FC Barcelona

255 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼17

    Kings of Europe again, six years after the last title won in Baku and after three further failed attempts
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    1. Daha bir İntikam


    2. Ruben Delgado ruiZ

      Jimbee Cartagena

    3. Siles eno

      If barcelona want to win,they have to force bartomeu out from the club and brings very good rich president and sign back suarez and neymar back to barcelona

      1. Siles eno

        If bartomeu is out for super very real then brings very good rich president then sign the player i say on the reply then i hope it will be super real happened and barcelona is the most succesful club and win everything...they could biggest win everyday and revenge on bayern munich from what bayern munich done to them at the uefa championship

      2. Siles eno

        Then also sign mo salah,lautaro martinez,paul pogba and cristiano ronaldo. Well,if cristiano ronaldo go to barcelona then it will MSNR

      3. Siles eno

        Then MSN will be back

    4. just streamer

      Where is messi

    5. The money man Joe

      i barcelona won the champions league we could use this team

    6. Andre E

      The only real prize is to watch the people of barca cheer when bartomeu gets sacked and walks out of the club

    7. Krishanan Merdono

      Barca can win a futsal champions league but they cant win a real champions league without losing 8-2

    8. Matthias Borremans

      Keeper was an imposter

    9. neptuz

      Mantap BARCA

    10. Turn it Off

      Can i have some fun??? Where's Messi??😂😜😆

    11. Rodrigo Tineo

      Aunque sea aca ganamos la champions

    12. DusTYshroUDy brawler

      When u realise that it's futsal but there's no footwork in highlight reel

    13. Ravi Teja

      How much do these players earn /Week ?


      Vean El Lado Positivo, Almenos En Fútbol Sala No Somos Humillados


      Visca Barça 💙❤

    16. Mohsin Alaliwat

      I hope barcelona will be like this in the champions league final

    17. Astortis Pgnesis

      Visca Barça e Visca Catalunha

    18. Muhammad Faris Ajmal Mohd Rahim

      What is the first song ?

    19. Fatadi Efendi

      This year's football team must be able to win the UEFA Champions League for a long time, we have been fasting when we rise from adversity

    20. ouhombléa yves kao

      Una Vida ❤️❤️ Barcelona

    21. Werley Menezes

      Vamos Barça!! Fuera BARTOMEU!!

    22. Willow11

      Love Pozo murcia

    23. Boudy Boudy

      what cant barcelona do ?

    24. Kouakou cyril Kouassi

      Je suis vraiment satisfait de leur prestation et c'est comme ça que je veux qu'on prenne la LDC chez les grands dans l'équipe de Lionel Messi

    25. sediamn

      Por lo menos no perdieron 8-2

    26. داسو 777


    27. Николай Бегунов

      Super, Barca the best 👍👏👏👏

    28. Valeriy Tkachuk

      Вітання з 🇺🇦👍

    29. Mighty Miggle

      When bartomeu leaves I want to make it a picture and put it in a frame and put it in Barcelona's museum named as "The Legendary Day When The Monster Left" *MASTERPIECE*

    30. Mighty Miggle

      At least we won this Am I right?

    31. Mad Max

      Bartomeu Out

    32. shivansh uniyal

      I hope and wish that messi wins his 6th ucl title this season........... Messi desperately needs the champions Cup 🏆🏆

      1. AkRAm sUhAImI

        shivansh uniyal *champions league

      2. AkRAm sUhAImI

        shivansh uniyal *5th

    33. Daniel Preuninger

      Futsal Champions League sieger Fc Barcelona Forca Barca 👍😍😊

    34. Ameer Masmali

      Great, now do this with the futbol version of FC Barcelona.

    35. Lavanel Dulcio

      Congrts guy's

    36. Marlon Vides


    37. javixuksp Nebreda Peralta

      Los mejores de europa

    38. Basant Rai

      Its always great to see barca winning.😚

    39. ad world

      Support bro please

    40. M Man

      Bartomeu OUT!

    41. Adventure Syndrome

      See Nobody Cares

    42. Abel Crespo

      El peor equipo que e visto

    43. Drakon Official


    44. Jean Carlos Ribeiro


    45. Peter Griffin

      Amazing celebrations!

