👋 COUTINHO IS BACK!! New season prep continues!! 🏋️

FC Barcelona

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    There was a familiar face in training this morning as Philippe Coutinho was back training with the Barça first-team at Ciutat Esportiva. Go behind the scenes of this morning's session.
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    1. FC Barcelona


      1. Botafoguense fiel

        8X2 😂😂😂😂

      2. Jeff He

        Bartomaue out

      3. Luis Felipe Araujo Tanazio

        Era bom se vcs botassem coutinho toda partida pra jogar

      4. Ezequiel Reynoso


      5. AHMED AMIR

        Noo i am a huge bayern why is he coming back!!

    2. jherar tejeda

      Estoy feliz por la vuelta de cou , lleva 2 asistencias y 2 goles en 6 partidos contando liga y champions Liga : 1 gol y 2 asistencias en 5 partidos , 4 de titular y uno de suplente UCL : 1 gol en un partido

    3. Samet Özkan

      Coutinho: I am back @everyone All Barcelona players and staff: Speak of the devil but stop ping it right now.

    4. Matrix 101

      Barca: I want to score against bayern next UCL Bayern: here's your chance to become impostor 😂

    5. Mohammad Suleman

      couthinio I am a big fan of yours welcome back to barcelona

    6. Lucivânio Lobato

      Aí é VASCO porra

    7. Turbo Cloner

      2 goal 1 assist that's why you remember this guy

    8. Alvin Rodriguez

      Yes Coutinho Very Good Bro

    9. Blaze Knight

      I miss suarez

    10. YT_TSERO

      Hes getting some dirty looks for 8-2 😂😂😂

    11. Kofi Godsway

      Nic on their

    12. Gяєg

      I wish neymar came back to barcelona.

    13. messi and aguero

      He was good at Bayern fingers crossed he can do that is barca

    14. Farhana Islam

      Is coutinho signed for barca

      1. Samet Özkan

        2018 Winter transfer he did.

    15. Wesley Thuo

      Went and won the treble now back to his dream club legend 😂😂😂😂😂

    16. JJS JJS

      Finally coutinho join the junior team

    17. T-D S-J

      He is really great i hope koeman know how to use him

    18. Joseane maria

      isso ai coutinho arraza

    19. Granit Wallace Ings

      Why bartomeu out

    20. UCHAI 7

      Wait why did he came back not that I am mad it's surprising and funny

    21. FIRECOLD xxx

      Coutinho is back shit

    22. Azizjon Erkinov

      I L♡ve Barcelona! I L♡ve Coutinho

    23. LuhPeaxxful

      He won a champions luege with fcb than went to fcb

    24. Mardy Bum

      All unicorns and rainbows until the season starts


      اكو عرب هون


      Fc bayern 😂😂

    27. Türkischer Mann


    28. Little Boy

      ohh.. this old folks home look very fun. would consider to bring by grandpa here. he was bored at home.

    29. Youness Daoudi

      Visca barça

    30. marco vlog

      Torço po você couto vamos

    31. dcoog anml

      I feel like it’s going to be very awkward in the dressing room

    32. Luca Diniz 157 Diniz

      Vamos coutinho 🇧🇷 aqui é BR

    33. Krishabh Reghu

      What a surprise 😀😀😎

      1. dcoog anml

        Barca: Coutihno is bad and now we are sending him to Bayern Muhahahahah Coutihno: ......... Barca: ??????? Coutihno: Hold my Champions League Medal

    34. NG vhx Bbzbz

      بالتوفيق كوتينهو 😍😍

    35. Gerardo Palma

      Que los pongan toros con esas sesiones dobles.....

    36. قناة الالعاب x


    37. Cícero Júnior

      Joga muito

    38. TM33

      Remember Barca fans There were times when you vilified and slandering this man because he wasn't playing that good for you We know your true colors now... Just remember...

    39. tymoorlabib Miah

      Coutinho rejoined right?

    40. FOOT NEWS

      Super couti is back . Welcome back crack 😘♥️💙

    41. _MarVyN

      V A S C O!💪🏻⚫⚪💢

    42. REELA F

      I thought we were quick to turn on him after he started so well


      Coutinho's body is bigger at Bayern than at Barcelona

    44. Muhammad Andika

      Tetap kawal 8-2

    45. ebuddy s


    46. ما لك خص في اسمي

      ههههههههههععععععععع 888888888

    47. Willi Bald

      Flick said that that they loose a good player with the go from Coutinho (and others). I guess he believed in him regardless the playtime. I think he thought he can improve him. But for the bosses he was probably to expensive.

    48. Pokémon Trainer V-Kid

      Barca: Coutihno is bad and now we are sending him to Bayern Muhahahahah Coutihno: ......... Barca: ??????? Coutihno: Hold my Champions League Medal

    49. Willi Bald

      Look at his body before and after Bayern 🤣. Hope he can change the fitness at Barca with his Bayern secrets 🤣

    50. HatiBudak

      coutinho: i m back my old team barca:is he was score 2 goal and 1 assist when he vs us and win 8-2 and also win ucl 2020? hahahah welcome back phil.hope you can be the best like in the bayern

    51. SR. ESTRANHO

      Coutinho voltou bombado do Bayern kkkkkj

    52. Young Luka

      I expect some glares like the new kid at school for scoring twice against this team

    53. bocoy noiu

      Só quem é brasileiro e gosta do Coutinho vai dar like

    54. Antonio Monero

      Apre dieron la lecsion

    55. Echoze

      Imagine if this season Ousmane played to his very best without any injuries, Umtiti became the solid defender that he used to be and Coutinho and Griezmann are played in their proper positions, then we could actually have a chance. And just bench Pique more give Umtiti a chance hes actually quite good.

