant singh

      bartomeu left good is on our side

    31. 김민규

      What's the name of the woman in the barcelona uniform?

    32. Philipp

      Where is Ronaldo?

    33. Roderic 8

      The referee in the match has signed a contract with Barcelona to help them win all the matches.

    34. مشهور

      يمعود زوجوني برشلونيه

    35. Carlos Martin

      El mejor partido del Barça pos Bartumeu Visça Griezmann Força Barça 🔴🔵🔴🔵

    36. Daha bir İntikam

      Visca Barca

    37. Demirkol Misse

      Merih Demiral>De lighit and Bonucci

    38. Rafa Soha

      Time stamp 42:10 Goooooal scored by Dembele 1:13:33 Yellow card to kulusevski 1:46:44 Yellow card to Roberto 2:00:26 Yellow card to Demiral 2:00:46 Yellow card to Cuadrado 2:05:00 Yellow card to rabiot 2:11:29 Red card to Demiral 2:16:50 Goooooal scored by Leo Messi

    39. Landress Ho

      I have no doubt bout dembele he very talented

    40. Anzonini Delpuerto

      Dembele tiene que ser titular, de ED

    41. Liking My Own Comments

      1.2 k dislikes from Juve fans😂😂 It's ok

    42. raffi viper viper

      BAYEN MUNICH 8 2 Barcelona 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐐🐐🐐🐑🐑🐏🐏🍑🍑🍑🐑😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. *HuZzY;.p BS

        Stfu 4-0 3-0 5-0 5-1 3-0 Hahahahaha

    43. CM Things

      Yes Yes

    44. Vishal Vinod

      Barca could have scored 3 or 4. But anyway we won. Visca El Barca🔴🔵

    45. Alex Walker

      Un grand match Nous nous sommes beaucoup amusés avec la façon dont Barcelone jouait. Notre année est notre année

    46. MAXS MAN

      From Egypt

    47. Sabah Alsulami

      I wish Barcelona would have lost because when Barcelona lose there reactions are so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    48. HW14fifa1889

      Messiiiiii 🔥

    49. Dario Francioli

      Could be finished 8-0 for Barcellona

    50. trifa

      lLove you osman demble😍❤❤

    51. Kirubel Desalegn

      i like busquet he change the game

    52. peter mutuku

      Finally,Josep Maria Bartomeu resigned. To be honest, Barça were motivated by bartomeu's resignation. Now I know wer are going to win a lot of trophies. Visca barca visca catalunya.

    53. Romen Inka

      Who is the present President of Barcelona football club now?

    54. Shazada

      بژی به رسه لونه دلنیابوم ده یباته وه🥰😘 هه وادارانی به رسه لونه لایک بکه ن 🙈💜

    55. Kx3 Kx3

      Who thinks the forward is much better this year

    56. AvG

      The score could have been more than two. Many misses in front of the goal.

    57. 西本和矢


    58. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙


      Juve record 6 goal canccelled in 4 match


      3 goal canccelled.....sure?

    61. Omar Yahya

      The new era starts with a W 😉

    62. Thegreatyt 101

      If Ronaldo was there he would have been so embarrassed

    63. Rafa Soha

      The team was energetic . They played possession game which was fantastic BTW Barca commentary is batter then match commentary


      Ronald koeman ❤️💙💪💪💪

    65. Bhargavi Gohokar

      Unpopular opinions~ a thread ~ 1. Barcelona is a very strong team but they should still improve their defence a bit (it's still stunning anyways❤️) 2. Leo should try out a trio with Pedri and Ansu Fati. They're both very passionate players who've just started emerging. Messi's experience as well as determination would be a very powerful element for both of 'em. Maybe they can try it out ( though I stan MSN trio. DOUGH😬) 3. VAR is always against Barça. It's possible that SOMETIMES it's Barça's black but NOT always. Anyone who watched FCB vs RMA would certainly understand what I mean to say. VAR is destructing Barça. Sometimes VAR is correct and deserves a cheer but i repeat it happens only once a blue moon. Rather, it is very useful for slow sports like cricket but football is way TOO fast for such stuff and the results are often bribed and corrupted. 🌸TPWK🌸

    66. Hamda Jamal

      let's go

    67. Bhargavi Gohokar

      Hote : Trivago Teamwork : FC Barcelona

    68. Random Anime fan

      Fartomeu leaving is luck

    69. Aceariel

      Messi fans are'nt true Barcelona fans they blame Barcelona president and Barcelona manager but never blame him who is also faulty even after bartemou resigning they will blame next president and current manager sadly this might be good for short term but not for long term unfortunately

    70. Jebson

      Get ready folks lets defeat Bayern

    71. Anthony Messi

      Our youngsters are on fire

    72. SAIHAAN :

      Yeah we did ot

    73. Razer gaming16



      you should not put coutinho put dembele and messi and griezmann and make your players physical strong and their target of shoot And make midfielder good its main And pass is improved well i love barca won with juventus 😍

    75. SAVY 10

      I support MESSI and FCB but I still missed RONALDO.

    76. Dinesh Howard

      If you don't mind posting live matches

    77. Saudi Kuwait ball

      I told you we would win thos

    78. Apoly Silva

      I like pedry and Dembele joing Whit messi

    79. Twizz XY5


    80. Jayden&Aiden Gaming Team

      Barcelona is the best


      Griezmann was also good but lack of finishing


      Pedri was something else🙌🤯👍

    83. The Stylebender


    84. Muralidharan Murali



      2:19:43 fati😅

      1. AHWAN 46

        Si fati ngantuk mungki

    86. razan 143

      CR.7 On

    87. Miguel Angel Herrera Arreola

      42:10: Dembélé goal!! =D 2:16:52: Messi goal!!! =D (43:27, 57:51, 1:41:33 LOL 😆)

      1. fcb10futbol

        Ur the goat

      2. Basílio Tomé

        Thanks for FC Barcelona goal.😍⚽️🔵🔴

      3. Shady AFC


      4. Syed Faizuddin


    88. sanaz atabaki

      Leo looks so happy after bartemeo gone

    89. ail ail

      Wonderful win, but Barcelona's defense is weak

    90. shavin Pursun

      the good sign when Bartomeu is gone.

    91. Ñïñjá Gaming

      Araujo was doing great defending

    92. rethy den

      More positive news after Bartomeu left.

    93. MESSI

      Finally we had done iy

    94. Soccer INSANERS

      All good. Bartomeu out And barca win with full dominance if u did watch the whole match

    95. Алинур Калмакбай


    96. Shahzin Pmna


    97. sumi ghosh

      Força Barca....but can I recommend something real quick...Barca should put out highlights of the match instead of this...like the bundesliga channel

    98. Vladimir Makarov

      Not happy, guys! Not, happy! We were just lucky. I'm not happy with the performance.

    99. Martin Perez

      Official Lineup: Griezman Fati. Coutinho. Messi Pjanic. Dejong Alba. Lenglet. Araujo. Dest

    100. Joel 478

      Barcelona wins