👶🍼 GUESS THE BABY: Can KOEMAN guess who these BABY PLAYERS are?

FC Barcelona

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    Koeman takes the GUESS THE BABY challenge. Will he be able to guess who are all these baby players?
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    1. FC Barcelona


      1. Jacob Hextall

        8-2 3-1

      2. MMEARV

        Visca FCB baraca

      3. TheMalberMarble07


      4. sanghamitra neog

        Yo Long

      5. Siddharth Ray

        Twinkle Twinkle little star

    2. Alfin KJ

      *Legends say he is still saying busquets*

    3. Conrad Poh

      I used to play for Barcelona

    4. Zoosh

      Respect Luis Suarez

    5. Kamron Rajabiy

      What’s Catalan?

    6. North Seriosa

      Koeman being stupid

    7. Murtaza Umair

      I expected hi im ronald koeman and i used to play for barcelona

    8. the inst

      Koeman:i used to play for barcelona

    9. Eddy Saucedo

      So instead of coming up with a solution you are playing games yep this club is a joke !!!!!

    10. MertArasGames

      0:03 I need the name of the blonde woman for my homework. Help me out guys😅

    11. Naruto Uzamaki

      Reporter: Is Messi the 🐐? Koeman: Busquets?


      This guy knows the unknown players but stumbles when he sees Messi

    13. Aditya Vijay Singh roll no.1

      Koeman is the worst coach in the world

    14. Adam Males

      Koeman is awful

    15. FoeboeKing NL

      Hij heeft nog echt een engels accent😂

    16. Paco Tocino

      Koeman, de los peores entrenadores que ha tenido nunca el fútbol español... me gustaria verlo entrenando al cádiz

    17. Yohaan Philip Jose

      dumb KOEMAN to remove luis suarez

    18. Onionlegand Is awesom

      the whole comment section is talking about how he thinks everyone is Busquets.

    19. Bryson Miles

      You can tell. He really knows his players well.

    20. David Maahury

      Je hoort zo ontzettend goed dat hij Nederlands is😂😂😂

    21. Gunraj Singh

      Si si si si si...........si

    22. Lautaro Morelli

      Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: Koeman: Busquets?

    23. E. A.

      What an idiot this Koeman!!!

    24. Sally E

      I mean I'm not even a Barca fan and I guess almost everyone correctly. How did Koeman not guess them right away?

    25. hamoza gamer

      ilove barcelona

      1. hamoza gamer

        @Z Y D I love barcelona

      2. Z Y D

        8-2 3-1?????

    26. Roman Bree

      Win the clasico and make a game

    27. JaydanSumser22

      Still cant make subs lmao

    28. King_coey88 1190

      speaks better English then kane

    29. carlos edu

      O time nessa situacao e os caras brincando

    30. Dylan’s Wrestling Rumbles

      Messi looks like his son

    31. Pedro Felón Sánchez

      When did football became this? What is this bullshit? Football used to be a men thing, they are ruining it

    32. mike.zwolle

      I loved the way he said frenkie de jong


      koeman out!!!!

    34. Juan Raymundo

      Ahora ya entiendo porque Busquets siempre es titular con Komean

    35. Adnan Assaf

      Really sad how barca lost 3-1 in el classico

      1. Z Y D


    36. Jäger Main

      *Shows Obama* Koeman: Busquets???

    37. bangwanto bangwantolikers

      chenel fc Barcelona memang mantap betul

    38. Arvinth Kumar


    39. Abeer Obaid


    40. - LucLoL -

      *G E K O L O N I S E E R D*

    41. shayan ahmad

      Instagram posts :umtiti umtiti umtiti Koeman :busquets busquets busquets

    42. stephan villegas


    43. Klei Papa

      I 8-2 not see the last one😉😉😉

    44. Stimpy

      How he doesn’t get some of these first time is stupid

    45. Diego emmanuel Rosado gutierrez

      Grande Koeman

    46. Michael Junior

      no one: literally no one: Koeman: bUsQuEtS?

    47. Ronald R

      Just come back to the Netherlands. Frank de Boer sucks

    48. El Roberto 2006 L.C

      Porque no os atreveis a hablar en español.

