BEST GOAL YOU SCORED FOR BARÇA? | KOEMAN takes the #90secondschallenge

FC Barcelona

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    New manager Ronald Koeman becomes the latest challenger in the #90secondschallenge! See how the Barça legend managed against the clock!
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    1. FC Barcelona

      ⚽ Relive some of the Barça manager's GREATEST GOALS! 👉

      1. •NikS• Great

        Who is the girl what's her name??

      2. Tk Puff


      3. J F

        Con lo de la paella morí de risa JAJAJAJA

      4. Айкерім Тыныбаева


      5. Ruben Marquez

        Carajoo!!,somos un equipo español no de gran Bretaña ni mucho menos de USA

    2. كريم Mahmoud


    3. Sillius Soddus

      Unfortunately I could not manage a clean sheet due to this host

    4. El Viola Feos

      They should really close this channel. Focus on football ffs

    5. Lyonn_YT

      yo le daba ala tia

    6. Jan Brumec

      If anyone is watching this after Bale signed for Barcelona in summer 2021, the answer is on 1:31

    7. zaki tamish

      when she asked you what your favourite city, And you told her, Barcilona, you say that because you are a new coach in the team, if I instad of you I will say Tel aviv

    8. MauchiV 18

      Favourite fruit: Paella :/

    9. NEERAJ sfc

      Koeman 💥

    10. Jay 8a

      Stupid trainer

    11. Sergio Wolf

      Estaba claro que sabe que él mejor gol que ha marcado en el Barça fue el que le dió la primera Champions al Barça

    12. Darío Botana

      Setien: eeeeeeehhhjj Koeman: Buffffff

    13. B I N O D

      1:33 Gareth bale approves ✔️

    14. Velocitize

      Can't wait for Messi to coach Barca

    15. Andrés José

      Quien es ella? Es buena en lo que hace, hace muy buen trabajo y tiene mucha carisma.

    16. Selfish Calvin

      1:31 We all know whos the next on the Shopping List 💴 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    17. Juan ruma

      Saya harap messi musim depan ke atletico biar tau rasa para petinggi barca dan pelatih kaleng2 koeman..

    18. Juan ruma

      Koeman is dog

    19. Mateo Kovačić

      tremendo choreo de idea che

    20. lucas adomeit

      Barca Barca Barca

    21. lucas adomeit

      I am a huge fan of Barcelona

    22. Yonah Vos

      0:41 This is like answering: Who is your favourite football player? Aah yes, Rafael Nadal

    23. Gabriel Rojas

      messi would probably answer 91 questions

    24. Osman Qazi

      Koeman=selling hero’s Bartemao=to many things

    25. Andrés Dianes

      no sabia q el barcelona habia fichao de entrenador a un hermano de los Morancos jajajajajajjajajajajajaj

    26. A v.

      traigan a messi

    27. quantum opa

      Please do one with leo messi

    28. Kory Polexa

      Why don't u do that with Messi?

    29. Yor Di045

      Lekkere Spaanse

    30. William Steel The Gamer

      FC Barcelona Top 90 question powerhouses? 1.A.Griezmann 2.Nelson Semedo 3.Sergio Roberto 4.Neto 5.Lenglet 6.Luìs Suãrez 7.R.Koeman(Manager) 8.Braithwaite 9.Coutinho 10.K.Boateng 11.Frenkie De Jong

    31. Erivelton Sombreiro

      I think Bale would like Koeman to be his manager😂😂

    32. Bbbb Aa

      1:32 gareth bale coming to Barca real quick

    33. V ALT

      so nobody is going to talk how koeman admited he's good friend with busquets dad? no wonder he said riqui puig won't be in the first team and wants him out

    34. Rafa YouTube

      😆 fun to watch Now make one asking Messi

    35. Rafaela Diaz Toronjo


    36. Default is Deanfault

      Sack him..

    37. enrica Pg

      He just ruined you club KOEMAN OUT

    38. John Limo

      Como está la chica 🤤

    39. KlaustheMad

      suddenly Bale wants to play for Barcelona

    40. Armaan Basra

      i have a question for koeman why the hell did he fire suarez now messi is gonna leave

    41. MT1120

      He speaks good Spanish, why in English?

    42. Joel Jasiel Ramos

      Paso por aquí y les recuerdo el 8 a 2 😂

    43. julio huertas

      Instagram de la rubia?

