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    It's time! The start of the brand new 2020/21 UEFA Champions League campaign and on Thursday 1st October, Barça have discovered their group stage opponents!
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    1. Sebin Devasia Xc

      Baraca win

    2. Jungbean Im

      Juventus and Barca will fight for champions of the group and Dynamo Kiev will have high chances of getting the Europa ticket.

    3. Norbi Németh

      HAJRÁ FRADI!!💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    4. سيد علي

      برشا ❤❤

    5. Piero Valenti

      La ganamos la champions

    6. Mihály Gubovics


    7. AbeyFanDead

      Messi vs Ronaldo.... The Goat vs The Goat

    8. Alex Rodriguez

      Still remember 2017 getting revenge on Juve in group stages, all to lose to fcking Roma. I'll always say the times we got kicked out of champions was because we just didn't want it 😂

    9. Raymundo Hernández Villegas

      Messi es fuerte 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

    10. MLBB KH GAME


    11. Julkarnaeen Araf

      Finally, we'll be able to see Messi and Ronaldo at the same stage again😀😃😄😁

    12. Yeet boi

      Barca vs Juventus Athur meet Barca Pjanic meet Juve Dejong vs De ligt Ronaldo vs Messi Are we all happy?

    13. Rúben Emanuel Matsinha

      8 a 2

    14. アイスマン

      JUV 0-2 BAR BAR 3-1 JUV

    15. Scorpio Snake

      Everyone: Excited for Messi vs Ronaldo !!! All other Players and Clubs be like: Are we a Joke to you?

    16. Poki kid

      Rah ting I scrolled down easily rahhh

    17. Turbo Nagy

      Ferencváros 🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    18. Oscar Antonio Flores

      this champions league will be sad because it might be the last time ronaldo and messi face each other

    19. RM _10


    20. aa shui

      This is the era of Messi, let the jealous trash tremble

    21. Máté

      Én félnék a Fraditól



    23. GRooVEr- games

      Ó bazmeg persze hogy ezek ellen játszunk

    24. Patricia Segura

      This is going to be tough but we got this👌🏼👏🏾

    25. Kayyisah adya Muharani

      Messi vs ronaldo?? No don't let me disapointed at barca. Cuz i will always hate it when messi must lose from ronaldo,,, please no... Aaaaaaaaaaa

    26. bro ok

      Am I the only one who was disappointed that we didint get liverpool in our group?

    27. #VECTOR #


    28. Solti Szabolcs

      Easy group for Ferencváros

    29. Dunia GAMER


    30. Molnár Attila


    31. Million kicks

      Barcelona need some improvement in their squad

    32. Ilham VDJ_46 Official

      Tolong lah buat admin nya di kasih subtitle Indonesia nya 🙏

    33. Rahul Roy

      messi vs ronaldo 😍😍 fc barcelona win

    34. Mpilo3nhle _3ll3n

      What happened in August 😂😂😂😂⚰☠

    35. Fathima Jumana


    36. Kreeco

      0:52 is he rapping?

      1. Kreeco

        @D Spot it seems you have secret talent😂

      2. D Spot

        You dig my flow then? 👍

      3. Aryan Rana


    37. Julio Campos

      MCG Messi couthino and griezman

      1. Siam

        What about fati

      2. Kevin nunez


      3. Manish Prakash


    38. Xabi Altuna

      Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Bartomeu OUT 💙❤️ Vive la Révolution! Chemin vers la Guillotine! Que paguen con cárcel, devolviendo todo lo robado Floreta de Hamelín y sus apesebrados emboscados blancos. No queremos más vividores, ni chaqueteros y lacayos serviles. Ojalá sea verdad después de una larga espera de cinco años. REVOLUCIÓN total desde la cúspide a la base!!! ✊💙❤️

    39. Sr. Gamer X

      Alguém brasileiro do Brasil que segui o Barcelona?

