🔙⚽HIGHLIGHTS | Barça - PSG (2-0) Champions League quarter-final second leg 2014/15

FC Barcelona

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    Don't miss the highlights of the match against PSG back in 2015, our next opponent in the Champions League.
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    1. Pain G

      0:26 LOL Captions Say Referee Obama

    2. IMOSMAN

      What a season 😘😘😘🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧😭😭 I WISH THIS WILL COME BACK 😭😭😭

    3. Barça Herb.

      Visca el Barça

    4. Duy Tũn

      When will Bar sell Griezmann. Really misses Suazed

    5. Vicente Raja

      Dani Alves 💙❤️🇧🇷 4:18

    6. Siraju M

      But this time neymar is in psg


      remembring those days of Neymar and Barca team ............

    8. JoshGamerz Official

      3:35 Neymar’s Header couldn’t reach the Goal. Who Cares! 4:22, Neymar does a Thumping Header which led to Barca’s Second Goal and his Brace. Love you even Now!

    9. 西本和矢


    10. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    11. Kostas Kollector

      Neymar's best season

    12. Aarya Nair

      1:12 How did my man confuse messi with PIQUE??

    13. Po Po

      Who else caught the commentator confusing pique with messi


      Entah ini d bilang logis optimis atau pesimis yg jelas feeling gue Barca ga bkl juara .. laliga tahun ini

    15. LIJO

      There is no corona rules ☹️😅

    16. SweatyAbdullah YT

      I want Neymar back at Barca and Suarez to reunite MSN

    17. Moon OverSanjuan

      "Aquí no hay quien viva". El holandés errante y reiterante. Próxima estación otro equipo de Blaugrana. Desde el Alcoraz llega el Huesca para iniciar el año para clasificarse 'por los pelos' a la Champions, aunque pintan bastos. Definitivamente Koeman Tata Cuatro, más conocido por caja fuerte. Jugadores de la sopa boba. Hasta el día 1 vacaciones con dos COLLONS. Laporta salva este Club!!!

    18. Ahmed Eng

      كلماك صحيح

    19. Nurul Yaqin

      You trap me to play this video. Nothing new

    20. Muhamad A Esa

      بژی میسی قەت ٦-١لەبیرناکەم. ٨-٢

    21. Danay rodriguez

      The stupendous lute pharmacokinetically curl because promotion pathophysiologically communicate plus a perfect chin. milky, joyous dugout

    22. the islander

      This is Barca

    23. Vanessa Bastos

      A Iniesta

    24. Ranjeet Sohanpal

      2014/15 was my first season as a football fan.I never watched Cricket after that.

    25. a d

      ياخي لا تهايطون كذا تخلونهم يحقدون زياده و حنا مب ناقصين 💔

    26. yonathan even-shani

      We are going to lose so badly . I have given up on this team. False hope is the worst.

    27. സാമ്പാർ കഷണം

      Messi fans like from kerala

    28. Ak Amjid

      This happend in 2014\15

    29. Al Faqir Ibnu Syarif Abdul Halim

      they are the best soccer players in the world

    30. turky almaliki18

      Iniesta ❤️😍

    31. Welfeniya

      fC BARCA2️⃣-8️⃣ BAYERN MUNICH Momen memalukan bagi Fans FcB 🔵🔴

    32. Adrian Da Goat

      2009-2015 name one other team who has had a better reign of success

    33. The Truth

      And you cant see right here why fraud Messi won his last ucl title. Iniesta and Neymar were the leaders of the team. And Suárez scored two braces away

      1. Nicolas Perez


    34. E BULL JET


    35. B3_ SRAJ

      This one is of old🤣

    36. Nibras Alchoufi

      I can't continue watching this video. It is really painful to see that this is no more than a very distant memory. Barcelona now no longer have anything to do with the UCL or any type of success. I hope I am mistaken.

    37. Khalil Lmansouri

      Shit here we go again 8

    38. Khalil Lmansouri

      Losers 8

      1. Nicolas Perez


    39. Mee

      Why barca not buy neymar

    40. Janet sandoval Cespedes

      Yo hablo español yo creo que el. Barca le gana al psg

    41. The Asian tich

      messi looks hancsome and unstoppable

    42. Thomas Bodlos

      Frohe Weihnachten bleibt Gesund 😊👍⚽️🎄

    43. K9bzenitsu

      Fc Barcelona in 2020 is like fc barcalionel

    44. FSHK Safonovo

      Nice 👍👍👍

    45. NJ10Jr King

      I thought it was the one that is gonna happen the draw, but then I realised it’s 15/16 [phew

    46. Leon 281

      barca is very clever💪💪 - psg 0-5 barca , barca winner😁😏😏

    47. Leon 281

      PSG VS FCB

    48. SPD Mxysti

      I was Thinking barca vs psg then neymar gets a goal for barca what o wait 2014

    49. Ahyan Zaman

      At that moment this Barca was real.And now its just a dream.

    50. Gab Saav

      I remember this game like if it was yesterday......


      so come on blugrana score some against psg we go wild wild wild

    52. Ranbir,s Fam

      We will do this again...

    53. lion l

      Hope barcelona go through quarter final, because 18/19 season man UTD also win psg, barcelona also really can do that!

