🔙⚽ EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | PSG 1-3 BARÇA (Champions League quarter-final first leg 2014/15)

FC Barcelona

93 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼13

    Don't miss a 10-minute long version of the first leg of theChampions League quarter-final back in 2015 where Barça beat PSG 1-3 at Parc Des Princes.
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    1. Siti Rochmah

      Messi is the beast

    2. Luis Henrique

      Suarez absolutely unstoppable 😳

    3. Chema Hernández

      Para Mi Fue La Mejor Champions Que Ví.❤️

    4. Akram El Faressi

      The poor Ter stegen had a chance to keep for the first time a cleen sheet against psg but the terrible defense said Nope

      1. Jj12 Official

        Let's hope that god can make a miracle for barca this year

    5. Karl Misgo

      David Luiz 🤡

    6. Aditya Shreeraj

      2015 ucl Messi was sooo underrated

    7. Ali Hafiz

      Barca will lose very badly against psg, they didn't even win against Atletic in a final match , it seems like this year barca will be without trophy

    8. Ashhar Ismail

      Messi saurez neymar Messi saurez greizmann Messi greizmann dembele

    9. Maximo Zuritz

      Suárez for mi is the Best DC in the world, the form how he shoot is PRECIOUS

    10. Leonardo Montoya

      I love how after Suarez scores a goal, his speed for his celebrations simply increase rapidly compared to in the game


      Get Neymar Suarez Back

    12. Duy Tũn

      When will Bar sell Griezmann. Really misses Suazed

    13. caique spfc

      before Luis suarez, now braitiwaite

    14. Ed1el

      Suárez The Best 9 in the World

    15. Random Dude

      Not even gunna play in the champion league next year 😂😂

    16. Mohammed Saneeh

      Plss i wud love to have a trial at barca academy in DUBAI for the youth team plsss i play right back and i am 14

    17. בארי דרורי


    18. ferez mccarthy

      Let's appreciate Gérard pique on his Fantastic performance.

    19. ༺theHEROIC gaming

      I really miss Xavi and Iniesta.....,......the legends

    20. Michelle Howard

      This was 5 years ago and you show it now? Dang you must be really missing those days

    21. Tyler Sum

      I hate when old games get posted. Confuses me

    22. Top List Diversity

      Buy again Suarez

    23. Robinho Frero

      O Dembele out

    24. Eto'o kadala

      Inoubliable moment

    25. Dutrevil Andy

      Suarez at his prime

    26. oscar estrada

      I miss Luis Suarez when Barcelona made history

    27. pes2021

      why did u sell suarz

    28. Saymond Enamorado

      And that’s why i rather Spanish commentators

    29. Nurul Yaqin

      I need the update news, not the old. You trap me with this video

    30. King Royale

      plz come back 2015!1111

    31. Taher Mohseni

      Remember those good days😭

    32. Jami Raquai

      Suarez destroy Luiz😂

    33. Jx-dama !

      lol it's over for Barca relegation is next😀

    34. Eniola Abaniwonda

      Barcelona used to keep and offside trap 😭😭

    35. Edison Putra

      Not like now. Always showing an embarassement.

    36. Yogi Join

      Mis old barca

    37. Saeed Ur Rehman Ranjha

      That set peice defending by Barca..😂😂😂

    38. Pruthvi Raj

      4:15 GENIUS PLAY

    39. an soom raee

      What a tackle mascherano

    40. danlau99

      Seeing this makes me miss Luis Enrique. 😔😔

    41. Moory XD

      Oh take me back pls

    42. Shnookle

      Lmao every one knows you guys are gonna to get clapped vs PSG in February and March this year

    43. J.K DALCRUZ

      the kind of fighting hearts🧡 we had,, we used to fight for everything!!!


      Suárez 😥😥👏👏

    45. Çagla'm

      Suarez was a beast in ucl that season

    46. m3 charner


      1. m3 charner

        Ojala vuleva

    47. بيانات و معلومات

      Happy new yeaar❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    48. Gewoon 020 Amsterdam

      Barca have some one doing commentary with such a annoying voice sounds like fucking PATRICK ⭐️ from spongebob man so annoying

    49. Marc aus Prag Marc


    50. Saqi Baloch

      this time NEYMAR is against barcelona and even suarez is not there

    51. Mauricio Alvarez Jimenez

      Ese Barcelona daba miedo a muchos equipos, el actual, para nada, con el ritmo de juego que tiene ahora mismo, dudo mucho pase algo así 🙄.

    52. Kevin Zaka

      Neymar, Suarez come back to Barcelona MSN PLEASEEEE and Xavi coach

    53. Sai Dhruv

      The commentary is absolutely horrendous

    54. SAY HELLO ##

      I hope the do a good job this year

    55. Maks

      This comentator is absolutely awful. He doesn't even try to sound enthousiastic. He seems not to be interested in the game.

