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    1. gaglet


    2. אורי שטרית

      Msii lozr

    3. Sergio ramos

      Hoeman Messi?

    4. Bellvania Latisha

      We're used to seeing you guys play with tiki taka. right now even if you win but without tiki taka, why should we watch you?

    5. Akar Awar

      I'm from Indonesia,,, please send Ozil to the Camp Nou ✌️✌️✌️

    6. 乃木坂&日向坂

      I LOVE Barcelona

    7. Gustavo Arturo CÓRDOVA VENTOCILLA

      Por favor suban el resumen del partido de Champions del martes en Kiev

    8. Alexs Soaa

      Gracias por todo, Diego.

    9. ميسي يمعذبهم

      الفيو ميسي

    10. Just_M4rcø _

      Barca in LaLiga: 👶🏻 Barca in Champions League: 🤴🏼💪

    11. Moon OverSanjuan

      Bartomeu dejo un club en ruina a todos los niveles. Algún día lo pagará. Jugadores vividores de la sopa boba OUT ✊💙❤️

    12. Sergio Happy

      Oye Barcelona yo también quiero una caja cositas jaja como a youtubers viva Barcelona

    13. Jhalak Raj Tiwari

      I love Barcelona but I hate these people

    14. نحن البرشا نحن متعة كرة القدم

      إنه من العراق... I'm from iraq

    15. rqq Betawi

      Barcelona formation is 4231 goalkeepers: Ter Stegen beck: Pique lenglet Dest Jordi Alba center: f.dejong busqet Coutinho grizmen Messi forward: Brahim

    16. Rolly Costy

      Nice viedo

    17. Rolly Costy


    18. haythem laabidi

      I love barcelona

    19. كلاسيكو العالم TV

      سلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


      I think maradona has passed away

    21. maximiliano andres castro

      murio maradona

    22. Ayham nassar ABO NASSAR

      visca barca

    23. Monirul Hassan

      It sound weird but Barcelona played better without Messi. They have the best away result for quite some time. All the plyers played their natural game. It seems they players could not play their natural game while Messi is around.

    24. Wictor Eduardo

      E aí, rapaziada! Me chamo wictor, eu sou jogador de futebol e tenho passagem por alguns clubes da 3 divisão do carioca. atualmente estou sem clube, mas decidi criar esse canal pra que assim, meu futebol alcance lugares maiores, e também, eu possa realizar meu sonho. Então da uma passada aqui no canal e da uma moral. Tmj!!

    25. Michael Nikonos

      que mierda es esto ?!!!

    26. Anzonini Delpuerto

      Uff que partidazo, que vergüenza da este club, para lo que ha quedado para ganarle al Kiev. KOEMAN GRIEZMANN OUT. LAPORTA, KLOPP, AGÜERO IN.

    27. Pearson Ningombam

      Fc Barcelona is not the Barca I remember ed

    28. Pearson Ningombam

      Win against small clubs and loss to big clubs . What kind of performance is this? 😡😡😡😡

    29. shaden

      Dest better than s*** Roberto plz understand that😑and pedri should become better and better and i can sure he'll be from the first players in future (not next Inesta but first Pedri)♥

    30. MNR Rifty

      Can anyone tell me the insta id of these guys

    31. Lizeth Amador


    32. TGA Mystery

      LOL With the bench we win 4-1 AWAY and with the real starting 11 we win only 2-1 AT THE CAMP NOU.

      1. ostsmagergoodt


    33. Manish D.

      Results doesn't matter. Horrifying Play. Simply bad performance. So many misspasses. They have become a physical team with just finish. That quality football is gone.

    34. TGA Mystery

      What can we say, griezo just loves scoring with the youngsters. LOL

    35. Ronie Iebach

      center-back Óscar Mingueza García played very well..he deserved to play every game as a Barcelona core player replacing the old Piqué

    36. Poiupooiu


    37. Biblioteca Publica

      They should keep this line-up

    38. RaofElbenz.

      Why is this so cringe😂

    39. Xbsb Dhshss


    40. Tommy Shelby

      Braithwaite has more cl away goals since 2015 than Suarez

    41. brian xx1

      Please buy eyman barkok from german player skill, pasing defender very good

    42. Diego S

      🙁😒 A great result , but there is weakness in performance , wrong passing and flexibility in extracting the ball from the opponent in addition to beginning very slow and a lot of cross passes not forward 😞😞😞😞

    43. irfan ippu

      Good player Oscar 🔥🔥👌👌

    44. Manahil

      Happy Birthday Pedri 🎂😍

    45. YOUTH x RADI

      As a barca fan. Y r they so cringey🤣

    46. FR33STYL3 B4ND1T

      Mingueza is the new Ramos, forget Garcia hahahah!

    47. Mohamad Fatwa

      Congratulations! barca hv a place at big 16!❤

    48. rezhawa jumamichi

      Mantap lord El Palkontolero membuktikan ketajamannya, mantap Barca clean sheet di tandang 😂👍👍👍

    49. Fantom 10

      This what la masia players can do. Koeman give chances to guys who come from our natural talent house. We need outsiders.That new guy in the defence is just like young ramos. not like stubborn pique.

    50. Omar Yahya

      Dest, Mingueza, Elena all impressive. Happy to see Braithwaite grab his first goals in the CL and for Griezmann to score too. This is more like it.

