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    Miralem Pjanic takes the most difficult test of them all: the Impossible Decisions challenge. What will he pick? Win the Champions League with Barça or the World Cup with Bosnia?
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    1. FC Barcelona

      🗓️ It feels like only yesterday that Pjanić arrived! ➡️

      1. Giggilydude Gaming

        I’m mad you stole him from us

      2. Sami Gaming YT

        Can u tell me how to edit dudes

      3. GODCAST GT

        @FC Barcelona it’s because he never really played, koeman didn’t let him show off his skills much!

      4. Recommended to you

        No cap 69th like

      5. Jeff He

        @Omar Tellesthey never give griezmann minutes and then say he's not playing well. smh

    2. The actual proper real Marcus Rashford

      The thumbnail made me think of a new game impossible to answer, impossible outcome.

    3. Sharan Arun

      Hatts off to the editor mann!!!..

    4. Shahal Abdurahiman

      Does anyone else think that next question should be ' good squad ,bad coach OR bad squad ,good coach.

    5. Iniesta 8

      Ight Pjanic, I love Barca too... but cmon, winning the World Cup for Bosnia would pretty much make u the greatest player ever😂. No matter the circumstances, anybody able to carry Bosnia on their shoulders has to be the best ever😂

    6. Lol Pol

      Ben chilwell😂

    7. Omar Lozi

      like the title win the champions leauge and hes wearing a barca kit

    8. Xander Swagger

      Do people remember Arthur?

    9. Anis Rahal

      I would take the Bosnia option because it’s once every 4 years and champions league happens every year

    10. Mr Taco Boi

      Future Ansu Fati and Messi for Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    11. Luis Leon-Ortega

      Who ever did the edits is a legend 🙌

    12. The one Dog


    13. Adhwaith

      But winning the world cup is 10 times bigger than champions League 😐

    14. J G B

      These questions are garbage

    15. Mirso Đedović

      Koliko nas ima iz Bosne i Hercegovine ovdje🇧🇦🇧🇦❤❤

    16. Gabby S

      2;43 🤣🤣🤣 messi appears

    17. Murtaza Nadeem

      The editor: how many edits you want? Barcelona: YES

    18. david farkas

      0:48 Isti mit keres egy Barca videóban 😂😂😂😂 magyarok mindenhol

    19. MOW GAMER

      Oh oh another old journeyman midfielder 🤣

    20. lolswag 2028

      Should’ve done that question with messi

    21. Raff

      Hjamo Bosno

    22. A Persona

      wellthen we reached a new low

    23. Hoonj

      win world cup with bosnia,because barca have a big chance to be champions,bosnia to win world cup...nah

    24. Amir Čilaš

      Tooo pjaniču moj moro bi izabrat da bobjedis svjetski sa bosnom haha 🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦

    25. Moose

      He would 100% rather the World Cup with Bosnia. That isn't even a hard question.

    26. Hjilm Trfdx

      Pjaniç WIN WORLD CUP WITH Bosnia !!

    27. Diego Eduardo


    28. RayApp 7

      Remember when people said it was a bad decision signing him? Well I always said he will prove them wrong cause he's a world class player

    29. Salte Malthe


    30. Seth Lancaster

      Lol messi's eyes tho

    31. Fjmg 77

      Miralem Pjanic nació en la ciudad de Tusla en la antigua Yugoslavia. Cuando era muy niño su familia se mudó a Luxemburgo escapando de la guerra. Años después, lo que era Yugoslavia se transformó en Bosnia 🇧🇦 Pjanic, ya radicado en Luxemburgo 🇱🇺 mientras estallaba la guerra, decidió viajar rumbo a Francia 🇫🇷 en busca de sumarse a alguna cantera. Así fue como el Metz lo incorporó y, con sólo 18 años debutó en la Ligue 1. En el equipo jugó 32 partidos y tuvo tan buenas actuaciones que luego fue fichado por el Lyon a cambio de 7.5 millones de euros 💰 Estas situaciones despertaron el interés de Raymond Domenech, DT de la selección de Francia 🇫🇷, quien sabía que Pjanic había jugado un puñado de partidos en selecciones juveniles de Luxemburgo y le prometió un lugar en el primer equipo francés. Y no sólo eso, sino que además lo convocó. Cuando todos hubieran aceptado la propuesta, Pjanic se acordó de su pueblo, de sus raíces y de su gente, y decidió rechazar la propuesta para jugar en Bosnia 🇧🇦 En 2008 debutó en Bosnia y actualmente lleva disputados 96 partidos con su selección, a la que la llevó en 2014 a su primera Copa del Mundo disputada 🏆 Respeto absoluto por un hombre que dejó todo de lado para jugar por su país 👏

    32. Mohammed Liban

      The tittle should have been: IMPOSSIBLE DECISIONS WITH... ARTHUR!

    33. Abood Hany

      New no. 8😂😂😂

    34. Ankush Hait

      Which car is that?

    35. ArcheeX ϟ

      0:49 dik a szalay isti xd

    36. Muhammad Azharudheen kc


    37. Siddhu AK

      the editing is awesome

    38. Watari

      We all know he ofcourse rather wants to win the WC with bosnia

    39. Emin Ovcina

      Pjanič best midfield in this world

    40. LAST BLOODπ

      Just keep on doing this don't focus on the match I still remember 8-2 😭

    41. OP_ noam

      מי שישראלי לייק

    42. Juan David Lazo

      Pjanić y yo pensamos lo mismo

    43. Daniman 1010


    44. Thiago Barraza

      Jajajaj re troll el Pjanic

    45. Ismo YT

      Legendary Bosnian

    46. zhabiz 515

      Why do you have to make everything so cringey and childish

    47. Ahmed Ariyan

      The best part of this vedio is at 3:02

    48. Ranjana Chavare

      Where is she ?

