HIGHLIGHTS | Barça Women 5-0 Espanyol | Victory at CAMP NOU! 🏟️

FC Barcelona

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    Enjoy the full 90 minutes of Barça Women's victory over Espanyol, a historic match which took place at the Camp Nou.
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    1. FC Barcelona

      ⚽Tell us, which is your FAVORITE GOAL of the night? 👇

      1. Kamal Kamal


      2. RINU RONY


      3. Dina B

        El de Mel porque fue un golazo y porque quería que ella marcara en este partido

      4. Awodoyin Elijah


      5. sly chan

        stop posting PSG videos, we have to stay focused on ourselves February 16 is a big day for all of us 🙏 and if we win let's stay calm above all don't provoke you have to stay calm until the return match

    2. Enrique Chifundo

      1:16 WWE😳😳

    3. Anushrut Thapa

      They are bad ass just literally have no regards for humanity utter dominant and this is what our men's have lacking character and courage they are fucking fearless

    4. ouma shu

      Back her because the men lost 2:3 like fr why they can't play back like in 2014 and get stronger 😭😫

    5. meher's world

      They all look like antonie griezmann

    6. Gisela García Ruiz

      Es fútbol femenino es increíble no por ser mujeres si no por ser muy buenas jugadoras 😍💪🏻❤️

    7. Madhav Ghosh

      Did you see..no one is wearing the no. 10...becuz they know no one can live upto Messi's legacy

      1. Madhav Ghosh

        Nop they do😂..

    8. Masa udu Adamu


    9. BağlamaLı Gitarist TV

      Ben az önce ne izledim lan

    10. Loussaint Elien Ghuslaine

      Força barça😗😗😗

    11. fahad

      I love woman's soccer very much 😍😍✌

    12. Reo


    13. Juan Cazarez

      Where is Griezman?

    14. Sunny Gurung

      Very coordinated team.

    15. Arun Varghese

      Crossing the ball was amazing... Men's team need to learn this...

    16. Hamidu Musherif


    17. the islander

      Hand ball

    18. Kripanshu Mishra


    19. Ali Alizadeh

      5 کھیل جیتنے کے بعد ، اسے جا کر صاف کریں۔ ٹیم کے اہم دوست عزیز ریفری کی مدد سے ، جس نے آسانی سے کھیل کھیلا۔

    20. Ali Alizadeh

      میں صرف اتنا ہی کہہ سکتا ہوں کہ ہمارے کھلاڑیوں کے لئے افسوس کی بات ہے جن کو اس طرح کے نوادرات کے ساتھ کھیلنا پڑتا ہے ۔رائل نہ تو اچھے فاتح ہوتے ہیں اور نہ ہی اچھے ہارے ہوئے۔

    21. Ali Alizadeh

      میڈرڈ کا سور بارا کی طرف سے بہت پریشان اور مجروح ہے


      The 3rd goal reminded me of Griezmann's goal against Osasuna

    23. Faheem Husain

      3 goal

    24. Ali Gasanov

      İf barca womans squad plays vs barca mens squad, the womans squad wins 200-0

    25. Pubg Mobile Shqip

      Imagine that number 14 women being married with coutinho

    26. Gregory Rafael Reyes Lopez

      1:54 pero que ha hecho🤥🤥

    27. Team KTS

      La portera ni llega a tocar el balón 🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

    28. Miguel Angel

      1:38 🙌🏻

    29. Bəxtiyar Vəliyev

      Women better than mens

    30. Lucky Asiatskii

      Waiting FCBM destroy enemy, reality FCBF destroy enemys... What doing 2021.

    31. Sibi B

      Why don't Barca Femeni have a separate PAprom channel? Where are their training videos? They are outstanding in the league and deserve to be in the same limelight as the men's team...🔴🔵

    32. leo halhabbiba

      i see all griezmann are playing


      Love one

    34. Dina B

      Mi equipo 💙❤

    35. Gisela García Ruiz

      Adoroooooo más barcelona femenino plisss🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️😍🏆👏

    36. Alvaro Ledesma

      Creo que 3 de son goles son inatajables, quedé muy sorprendido con las chicas, patean exactamente al ángulo 👏👏👏👏sigan así y se tendrá fé en que lleguen a la final de Champions y la ganen (espero y no les vuelvan a robar)


      Juegan mejor que Messi jajaj

    38. Aref Karimi

      Replace Griezman with one of these girls they will do much better

    39. Omar Sharif Ali

      I think i saw Griezman 🥴😂

    40. Daniel Plugar

      Never knew they shared the Camp Nou

    41. SteetsVeno

      Amazing to see them play at Camp Nou, where they“ve been deserving to play from such a long time ago! Let’s hope this is not the last time, super proud of them and fantastic win! 💪

    42. HoW TuBeR

      why I'm seeing grizzman everywhere lmao

    43. mummy mira

      barca men always play in middle and dont try to shoot too much

    44. Sudha George Eduri


    45. Fuentesウ

      Muy buena Victoria chicas💙

    46. Squared Tom

      Less mess more party🔥

    47. Bhudeb Barman

      Forca barca 💙❤

    48. Uzky B

      Martens 😍

    49. Isaiah Davis-moore

      I could of swore i just saw Griezmann

    50. มะนาวหวาน มะนาวเปรี้ยว

      WTF. FCB. Woman

    51. Truth Triumphs

      What a team ❤️❤️

    52. Teekay Mothapo

      This women's team plays better than the men's

    53. Luchessi1000

      El futbol femenino es un asco.