    40. Brawl stars - Football


    41. Reda Ali Alsady

      Barca 🏆

    42. hfjabzfs Gaming

      The moment we’re waiting 2 try’s for 🇦🇷 and

    43. Joe Banana

      Good luck to Barca. Better team this year. Hope we see us in Final FCBvsFCB 😊

    44. Michael Huynh

      Yes messi vs cr7

    45. Anton JM

      It is Happening again................... Messi vs Ronaldo

    46. El Nemy


      1. Alex Jr

        Barcelona is a global soccer, bro

      2. Pablo Lopez


    47. glowsquidsucks z


    48. *HuZzY;.p BS

      For those saying 8-2 in the live chat can go kill them selfs

    49. Christo Mubieme

      Messi meets Cristiano and Juventus again after in the season 17/18

    50. szabolcs black

      FORZA Ferencvárosi TC

    51. Mouhamed amine Laksiri

      juventus:one of the champions,big stars team,hard opponent dinamo kiev:also one of the champions,yet hasn't big stars,medium opponent ferencvarosi:didn't participate since 25 years,a surprising team,easy to medium opponent my prediction:1st or 2nd place for us good luck for the team and bartomeu out

    52. boy 123

      Messi vs ronaldo

    53. Saaliss Hidr

      Ansu fati

    54. AAC GAMING

      Lot of Messi, Ronaldo action

    55. NeilP 011

      Grupo facil, espero con ancias otra humillación de messi a penaldo

    56. daughter son

      Liverpool, Bayern Munich, PSG and Juventus would wipe the floor with Barcelona

      1. Brian Liang

        @Luke Mack I think Juve will edge Barca out if they don’t improve their defense. They have the same backline as 8-2, and 4-0. But Juve also has new management. If Juve were to win I don’t think it would be by much. Juve has the advantage tho

      2. Luke Mack

        Brian Liang nah

      3. Brian Liang

        Maybe Liverpool, Bayern, and PSG. But Juventus is arguably worse than us.

      4. Brayan enock

        @Dildar Alikhel 😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      5. Dildar Alikhel

        forza juve

    57. Hope Akacha

      it's going to be a tough one but barca will go through

    58. Butter Bean

      Well finally see messi vs ronaldo again

    59. ANGAD 10

      Barça vs Juve.Ahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa

    60. Máté Jobbágy

      Hajrá Fradi! :D

      1. wa5x5on


      2. andoihb andoihb

        @Christian még szép😂😂

      3. Christian

        Már kerestem a kommentek közt ,hogy van e itt fradi szurkoló

      4. andoihb andoihb

        Ajajaj nehéz lesz😂😂🍇

    61. Bianca Ludolff

      The only messi will stay is if Barcelona Win champions league and with bartomeu this will be very hard,not to say impossible

      1. Brian Liang

        @Bianca Ludolff Tbh, I never liked setien, and I thought he would get eliminated against Napoli. But we saw 8-2 happen instead. I think Koeman will get us better results. Idk if we’ll win the ucl, but we are not going to get humiliated this year. Imo, I think Bayern will defend their title

      2. Bianca Ludolff

        @Brian Liang yes but Liverpool 2018/2019 started very good ,and in the final of the league they lost the league

      3. Brian Liang

        @Bianca Ludolff Ofc it’s better than Villarreal. But this has been the best start Barca has ever had. Pep Guardiola managed the best Barca team in history, and lost his 1st game. I don’t want to hype up Barca to much, but Koeman is definitely better than Valverde, and setien

      4. Bianca Ludolff

        @Brian Liang yes,but Juventus have Ronaldo,Dybala,chielini and many others and Juventus elimanated us in 2017,i know its a different team but its better than celta and villareal

      5. Brian Liang

        @Bianca Ludolff Juve isn’t even that good. teams like Bayern, Liverpool, city, and psg are top rn. And also, Villarreal and celta are some of the better la liga teams. I just want to say that setien started a 1-0 win against Granada, a pretty bad team. Koeman 4-0 against Villarreal which is one of the better Spanish teams

    62. Brayan enock

      Juventus 0 Barcelona 3 Barcelona 4 Juventus 1

      1. Fahmi Alhusaini

        Jajaja so funny. Remember 8-2

      2. Brayan enock

        @Dildar Alikhel no lo se Rick parece falso

      3. Dildar Alikhel

        juve 8-2 barca 0-8 juve

    63. Pallavi Ajit

      Hi barcelona please pin me big fan of barcelona

    64. Alan Joseph

      Plot twist: juve and barca get disqualified

      1. Archit Rai

        @Robert Weide yaa we know that in three previous season barça played very bad. But I am every much positive that we can win this year UCL. All the best 👍 for tonight match.

      2. Robert Weide

        @Archit Rai Mate you never know with this team i am a barca fan and also fed up as we have lost 3 times horribly in a row.

