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    Catch the highlights of Barça's final pre-season test ahead of the start of the 2020/21 season at the Camp Nou in the Joan Gamper trophy!
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    1. gaglet


    2. merecuzza 1

      Equipo español y no hay nadie que hable en español

    3. Monica Rios

      Barcelona vs Elche 1-0 trofeo Joan gamper

    4. Tommy wiseau


    5. Mart Bell


    6. HVanderz

      Defence needs some work, and need a little bit of cleaning up in midfield, but as long as they do that and keep our youth players strong I feel like we can get this season rolling pretty well.

    7. Juanielpro Mattiauda

      because they threw the fucking Suarez

    8. 콥이킴

      koeman SUCK!!!

    9. MLBB Mania Story

      messi has survived in the club ... but why BARTO THE CLOWN hasn't resign?

    10. MLBB Mania Story

      SUAREZ > griezmann !!! Always !!!

    11. JosephLikesSoccer

      I want Luis Enrique back as barca coach!!

    12. Idisuhaidi ii

      Bartomeu out

    13. Sebastian Wendelbo

      Sell umtiti and buy Cancelo, Upamecano and Lautaro

    14. Sebastian Wendelbo


    15. Sebastian Wendelbo


    16. gaglet


      1. The Crazy Gamer

        Are you crazy?


      MESSI IS AN ALIEN❤️ A TRUE GOT❤️ HE DESERVES MORE THAN ANYONE COZ HE WAS THE BEST PLAYER AND WILL BE THE BESTEST IN THE WORLD🖤 # LIKE IF YOU AGREE 😊 And kindly plzzzzzzzz help me to reach more subscribers😊i need ur help😓i wanna earn money😓i wanna make my family happy😓 Please god shake😓help me with it🖤 May ur family lives healthy and long life😊🖤

    18. gyan chauhan

      Only sergino dest is coming bring Eric Gracia as well barca

    19. Abel Esquinca


    20. Jordan Guzmán

      Si esto es de España sería bueno que fuera en español no ingles

    21. Samizen

      Que pasa barcelona olvidaste la ideología de johan Cruyff y pep Guardiola ya echas hasta tus mejores jugadores messi con todo respeto eres el mejor de todos los tiempos pero no puedes estar en un club donde ya gobierna la corrupción y ya hasta ni hacen fichajes soy hincha del barcelona y me duele saber que ya no es favorito ni en su propia liga

    22. mikin lirou

      Coutinho: I want to look like Perisic Barber: Say no more

    23. ?

      koeman smiling after winning 1-0 against elche using best members

    24. Trinh Vu

      This year Barca has a blue away kits jersey like 2019 ?

      1. Trinh Vu

        Who give me a like ?I will thank that person very much.

    25. Trinh Vu

      Why is Riqui Puig no longer on the plan of coach Ronald Koeman ?

    26. malhar jajoo

      2:52 - Messi be like idgaf

      1. mikin lirou

        Good job meneer, make coutinho great again

    27. malhar jajoo

      It looks like Messi is not trying/doesnt want to score. Serves them right.

    28. Lou B

      Messi looks like he didn’t want to be there

    29. Mutey PDM

      Barca have alot, I mean, alot of rebuilding to do

    30. Mr SQUTER

      Neymar neymar neymar

    31. Pramitha Martis

      I love Barcelona

    32. suryanarayanan kumar

      Even after 8 goals we are playing the same defence smh!

    33. Leonardo Andre

      Eu acho que ninguém gosta do treinador do barça

      1. Joanna

        We mess a lot of chances 😭😭😭 What's happened to us !!!!!!!!!!!

    34. henrique chakalabew

      But why Laliga is not broadcast in India

      1. Joanna

        Que grande se puso el barca cuando llegó koeman

    35. Joanna

      Coutinho: I want to look like Perisic Barber: Say no more

    36. Eziller

      Roche’s keeper was better than the entire Barca defence against bayern lmao

    37. Phú Nguyễn

      BARTOMEU & Ronald Koeman OUT NOWWWWWWW !!!!!!! Suarez & Messi Will Detroy Barca. I'll wait the day BARTOMEU & Ronald Koeman has kicked out.

    38. rael

      2:59 punchable face

    39. SgtTeeh

      Feels like it should have been 5-0, not the sharpest finishing and Elche goalkeeper demonstrated that he is ready for La Liga.

