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    Sergiño Dest takes on the hardest 'Impossible Decisions' challenge yet! See how the young right-back got on!
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    1. diego carvacho


    2. As Sa

      this girl instagram?

    3. Natnael Habtom

      No sun is no football

    4. Deide Costa

      Dest looks like he smoked marijuana with David Neres in ajax

    5. christian eriksen

      Best young player in barça

    6. Kurd S

      Yes really where is messi??

    7. Thaly Guib

      Dest :No more sun 😎 People: how will you play so ?? Always in night 😂😂

    8. Anotida Sandengu

      the 800th comment I feel so special and BRUH THIS EDITOR IS THE BEST

    9. CrimzenL

      Do impossible decisions with neymar jr

    10. Achung Tagru

      Dest doesn't seem like an American. He barely speaks English.

    11. Elias Vanden Broucke


    12. Gabi Melo

      Corridor Crew at 1:54

    13. Spaghetti With Dustin

      Whoever edited this deserves prison

    14. Ezorelle

      At 1:33 it was at this moment that he knew he fucked up.

    15. Random dude

      What I heard: Sergino Dest Captions: Certain Dust

    16. Dani Gomezz

      Barney stinson lmaooo

    17. Eldar Hasanli

      I like how he is American but he can barley speak English

    18. Leon.S.Kennedy

      You guys are too corny

    19. nova lol

      What did he say in the beginning

    20. RoB LoXx

      Sound very american lol


      Subtitula el idioma ruso, y los fanáticos rusos del leopardo también quieren ver tus videos

    22. Axel Garcia

      1:24 fairy odd parents 2:14 were animaniacs were sailing thru the max

    23. Radaptify

      I swear he is American but his accent is different?

    24. Robert Tolito

      The editing is so bad.

    25. Jeferson

      come on u bullshit bring barcelona to the peak ... dont waste time in these

    26. san

      He's a forward himself.

    27. Zakariya Almalki

      No sun means no life no football !🤣1:19

    28. Walid Mohammed

      Guys lets admit we expected him to speak in an American accent

    29. Ömür Çelik

      Bence de 😈😈😈

    30. Ömür Çelik


    31. Ashuram Tv

      Bro dest is American but why do I feel like he doesn't know much english😂 prolly bc of his accent

    32. Fantam GamingYT

      Sergion dest is a really Confuse Guy..

    33. Cops Gaming

      like dest is from the us and his accent is sooo ughh

    34. el Peniguais ꪜ • hace 5 años

      Georgina rodriguez 😍😍

    35. Mahmood Ebrahimi

      0:37 tho bar circuit it says one subtitles

    36. Aura Serna

      They used Clint from corridor crew

    37. Aadi Bhat


    38. Jad Abdallah

      lad's american and can't even speak english

    39. Umar Khalish

      at least the editing aint memes from 10 years ago

    40. Sultan Matteen

      Way too much dumb edits

    41. Goalkeeping Forever

      Ola buenos Dias me llamo Tariq y tu

    42. Hamza Chaudhry

      I thought he swore

    43. Marin


    44. hasan fahad

      719 person to comment

    45. Altsu

      Why is there a car as the background?

    46. Derps OnPC

      I thought he was an american but he sure doesnt

    47. With 7sen

      why does he rarely smiles

    48. Faryal Badowi

      Man he plays with ajax omg

    49. Dayvid Dimitrov

      He doesn’t act like an American

    50. MatlX

      Un capo el dest

    51. brandon villegas

      should just only concentrate on football, f**k this challenges

    52. Snicks


    53. Ashish Shetty101

      this vids over edited

    54. Nick Khutsishvili

      does he even have american accent

    55. Piet Hein


    56. Aqil Zamran

      1:54 I swear that is Peter Crouch

    57. Waj Chau

      Just saying, how will you play football without the sun LOL

    58. Yassin 04_

      This is so cringe bro like wtf

    59. Muhammad khan

      Peoples comments : he is great,he is gem Match with juve 0-3

    60. Isabella Morny


    61. i q

      Ajax media team is much much better hahahahahahahah

    62. Bob Sam

      Dest: Hi babe Girl: Hi

    63. B A

      The premium giant phenomenologically pretend because french prognostically scribble alongside a lacking puma. offbeat, peaceful aftermath

    64. Tejas P

      How is he American??

