📸 End-to-end training match + photo shoot!

FC Barcelona

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    Day two of training this week saw Barça's first-team take part in an intense training match in addition to a fun photoshoot with club partner Thom Browne for the clubs new FC Barcelona inspired collection.
    All proceeds from the collection will go to Barça Foundation programs that are specially adapted due to COVID-19.
    Collection now available at www.thombrowne.com/es/sets/fc-barcelona-capsule
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    1. FC Barcelona

      DISCOVER which Barça player has a hidden talent on the drums! 🥁 paprom.info/block/v/sIrFgKh-xXqbz6A.html

      1. erick lopez

        Siento que les hace falta. Me estan decepcionando con sus desiciones. Me preocupa x que? Como una plantilla va dar resultados si los jugadores estan siendo mal pagados. La crisis ha hecho bajar sus sueldos. X que un club tan grande y millonatio como FCBarcelo a hace eso. X que ni los otros club del mumdo an tratado mal la administracion durante la crisis como FC Barcelona. Y asi quieren que la plantilla y los jugadores den o aporten al club.

      2. Reda Ali Alsady


      3. Anzonini Delpuerto


      4. Rayan Amal

        @GAMERO DZNツ 😄 @ تجن 0

      5. Daha bir İntikam

        @Odegaard 21 shitdrid

    2. Cousins Channel


    3. erick lopez

      Siento que les hace falta. Me estan decepcionando con sus desiciones. Me preocupa x que? Como una plantilla va dar resultados si los jugadores estan siendo mal pagados. La crisis ha hecho bajar sus sueldos. X que un club tan grande y millonatio como FCBarcelo a hace eso. X que ni los otros club del mumdo an tratado mal la administracion durante la crisis como FC Barcelona. Y asi quieren que la plantilla y los jugadores den o aporten al club.

    4. Eddie Twist

      Pique is injured how is he training

    5. Xabi Altuna

      Bartomeu dejo un club en ruina a todos los niveles. Algún día lo pagará. Jugadores vividores de la sopa boba OUT ✊💙❤️

    6. 唐子捷

      I thought that cover was Mr.bean

    7. Pushkar Nagpal

      Pedri looks like a Peaky Blinder

    8. Hrushikesh Sahoo

      I see some of iniesta skills in riqui puiq.

    9. alila dewanti


    10. Eto'o kadala

      Barcelona forever ❤️❤️❤️👍💪

    11. Abdulrahim Barrie

      I wish you all the best Dembele more especially i wish you free from injuries

    12. Abishek Kirati

      Neto is doing well. Hope he also bets some minutes

    13. 西本和矢


    14. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    15. Rafa Soha

      Ansu , Pedri , Dest , Trincao , Riqui , Konrad😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    16. Akshit Goyal

      anyone else that menacing look ter stegen gave alba at the starting after the chip hahaha

    17. PV GOSPEL

      1:45 Konrad looking like Kanye for a sec 😂

    18. sabir hussain smash video

      Please play riqui puig in the 2nd half he will boost the midfield with his energetic pace and composure

    19. sabir hussain smash video

      Matheus fernandes is training hard in training

    20. monsters mind

      К сожалению мы не увидим Рики Пуча и Конрада в этой барселоне, увы но это факт, у тренера уже есть любимчики, и при этом не дает молодым раскрыться, насилуя только Ансу Фати, а сколько было голословных коментариев от Кумана, что Де Йонга не так используют и Гризмана, а по факту, он сам ничего сделать не может XD. Ребята, держитесь там, дай бог придет адекватное руководство, поменяют тренера, продадут Месси, и построится новая команда, которая будет ценить своих воспитанников, а не продавать и отдавать в аренду игроков, даже не давая раскрыться!

    21. رويد السيد

      I love Demboz♥️♥️

    22. spanish kat

      Griezmann OUT.

    23. Alaska Suareh

      Barča till death!

