HIGHLIGHTS | At. Madrid 0 - 1 Barça | Into the semifinals!

FC Barcelona

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    For the third time in their history, Barça Women will be among the last four in Europe. A tenacious Barça Women's performance was a platform for Lluís Cortés side to go through to the semifinals of the Women's Champions League thanks to a late goal from Hamraoui.
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    1. An Nguyễn Văn

      Fan FC Barcelona

    2. idris farjad

      Bartomeo out !!!!!!! He's the biggest blame in Barcelona history and he makes the best player of all time sad

    3. D'alessandro Paredes

      bartomeu solo se fija en las mujeres Pdta:xD


      We will win

    5. Mertio

      20 number she is adama trarore woman version

    6. Marcos Maza Paredes

      Esta barça es el mejor

    7. Jesús De la Cruz

      Saludos desde México culés 🇲🇽 retengan a Messi!!!!!

    8. marley taylor

      The one who scored was number 10

    9. M S

      Bartomeu out

    10. Dani Santoyo G.

      Quien será la messi mujer xxdddd

    11. CHC Gaming

      We re bad for messi. barca club didn t made the right decision with him. He is right but the club is wrong. At least the woman team is making a good job.

    12. Fawaz Al Zayed


    13. MLBB Mania Story


    14. Sneed


    15. Netflix Soundtrack

      Barça out kkk

    16. Life change r

      Proud to be barca fans

    17. Dante Ezequiel Ramos

      Bartomeu dimiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    18. Darth Elius

      Bartomeu Out!!!!

    19. Dith Akainu Turnip

      Female defeat by german 😅

    20. Kwaku Baah-Bempong

      So I just found out I've been watching the wrong Barcelona team this whole time post lockdown

    21. dimasseptian77 bayu


    22. Rafa Rara

      Oh your here as well to see the comments about the defeat of Braça with Bayern. Hi

    23. Siddhant Shastri

      Messi in, Bartameou out. Vamos Messi. Let's just spam till Messi stays.

      1. ManCity 17

        Why don't you just hand him over to us at Man City😁🤗

    24. بندر النصيري

      والله ماعندهن سالفه ويبغن رواتبهن نفس الرجال 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    25. Hooman Bekhradi

      Bartomeu out

    26. Hooman Bekhradi

      f u Bartomeu

    27. Ajayi Wale


    28. Stomatologya Uzbekistan

      Uzbekistan dan Fc Barça ga omad

    29. Bruh Rand

      Atleast women dont do stupid dives and make soccer boring🤟

    30. tresor bokwa

      Barca women's team very strong than men's team...

    31. THANOS the mastermind

      The crazy thing is I got recommended realsocied 1 Barcelona 10

    32. Celvindicator Jr.

      They look more active than the men😅

    33. Yves Chanel

      Why they don't exchange jersey ?

    34. Damian Ortiz

      Almost 10 million suscríber

    35. Arthur nel

      Why the women football is that much underrated???? Need more support 👏👏

    36. Robert Montez

      Felicidades mis Hermosas Super Barsas

    37. Braxy korusawa

      Leo messi scored that

    38. Abbas aldosary

      fc Bayern's women club be like=🤣🤣🤣

    39. X3 X3

      Honestly it looks like U12 men football or smth like that.

    40. Harsit Baral

      The one thing that didn't change because of the virus is the women's team's attendance

    41. Noob

      The irony, Barca men are doing poorly now

    42. Ariel P. Quijano


    43. kingisaac mobile

      Barca women's team is really good

    44. Jessica Valerie Ballakistan

      Repeatedly taking shots at goal until they get it in the men's team has been playing to much with the ball in the defence

    45. 34. Suvam Mondal


    46. cadaani cade

      better than boys🤙✌

    47. Future Bright Videos

      I like how they play, it good looking morethen for a man team. Keep it up my favourite women football player Lieke Martens

    48. Guerdithe Nelson

      Les joueuses du Barça était trop personnelle devant le but,il ne faut pas oublier que ensembles on vas plus loin.

    49. Muhammad Ali Narvi

      The no.10 scores....reminds the goat

    50. Muhammad Ali Narvi

      The no.10 scores....reminds the goat

    51. Dominic savio Obinwa

      At least this would in a way console me.. Men's team really embarrassed me amongst my friends.

