FC Barcelona

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    The available first-team players were back at the Ciutat Esportiva after a short break for the Christmas festivities, and with one eye on the Eibar game.
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    1. FC Barcelona


      1. julius cernius

        @Caleb Parkhurst AA

      2. Leon 281


      3. KBH Crafts


      4. Subash Rimal

        Justice for riqui pugi

      5. Subash Rimal

        Justice for riqui pugi

    2. Евгений Евгений

      The name of the video talks: ter Stegen & de Jong in training. In fact: all barca GK squad takes 20 seconds of 4:28. Thanks for showing us GKs in training.

    3. Mohammed Saneeh

      Plss i wud love to have a trial at barca academy in DUBAI for the youth team plsss i play right back and i am 14

    4. Leon 281

      Barca best in the world😍💋❤👌🤞💪💪💪 ☟☟ FC BARCELONA

    5. James Swabra

      Barcelona is the best👑👑👑❤

    6. 西本和矢


    7. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    8. Ronie Iebach

      For ronald koeman and all barcelona players, my advice is that the midfielder, de jong, pjanic, busquet and center-back must quickly close or stop the opponent's shot at Barcelona's goal, right-back and left-back players must also quickly close or stop players' crosses opponents. so that it is not easy to enter a goal

    9. Luc-Paterne940

      De jong tes nullll

    10. Arycd Ckgldvl

      Messi .10👑👑👑👑👑👑⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽💶💶💶💶🏆🏆🏆

    11. s8h7upis

      We want changes now we want to see good players not names Ronald need to make that happen if not replace him

    12. s8h7upis

      I wish that we see Riqui playing no a player that don’t play like Barca players

    13. Landress Ho

      I don’t have much complain on koeman just hoping griezman and countinho can be sell soon they not suit your style of play and make your tactical look so bad... it sad to see if u be sack cuz of those two players

    14. Robrto Castro

      VIVA EL VARSA⚽🏆🏆🇪🇸

    15. Moon OverSanjuan

      "Aquí no hay quien viva". El holandés errante y reiterante. Próxima estación otro equipo de Blaugrana. Desde el Alcoraz llega el Huesca para iniciar el año para clasificarse 'por los pelos' a la Champions, aunque pintan bastos. Definitivamente Koeman Tata Cuatro, más conocido por caja fuerte. Jugadores de la sopa boba. Hasta el día 1 vacaciones con dos COLLONS. Laporta salva este Club!!!

    16. Sega Djimiga

      Forza Barça

    17. Diego S

      Message to Leo messi 😡 , if you have a club that you want to go , go now 😡😡 and spend the contract this is night, with those & this is coach you will not win any championship. believe me 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 We will curse Eric Abidal for longevity because he brought such players 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😡😡😡😡😡

    18. وجدي احمد

      FCB 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Meesi ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Greizmann 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 kawman 👎👎👎👎👎👎 Busquets 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🖕🖕 Defensive players 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🖕🖕

    19. JOKHER 744

      expel araujo, is a loser

    20. ILIYA 1386


    21. Basab Priyo Biswas

      Wish a happy and successful future to Barca. Lot's of love from India 🇮🇳

    22. Алексей Кошелев


    23. aswin ajukumar

      whats the songs name???

    24. InterNational


    25. InterNational

      ładnie gra Dembele ale co ciekawe dobrze tez gra Coutinho xD

    26. InterNational

      Dembele ale akcja w ostatniej chwili zablokowany

    27. Aditya Jani

      Please don't lose any more match in December 🙏

    28. Elvis Jay


    29. kimo murtada


    30. Felisberto Felix Luciasse

      i wont to see Busquet and Pjanic on the middle together, they aare the best...

    31. حلاتي بضحكاتي


    32. Ridesh Official

      Do anyone knows about this song plz reply😍

    33. Ridesh Official

      Do anyone knows about this song plz reply😍

    34. Daniel Preuninger

      Forca Barca 👍😍😊

    35. The Last Wolf

      Does anyone knows the name of the music? Pleasse.

    36. Donna Taily


    37. Subash Rimal

      Justice for riqui pugi

    38. Subash Rimal

      Justice for riqui pugi

    39. Subash Rimal

      Justice for riqui pugi

    40. Subash Rimal

      Justice for riqui pugi

    41. Subash Rimal

      Justice for riqui pugi

    42. Subash Rimal

      Justice for riqui pugi

    43. Subash Rimal

      Justice for riqui pugi

    44. Subash Rimal

      Justice for riqui pugi

    45. Subash Rimal

      Justice for riqui pugi

    46. Subash Rimal

      Justice for riqui pugi

    47. Subash Rimal

      Justice for riqui pugi

    48. JJ Ryan

      OMG is it true even Laporta shoveling the dung, saying he wants to bring in Klopp when the club is nearly bankrupt? After the fool Font drove Pep away from ever returning. Seriously we need to consider Pique to run for Club President-Player.

