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    Ahead of next weekend's clash between Atlético Madrid and Barça, we look back at some of the most amazing strikes on Barça trips to 'Los Rojiblancos'!
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    1. FC Barcelona

      ❓❓ Which is your favourite goal?? REPLY BELOW 👇👇👇

      1. hector perez

        @Ayaan Jawed Yup the best player 😪

      2. Ayaan Jawed

        Messi vs suarez coming soon

      3. DIEGO Tasso

        @hector perez 👍👍

      4. hector perez

        I did not explain well but all of them dah the best 😎😎

      5. hector perez

        @DIEGO Tasso I said that all of this players are the best in the world

    2. Xabi Altuna

      Bartomeu dejo un club en ruina a todos los niveles. Algún día lo pagará. Jugadores vividores de la sopa boba OUT ✊💙❤️

    3. Fadhli mod

      MSN is the best

    4. alila dewanti

      vamos barcaaa

    5. Belotti Preira

      The best football player of the world

    6. ash ik

      barca I wish your team play

    7. Ala eddine Ben rhouma

      M. S. N🔥🔥

    8. Ali Shaibu jnr

      Where is dembele goal

    9. Ashik c

      King leo❤️

    10. Yassine Fakihi

      song name please

    11. yassin agouram

      barca win 2-1

    12. Mstafa Yassin

      What a goal from Henry 😍❤

    13. Batool Daraghmah

      I love you meesi

    14. Kayyisah adya Muharani

      We did it! And we will

    15. Peter Griffin

      The metal instrumental starting at 2:47 was awesome, anyone know the name? Sounds a bit like FFDP 🤘


      Neymar an Henry❤

    17. William Andrés

      Ronaldinho, Thierry Henry and the MSN

    18. Zəkəryə official Zəkəryəbəyli

      Fc Barcelona 💙❤💙❤💙❤ King Leo ⚽️⚽️⚽️🦁🦁🦁

    19. Daniel Preuninger

      Forca Barca 👍😍😊

    20. Hamza Khan

      Barcelona scoring away goals😐😐😂

    21. Arsh Vlogs

      Messi how you become a perfect player can you tell your secret

    22. LyLy SKOOLITE

      The Barca's goal were wonderful 😍😍 and magical ✨✨ I hope Leo will score a beautiful goal against Atleti even if I know that it'll be hard for him to fight his best friend but Barcelona must win this game 🙏😇 I'm looking forward to see Coutinho playing 😁😁, I hope he'll score 🙏 I hope we'll win and I also hope Koeman will take the right decisions for the team's composition 😉👌 ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ FFFOOORRRCCCAAA BBBAAARRRÇÇÇAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💪🇪🇸🙌⭐✨🔵🔴💙❤🔵🔴💙❤🔵🔴💙❤🔵🔴💙❤🔵🔴💙❤🔵🔴✨⭐🙌🇪🇸💪

    23. Suman Rao

      Pls wear the black jersey against atheletico

    24. 西本和矢


    25. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    26. David y Migi

      Why doesn’t Koeman play Arnau Tenas or Riqui Puig?

    27. Riolu Aura

      Messi vs Suarez

    28. Mudassir Kamran


    29. Kilmer Ordoñez

      Falto el otro tiro libre de Messi

    30. Elias Lisondro

      Barsa algun dia voy a estar es su equipo

    31. Anurag Dhole

      After ages I am seeing the comment section not being spammed by Bartmou Out

    32. Rayner Panjaitan

      suarez vs messi😢😢😢

    33. master ff gaming

      Mover Messi

    34. Jacob Jacob

      Messi goalllllllllll

    35. hector perez

      Actually all of them awesome barca the best of alll oh yeah

    36. Aref Karimi

      480p ? Seriously??

    37. Karlmosi Valdes

      None like Leo

    38. Drakon Official


    39. thomas sanchez

      Me falta el de Alexis

    40. Hamad Als

      I think sauris will have hatrick vs barcelona🤧🤧🤧😭

    41. Garis Khatulistiwa

      2:57 only Alien can do that

    42. Uriel Juarez

      Messi....the GOAT!!