    54. Andre Quintana

      Que bien juegan😍😍

    55. Rudrajit Dey

      The Men's team need to learn finishing from these players. Amazing team.

    56. Viktor reznov

      Promote them to men's team

    57. mnyanduzi k

      1:53 that was filthy

    58. viperswhip


    59. احمد الجراح

      Messi is the legend

    60. احمد الجراح

      Messi is great

    61. King Demas

      Ben fet a les nostres dames per guanyar el derbi .... grans dames d'actuació❤️💙


      Who watch women football?😂 They should be cheer leaders

    63. kishore tiwari

      Is the pitch same as men's one

    64. John Blessed

      At least woman's football is always guaranteed to make you laugh 😂 Congrats to our womens team. Força Barça 😃🔵🔴💪

    65. Victor Marquez

      3:34 Amigo Se Parece Muchisimo Al De Griezzman

    66. Jesus Gomez

      Juegan mejor que el Barça masculino

    67. Yousvel Lormeus

      That's the Barca type we currently need for the masculine Team

    68. RdeRogeli0

      Joder como evoluciónan los lavaplatos

    69. Jaime Colino

      I think the femini football is much more boring and few people see it, I dont know the ñame of any women play this sport professionally. Thats my opinion

    70. Bret Kilonzi

      Well done ladies

    71. Gian ω

      Goles/Goals: 1. 2:10 2. 2:45 3: 3:30 4. 4:10 5. 5:00 Celebraciones/Celebrations: 1. 2:17/2:40 2. 3:00 3. 3:40 4. 4:35 5: 5:10

    72. imaz nazeer

      Fcb femeni IS BETTER than fcb mens 👇Agree

      1. Ras


    73. Albert Osei

      Good job ladies😘💖

    74. Albert Osei

      Good job ladies😘💖

    75. Reviews Of cleats

      I feel like the women’s Barca team could beat the mens

      1. adrian vazquez


    76. Abdul Hussein

      if messi dies the stadium would be called Lionel Messi stadium

    77. Blnd Barzan

      قنیان خۆشە

    78. Chong 1920

      Who else wants Barca channel to upload every match of men's team highlight too

    79. Miquel Fuentes

      💙❤️🖐🏼 5-0 💙❤️🖐🏼 Camp Nou 💙❤️🖐🏼 06/01/2021 💙❤️🖐🏼

    80. Marlando XPL

      La manita

    81. Oscar Hernández :3

      Que goles increíbles

    82. Gustavo

      What was the referee’s name?

    83. SUBIN S

      Visca Barca❤️💙


      they score better goals than griezman.

    85. Can i get 1 Sub

      *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life*

    86. Shirin Niazi

      Hope men's barca can keep up the unbeaten in 6 games form and win in away games.

    87. John Yayi

      Was it the highlight or the Espanol team really didn't even make it to barca's goal post or even the other half of barca's pitch? Barca didn't even need to bring in a goal keeper...they were thrashed 5! even though the goal keeper made some pretty good saves


      Women's Barca are having more speed than men's Barca.... It is more entertaining .....

    89. Akib Edit's

      Oo at the Camp nou!

    90. Navarag

      Where can I watch woman's games...why are those not available like men's...?

      1. أمير العاشقين

        Because of most of these matches streamed only in bar tv (fc barcelona tv) channel.

    91. Eugenio García Denis

      No me dejan de sorprender , increíble partido espero que sigan jugando ahí y mas fútbol femeninoo❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🤩

    92. Durga prasad Paudel

      Barca men strikers should be replaced by Barca womens.They played far better than men´s team.

    93. Prem Lucky

      Alexia y Graham🔥🔥🔝

    94. ZEDOYT


    95. Fatima FJ

      الصراحة والله لعبهم خير من الرجالة😏😻💕

      1. أمير العاشقين

        أتفق معك 100%

      2. ZEDOYT


    96. Sagar

      Their touch is better than so many men's team players

    97. ananthu nath

      Women's game look like when you watch football game with a slow-motion mode on.

    98. Marc

      BUFF como juega el femenino!! que rapaso al espanyol

    99. israr shah

      2:21 don,t thank me

      1. Zaid Emrezeeq

        Bruh 😂😂😂😂

    100. israr shah

      imagine if they were men's team wives .messi ,pedro,alba,griezman😂😂😂😂😂

      1. mister zom from dialbandé