    46. NSG Fred

      First to score kind looks like dest, or macherano

    47. Official Lyrics

      Bartomeu is the best

    48. void


    49. Franky Fish

      Who cares about this crap

    50. Anouar dz

      it's barça ladies and gentelmen , more than a club

    51. mohamed barwari


    52. iiSadtearzii

      Les get some defenders from here cuz we won't have to spend money

    53. Claudius Pennoh

      manz scored one goal and they celebrated as if they equalized or they have taken the lead😭

    54. Sunandar Dwi Susamto

      Urgent : Bartomeu Out

    55. THE RAMIM


    56. syed taha Ali


    57. Ishtiaq Hasan

      We went from celebrating European trebles to celebrating futsal trophies.

      1. Aeron R

        Now don't dismiss the futsal team's success. They are very much a part of fc barcelona family and it takes sheer hard work to win champions league be it football or futsal.

    58. 西本和矢


    59. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙🏆🏆🏆

    60. Dimas Arya


    61. Mimoun Batal

      2:03 Amazon

    62. Manikanta Jaka

      Dude, where is Barca femini vs logroño??

    63. S̶H̶N̶A̶ 10

      i just say bartomeu ooooooouuuuuuutttttt!!

    64. TallDreamy_Daddy

      Hopefully this will inspired barcelona squad

    65. Hana Nahil

      Nothing is impossible without Bartomeu

    66. ShRey Soldier

      1. Bartomeu Out 2. Win the title 3. Let Messi leave

      1. Eris Berisha

        @marcello marcucci 😅😅

      2. marcello marcucci

        @Eris Berisha gg

      3. Eris Berisha

        4 your mom love me

    67. Ijiji Youssef


    68. Thushara Lakshan

      ViscaBarca 💪💙❤

    69. FUCK YOU!!!

      This also shows that Barca will win the 2020/21 La Liga and Champions League title too. And finally we could see Messi holding a trophy with a big smile and without Bartomeu. 😄😁

    70. Alwan Mausoom

      Hey atleast we won smt

    71. Ok Ok



      lol even fustal

    73. El Chapo


    74. Nana Yaw

      Only f** knows how Bartomeu has been president for so long. Visca Barça

    75. Astur72 xx

      Campeones de Europa!!!!!🏆🔵🔴🔵🔴

    76. Kamilovsky15

      Now first team football 😊

    77. Hamza Admani

      We even want to win the UCL !!!

    78. ben sher

      These players cant be worse than braithwaite griezmann and the other strikers

    79. ben sher

      Can we just play this team together with messi in the cl ?

    80. Shazin Rafeek


    81. Jaén Producción

      Este es el primer paso de volver a ver a la entidad del Barça como la mejor del mundo. En unos días Bartomierda a la calle.

    82. Saksham Bhandari

      Which sport is better ? Football like WWE Comment

    83. Saurabh Trisoliya

      The beautiful jersey showing its effect immediately

    84. OLAYINKA with A.S.O.

      Congratulations guys💯❤️

    85. Ayush

      At least CL lite

    86. María del Mar Fernández de Haro Salmerón


    87. Deepak Saini

      Congratulations to the Futsal team 🔵🔴 And Bartomeu out

    88. Dewi Yuslinda

      Yeeeey menang

    89. رفل رفل

      long live barcelona ♥

    90. Algen Koldashi

      Bartomeu good in Futsal

    91. Akarshan Bhardwaj

      Bartomeau get out you*****

    92. Daniel Salamanca

      This team has heart, this team could have beaten Bayern

    93. Jacob_RangerrFn

      Congrats vamos Forza barca

    94. Zishu_ YaasH-10

      I love the way every Barca Player Celebrates

    95. PRANAV RAM

      Bartomeu 👎out


      Big love ❤️💓😎👌💪

    97. Oscar Jovanny Aguirre

      Que alegría barca..... Desde medellin.... Lo celebramos

    98. TECH BY ESHU

      Visca el barca 🔴🔵❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    99. unknown Z.

      You better win the real one then👍

    100. Gerry 3310

      Barca Champions🏆🏆