    52. Pukar Mani Rai

      keeping the hope alive. Proud of Barca women's team.

    53. Youssef Assem

      Tears in my eyes the girls are making us proud visca Barca vamooooss

    54. Eduardo flamenguista FIFA 2007

      Eu torço para o melhor time da europa BARCELONA

    55. Charbel Asfar

      we are finding something to be proud of as barça fans. womens matches❤⚽️

    56. Neymar Jr10

      Melhor que o time masculino

    57. mehedi hasan

      respect for fcb,s women's team....!

    58. Riad Hussain

      barca was attacking left and right its astonishing to see them score only 1

    59. denny saputro

      No one cares about women ucl lol

    60. Miguel Angel Gonzalez Díaz

      Siempre existe alguna alegría no todo es malo, Visca el Barca siempre.

    61. Jerry Marquez

      Que partido wow,!,

    62. Cdxst

      Who's here after bayern won the UCL?

    63. Sebastian el mejor del futbol zambrano


    64. Oxy xjaes7

      The girl with the orange hair needs to improve they should put someone better on top tbh

    65. Sunny Gurung


    66. Focus 9k

      1:24 ..aight imma just sit here...

    67. henk vrieling

      I you know the results, why watch.

    68. sharfaraz AHMAD

      This barca woman team can beat current men team 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    69. Barcelona forever

      Well done barcelona ladies

    70. Kanishka Sandeep

      Barça women's team also have the same problem..They create a lot of chances but failed create those chances into goals..CF is also like Greizmann 😂😄😄 Problems with the final touch

    71. kevin Banza


    72. victor felix vargas

      Le meten más ganas estás chicas que los troncos que tenemos en el equipo 😒

    73. qatuhi

      woman football should be banned its sooo bad

    74. MastiKhor Boy

      humaari choriya choro se kam hai kya

    75. الإنحراف إحتراف

      Goal by Valderrama

    76. Kaya Khoza

      The way you've been hyping up the mens team when the women's team have been out here getting Ws for you all along😂

    77. Senkai


    78. Abhishek Mohanty

      Honestly speaking... They're playing much better than the Men's team... They should be covered more and appreciated...

      1. Abhishek Mohanty

        @ranndino I wasn't talking about the match between the men and women's team... I am acknowledging the fact that the women are doing very well in their own league... (AGAINST OTHER WOMEN'S TEAMS)... and therefore should be covered more paid more attention to..

      2. ranndino

        You must be joking, dude. The men's team would beat them 57-0.


        The level of competition in Women’s football is awful though, only teams with lots of money tend to win, e.g USA winning the world cup

    79. Alwell

      At least the women are not as embarrassing as the men

    80. Soos Kleeeks

      At least now it wasn’t a 2-8 humilation

    81. Azzam

      8 2

    82. Terry Kay

      Tf our women playing better football..not that they should not be but WOW 👏🏾👏🏾

    83. garv sood

      This team would probably do better than in the 8-2 loss than the men's team.

    84. Karim

      Messi, left the chat!

    85. Nikunj Chauhan

      Barca vs Bayern Munich 2-8😂😂😂👍

    86. Faysal Br

      هيا فاموس نساء البرسا 💙⁦❤️⁩👑

    87. Youtube Gaming

      pengalihan isu tetap kawal 8-2 gaes

    88. Mohamud Bulle

      We need to bring some of these players of ours into the men's team..

    89. Riska Umami

      Semangat barca

    90. Ahsanul Haque

      This team should play against Bayern in UCL. wouldn't concede 8 goals for sure.

    91. Perseverance Mazuru

      Well played girls we're proud of you

    92. Cry More

      They chest the ball so properly 😍

    93. RichHomieTom

      Nowhere near , 2-8...... Best of luck ladies

    94. yuosef Emad

      ماشاء الله البنات احسن من الرجال 😆😆

    95. Oratile Phiri

      Only team that plays the Barca way.

    96. fuck de media


    97. Mr Satire

      So this is supposed to be Barca vs ATM? Bruh a college match has higher intensity that this

    98. Labib Rahman

      Win or lose barca till we die

    99. Professor Moriarty

      Watch and learn 😂😂

    100. PES PRO

      Dont you have shame to upload this video

      1. Mr Pie 5000