      3. Archit Rai

        Barcelona will not get disqualified

    65. Salma Navarro Delgado

      Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo

    66. faiza jahan

      Messi vs Ronaldo,stoke levels high as never before😍😍

    67. Satantra Sengupta

      All the best to Barca

    68. LLD Entertainment

      Messi V/S Ronaldo

    69. Jaikishan Jayakumar

      Messi vs ronaldo

    70. Lansana Drame

      8 2😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Martin Zarate


    71. AndyVas1 7

      I like how pjanic and Arthur first ucl game with their new team will play their old club

    72. RAMAN HD


    73. sam buddy

      El clásico reloading for Messi and Ronaldo

      1. Brian Liang

        @Farhan M Yeah that’s what I’m saying. You said it’s Spain’s top 2 clubs, and I’m just saying that at this point, the top 2 clubs will always be real and Barca.

      2. Farhan M

        @Brian Liang Yah And Spain's top 2 clubs are?

      3. Brian Liang

        @Farhan M I mean at this point, it’s just Barca vs real

      4. Farhan M

        El Clasico is the Game between Spain's top two clubs Not Messi vs Ronaldo

    74. AyKay PES YT

      Lets win this time and get revenge of all the humiliations ❤️💙

      1. Netflix Series

        @Brian Liang ok let see wait for the game....

      2. Brian Liang

        @Netflix Series I don’t even know what your talking about. Your acting like I’m calling Juventus a bad team when I literally praised Pirlo. And even as a Barca fan last season, I knew Bayern would beat Barca because Barca’s a one man team. Can you start reading the replies and fixing your wording. Juve is a good team, Ik that, but Juve won’t fair against the top top teams like Bayern, Liverpool etc

      3. Netflix Series

        @Brian Liang what i wanna something from pirlo i am watching Pirlo is little mistakes now Pirlo understand what was his tactics wrong with Players

      4. Netflix Series

        @Brian Liangwhen i do talk when my Team will beat your team Not fast Commitment Here my team kick your Ass and What wanna something From pirlo So pirlo is Good And Happy Juventus fans only Put Staring XI wrong player Arthur is better then Weston mckennie and BENTACORE is better now Pirlo Learn will his mistakes

      5. Brian Liang

        @Netflix Series Your responding to the Wrong person. I said Pirlo as a coach isn’t something you wanna see because he’s good. His footballing mind is one of the greatest. I don’t know where your English went, and idk where you brought in Ronaldo, Sevilla, or athletico.

    75. AyKay PES YT

      Messi Vs Cristiano 😍

      1. tareeq al hayat plaster

        @Its Me both are same

      2. Its Me

        @tareeq al hayat plaster that's not a doubt that's a question ma man

      3. tareeq al hayat plaster

        @we are liverpool this means more thanks for replie

      4. Forca Barca

        @we are liverpool this means more first match juve vs barca or no im just to excited

      5. we are liverpool this means more

        @tareeq al hayat plaster next two weeks

    76. Omar Yahya

      Messi has the chance to show who the GOAT is once and for all. Let's go!!!

      1. Josep Maria Bartomeu

        @Robert Weide missi fans angry af😂😭

      2. Shiv Mangal Prasad

        @Robert Weide like you did after the match against bayern?

      3. Robert Weide

        @Josep Maria Bartomeu Keep sobbing of ronaldos di**.

      4. Omar Yahya

        @Dildar Alikhel 😂😂

      5. Josep Maria Bartomeu

        @Robert Weide keep crying pissi fans😂

    77. Dean - SeNapses

      Barca has the biggest challenge from the start. Time to prove themselves. And we also get some Ronaldo vs Messi action again! Amazing🤩

      1. Krishna Angom

        +De Jong vs De Lith + Pjanic vs Arthur 🔥

    78. Gautham Roopesh

      1:02:24 I see Salzburg underwent a logo rechristening

      1. Lay Lay


    79. Farhan khan

      Visca El barca 💙❤ bring it on

    80. Vishwa Praveen

      Messi vs Ronaldo 😍😍💯💯🔥🔥🐐🐐

      1. Edwison Gogo

        @Shiv Mangal Prasad you should be saying both legs not say as if the Argentain doesn't score at all in the two legged tie which he does in a few of those , and I just was talking about the head to head one sidedness where they met 5 times in 3 Different UCL seasons which is interesting, and no reason for selling stiffs to get upset about that mentioning.