      1. Eliasdavid08

        Es que Koeman no habla bien español hay vídeos donde hablan español

    49. Malhar Dave

      Editor: how many sound effec- Barca: YES YES YES

    50. Malhar Dave

      Every second picture Koeman: Busquets?

    51. Pablo Berna

      Dice conozco bien a busquets de pequeño y lo ha dicho 20 veces



    53. tasin noor kader


    54. Captan Jerry

      Força Barça

    55. Itsridwaaan

      I love Coman actually. But those media platform Made it hard.

    56. naruto uz

      How the fuck he didnt knew messi😣

    57. JNKA

      Reporter : Who is the best footballer in the world? Koeman : BUSQUETS haha just a joke

    58. Adios

      0:40 x0.25 jjsjsjsjjs

    59. sam

      😂😂😂 the GOAT sound on messi's pic tho. Epic

    60. PACY BOSS

      Who loves Sergio Biscuits ? 🖐

    61. Pablo Berna

      Busquets es igual que cesc fabregas

    62. Moralez Hunter

      Im from indonesia holaa

    63. Nava Barcelona 15

      Nobody: Absolutly nobody: Players are kids: Koeman: This is are Busquets, no? No, this kid are Busquets, no? And this? Oh yeah, i know this is Busquets because i know his father

    64. FAYIZ FF

      I love koeman he is really a goood person😍😍4

    65. Akay Fate

      "1:41" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1605 a week with them! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ

    66. Aarav Reddy

      Barca is a cool club, but they have problems internally. Like if you agree.

    67. Brandon Ramirez Valencia

      You are the worst couch

    68. Brandon Ramirez Valencia

      Fire you couch

    69. the king

      Trump 🇳🇱 holand hhhh

    70. Badmer R

      *Explains why he knows Busquets* *randomly guesses Busquets in every picture*

    71. Mr GWN

      alba was the most obvious hahah


      Everyone talking about Busquets and here thinking Messi looks exactly like his son thiago when he was young

    73. Balaaj Tarrar

      Can he guess how to win a champions league would be better.

    74. אביב רוזמרין


    75. Cristian López

      Ahhhmigooo que Busquets es enchufado , ahora entiendo tanto años de un jugador tan "normal"

    76. Cristian López

      Madre mía, si tiene la misma dificultad para entrenar, que se acueste y sude

    77. Pennywise

      Big Nose is back

    78. Manuel Rodriguez

      Koeman queriendo hablar español y creo que le obligan un poco a que diga las cosas en inglés.

    79. Jose Rodrigo Morales

      Koenman si piensa no como setien Ro o azul setien verde

    80. Ayaan Kashif


    81. MrBeastEs

      1:44 pues para conocerlo también lo confundió un otra de veces 😅

    82. Messi's Memes

      *_Shows Umtiti_* Koeman: *BUSQUETS?*

    83. Trent Boult

      @Fc Barcelona you guys need to interact with us. Just learn from @Bundesliga channel

    84. HieGuyBye

      Without Busquets Family, koeman would be no where

    85. Ronaldo Productions

      Other World : Busquets???? Koeman : Yes, Busquets

    86. SOHAM SAHA

      Argentina last won the wc when messi was not even born

    87. N śadewa

      He loves frankie

    88. Al Ali

      8 2

    89. gokuxavi270

      Why did i do better than the coach of the team? lol

    90. Justin Canza

      None of the black kids in photos why???? The should get at least 2 of them maybe umtiti would look like Basquet sorry busquet

    91. ONS Cnl

      Visca Barça

    92. Katt Niss

      Is that busquets behind the cameras talking to koeman😂

    93. Messi Lamki

      This was too easy me myself I knew everybody

    94. Angela Loo

      He is taking time to guess the obvious 😭🤣🤣 I like it

    95. Vishnuvijayan 9544

      0:37 was that a clue??? 🐐

    96. Sanfro Fracis

      It's a forward Lionel Messi 💪🤩

    97. joaquin perez

      Barça está tan perdido que sigue usando a umtiti como imagen 2:00

    98. joaquin perez

      00:52 nashee

      1. joaquín rt

        sisi JSJDKSKD

    99. CLEMEPRO10

      He looks si uncomfortable

    100. Hugo C

      Messi es igual que Thiago 😂😂😂