✈️😂 "DO YOU THINK TER STEGEN CAN FLY?!" | Clément Lenglet's #90secondschallenge

FC Barcelona

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    Clément Lenglet is the latest Barça player to take on the '90 Seconds Challenge'! See how many questions the French defender can answer under pressure, revealing which teammate nutmegs him the most in training, his favourite ever player, and the best striker he's ever faced!
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    1. FC Barcelona


      1. Yetər Məmmədova

        90second challange with Messi

      2. ELCHINO_theBOS !!

        What about leo

      3. Kevin Villafuerte

        What’s her name? 😍

      4. Mohamed Ubuntu

        why can't you get baroutmeubartoouttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

      5. Mark Mj

        Bartomeu out

    2. Renato Olivera

      Y cuando Leo??

    3. JAZIEL

      para cuando el de messi ?

    4. Carlos Ch

      Que preguntas mas absurdas.

    5. Eusebiu Rat

      alguien tiene el instagram de la tia?

    6. JAY da

      0:40 Hrithik Roshan....🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🔥🔥🔥🔥

    7. Labib Rahman

      Breaking bad bitch!!!

    8. Agustín Daniel

      Grande Lenglet, uno de los mejores defensas del mundo

    9. Eliseo Santiago Uribe Medina

      Que le pasaba a la chica como que se trababa mucho cuando hablaba

    10. Nava Barcelona 15

      0:44 el mío igual, por eso me voy a esforzar por lograr ser el delantero centro del equipo de mis amores y quitarte el dorsal querido Lenglet jijiji

    11. Tobechukwu Ikeh

      I want to see Messi do this

    12. nameem khan

      Tee Stefan can fly

    13. n k


    14. Walter Eduardo H C

      Falto la pregunta de ¿cuantas veces crees que seras expulsado en esta temporada :v?

    15. Nabeel Sadiqu


    16. Dynamite hitter

      1:18 my man Jesse and Mr.white is proud of you ❤

    17. Pamuda Ismail

      Lenglet defense is better Pique

    18. JARC 96

      We need another lenglet to have a great defense

    19. Utkarsh Singh

      What is the name of the host.... she's cute😍😋

    20. best guy

      Who’s here after da red card

    21. Mentefria23

      Griezmann va hacer más puntos en el 90secondschallenge que goles en el Barça xD

    22. Harish B

      0:40 krithik roshan 😺

    23. RRG


    24. WiernyKatalonii5

      Next 90 Seconds Challenge with BARTOMEU 😂

    25. AsH NA-!R

      Ask messsiiii!!! Please

    26. Sachi As

      Plzz ask questions in english

    27. Elvis Fonseca

      Serie favorita, breaking bad. DON LENGLET

    28. Alan Gonin

      Lenglet is on love with her rsrsrs

    29. ram ram

      why messi never has been here???? 🧐🧐

    30. Turki Bdoor

      احترمو مشجعين النادي العرب حطو ترجمه ♥️

    31. Farhan Nugraha P

      Visca barca and visca catalunya

    32. Kampf Kanickel

      Bro you conceded 8 fucking goals and you are going to pretend that nothing happened ? Kick Bartomeu

    33. noob youtuber

      Fartomeou out.....

    34. rigoferrera 23

      Re cringe está mierda

    35. Shounak Mitra

      Hritik Roshan has an appearance here, oh my life ❤️❤️❤️

    36. Hailey Leonard


    37. Cherry Yip


    38. Drawing Freak

      Do messi

    39. Kojo Sekyi

      Where is Messi's 90seconds challenge

    40. Mikku

      Have you tried Indian food..? Yes..😻 Proud moment.....❣️❣️

    41. Wilber Rodriguez

      Fc barcelona para cuando MESSI!!!!!

    42. luviq


    43. Mocha Mochi Guy

      Congratulations on your 10 M subs party



    45. Stanislav Munteanu

      We need ask Messi or Pique

    46. Diego de Gandarias


    47. Kundarti T.a

      90 seconds with Messi, please...

    48. Juan Pablo López

      Las de todos por si acaso

    49. rawan saad 2

      that was hilarious

    50. FOOT NEWS

      Lenglet I'm from Tunisia . Come and i will prepare "couscous " for you . Visca Barça i visca Catalunya ♥️💙

    51. Pol Domenech Recio

      14 años tengo más pie que lenglet vamoss

      1. ¡Vamos Barça!