    51. Abdelwhab Mohammed

      Oscar mingueza is underrated

    52. Ajay Shinde

      Very good performance by Brathwaite , Alena , dest and the famous griezmann

    53. Sabitra sabitra

      I am very exciting who will won the la liga........😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    54. Atok Grunge

      see i told ya.. no messi no problem bruh... we do not need lazy messi.. we can win this.. yahooo!!!!! even dest know how to make a goal.. next game try not play messi suck... we can do this guys!!

    55. Hamad Omar

      كفو برشلونة

    56. bumblebee 20189

      Love chat was great

    57. klein

      matheus fernandez need a chance,his is good at protect the ball

    58. Mozes Aeroe

      We don't need Messi, because it doesn't suit his style of play

    59. Landress Ho

      I have no doubt bout barca young players they all are good just trust each other barca can be unbeatable I believe

      1. overo nugraha

        Yeah, off course. Lamasia effect

    60. Geoffrey best

      I am single and looking for a girlfriend

    61. Vishal Vinod

      I think we found a Ramos.( O.M.Garcia)

    62. MUHAMMED

      Barca barca

    63. MUHAMMED

      I am proud of you

    64. MUHAMMED

      Messi you not play with dynamo kiev

    65. Juan Pacheco

      Tenemos un nuevo Puyol fuera ya pique

    66. Atiq Ahmat

      Who's the captain yesterday

      1. Atiq Ahmat

        @Jordy j thanks

      2. Jordy j

        Ter stegen

    67. Thala Ajith kerala fans association


    68. shivani jadhav

      Barcelona are not consistent, they play good in ucl but why not in laliga i want barca to comeback in laliga with confidence

      1. Ole And His Son Rashford MBE

        @Dildar Alikhel that was like last season and is idc about 8-2

      2. Ole And His Son Rashford MBE

        @Edgymnerc Officialled true

      3. Edgymnerc Officialled

        @Ole And His Son Rashford MBE He is a double dad kid

      4. Ole And His Son Rashford MBE

        They Are focusing on UCL

      5. Ole And His Son Rashford MBE

        @Dildar Alikhel when barca is doing well and that's What you called

    69. KONAMI PES 2021

      Who else thinks Martin working hard for this team

      1. How about another joke?

        @Dildar Alikhel 4:0

      2. KONAMI PES 2021

        @Dildar Alikhel bro anything can happen in football🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    70. Master Wizard

      I jumped off from my seat when Dest scored...well done team👏🏻👏🏻❤💙

    71. dominic sanga

      Better without messi.. Alba , pique also time to take rest🤔

      1. overo nugraha

        Btw alba give one assist for griezman

    72. Dark Gamer

      Barça is Messi power

    73. New Castle Gaming

      Barca neeed the coach lik zidane reason(3) hope you understand

    74. Dark Gamer

      Today no Messi why

    75. Dark Gamer

      Power of football

    76. RIFKI

      Barcelona B is amazing

    77. Ana Tesy Contreras

      Eso barca

    78. Sachin Thomas

      Missing Messi🙂

    79. Nimsath Nemika

      Possible squad 2021 Gk - ter stagen , p lopez Cb-pique,lenglet,e gracia,araujo Lb-j alba,j firpo Rb-s roberto,s dest Dm-buesquets,f de jong,pjanic Cm-c alena , p pogba , Am-coutinho Cf-m depay ,martinez, brathwaite Lw - a fati,pedri Rw-trinaco,new man,messi(5%) Not - greezmann , umtiti, demebele.,puig

      1. Ole And His Son Rashford MBE


    80. Fikri29

      What a performance by Oscar Mingueza🔥

      1. Nimsath Nemika


      2. Edgymnerc Officialled

        @Nimsath Nemika In the future its gonna increase for sure

      3. Nimsath Nemika

        His fifa skill is 65

    81. Garis Khatulistiwa

      Arnold Schwarzenegger must be happy after saw Sergino Dest performance

      1. How about another joke?

        What LMAO

    82. PES TECHER

      Currently braithwaite plays better than Maguire😂😂😂

    83. 西本和矢


    84. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    85. L'Genderlessberg VODS

      XD thank you guys for mentioning me in the GOOOOL chat for braithwaite. 1:50:49 Thank You

    86. Boy Kelly

      Barça have more points in the CL, than in la liga.

    87. Boy Kelly

      Messi, pique, busquets quien los necesita? Un nuevo Barça.

    88. No More

      This game shows that Barca don’t really need messi

      1. Mpilo3nhle _3ll3n


    89. 9B / 40 / Willy Marcelius

      Braithwaite deserve more playing time

    90. A 1992

      Players who hold the ball too much neutralize Barca's attacking power To surprise opposing teams, we need to play as fast as Bayern

    91. James maliet manyuat

      South sudan

    92. Muh. Fajrin

      Visca barca🔵🔴🔥

    93. Pennywise

      drop messi play the kids

      1. How about another joke?

        Messi to the CITY

      2. Mpilo3nhle _3ll3n

        They want to play

    94. Park Jenmin

      R9 2020 😂

    95. Ardit Zuna

      griezmann is cancer of barca 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    96. Barça My Best

      This is Barça DNA Everyone show good play!!

    97. A 1992

      Let's see Sergino Dest can fill Dani Alves' vacancy at Barca

    98. A 1992

      Trincao's first promising game for Barca

    99. Kemiso Nqhome

      i wish riqui puig could get more game time he's really good

    100. A 1992

      Martin Braithwaite was very motivated👏