      2. Edwison Gogo

        @Shiv Mangal Prasad my point was there are stiffs who try to deny the head to heads and most importantly it's INDIVIDUAL Performances in those Meetings the Paul Scholes steal in 08 we saw the Argentain run riots in both games whichever of the tire with the Argentain setting a UCL dribbling record the Process so it's kinda one sided ESPECIALLY in the Individual Performances in all the games despite the less than 5 but fine if you were only commenting because of the overconfidence, and what do you mean Last meeting meeting??? Wasn't a victory for Barca with Messi scoring a brace in the group stages including his first goal against Buffon, but yeah it's a completely different game I don't necessarily dwell in the past it doesn't define or destine this game cause we talking about teams who turned a corner are different from even last season so it would be grotesquely delusional to think or presey the past results as a deciding factor in two teams of which they are different from even last season, but despite Barcelona likely to enter as Favourites even away on the 28th it's still destined to be a competitive game, despite the draw against Lopetegui's men contrast to Juve's Victory against Gattuso's men earlier beating, Barca look stronger and it's a different season Juve look rejuvenated, Different, look more promising compared to the Last few disappointing seasons in the UCL , still early off course but yes confident of the Argentain and Barcelona maybe not sweeping aside Pirlo's Men but Winning both in Turin and off course in the Camp Nou, it will be an entertaining game for sure, it's still early it sounds like all talks right now because it is but...come back post game and ask me how I knew of this and why was I do confident of this result.

      3. Shiv Mangal Prasad

        @Edwison Gogo Also,if you compare past 5 years,Cris has scored regardless of whether his team wins or loses(v/s ajax and lyon) and has even helped them in epic comebacks while barca have consecutively lost to roma,liverpool,atleti,juve and now bayern.

      4. Shiv Mangal Prasad

        @Edwison Gogo They haven't played thousand times in the cl. They met only thrice,it's Messi 2-1 Ronnie. I only wrote my comment because you were overconfident and already declaring the result beforehand (that barca will win). Don't underestimate Dybala who scored a brace in the last meeting.

      5. Edwison Gogo

        @Shiv Mangal Prasad your logic is pointless, but I'll give it to yeah a possibility is always there for either of them not POPING up, Bonucci or Pique might be the match winners, however we talking about likely hood exclusively in reference to their previous UCL meetings which are extremely one sided, we can try deflecting this fact with the changing of subjects but it is what it is, the previous meetings are very one sided, but hey new game let's see what happens.

    81. Manish Timsina

      real matrid get very simple opponent

    82. Cars Remakes

      Again 8:2 hahaha 😂😂

      1. Shiv Mangal Prasad

        @Fargeeb Mahbub I guess it was 2-1 against lyon. Also, Barka 0-3 Roma Barka 0-2 Atleti Barka 0-3 Juve Barka 0-4 Liverpool Barka 2-8 Bayern

      2. Fargeeb Mahbub

        @Cars Remakes juve 2-2 Roma Lyon 1-0 Roma 3-1 juve

      3. Curtis Allen

        @Cars Remakes which team do you support 🤔

      4. Fargeeb Mahbub

        Fuck.up, will you

      5. LuckyOne 4-7

        @Cars Remakes wow you are so funny with your lightning mqueen profile pic omg

    83. Rafael Aquino Guerrero

      Canledario de barca champions

    84. Foufou Lecomique

      I am very proud that we are meeting Juventus because I want us to beat C. Ronaldo

      1. Curtis Allen

        Again 🤡

    85. Asfand yar khan mandokhail

      Yeah we all know you are avoiding bayern


      Am I he only one scared to face juve especially since pirlo is their new coach

      1. Dario Hanxhari

        @Brian Liang i think the top 7 contenders are bayern man city barca juventus liverpool i see barca and juve over liverpool

      2. Brian Liang

        @Dario Hanxhari Villarreal is one of the better la liga teams and we 4-0 them. The celta game is what suprised me. We haven’t won an away game at celta in so long. And Koeman did it with 10 men. Last season we were a bit unlucky for getting matched against the best team in the world. I think we are a top 5 team for UCL contenders this year.

