EXCLUSIVE: Pjanic meets Camp Nou as a Barça player for the first time

FC Barcelona

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    Miralem Pjanic has been presented as a new FC Barcelona player. The Bosnian midfielder signed his contract and stepped out on to the field at Camp Nou for the first time in a Barça shirt. "I am very motivated and I am really looking forward to getting playing and winning. In the dressing room I have seen the history behind the team. It is a great opportunity for me," said Pjanic in a remote press conference during his presentation.
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        El Barcelona fue golpeado por Bartomeu. Es el hombre del catalán. Bartomeu es un cliente. La afición del Barcelona debe apresurarse a exigir la dimisión, o el Barcelona se derrumba.

      2. كورة مجنونة

        El Barcelona fue golpeado por Bartomeu. Es el hombre del catalán. Bartomeu es un cliente. La afición del Barcelona debe apresurarse a exigir la dimisión, o el Barcelona se derrumba.

      3. كورة مجنونة

        El Barcelona fue golpeado por Bartomeu. Es el hombre del catalán. Bartomeu es un cliente. La afición del Barcelona debe apresurarse a exigir la dimisión, o el Barcelona se derrumba.

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        Bartomeu quiere terminar de acabar con Barcelona, ​​no debemos permitir eso

      5. كورة مجنونة

        Bartomeu quiere terminar de acabar con Barcelona, ​​no debemos permitir eso

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      Arthur :,(

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      I hope this boy doing great job for Barca

    15. stoopy 05

      It’s good to see new talent sign with football club Barcelona so one day Messi has someone to pass the torch to

    16. Cheok Bing En

      nice so we planning on replacing puig with this 30 yr old dude. First arthur now riqui.... when do we learn???

    17. Antonio jose Gomez garcia

      Aora dicen que no cuentan con riqui puig que mierda de entrenador es ese no sabe lo que ta aciendo que sija fichando a anciano y sigue cargándose Canterano .....

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      Ima li iko iz BiH ovdje😂

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      Riqui no se toca!!! Barto que mala gestión todo lo que hacéis

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      05:04 Oppo Reno 10x zoom Barcelona Edition..👍👍

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      Arthor replace pjanic nor good decition

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      Pjanic Come On! Con toda!!! In!!! Bratomeuout!!!!!!!!!

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      Quiten la música, en vez de hacer mejor al video, lo vuelve muy estupido

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      This 8 Iniesta forever

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      Artur is better!

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      Welcom to Pjanic

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      Love you Barca and pjanic from Banladesh.🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

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      Pijanic play with Ronaldo now with messi

    33. Young Geňňâ

      I feel bad for Authur and that this ckown pushed him through the door like that.😤

    34. SkyFire

      Excited to see how he will integrate in the team. Really wish him all the best!

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      Last Bartomeu signing ceremony....

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      someone noticed somthing wrong in fc barcelone cloakroom !! Where is the photo of messi ?

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      Koulibaly should be barca main priority. That defence is shamble.

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      97% of our problems because of bartomeu .

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      #8 should have retired tho.

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      No entiendo ingles

    58. Arméliodas Deamon King

      Arthur meet dream player Barcelona , now he meet Juventus player

    59. Soeradj Narain

      Bartomeu showed Arthur out and took on a much older Pjanic who does not differ much from Rakatic.. how can we be positive about this deal?

    60. Nico Nico

      Nobita vamos por vos

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      Keep bringing more veterans to the nursing home which is Fc Barcelona

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      Jóven promesa 🤣

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      Super transfer

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      Yo veo a pjanic diciendo ¡deverda voy a jugar aquii!

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      how stupid can you be to make this singing....

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      Number 8???f*****k

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      pjanic le da asco estar ese, se le nota en la cara 2:17

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      Nice suit but he needs to pull his pants up lol

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      Made in Metz olympique lyonnais France 🇫🇷

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      C'mon old man you've got to be better than authur

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      kick that madafaka....(BARTOMEU)

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      Forca Barca 👍😍😊

    90. Daniel Preuninger

      welcome to Fc Barcelona Miralem Pjanic 👍😍😊

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