    24. Arturo Fernandez

      Ahi si juega ese pique csmr

    25. Muslim Shah Official

      Good training barca😀

    26. Anzonini Delpuerto


    27. Suhey Alvarez

      Trincao modela como juega jajajaaj, que calidad y actitud! Espero tenga sus oportunidades

    28. Daniel Preuninger

      Forca Barca 👍😍😊

    29. Gokul S

      Dembele's speed and power is legit scary. Period. 🤯

    30. Stany Kishoker

      That Look MTS gave to Jordi Alba after his chip goal was Hilarious

    31. andrew alex


    32. Renato Cuadros

      dembele esta fino con los disparos

    33. Elcomadante 40

      Grande Coutinho,Visca BARCA

    34. GamerMC

      suban BARÇA EMOJIS

    35. شـادِنـ》ShaDen

      Is this photo shoots just for single players in Barcelona ,i had seen Pjanic😂😂

    36. شـادِنـ》ShaDen

      Pedri's smile is different 😂best smile in the team Força Baça🔵🔴🔥💃

    37. Nawaz Khan

      Dembele is an asset for Barca and will be the backbone of club after Messi departure/ retirement.

    38. Rohan Ahuja

      Jordi Alba is very much skilled....

    39. elikerxdd

      Pedri parece un peacky blinders

    40. ÎVÅÑ ŁÄ;MÂ

      Good luck to Barça and my personal favorite P. Coutinho 🎩

    41. منوعات BIO


    42. Aland

      Barca fans

    43. krish kuckian

      MUSIC ID?????

    44. jazz.ahmed

      2:38 was it just me who thought the guy with the ball was Adrien Rabiot.

      1. Ibrahim Abdihakim

        He is not but i am asking myself who is that guy?

    45. Mustapha Kabiru

      Dembous is good man🤩🤩

    46. DRM R4kan

      في عرب هنا ولا لا

      1. hessa S




    48. Андрій Протиняк

      Pedri hijo de mafioso...

    49. Maoud ur Rahman

      COUTINHO THO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no of goal involvement Coutinho will have this season. 👇

    50. Sai semma

      Pedri looks like he's a actor from peaky blinders

    51. Gamer23


    52. American Dream

      No wonder koeman wants firpo out first thing next season! He is no good just look at him play

    53. chriz90fly

      Ter Stegen probably happy he was not part of that Germany squad vs Spain 🤭🤭

    54. Styven Ferliano


    55. LAPULGA MESSI1⃣0⃣

      Looks like alba is going to play at lWF😂

    56. LAPULGA MESSI1⃣0⃣

      Why not blck suits

    57. Nash

      Barca vs bayern= 8-2 (spain vs germany) lead by 6 goals spain vs germany= 6-0(spain vs germany) lead by 6 goals well, that settles it right?

      1. Nash

        @Vladimir Putin ik but just saying as a joke🙄

    58. Tristan Elfan

      The Magician's Pedri from fo*king Peaky Blinders

    59. Baqir talpur

      Riqui Puig deserve game time.

    60. Baqir talpur

      Pedri looks like a young mafia kid.

    61. koushal sarda

      i only have one request : make Riqui Puig play!

    62. Jayslik music

      So nobody is gonna mention how good coutinho played?

    63. Juan medina

      Dembélé of fire

    64. Sharva Kulkarni

      0:15 Ter Stegen’s reaction 😂😂

    65. Thanveen 8

      Kerala blasters 💛💙

    66. Quiero ser tu Amigo nada más

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      1. Mansi Thakur

        Well its really sad but we cannot help any of it .What we can do is stay strong at the moment .And yeah you are making me scared too because I am the youngest in the family.

      2. Dhruv Ram

        Stay strong, brother.... We are all in this together 👍

      3. Quiero ser tu Amigo nada más

        @3 Stars Thanks, you are right I didn’t make it for likes, I wouldn’t invent a whole history just for likes,

      4. Quiero ser tu Amigo nada más

        @felix olorunfemi wow no I didn’t even thought more than 11 people would read this

      5. 3 Stars

        @felix olorunfemi I don't think he did it for likes

    67. Devyani Kanvinde

      Anybody here after Spain 6-0 germany!!??😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥😂😂🔥🔥🔥😂😂 🔥😂🔥🔥😂😂🔥🔥😂🔥🔥😂🔥😂🔥🔥6-0😂😂😂🔥🔥😂😂🔥🔥🔥😂🔥