      3. Dario Hanxhari

        @Brian Liang true we even have a chance to win to be honest but we only have played small teams the sevilla games will tell everything

      4. Brian Liang

        @Dario Hanxhari Maybe not Liverpool as much. Last year was kind of a fluke, and because Adrian cost liverpool big. Liverpool are still big threats this year. But in my honest opinion, Bayern are likely to win again. Idk tho, it’s a game of suprises

      5. Dario Hanxhari

        @Brian Liang but stll i dont see liverpool that danferous

    87. Bayern765


      1. Bayern765

        @Robert Weide I'm saying he said I liked my own comment i'm proving that's not true also this is a barca channel so mostly barca fans 8-2

      2. Robert Weide

        @Bayern765 Someone else liked it and then you liked it so 2 likes compare that to my 11 🤣

      3. Bayern765

        @Robert Weide Not liking my own comment lol u want me to prove it ok it was at 1 now it is at 2 so 🤫 8-2 and 7-0 🙂

      4. Martin Zarate

        @Dildar Alikhel 6-2

      5. Martin Zarate

        @Bayern765 6-2

    88. Roshan Gyawali

      As a team, Barca is winner over Juventus no doubt , but in the pitch when you have Ronaldo you gonna get some heat on your legs.

      1. Shiv Mangal Prasad

        @Roshan Gyawali Barca had a better team in 2017 only to get knocked out by Dybala. I'm not a juve fan though.

      2. Roshan Gyawali

        @Luke Mack nice joke and watch more football

      3. Brayan enock

        @Luke Mack 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      4. Luke Mack

        Juve have the better team though

      5. Brayan enock

        @Dildar Alikhel no lo se Rick parece falso

    89. Leo Messi

      ML10 2-0 CR7 (2020/21) 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Forca Barca

        @Shiv Mangal Prasad juve have a great Midfield too but not as good as barca and puiq don't want to leave

      2. Shiv Mangal Prasad

        @Forca Barca Juve also have mckennie arthur kulusevski ramsey. I'm not a juve fan though. Also,isn't puig land to some other team?

      3. Forca Barca

        @Dildar Alikhel 😂😂 nice joke we better Midfield De jong Puiq Pedri Pjanic Oriol Busquest Coutinho

      4. Dildar Alikhel

        @Forca Barca we have the best defend but barca all players are flop

      5. Forca Barca

        @Luke Mack both of shit defend

    90. matti magongo

      We shall see

    91. matti magongo

      Juv vs Barca

    92. Just Krisi

      Hungary is not East 😑

    93. Ajit !

      _Finally we'll see Messi vs Ronaldo_ _I'm so excited_

      1. Jungbean Im

        Ye finally seeing the rivalry again

      2. Its Me

        @ninja G original shut the fuck up nothing well has been said by a barca fan

      3. Máté Havlik

        Can you tape it for me? I’ll be watching my Fradi against Dinamo XD

      4. Cool Boy

        When match start ??

      5. Shaan SACHANANDANI [6S]


    94. Trolls Fan

      Messi vs Ronaldo

    95. Danny Ramirez Garrido

      Of course man city get the easiest group again

      1. Muhammad Gema

        @Karl Mendez Ajax Atalanta easy???

      2. TGA Mystery

        @Nived and they would never win it with these tactics

      3. Nived

        Of course man city did not win ucl again

      4. TGA Mystery

        Surely again and they will get out again like the previous 4 seasons in the quarter final

      5. Rick Adhikary

        Man city has tendency to mess up the thing with this teams.

    96. Альфия Чакаева

      Visca el Barca y visca Catalunya💙❤ Forca Barca🔥🔥🔥 BARTAMEY OUT BARTAMEY OUT BARTAMEY OUT!!!!

      1. The User Adi

        Its Bartomeu BTW


      Why Were The haters Here Just Go to You're Team's Live Instead Of spamming 8 - 2

      1. HG


      2. Beanos no fagioli

        @Luke Mack lol

      3. Luke Mack


      4. Chinaedum Ukaobasi

        Exactly man

    98. WIV_ PRO


    99. Haha Haha

      instead of fighting we shall cherish this match because it is probably the last time these two legends will play together in a competitive match

      1. we are liverpool this means more

        Thats right say it louder for the crying fanboys in the back

      2. Norcal

        Indeed. Sad to say, but an Era is coming to an end!

    100. K KIZILKAYA

      Dynamo 1-1 barca

      1. noorunisah begam

        Juventus 0-0 Dynamo Kiev