🏋️ INTENSE DOUBLE SESSION in the rain 🌧️

FC Barcelona

1.2 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼126

    Barça completed their second double session in two days under the rain clouds. Amongst some intense fitness exercises, the first-team were involved in a training match packed with stunning goals! Watch the highlights!
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    1. FC Barcelona

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      1. rawan saad 2

        como se llama la cancion ? pooor favoooor

      2. Shakil Ahmed

        FC Barcelona vs Gimnastic FC where to watch? will barca's youtube channel telecast the match?

      3. Radwane.barakat Rajawi

        Je vous remercie z zzzzaaz

      4. Azka Chanel


      5. Jakub Strbanik

        batro out!

    2. Jalal Sehid

      Song?? Pls

    3. Laith mastrs

      تدريب عادي تقليدي كلاسيكي فاشل المفروض تدريب بدني اضافة الى صالات الحديد وهروله مستمره

      1. kam oo



      I think Suarez is in pain whiles training...🤔

    5. Cimavro

      please i need more of trincao and dembele also dont forget to always put coutinho on the pitch, lets make barcelona great again

    6. M Mufty

      when i see king leo smile again

    7. Rayyan Mohsin

      0:11 didn't know messi had a right foot like that

    8. Monir Ahmed


    9. leztc

      the song wont help your lousy defense

    10. Imam Rustandi

      What this song?

    11. Sergio Sanchez

      Con fe de empezar bien la temporada. Jugadores hay, solo falta ver como lo hace Koeman

    12. Đông Nam Bộ TV

      like.! combo.! ❤🔔👍👉---------------------- coffe ok.!

    13. Robert Alcoser

      Just happy to see dembele

    14. YACINE 007


    15. JOSEFI BAE

      The song is litterly my felling right now

      1. JOSEFI BAE

        @Shinichi Kudo nope

      2. Shinichi Kudo

        Do you know the title of the song?

    16. LS EDGAR

      Visca el barça visca cataluña


      I live barca i can't leave barca 😍😍😍

    18. Thang Truong

      Messi Messi Messi

    19. Jeremy Marvel Titahelu

      That backsound was great!

      1. Shinichi Kudo

        Tell me the title of the song pls

    20. Rodrigo J. Jimenez Rodriguez

      Liberen a Messi, el ya no Quiere al Barça. Son el Equipo mas Toxico de la Liga.. Son como un novio Intenso y acosador..

    21. Roberto Carlos Alarcon Ordoñez

      Vamos Barza 💪🏻🏆🥇⚽️

    22. Fabian Anugrah Priandinata

      0:30 song?

    23. Iuri pio Russo

      Ché Barcellona Ché Fortissima

    24. Rudi Darmawan

      .can long video

    25. jomiloju ayodele

      Can someone please tell me what the first song is

    26. Pratyush Bharali

      i think rafinha should be given some opportunities. we havenot seen much of his good sides. he deserves it. i think he is a good player will be effective for sure


      1.14 ..no one is interacting with Coutinho ...why ?

    28. Shohjahon Mehmonaliyev

      BARTOMEU OUT 🌤️🌤️🌤️🌤️🌤️

    29. Erzano Wijanarko

      Make barcelona great again - ronald trump

    30. martin bugembe

      5:09 lol

    31. Socca Betting

      Koeman commands so much authority even standing there just watching the drills

    32. Anfauhum Linnas

      I Hope Dembele Not Injury ( papers ) anymore

    33. Dndh Djhđb

      Yang milih allah like 40000 ya

    34. Fouad Smiley

      I have faith ❤

    35. Kelvin Otieno

      Admin would you be kind enough to have the song titles in the description.......🙏

    36. Kelvin Otieno

      I keep watching these training sessions because of the songs....👏👏

    37. Ahmed. King

      You Love Iraq🇮🇶🇮🇶🤭🤭🤭🙄❤

    38. Ahmed. King


    39. Aji Goja

      please anyone who know the title of the song

      1. Shinichi Kudo

        Tell me pls brother

    40. Luís Aníbal Roberto

      Monchu Rodriguez e Alex Collado não podem sair. Têm de ficar na equipa.

    41. 짜누게티

      Welcome back coutinho

    42. Fernando Turcios

      Eso es intenso?

    43. Md Mahim

      Love from Bangladesh🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

    44. Shakil Ahmed

      FC Barcelona vs Gimnastic FC where to watch? will barca's youtube channel telecast the match?

    45. Wael Mehyar

      I can't see Ter Stegen, where he is?