      1. Vladimir Putin

        Only 1 Barca player played against Germany. Don't Compare German national football team with Bayern Munich. There is no comparison between them. Bayern Munich is unstoppable on the other hand Germany is horrible since 2018

      2. Kylian Carlson*

        Me not

    68. Aditya Dk

      Buenos días culés

    69. Quiero ser tu Amigo nada más

      Hey! I know you don’t care about my life, but I don’t have a diary so I will post my life from now on in Barcelona’s channel, hope you enjoy

    70. Bravo Six


    71. Dark Horse

      Good to see Coutinho Back💪♥️

      1. Drupath Goutham


    72. Ajay N


      1. Kylian Carlson*

        Yeah but Dembele is going to injure

    73. Рахимжон Кайимов

      Messi is the best player in the world

    74. phones school

      Dembele tiene 23 ano, neymar casi 29, creo que sin lesiones Dembele sera mejor que neymar

      1. Sergio Fuentes

        Por supuesto

    75. Rafa Soha

      Bembouz is hungry for goals

    76. Priyank Srikanth

      Dembouz is on fire

    77. Germ EstradaXZ

      I want to play Georgina’s drums🥁

      1. Kylian Carlson*

        @Quiero ser tu Amigo nada más I don’t think you understood bro...

      2. Quiero ser tu Amigo nada más

        What drumbs bro? I’m sure she hasn’t even showed any instrument during a video?

    78. Crazy Gaming

      Why are y’all disliking is just a club training and a photo shoot

    79. tuhin debsharma

      Dembele and Coutinho are getting better and better ❤️🙏

    80. Rudrajit Dey

      Where does this finishing vanish during matches?

      1. Kylian Carlson*

        They get distracted by the beauty of Georgina

    81. Don MESSI

      Why end

    82. Albert Rosen

      2:45 pique got PTSD

    83. Ryan

      Will all the Barça players get photos in the formal stuff or is it just the ones who didn’t go on international duty?

    84. Kylian Carlson*

      Again not Georgina? Come on, I know you want the money. Just imagine how many views a video of Messi and Georgina would have!! There is also no other club that has a attractive girl such as Georgina. 1/2

      1. Kylian Carlson*

        Even other club fans would come to see her. In fact I was a Liverpool Fan until I saw Georgina. We may not be in our prime but with Georgina’s and Messi’s magic we will achieve great things 2/2

    85. Mr. Benedict

      Can u at least sub in mathaues

    86. Ranjini Madhusoodanan

      Riqui 💟💟💟

    87. Dama de Negro


    88. ADITHYA

      Nobody is more dangerous than a fully fit dembele

      1. ADITHYA

        @3 Stars lol

      2. Anika Samin


      3. 3 Stars

        A half fit Messi is😏

    89. Fut Boy13

      ¿Qué tal hermano? ¿Paseando por los comentarios eh? Bueno, suscríbete a mi canal, tengo vídeos de todo lo relacionado al fut, hasta como hackear el DLS!!! ¡¿Qué esperas?! ¡Corre, date prisa! Y entra al mejor canal de fútbol...

    90. Swoovy

      Who else is glad to see umtiti training

    91. Real 1

      Who’s the tall dude with his hair in a bun I see him in every training session

      1. Jameel Hennicks

        Oscar Mingueza

    92. ArianS10

      Please just dont put music when they train please for fuck sake

    93. Hamza maiah Nail


    94. jeanwesley infoglobal

      Let's go Dembouz 👏👏🔥

    95. Ubaidillah Darul Mansyur

      Dembele's finishing is an improvment

    96. Anonymous

      2:52 didn’t cotutinho switch teams why is he in the video of Barca??🤔🤔

      1. Vansh Vardhan Singh

        Switch teams? He was loaned out to Bayern for only one season (2019-2020). He is a Barca player.

      2. Ramses Gonzalez


    97. AMENH KHEL

      Neymar pliz

    98. sammy chigunta

      Am so happy to see Dembele for me we need Dembele more thening every before.

    99. Maram Nooh

      All the best in our next match against Atletico! ❤️💙 VISCA BARÇA!

    100. Mouhamed vamé

      Neuer has took 6 goals Vamos ter Stegen