        Big fut

    52. Shifin Roshan

      that lady : You tried Indian food ? Lenglet : yes Me : 🤩🤩 ( from kerala, India)

    53. Aruna Bhalerao

      Ask to messi! Oh no wait! He'll throw you out! 🤣

    54. AQ16

      Change your host

    55. Alejandro Ortiz

      Para que hacen esas pendejadas después del 2-8? Ponte a entrenar Lenglet contra el Bayern diste pena como todo el equipo, el Barça con sus videitos sin aporte a nada y los jugadores cada vez peor.

    56. Frank SMR

      Conociste a xavi

      1. ¡Vamos Barça!

        Er3s mejor que g3rard piqué?

    57. wrinklycone3

      I love georgina

    58. Shayna Mc Caffrey

      The fact that thee was a ronaldo ad before the video lmao

    59. José Levi Rivera Cruz

      Messi pa cuando?

    60. K M TM

      Fckin weak defenter!!!!

    61. An Nguyễn Văn

      Fan Barcelona


      can ter stegen dive and save the shot missed by sterling?

    63. Bush Pangsatabam

      Any pliz tell me the name of that young beautiful lady

    64. PS4 PLAYZ

      Do 90 sec challenge with Messi pls

    65. Cris Gaming

      I didn't understand

    66. Arjun Paudyal

      "Breakin Bad" That's my man!

    67. Jordan River

      "Roma or Milan?" That was a trick question 🤣

    68. Victor Juárez

      If the girl didnt read Bad the questions Lenglet could be the first

    69. Zain Arshad

      Waiting for leo to do this❤❤

    70. Hooman Bekhradi

      DO YOU THINK TER STEGEN CAN FLY? stfu .... bartomeu out

    71. Hooman Bekhradi

      why bartomeu ?why bartomeu ? you are not respecting barca fans ... get the f out

    72. Hooman Bekhradi

      f the Lenglet and bartomeu ... bartomeu out

    73. Ribo11 :P

      Bartomeu out

    74. Banele Mbetse

      I can’t believe Barcelona PAprom channel hit 10 mill subs before the Sidemen

    75. Andres Ramos

      He needs to learn how to defend

    76. Federal Bureau of Investigation — FBI —

      He looks like a very calm and nice guy... A great defender!

    77. Indra Setiawan


    78. Intecity

      The 269 dislikes are Madridista Fans ) Los 269 dis likes son d los Madridistas

      1. Q pasa larva


    79. gay gay

      Burung puyuh!

    80. Elimene Cedeño

      soy el unico que ve que esta nerviosa

    81. Sarang sunil

      Congrats on ten million subscribers

    82. Luis Román

      Bartoumeu dimension

    83. Luis Román

      Aganlo con Messi

    84. Zackaria Riteb

      Now I want couscous 🇲🇦

    85. Max83

      Me no speak tacos Mais je parle baguette

    86. Saahir Saied

      Next 90sec challenge with Leo Messi

    87. Lal Khan

      1:20 Any Breaking Bad fan here

    88. Pollito YouTube

      Pasen el ig de la mujer

    89. Diego De la rosa

      Quiero la playera del Barcelona que regala Cracks mx!!!

    90. Luis Carbajal

      Muchas travas en las preguntas

    91. Joel Enciso

      Bartomeu divisio vete con Doraemon

    92. Santi-gol1007

      felicidades por los 10 m

    93. Remington Gaming

      You guys did made MATS flew..😂🤣🤣🤣

    94. alexx 19

      Stop posting these videos , they’re stupid can we focus on the club ??

    95. Emi Pop

      No one cares about this... BARTOMEU OUT!!

    96. MIV 57

      Que buena esa morra

    97. Ben kingdom

      The day Bayern trashed us 8-2 I immediately unsubscribe Barcelona and today here I am back again.But Bartender mf is out not out..

    98. ipsit saha

      The anchor likes hrittik roshan 😏😎

    99. RashMar

      Play with Messi too

    100. Rodri Barua

      copia de ezzequiel