EXCLUSIVE: Inside view of LUIS SUÁREZ's emotional farewell

FC Barcelona

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    A behind the scenes look at the day the Uruguayan legend said goodbye to Barça, from his final photo session at Camp Nou to an emotional press conference
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    1. Saleh Alkooheji

      The kids may be sad

    2. PARABOY

      90% of the hate for Barcelona has gone 😌 Mr.dive has departed The worst mf who is a racist Thanks barca for sending him free of cost He well deserves it😂😂😂 Biggest fake diver and cheater Mr mf suarez 😂😂😂

    3. panditaGamerxady

      Ojalá que cuando juege contra el barca les haga 5 goles suares se lo merecen BARTOMEU OUT

    4. سيد علي

      لويس الى اللقاء 😥😥😭

    5. anagha V

      Suarez is a best player. So sad to hear that he is going from fcb😭

    6. Julkarnaeen Araf

      Whenever I hear the name of Uruguay, Suarez comes into my mind. Now he's no more a Barça player😢😢😭😭

    7. Yousef Xx

      No no no no no way way

    8. Sayid Bin Tafiq

      Messi was absent ; bcoz he said " Fu..k this club, for disgusting management. "

    9. Raymundo Hernández Villegas

      Bye 😥 Luis Suárez

    10. Raynaki Gaming

      No suarez=no title

    11. 9alt0

      This man needed a much better send-off for what he's done for the club. If circumstances permitted he should've received a standing ovation like when Wenger left Arsenal

    12. Márton Sekeres

      BARTOMEU OUT!!! 🤬🤬🤬

    13. Rasheed va

      Will MSN come back.....

    14. Sall Hamady

      With barca always like that Ronaldinho,etoo,coutinho,dembele,umtiti et plein d’autres.les espagnols n ont pas de reconnaissance

    15. Sall Hamady

      Bonne réussite avec athletico el pistolero

    16. Sall Hamady

      Un des meilleurs attaquant aux monde et il est rentré dans l histoire du football..un attaquant complet

    17. Ghazi Zanjabil

      which is considered not how he left the club, but also must see from how he was respected when he left the club 💪🔥

    18. Thien Phan

      RESPECT!!! S9

    19. sunirmal sinha

      Now Barça will realise what is called defeat

    20. Pubg Mobile

      Bartomeu out👎👎😡😡

    21. Quang Anh Hoàng

      I am very angry with the president of the Barca team for throwing away a legend of the table in matches just because of past mistakes and also because of the appointment of the new president of the team !!!

    22. Gabe Logan

      Stupid Barca doesn't deserve him... ÁM debut 2 goals, 1 assist, he should play in a better team than ÁM btw. Puma shoes❤️

    23. Kiros

      Muchas Gracias Luis, Mucha suerte en esta nueva etapa Leyenda! 🙏🏼❤️⚽

    24. zurida jamil

      i dont like him but i dont like more see how he's being treated but barca has paid lotssss... so also gained lots from barca club

    25. Marleni Romero

      😭😭😭 Te apoyaré en el club que estés tkm❤💔

    26. ڛژڜضC 8 N


    27. Oskar Lopez

      Todo el mundo celebrará cuando bartomeu se large del Barça

    28. especial futebol HD

      Suarez volta pra essa porra majo tirarem Suarez 😰😰😰😰😰

    29. Guille 2018

      gordo :( por que vale el domingo te mandaste 2 golazos asi no se vale luis

    30. FCB1975

      Suárez siempre será uno de los nuestros.

    31. Timur Badeshov

      Thanks for the game! Thanks for everything you've done for the Team! Good luck, Louis, come back, You are forever in our hearts! ✊💕

    32. Andergamerpro51 benitez

      que le a echo e lucho ah que para que lo echaran todas las champions☹️☹️☹️

    33. DANKRUPT

      lol i thought behind the scenes of the planning behind suarez's leave

    34. canal Jhonas dias


    35. Yuvraj Rai

      He deserved to b retired from barca itself..... unfortunately this didn't happen...

    36. Krisanu Das

      Luis Suarez you will always be there in our hearts. Love from india ❤️ ❤️❤️

    37. Vir Singh

      bartomeu is the one who transformed barca from a winning club to something players don't want to be associated with. i have been a barca fan ever since the puyol xavi iniesta days. saw the Chelsea goal live at Stamford bridge. and this bartomeu, curse him. down with bartomeu! up with barca! visce barca! mes queue un club!

    38. xub'z PLAYGROUND

      He deserved more than that....barca isn't a dream fc anymore...

    39. luce tothebridge

      Bart out! and take Koeman with you..

    40. Izky Tama

      Till now his IG still have barca highlight, he love this team from the bottom..you deserved better champ

    41. Suraj Parajuli

      Suarez we gonna miss you badly....we all know what suarez can do....Wish you a better future in atletico....King Suarez lots of love

    42. Sanidhya Upadhyay

      Let us show Barca how many Fans want Bartemou out 👇

    43. Laoly 93


    44. MateyGardelOriental

      "Mes que un club"..Un balde lleno de mierda...