    56. Renan Barros

      Pena que não temos Neymar nem Suárez 😒

    57. Tasin

      This time, psg will win 😹😹😹

    58. John Blessed

      It is so very clear to see why Barça was struggling for quite a few seasons, they refused to rebuild the team for a long time and made in between some very expensive or costly signings of players that are not good enough to play for Barça,. I won't call any names but we all know the big name players that do not fit at Barça that need to leave the club. 😒🔵🔴

    59. Futbol Dünyası


    60. Victor Mahintharaj

      "Tabby luiz" -_-

    61. Richard George

      This mans commentary is so dead. Can we just not have commentary in general?

    62. Russell_2002

      Yeah thats all they can do now show the good old days of barca cause they destroyed the team and made it weak now

    63. Pianist boy

      ¿¿Cuántos vinieron por el partido de octavos que se acerca??🙃

      1. Pianist boy

        @Alberto Fernandez jajajajajaja...pues si bro... Al menos llegamos a octavos :"v

      2. Alberto Fernandez

        Así como estamos nos van a golear si contra el eibar no pudimos imaginate con el PSG que tiene a Mbappe, Neymar, Icardi, Verrati, etc y nosotros pues tenemos a Messi y Salud imaginate lo mal que estamos

    64. Mr. X


    65. El Comentarista

      Good memories :)

    66. Bonnie Valls

      Those were the days my friends We thought they'd never end.

    67. Snyp

      We all know why Barca started uploading PSG vs Barca highlights!!

      1. Invisible Alif

        bc they are remembering before they lose in ucl 😭 i miss barca

    68. Rohit Vishnu

      What a shit commentry it feels like he is hosting from his bed

    69. Satria Bayu SHT 1922

      BARCELONA 2015 : 🐯🐯 BARCELONA 2019-2020 :🐱🐱 HUH

    70. Dominik Wagner

      Ja chcem takéto

    71. memeko10

      No se preguntan porque el canal de Barcelona suba sus vídeos en ingles y no en español que es su país

    72. Antonio Rodriguez

      This is an old sht game!

    73. Besim Hrgic

      When you look real football compare with this 2 years

    74. sumit upadhyay

      Good Times ..when u really wanted to see barca win

    75. Abdulla Kassim

      Don't worry this time psg will go through becoz psg have neymar

    76. Nufail Chemban

      LEO FANS 🔥🔥🔥🌟❣️

    77. Bastyan Cala


    78. Dendi Revardo

      Besides msn, barca also miss xavi, iniesta in midfield, and also defender like mascherano.

    79. ElGrande Barca

      4:20 🧠

    80. 西本和矢


    81. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    82. Kevin Vargas

      Barca forever

    83. Almighty Oxy

      All Barcelona does is upload throwbacks to when they used to be good like if that is going to change the reality of how shit they are now.

    84. Kreb 2

      Missing MSN

    85. athletic 3

      вот этот уровень барсы нужно вернуть приятно смотреть

    86. maniek b

      I miss Msn Messi Suarez Neymar jr

    87. Gabriel Geovane Ramos dos Santos Geovane

      Acho legal postar esse vídeo,só que as condições não são muito boas pois o @psg é favorito,e o time atual do @Barcelona não está bom, precisa ir ao mercado e comprar um 9 e um zagueiro

    88. Kennyragez

      When Barca was the best team in Europe Now we will lose badly

    89. A 1992

      It seems that in order to prevent the intense pressure of the opposing teams on Barca's defensive line, we need to employ more players in the offensive line, and the best way to do this is to use the 4-3-3 system.

    90. Erick Beltrán

      David Luiz... hahahahahahha

    91. Gaming tv

      Happy Eric garcia new player

    92. Futbol Angles

      My Man Suarez😂 Nutmegged David Luiz Twice

    93. rafael corba tovardo

      Yo muy del barcelona soy pero que se la pasen picandose de de mas con los rivale no me parece igual de lo que paso con la juve y todabia peor que hayan colocado en la portada a luis suarez despues de haberlo hechado como perro

    94. Dzika Kuna W Agreście

      8:12 Suarez best goal

    95. Ayman Ali

      At current level now paris going to mule you unfortunately ,we want laporta back no one else

    96. Silence

      I see what you guys are doing. Posting the golden days so we could forget the SHIT that is happening today.

    97. NFL 32

      What year is this?

    98. Agnere

      Saudades desse time melhor trio da história junto com Ronaldo, Ronaldinho e Rivaldo

    99. Thushal Alahakoon

      I wish we will win❤

    100. Ujjwal Karki

      This Barca was something else compared to what they are now