      1. bocoy noiu

        Coutinho back with the medal that he bring from bayern imagine that

    56. Necip Kaan Ulu

      The best underrated player

    57. يزن يزن


    58. An Nguyễn Văn

      Fan Barcelona

    59. Marisela Matehuala

      Vengo de cracks

    60. Gabriel Moreira

      Não ousem atrapalhar a carreira dele de novo!!!! Ele foi brilhante no Liverpool e no Bayern, logo, se não jogar bem a culpa é do time.

    61. paulo henrique

      ei fih coutinho e mito

    62. nieooj gotoy

      Coutihno: 😁 Everyone: 🙁

    63. Lovely

      yes sir

    64. Fire Fox

      Why did he go back to barca again?

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Agora ele vai jogar o que sabe.

    65. joelxlds 58

      BAR 2-2 COUTINHO

    66. gary cahill

      Here's a quick summary of the barca defense : 1.Pique - He has been on constant decline for the past 2-3 years. He isn't fast and agile anymore so any fast player can easily outpace him and move forward. 2. Lenglet- He has been showing his intent and has been performing good in most of the matches but still lacks confidence. Lets hope he will play more confidently in the coming season. 3. Jordi Alba - He's one of the worst players for Barca nowadays. Offensively, his creativity is almost zero. If you observe properly, he doesnt run to get the ball but rather looks like he's trying to get rid of the ball. 90% of his passes are back to the keeper and can't use his right foot even for accurate short passes. One more thing, he ignores every other player and always looks for Messi to complete his crosses or passes. His only good side is that he runs fast without the ball in his feet. 4. Semedo- He has good skills to beat players for attack but defensively, he's dog shit . Can't judge any player's moves and is clueless when the opponent attacks. 5. Busquets- Well he isn't a defender but for a defensive midfielder, defensive qualities are a must. He is weak and slow. Being such a tall player, he can't head the ball. His creativity has also been declining massively and lastly, his stamina is that of a 40 year old. Barca's defense is literally shit and Koeman has told these players that he counts on them for the next season😌😌😌.Sorry for my bad english . Peace ✌🏻

    67. João Júnior

      Depois q o Barcelona tomou 8 kkk dai o Coutinho volto

    68. FaR

      TETAP KAWAL 8 - 2

    69. Lucas Alvim

      Vasco ⚫️💢⚪️

    70. DK GAMING

      Coutinho back with the medal that he bring from bayern imagine that

    71. Rafael Leonard

      I want him to wear champion league medal and wear 82 jersey number to show them who the boss

    72. Elesidsir Abdoulie


    73. Deris ORELLANA

      Why this video has the most views than others? 🤔

    74. rioar 21

      Barca : coutinho is back!!!! Coutinho : didn't you remember 8-2? 😂

    75. maoz shaul


    76. Mohamed Ebahenne

      Welcome back to 8 coutinho

    77. Hashik Hashi

      10 m sub. Keep going forca barca🔥🔥🔥

    78. Luis Daniel Muñoz Carrasco

      Creo que hay un gran equipo!! Nombre por nombre hay muchas expectativas

    79. Adrian Gaming


    80. Mahmod Mahmood

      ها كوتينيو الله يساعدك

    81. joe fernandez

      Now you idiot's want him lol

    82. Paul Walker

      Nice to see coutinho back



    84. the best 1990

      Me gusta porque parece q en los entrenamientos les está dando caña. Y que tengas más fuerza para aguantar 120minutos o más... No tanto toque de balón y después nadaaaaa

    85. Iranicemariasousamendes maria

      O CARA COLOCA 2 GOOLS NO 8x2 e AINDA volta o club ksksks

    86. ميدو الوحش

      وين العرب

    87. magic Afro

      How sway how..???!😭😂😭😂

    88. jose Tiago

      Tem que colocar o Ter Steger para joga estilo Neuer, participando muito com a bola nos pés, para o Barcelona poder adiantar sua linha de marcação e diminuir os espaços entre seus jogadores.

    89. jose Tiago

      Barcelona tem que jogar todo treino como se fosse uma final. Coloca a faca entre os dentes e vai.

    90. jose Tiago

      Força e fé Coutinho. Bota a faca entre os dentes e vai que você tem tudo para estar entre os 10 jogadores de mais destaque no mundo.

    91. D10s solo

      Barca never learns. I remember when they traded Eto’o + money for Zlatan , and Eto’o that season won the treble with Inter while Zlatan and Pep we’re fighting with each other...

    92. ADI YT

      The happiest guy at barcelona 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    93. Diego Romero Requejo

      Este coutinho es mejor que el que vino del liverpool

    94. Jojo Rene

      Yess coutinho

    95. Velvetfan Fan

      Coutinho will shine this year

    96. Natnael Tesfagiorghis

      No messi in training again

    97. Erik Ginting

      All Barca squad last year : 0 trophy Cou with treble UEFA Champions : wait,thats illegal

    98. Wigam Tamiania

      I thought Barcelona wanted to sell him !! hahahahaha . hope they would use him like Bayern !

    99. sojan joseph

      Inesta replace?....... I think he can play that Roll.. BFC fan from kerala, India 🇮🇳

    100. FELH 27

      I just hope we see the Liverpool coutinho bcz Barcelona ruined him 😠