      1. Joanna

        Phil coutinho! Que jugador

    40. jembus wedut

      Good job meneer, make coutinho great again

    41. CT_5555 Minecraft

      1:46 oof how did messi miss that

    42. Namig Abilov

      Messi si si si 👍👍👍

    43. Namig Abilov

      Goal one ti😎

    44. Namig Abilov

      FC BARCELONA ❤️💙🎙️

    45. Josh Cardona

      Bartomeo out. La verguenza del Barcelona. El peor presidente de la historia de todos los clubs

    46. ibrahim zaxoyi


    47. JUANCRIS 266

      Que grande se puso el barca cuando llegó koeman

    48. Âlex Ãngel

      We mess a lot of chances 😭😭😭 What's happened to us !!!!!!!!!!!

    49. RecordsMiguel

      1-0 damn we are in bad shape

    50. RaHa

      Atleast now we see players play more aggressive. And use the skills what barca pays for.

    51. SFL Xylo

      Don’t get Gino he’s a flop

    52. FF7RJ TV

      MUITO BOM !

    53. Renzo fraccascia

      Phil coutinho! Que jugador

    54. exoty moatassim

      Plisss suarez

    55. henk vrieling

      1-0? Why watch. Don’t mention the score idiots

    56. True Alpha

      2:36 this just gives out flasbacks of the same defence that lost against bayern, liverpool. Buy defenders plzz

    57. Jerin Johnson

      We need good defenders

    58. pratik shelar

      Now this attack resembles to wht barca is supposed to be doing

    59. Guinhø Lč

      MT bom! Mudou da água pro vinho estou gostando do jeito que o Barça vem jogando, o time todo jogando meio campo top! So trablhar a finalização que fica 100 %. Visca Barça !! 🙏🙋🙋

    60. diamond Tran

      No Suarez, no Iniesta, how could Messi go on?

    61. pic&vid kal

      Pjanic debut and already added 1 trophy in his name

    62. Finnesse Jr


    63. Ultra Tryhard

      Camp nou more like Bartomeu out

    64. Shohanur Rahman

      I am getting a feel that Coutinho and Griezmann will be beast under Koeman

    65. Pedro Larrobla

      Menos definición que el Barcelona sin Suárez

    66. SS Entertainment

      The problem of barca is defence

    67. Abdussamad Mukhtar

      Rakuten on fire

    68. TOPchanel COOL_PILOT

      Suarez TOP transfer Juventus 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    69. Narutored750


    70. 235 MATMX


    71. Pankaj Mishra

      Coutinho was on fire 🔥🔥🔥

    72. Muthoni Mbua


    73. Shahnaz Shamim

      People who just watch UCL and highlights don't know how massively underrated Puig is, he is the best midfielder in the team

    74. Ahmed khaes

      No one noticed the new camera angle

    75. Baraka Mandi


    76. Hasan Karacan

      Coutinho very good 🧿

    77. Raul Vega

      Ansufati no le haces un gol ni al arcoíris... que malo sos x dios!!!



    79. Shirin Niazi

      I think coutinho is playing very good. Griezmann is also scoring more regularly. Messi is still creating, fati still great and so is trincao. The team is creating many chances. Now the only problem left is defense

    80. Jmili Abderrahmane


    81. Harutyun Martirosyan

      Coutinho played like he did in Liverpool

    82. aziz baklouti

      where is dembele ?


      I think this match prove we need a new finisher

    84. Amer Namrood

      👏🏽 for Elche gk

    85. Jean Philippep Pierre-Louis

      I still can’t believe that Barcelona is getting rid of Suarez 🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. Nabil le kabyle

        dracula 🤦🏾‍♂️

    86. Javarn Sylvan

      Messi doesn't seem to happy 😂😅

    87. Ahmad Solehudin

      MOTM is thr goalkeeper elche

    88. Ju nzo

      8 à 2

    89. sale Akhter

      Barcelona are spending much money on attack they should focuse on defence.

    90. Giancarlo Tubal

      Hey koeman i need to see puig in the team😡

    91. sale Akhter

      Barcelona are weak in passing . So they should focuse on passing.

    92. Adham Piejaya

      The front players played too much individually. They could get more than 3 goals but not.

    93. Anoop Bhatia

      Dare to sell Puig, bartomeu or koeman😠😤

    94. Fornesken P

      Ronald koeman already has the same amount of trophies at barcelona as pochetino had at Spurs

    95. Amer Almubarak

      We need to work on our finishing, game could’ve ended 7-0 i swear. PERMISSION TO SAY BARTMEOU OUT AFTER EVERY COMMENT

    96. : Antypas

      I wonder if, when Messi retires, he will take over the youth academy, and train them to be the future of Barca teams.

    97. Shreyash


    98. Gary

      Baldi alba

    99. Pistache Dépistage

      Vista catalunyaa

    100. تيكي تاكا وبس

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