    44. Basanta Karki

      That awesome goals(messi) with metal music now you are talking... 🖤🖤 Forca barca

    45. El Comentarista

      Nice goals

    46. Roy Varghese

      pls suarez dont score...it would make me sooo sad

    47. Erick Lopez galvan

      Esto ya es pasado, en el presente la realidad es que cualquier equipo le hace frente al Barcelona. De lo que si estoy seguro es que el Barcelona es el mayor equipo del mundo y volverá su momento de gloria

    48. Hugo Pol

      ridiculus barcelona buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu aupa atleti

    49. Irvin Ramirez

      Recuerdo ese gol de la MSN, ese año el tridente era medio equipo.. brutal

    50. ʀᴀᴊᴏɴ Ahmed


    51. naruto uz

      Messi King of inspiration and football❤

    52. John Blessed

      We are waiting for a new club president who can made our team the best in the world again.

    53. Abhijith Abhi

      3.30 MSN💙❤

    54. Abhijith Abhi


    55. Isabel Onieva

      Si si muy buenos goles pero os robamos a Luis Suárez y con Joao estamos mejor que nunca aber si nos metéis eso ahora 😒😒

    56. Pianist boy

      !!!Increíble!!! Gracias por compartir el video. Es grandioso volver a ver estos golazos.💪😉

    57. Alex fabiano Dos Santos castro

      Muito Bom you tube ⚽👏👏👏

    58. Inoto Yeptho

      We still miss neymar

    59. CriselCJ

      ¿Somos concientes que vamos a perder? 😂

    60. prince Mike

      Wow! Neymars free kick is superb💖💖💖

    61. Manan Garg

      The beast is on bench 1:50

    62. A&A BROTHERS

      മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ LIKE അടി💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

    63. Nepalese BadLiar

      Messi be like I am the greatest footballer.. ❤️ Brrathe if you agree..😁

    64. atonix 17

      Hay messi🙏🙏

    65. Asif Iqbal

      3:41 miss u

    66. Aditya Jani

      Did i see messi wearing nikes



    68. RaianManchester999

      Tomaquets amb da oćea

    69. Laviero Cuccaro

      Romario un Dio😘

    70. Devyani Kanvinde

      Please win this match..please..✌ we as Barça fans have had to face too much of humiliation..😢

      1. Gulshan Akhtar

        But they don't lose a match deliberately, we're going through a bad phase. Let's hope KOEMAN and his plans help us to get better.

    71. Sherwin

      Hit like if you agree messi is the OG GOAT

    72. skech_one

      Barca should bring back a yellow Jersey

    73. Kevin Zaka

      Neymar, Suarez come back to Barcelona MSN PLEASEEEE and Xavi coach

    74. Messi The GOAT

      Hope we can win against in form atletico

    75. Hari B

      In this only messi is in barca now.....all others are somewhere else

    76. Aasrav Gyawali

      No body can stop Ronaldo but only MESSI can. MESSI IS THE BEST

    77. mohamad sadiqmtr

      Barcelona ❤

    78. Karim Mohamed


    79. المهند الحسين

      Messi is from another world

    80. Nathan Eskinazi

      Trying to turn down a club that is on fire when u r in a crisis. Shame. Ur giving false hope mark my words

    81. Reda Ali Alsady

      Leo messi the King of La Liga

    82. Vivas MF


    83. yazan Topaji

      Day 1 of saying Mes que un club

    84. Henrique Silva

      No entiendo Como un club como el Barcelona de encuentra en una situación tan mala... desde que ney salió el club solo hace tonterías...

    85. Edgar Torres

      1:20 Was that Messi? I didn’t know that goal.

    86. Quý Nguyễn

      Messi 😍😍😍

    87. Sangit Khatiwada

      What? Suarez will assist and Messi will score?

    88. Christo Mubieme

      Maestro Messi uniqua classa.

    89. EagleofHeavyMetal

      Top 5 goals in this montage 1. Rivaldo long range strike from half way line 2. Ronaldinho overhead goal 3. Messi free kick goal 4. Neymar free kick goal 5. Van Bronkhorst goal

      1. William Andrés

        Why you ranking the goals? Nobody cares.

    90. Alfin Joseph

      Suarez and grizi against their old clubs 🔥



    92. shivansh uniyal

      Dest and pjanic must definitely start barca lack solid backline....


      Messi is best player

    94. Yahya Fares

      I hope Neymar come back to Barca👀

    95. Rifky Fadillah

      I miss luis suarez

    96. Dex_XXZint

      Hey FC Barcelona you forgot the Recent goal from Messi

    97. King leo

      Ronaldo is the best player But The king is always Lionel Messi

    98. Hairo Barrera

      Luis Suárez ❤️💙❤️

    99. Vlworld

      Ах, как жаль, что всё это в прошлом!

    100. FBI

      Siempre viviendo del pasado bajajaja