    45. FIL1P3 _

      este ronald koeman está destrozando Barcelona

    46. top on

      I was hoping MSN again.

    47. FHBS HA

      Dum racist Luis Suárez deserves not more than this for sure.

    48. S A K the prïñçé_official

      Barcelona broke my hart by leaving Suarez

    49. تنوير احميد

      😢😢😭😭 May you stay fine wherever you are..Suarez-9

    50. Taufik Akbar


    51. Cristiano Messi

      Why is the Laliga and Copa del Rey trophies so small in size ?

    52. Biplab Ghosh

      Check atletico's opening game, u will regret it barca board, shameless!!!

    53. النمبر1_افلام_ومسلسلات؟

      من زعلان على سواريز💔

    54. Ayush Deb

      Idiota. What kind of "emotional" farewell is this. He deserves much better. I hope Barcelona get knocked out in the group stages of the champions league.

    55. Luke Kay

      He's achieved a lot even for a successful footballer. He's an inspiration for us all and he's already established himself as a Barca legend. May his leftover footballing career and life be successful and a happy one.

    56. ARIE S 11

      What's name instrument in this video please

    57. Herojit Khundrakpam

      why did Saurez leave FC Barcelona????

    58. Jared Barnes

      If bartomeu leaves barca every barca fan will have a party

    59. Wee Yin

      I hope Atletico hammer Barcelona in their next encounter and i hope Suarez scores the deciding goal....heck even 3 with the deciding goal being one of them.

    60. South Walker

      Barcelona lost them one more legend

    61. ADAM'S VLOG

      We love you suàrez

      1. advaith

        @ADAM'S VLOG yes he even said in speech he will come back soon means that after new barca board he will come back hopefully they get him back

      2. ADAM'S VLOG

        @advaith we are waiting

      3. advaith

        Hope he comes back next season

      4. ADAM'S VLOG

        Lots of love ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    62. Pedro Vinicius


    63. Melissa Duncan's

      Someone cough in the room😷😷

    64. Melissa Duncan's

      I am feeling bad 😞 for luis departure

    65. Galaxy S


    66. R rosidin

      Bartameu out Bartameu out Bartameu out Bartameu out Bartameu out Barameu out Bartameu out Bartameu out Bartameu out Bartameu out

    67. kaiserHD Booi

      Atleast he is in a good team, in a great city in the same country


      Suares bak Barcelona😢😢😢😣😢

    69. Karenpatricia Camacho Zuñiga

      No debieron dejarte ir te vamos a extrañar mucho Dios te bendiga

    70. QH Brozkizz

      he cried for the cameras we all know he don't like barca

    71. Big D

      Muchas gracias, el Pistolero!!!!



    73. Bara Setiawan

      he suarez has not finished barca why did you let go of great players like him, management broke when led by bartomeo let go of great players,and the money from their sales is not well spent

    74. Thiago Rafael

      Msn foi melhor trio

    75. Thiago Rafael

      Sou de brasil Barcelona foi muito injusto com Suarez

    76. Unknown 10

      Good luck

    77. Ignacio Mansilla

      Manga de boludos, como lo van a dejar ir al Luisito

    78. prince Mike

      Shameless Barca board you guys are mocking your legend after making him look miserable😡😡😡

    79. M Memis

      Bye bye Suarez

    80. reuben ng

      Poor Suarez left Liverpool to pursue champions league football. Now his farewell is like some visitor leaving the stadium after taking photos of trophies and camp nou.

    81. Júnior Barcelona

      Não era pra ter saído.

    82. king kings

      I will buy the barca and bring the legends together old or juveniles because that's the real pleasure of the real barca not money and garbage management

    83. Peter Mbabazi

      Am here after his athletico debut😅

    84. king kings

      me enoja lo mierda que el club se esta comportando ahora todo es por mas dinero y no les importa lo que sienten Los jugadores pero si siguen asi perderan todo

    85. Wieslaw Sobocinski

      Luis Suarez emocjonalne pozegnanie

    86. Smiley FF

      GO OUT bartomeu!

    87. nice every day


    88. IAG

      It is good for him

    89. Nirmal Chettri

      I'm crying😢😢😢


      Suarez 2 goals ❤️

    91. Sarang sunil

      Now he scored two goals on his debut

    92. Iib indra Setiawan


    93. Qaz 1

      Jajajajaja gran merda que feses Barcelona fc ... libera lo mejor atacante del mundo. .. increíble Jajajajaja 😂😂😂😂😂😂. ..

    94. kaiser mia


    95. Gewoon 020 Amsterdam

      He scored 2 goals in 15 min with atletico debuut ...

      1. Gewoon 020 Amsterdam

        Kevin Brown yes but also really happy for him

      2. Kevin Brown


    96. WebFabio

      SUARES DEBUT 2 GOALS + 1 ASSIST BARTOMEU OUT.... DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    97. Sarker Reefat

      Now, Barca = Hell

    98. ceelaabe _26

      You are our hero Luis

    99. Sumaya Galose


    100. Andreas Egli

      BARTOMEU OUT!!!!