    49. Subash Rimal

      Justice for riqui pugi

    50. Subash Rimal

      Justicefor riqui pugi

    51. Subash Rimal

      Justice for riqui pugi

    52. Subash Rimal

      jastic for riqui pugi

    53. Subash Rimal

      jastic for riqui pugi

    54. Subash Rimal

      jastic for riqui pugi

    55. Subash Rimal

      jastic for riqui pugi

    56. Subash Rimal

      jastic for raqi pugi

    57. Subash Rimal

      jastic for raqi pugi

    58. Subash Rimal

      jastic for raqi pugi

    59. العاب منوعه


    60. MD Prince

      Where is messi?

    61. AFLAH AFLU

      Love of kerala💙

    62. Helen George

      0:49 I nearly was homeless if I had not found this, Try it too here at .., *e z g o o d p a y*

    63. Yohandry Jose

      Alguien sabe como se llama la música de fondo????????? Pls

    64. Benit Makiese

      We're waitting for a good result tomorrow! More than club👐

    65. Aabu Og babu

      Love barcelona from nepal 🇳🇵

    66. دكتورة المستقبل


    67. Avanish Singh

      Club of the century !!! ❤️💙


      Inshallah will rise again . Love from Pakistan 💚❤💙❤💙❤💚

    69. Manuel Madiba

      who else thinks they've been wearing these same boots for too long 😅😅

    70. Benjamin Kwame Mensah

      I miss Ansu Fati

    71. Balázs Malik

      ter stegen alba pique araujo dest de jong puig fati pedri dembele messi

    72. Mohsahra Mohsahra


    73. Allyn Jacob

      Antione griezmann

    74. Nuhu Shehu

      Welcome back dembele

    75. Diarra Goumouné

      Roi messi frenkie de jong pedri dest riqui puig ansu fati my number one one one best player

    76. Taskar's Hub

      why I can't see Messi there, am I missing something.

      1. Lamelo Ball

        @M a r t i n lol its OK if someone is not updated. That doesn't make them plastic. Messi is just not playing bcuz he is on vacation

      2. M a r t i n

        yes, you are plastic fan, thats all

      3. Lamelo Ball

        Yeah he is still in Argentina. He will come after the gamr

    77. amjvdv.


    78. لمحة / LAM7A

      Bartomuo out 😂😂😂

    79. Kanchan Ranjan.

      In india we culers would like to say tapatap mode on

    80. Football Album

      I think u tell to subscribe because to help Barca in their economical crisis Stop wasting money. And for gods sake why did u swap Arthur for Pjanic. also why u sold Suarez and Rakitic for soo little

    81. Vir Bhutani

      Messi’s absence will be felt, but hopefully players like Grizi will take this chance to shine!!! Hope to win at Eibar tomorrow 💪

    82. Abu Shamsu

      God show

    83. Abu Shamsu

      God show

    84. Thron

      The moment Messi smiles, everyone on the team play better, just the magical effect.

    85. Todarkanpher Dangsha

      Woman Barcelona club was the best club in the world. Lost zero,Draw zero, All win

    86. Tejas Singh

      What song is this?👀

    87. Usha C K

      Where is Messi???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    88. STAKECK

      WOW me encantan los goles olímpicos y más los del Barcelona ®afael Marquéz💓💓💓

    89. Soham Gupta

      Which song is this???

    90. Asish ankam

      Dembele back

    91. kalam playzz

      90% supporters of barca are because of leo messi if messi leaves then only 10% people with stay with barca!!! Sad reality

    92. muhammad jarod


    93. Football Gaming

      Still waiting for puig dejong pedri to play together

    94. Ganesh Kumar

      Umtiti, move your ass! come on! run fast man. Vacation is over!

    95. Josep Garcia

      2:21 trincao hard work mode: off 2:22 pedri hard work mode : on

      1. Jonathan Antoun


    96. Santosh Ruge

      Griezmann boots are insane I wish I could have got that Signed by Griezmann

    97. Santosh Ruge

      Griezmann is my idol 😍 Love from India

    98. Santosh Ruge

      Love you Grizou U have ability but lost confidence get back that confidence Vamos Griezmann

    99. Tifatul Muzany

      La gila

    100. malelPro

      You better work hard because that game against psg ain’t gonna be easy