    49. Diego Brigante

      Such a nice player. I hope take the place of busquets

    50. Infinite Pegasus

      I respect the editor😂

    51. X Cöke X

      2:09 De Bruyne Entered the chat😂😂

    52. Vedad Katica

      Pjanke kak u Barci pitam jer je meni omiljeni klub Željo pa Barcá

    53. Johan Kaufmann

      He sounds like Kevin Magnussen

    54. S.C.B - Top Eleven

      *Give 3 assists or score 1 beautiful goal?* Messi: *Hey, that's illegal!*

    55. Floxic

      We need more Aviv on PAprom

    56. Rashed Alyami

      There are many stupid editing in this video, it looks like am watching kids channel omg just get some good editors they are not expensive btw😂😂

    57. RAIKO

      Win the world cup with bosnia (I am barca fan and not from bosnia. But come on, every player's dream is the world cup for national team)

    58. Agustín Pezzutti

      Hola a quien maneje el canal de barça, por favor no pongan tantos video porque da muchísimo cringe, después de eso muy bueno el video!

    59. ajesh pk

      No 🌞 😂

    60. Nathan Desmond

      R.I.P winnie the pooh

    61. Master Games

      I didn't know pjanic moved to Barcelona that's weird can anyone tell me how much they bought him hope it's less then 60 mil

      1. Mario Rosales

        65, also, how did you not know that lmao

    62. Lemon Head

      Oh wow they actually bought him

    63. Elias Ccari

      X favor

    64. Elias Ccari

      Soy mejor jugando pero soy tímido

    65. Elias Ccari

      Jalenme xfavor ala barca



    67. Abijith Vijay

      Wonder why Messi doesn't do stuff like that

    68. BugaLuisFC

      If you want to learn more about Pjanic as a player and what he can bring Barca - we did a full in-depth analysis on the channel! 😃 You are welcome to come and take a look!

    69. Nelson Sebastian Rivas Alvarez

      Animo barca

    70. Nelson Sebastian Rivas Alvarez

      En realidad me gustaría mucho jugar en el barca y ser bueno

    71. Doorknob Flavors

      Let him play football not these stupid games

    72. El Roberto 2006

      Ganar la Champions league jajajajajja. Si no valeis ni para estar escondidos

    73. Haitem Touahri

      2:43 lol

    74. Akshat Pradeep

      ofcoz players should value the World Cup more. Winning the Word Cup for ur country is the best feeling.... and winning it for a country like Bosnia who dont get to reach the pre quarters is really really spectacular. bit odd that he couldnt choose one. cracking player though.

    75. نايف محمد الدوسري

      بيانتش انت قحطاني ؟؟؟؟

    76. Yumlembam John

      Imagine if the question was ask on Zlatan.

    77. js200204

      He wont win the champions league with barca and he will never win the world cup with bosnia

    78. Im Benz

      The montage is amazing 😂😂✌🏽


      Barcelona dont hate greezman. He is come backk

    80. arunsethumadhavan

      The guy who was most hated because he was just only part of swap between Arthur and Juventus but now is one of the best player in the team. PJANIC❤️ Not comparing but in this short time he showed more beautiful football than Arthur.

    81. Dhruv Singh

      Barcelona has just become a meme now

    82. Saikrishnan Murali

      He has had more minutes as team's Mascot than as a defensive midfielder!! Busquets can do this and pjanic should be allowed to play on the pitch

    83. Saikrishnan Murali

      Benching him and asking him questions like winning CL with Barca or WC with Bosnia 🙄!! Painful to watch busquets in midfield and him sitting in the bench😔

    84. Jesus Antonio Velez Pugliese

      Pjanic is jesse pinkman

    85. miralem pjanič

      🤣🤣🤣 2:43

    86. Henry Morales

      Yo pensaba: MESSI O RONALDO :o

    87. Tibli

      0:48 Szalay Isti 🤣

    88. Adekunle Damilola

      Love Barcelona

    89. Hashim Tausif

      what was the purpose of standingg the car behind them

    90. Haleemat Aregbe

      Messi's face got me😂😂

    91. DartfordBusExplorer

      Bosnia 🇧🇦 win the World Cup 🤦‍♂️

    92. Khalil Lmansouri


    93. gaglet


    94. Archit Jindal

      2:42 When Messi looks at him😂😂😂

    95. no name anytime

      crisis of barcelona..

    96. Juninho Fequiere

      His answers are so weird😂😂😂

    97. Xabi Altuna

      “El futuro tiene muchos nombres. Para los débiles es lo inalcanzable. Para los temerosos, lo desconocido. Para los valientes es la oportunidad.” Víctor Hugo. Aviso para navegantes, sobre todo para aquellos que optan a la presidencia del Club, ojalá los socios estén siempre alertas ante próximas plagas de vividores, tecnócratas, emboscados, empresarios de bolsillos calientes, comisionistas y demás lacras conocidas, no se puede repetir algo tan fatídico y bochornoso para la entidad. Solo falta que todas las causas pendientes abran el camino del enjuiciamiento de la junta al completo, con el posterior encarcelamiento de Bartomeu y los suyos, que salga a relucir toda la verdad, propia y ajena, con todo lo que conlleva más allá del Club. Pura Mafianistan!

    98. لمعان

      Koeman needs to play him more

    99. Antoine Griezmann

      02:36 That is in the 'Book thief" movie.

    100. Legacy Leo

      If I got asked my club or my country, my country would come first🙏🏾