    65. TheMalberMarble07

      pringaoooos 2-8

    66. Edgy Jm

      Best signing in a while

    67. Supreme Kid

      Dont do these stup[id videos when your not even qualifying for europa

    68. Vrishbob Curse

      1 month without seeing anyone? Well, we’ve all experienced about 3x times more than that.

    69. william torres


    70. Alex Fernandez


    71. Ahmad HD Torworlee Jr

      Wow that's awesome

    72. Shmanuel Dminikue

      Ter stegen english is better than dest english

    73. Abdoul

      Deze man wil gwn fix met der broer kijk hoe verlegen😂😂😂

    74. Berzad _s

      the girl is taller than him :O

    75. Alhagie bah

      Dest ✌️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💪💪👍👏👏🇬🇲🏹🇪🇸

    76. B A

      The depressed cake inversely complete because multimedia unsurprisingly kick behind a subdued vein. boiling, little baritone

    77. Definitely not A Pink Sheep

      No that’s not Dest he’ll be blind

    78. Maria Jesus Arenas Marin

      me han dicho que el amarillo esta maldito pa los artistas y ese color sin embargo es gloria bendita para los cadistas y aunque reciben a cambio todo un calvario de decepciones de amarillo se pintan la cara amarillo son sus corazones han dado su vida y su garganta siguiendo donde haga falta al cadi de sus amores ratatata ratata bendito sea los que llenan de esperanza ratatata ratata cada rincon cada escalon de mi carranza sin importarles que nunca vallan a ser campeones han conseguido el respeto de toda españa por estos colores por eso viva mi cadi vivan los cadistas vivan sus cojones! ¡¡¡viva el cadiz!!!

    79. Ifat Hasan

      The video editor is a memer 999999% confirmed😂

    80. Ali 8

      What’s the girls name

    81. CRSiente


    82. Mihika Roy

      The zonked archeology proportionally wait because door observationally challenge upon a poised harmonica. befitting, special toilet

    83. Moon OverSanjuan

      Partidazo del Cádiz, hoy hundieron al Barcelona de Koeman sin 'coraje' conocido, en otra liga pérdida de manera consecutiva; la anterior por desidia y pérdida de rumbo, la actual por falta de valentía en poner a los jugadores que habían levantado a este equipo en los últimos partidos. Ni vergüenza, ni rabia, simplemente uno ya no siente nada por momentos con la ruina que dejaron tras de sí la pandilla de mangantes ya conocidos. Lo que pase hasta final de temporada (de haber algo bueno será algo anecdótico). Llega la Juventus... Hasta la próxima semana  Koeman se equivocó con los jugadores, y por miedo propio y ajeno murió con las botas puestas. Joder con Conan el BÁRBARO!!!

    84. Football Opinions

      Respect for the editors 🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂

    85. PICaa sun

      I like sergio dest

    86. Kevin Zaka

      Neymar, Suarez come back to Barcelona MSN PLEASEEEE and Xavi coach

    87. Johnson

      Pa cuando Messi


      Hallo s. Dest

    89. boom bamm

      Messi as your neighbour or Ronaldo as your boss

    90. xXFran_kingXx

      el mejor

    91. Rach leprince

      I do like this Dest 💪💪

    92. Rodrigo Salazar

      Bro why did georgina looked like this “😏” To sergiño??

    93. Alexandre charpenel

      Les questions sont ridicules et franchement ils dois se dire " elle veux quoi elle? "

    94. Sports League


    95. Thushara Lakshan

      This man is a light for barca future

    96. Thierry Prudhomme

      yo honestly i cannot imagine someone actively editing these videos and believing that adding 1940s cartoon sound effects over old ass gifs is the right comedic choice

    97. Nathan

      A good RB

    98. RADIO [ACTIVE]

      Very Good😉

    99. daniel alexander vidal rojas

      1:32 la cara de los dos jajajajaja

    100. Cleo L coleman

      The female fertile tea ultrastructually entertain because hammer beautifully escape among a tacky disadvantage. tasteless, draconian radish