      1. God is first Forever

        Neymar wasn’t playing

      2. : Boi

        I hope to just for them to bottle it again

    54. Tavi

      Why is the quality so bad

    55. Geetesh Yadav

      Big fan of messi 🥰🥰


      Don't show highlights that we won BEACUSE where ever we won a against pag there is neymar with us if we are showing hilights we lose that we can boost confidence BEACUSE that time neymar was with us and he can't do anything

    57. Percy AKR

      Who'll be Our Neymar This time?

      1. Nicolas Perez

        Fati and Dembele

    58. Enzo Pinto

      It's funny Barcelona think replaying games that they won vs pig is going to make them win.

      1. FrizBee

        @Nicolas Perez Roma, Liverpool and Bayern really did end well, didn't it...

      2. Nicolas Perez

        Yes just like when PSG were favourites against United in 18/19, that went well didn’t it

    59. Vana Mize

      We were never anxious about the opponents. We were confident against big teams and the big teams were scared now it is all opposite 💔

    60. Tony Honorato

      Europeu a pouvo da europa eu gosto tanto da pontualidade do futebol Mas tô triste ao ver que até hoje tem racismo. Evoluídos? Q incômodo

    61. Lionel Ronaldo

      Now its mingueza and lenglet vs mbappe and neymar over 2 legs lol. This going to be a worse spanking than what bayern did to barca

    62. Yerdy Andrany Acevedo

      FC Barcelona triste 2015 final champions lugea

    63. Barcelona Forever

      GOLD DAYS 👑❤

    64. Leandro Lima

      Good times 😭

    65. Samuel Sialagan

      Indonesia ada gk nih

    66. LostBump 3

      Pobre heurtel sinvergüenzas

    67. ANNA FF


    68. Zelfi Nopriyansyah

      Tommorow on feb neymar will destroy barca at camp nou like this match

    69. Felipe Jose


    70. Nurul Yaqin

      The fake match for the real game ,

    71. Ronie Iebach

      For Ronald Koeman ... the way for Barcelona players to be consistent to win every game is the coach, staff, players must think, really want to win the Spanish league, have great intentions to win, believe you can definitely win. High confidence can win. .. don't want to accept and get angry if you lose. I'm sure you can win every match .. to win

    72. David Ramirez

      Dani Alves... he just had a great feel for the game

    73. فارس الفار

      Messi will go to PSG 🔥🔥🔥💣⏳

      1. Nicolas Perez

        Cry he’s staying

    74. Ansu Fati

      The commentary is so boring

    75. luis gomez

      Bayer 8 A 2 Goleada 😂😂 Juventus 3 A 0 Goleada Liverpool 4 A 0 Goleada 💩 Bayer 7 A 0 Goleada😂 Atlético 4 A 1 Goleada 💩 PSG 5 A 1 Puras👆 Humilladas Ya Le Hacen Al Barcelona Saludos A👆 MOISÉS Llorens 😂👆

      1. Nicolas Perez

        And still we have the most trophies?

    76. Fitim Kamerolli

      So random

    77. EDP445's Dick and Balls

      bro why does this commentator sound drunk?

    78. Shadow Destroyer

      It’s funny how Barca be flexin right now but they gonna get clapped just like what happened with juve

      1. God is first Forever

        @Nicolas Perez Ik but psg play better when Neymar play

      2. Nicolas Perez

        @God is first Forever he didn’t play the first leg either and United still lost 2-0 at home to psg.

      3. God is first Forever

        @Nicolas Perez Neymar wasn’t playing

      4. Nicolas Perez

        Yes just like when PSG was gonna clap United in 18/19😂😂

    79. 이정례

      됐고 무조건 바르셀로나만 응원합니다

    80. To ReĐa

      From iraq with love ♥️🌴🇮🇶 *barca barca 🔴🔵*

    81. To ReĐa

      *A Barcelona fan from southern Iraq since the 1993s has a lot of love for Leo* 🔴💐🔵

    82. PES GAMER

      dani alves🔥🔥😣

    83. Kimarley

      how many clubs has zlatan bin to

    84. PITTER YT

      Se prepare Barça, PSG tá vindo aí hehehehehehe, PSG!!!!!!!🤣🤣💪💪💪💪💪

    85. Sara Moiz

      miss xavi and iniesta

    86. Icy_ Blazeシ

      Dont think you will win 😏

    87. Vishark107

      This is one of the greatest teams in history.

    88. Erling Haaland

      Dette er min eneste PAprom-kanal.

    89. Erling Haaland

      Jeg er Halland.

    90. Soviet Bravo Six

      I was like wait? Did they play but then saw the kit

    91. Naruto Uzumaki

      500th comment

    92. A D

      Why does it look like this was in 1950😂

    93. Mohammed Abdul Javid

      What if we lose this time ??? 😔😔

    94. John Blessed

      I like when we play the system we used in our last game with the players Koeman used, our team is more balanced. When we play Messi, Griezmann and Coutinho together with some as winger it almost never works. Also we need Busquets to be a sub mostly, Busi is finished at the top level, also Pique and Roberto never be our right back. I believe Barça and Koeman knows these things but are too stubborn and stupid, they want to play certain players no matter what and this is what is destroying our team rebuild.



    96. PrometheusTV

      This was the best Champions League run, they beat the champions of all major leagues.

    97. سكيتشات كرة القدم TV

      أحتاج إلى 10مشتركين أرجوك لا أجد من يدعموني 😫

    98. Sumit Kumar

      This Barcelona missing this team 🙌