    44. Alex Nitsou

      Can you do a ninety second challenge with Ansu Fati?

    45. Xander


    46. Adan dimitri

      La hija de koman lol

    47. ExoticTaco

      Why is her voice calming

    48. Gulman Samurat

      Griezmann the beast

    49. pg mixee

      Enige nederlander hier


      Ready to Play For Culers ❤️.....

    51. Marcin Czechowicz

      Of course I will give a like only because of you sweet lady. 🌷😍

    52. ɐɯɹɐʞ

      believe it or not he used to play for barcelona

    53. HKAR

      Mourinho after beating Manchester United 6-1: 0:50

    54. Adrian Rodriguez

      Haha Who is the Best 9 in the world????

    55. mariano pozuelos

      how can i participate in another 90 seconds challenge

    56. kevin fabian

      Me hago una pregunta, por qué Leo no aparece en este tipo de videos?? sé que el es muy concentrado en los entrenamientos pero lo han invitado a hacer estos vídeos?

    57. bryan clash for royale

      My goodness what a pain this is how much more will barca try and expand popularity isn't this the same damn channel that was live for barca against bayern 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂

    58. Steve N

      Jajaja golf puede ir a jugar con Gareth Bale

    59. Jonas Bender

      why did u fired suarez?

    60. Iraklinho11

      Ask messi in spanish

    61. RandomVids

      why do none of these challenges include messi?

    62. Abhideep Jain

      I used to play for barcelona

    63. danny garcia

      nobita dimision

    64. ÖBİTO PR〆

      Koeman best defender goals more in history

    65. Football Highlights

      I used to play for Barcelona

    66. Danilo Veličković

      Her instagram?

    67. Wendy Cecilia Mendoza Giron

      Idk whats the name of there women but she in this year say 3 times: hello to the new couch

    68. Yuan Alfred M. Biolena

      Barcelona will regret selling suarez

    69. Asistente Multiperchas

      con messi

    70. Carlos

      Someone knows the name of the girl?

    71. Mohammed Liban

      favourite fruit paella yeah he aint gone last here for to long....

    72. Lionel Messigician

      🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 koman

    73. FCB Forever

      I don't give a F*** about Koeman after he terminated Suarez's contract

    74. Omed

      Edits are a lot

    75. Munir Ferej

      I really hate this guy and love him at the same time

    76. Eikel Ortega

      Name the girl please?

    77. The Gunner

      Favorite TV show?? Koeman : Football.

    78. Hiếu Minh

      I would have score a goal like Ronald Koeman in 92 Champions League final in Wembley against Sampdoria!

    79. Nick ///

      We want Dest🔥

    80. 079 Rahul Varanasi

      The editing.. 😂

    81. Aayushna Acharya

      @1:33 Koeman will buy Bale now...

    82. Raynaki Gaming

      I want to ask can you bring back luis suarez

    83. E-0375-17 PUSHYA V SHAH

      Girl: (Speaks) Ronald: Did you use to know I used to play for Barcelona?

    84. FootballStudios

      WOW nice editing guys

    85. XanthoS

      2:43 at least Griezmann gonna end up with 1st place on a Barça leaderboard 😭 . (As a French fan its really sad for him and his career)

    86. Salaar Cash

      I like her

    87. blueface james

      I like Koeman hes still a kid like Barcelona. When asked whats his fav song he turn into a kid. Visca el Barca

    88. Abdalla alslaman

      please make 90 second with dest

    89. GoTrex


    90. Paolo Chavez

      Favorite fruit Ronald Koeman: Paella 🥘

    91. Ambassador


    92. Fahad Apnsteiger

      Girl: You answered 22 Koeman: Whatever! I dont count on you or your questions

    93. William Andrés

      He's serious but at the same time he's a funny man, he has charisma and he's nice.

    94. Ian Castelino

      Lmao Boateng up there 😂

    95. Juan Daniel Terroba Ríos

      El siguiente Lionel Andrés Messi 🙏🙏🙏

    96. Erica Ofosaren

      You like respect when u kicked suarez out hmmmm interesting.

    97. Lapicista


    98. Joram Gonzalez

      Deberían de hacer el canal más en español xd ya que se acostumbren a hablar español alavergaaa


      Gio te amo

    100. Rehab Mohammed

      Do messi