    46. John Ana

      Messi smile fun

    47. Nived

      . Messi Coutino griezie dembl Busq de jong Alb sergio Lengt piqe

    48. Sixto Caberos Rodríguez

      Nueva jornada después de la violación de el Bayern Munich 😎

    49. Bryan Menez Chavez

      Con esa canción parece que todo es divertido 😂

    50. Vibin Vibi

      Wishing a Good season ☺️🤝

    51. Egi Prasetya Maulana

      That's amazing


      Always play shots on training days but never plays them in real matches


      Useless old men, just giving us nothing much, just useless defeats. I've lost my love for Barça

    54. jack alive

      Sell messing to win cup

    55. 장근호

      ¿Cuál es el primer título de la música?

    56. محسن الركابي

      كل التوفيق للبرسا

    57. YOUNG BANK


    58. sebastian pinto

      La música es clave.

    59. Ahmed Rashid

      Counterattack session

    60. Leonardo Hernández Hernández

      Like si se rieron d felicidad cuando empezó la música

    61. Jesus Andomo Obono

      It's amazing to see how they really work in comparison of the last years. Visca Barça💪💪💪💪❤❤❤❤


      Where messi?.....

    63. Moh Löwe

      I'm proud to see Dembele come back

    64. Nabin Limbu

      FATI ❤️dembele 💜. To dear coach this 2 player makes you happier than ever. Be careful and take care of them when you are making strategies before matches.

    65. David Montenegro

      Who chooses the music ? 😩

    66. GL WORLOX

      I need to know what’s the first song name 🥺

    67. Эльфариз Elfariz

      I hope that my favourite team will recover and start to play like it did many years ago when Pep was the coach. At that time BlauGranas were the threat for a lot of European clubs.

    68. Alego 17

      Donde esta Ter Stegen? solo a el no lo veo entrenar

    69. Christian Barrientos

      Entrenen como hombres ?

    70. sanjay sawant

      I want to meet Leo Messi

    71. G.r Tshikuma Mac

      Dembele 👍🏼

    72. rawan saad 2

      what is the name of the song ???

      1. Shinichi Kudo

        @rawan saad 2 same

      2. rawan saad 2

        @Shinichi Kudo i want to know too

      3. Shinichi Kudo

        Tell me

    73. Yumlembam John

      Imma also training from tomorrow

    74. rawan saad 2

      what's the name of that keeps getting better song ?

    75. Adhi Lanjar


      1. rawan saad 2

        @Adhi Lanjar yes that one about better and better

      2. Adhi Lanjar

        @rawan saad 2 first song?

      3. rawan saad 2

        if you know it tell me

    76. Frazer López

      Al toke mi rey

    77. Ailton araújo

      !vamos barça!

    78. jorge ancieta

      la cancion no va con el video realmente.

    79. wahyu tejo

      Just waiting the camera shot on Messi when I was watching the video... Heal Messi, heal Barca, come back to win👍💪

    80. Leonardo Sánchez Beltrán

      The songs are very bads,if there isnt music the the video will be better

    81. Pampers Ketapang

      Hi Barcelona,love from Indonesia Kawal 2-8

    82. Eliezer Avendaño

      Ahora sí están entrenando y se nota

    83. msn msn

      Bartomeu. Out

    84. Kwezi Xuba

      oh my soul why did they have to add the soundtrack hahahah

      1. rawan saad 2

        about that , do you know what is it called or who is singing ?

    85. Studio Yessin

      In all of dutch football teams dee traing like this👆🏼😛❤️

    86. Isaac Vargas Gamboa


    87. Levi Mendez

      This team finna be sum else mas que un club

    88. Pirate Hunter Zorro

      2007 trophyless 2008 treble + messi ⚽️ 2014 trophyless 2015 treble messi⚽️ 2020 trophyless 2021......... you know

    89. Hippopotamus VEVO

      *I still don't find Barca defence reliable. We need to rework in Defence not in mid field or attack.*

    90. Yassine YT

      Nice work keep it

    91. C caziiz Ahmed

      I Am very happY to see this training again Messi Dembele and Countinho

    92. Kaleab Fitsumbirhan

      Love ze background Music

      1. Shinichi Kudo

        @rawan saad 2 same 😔

      2. rawan saad 2

        @Shinichi Kudo no i don't but i am looking everywhere and i can not find it

      3. Shinichi Kudo

        @rawan saad 2 do you you know ?

      4. rawan saad 2

        do you know what is the song called and who sang it ?

    93. Ramdani Saputra


    94. Santhosh Mathew

      Suarez left right

    95. Antoine Grizou

      Sell Alba and roberto and pique and suarez and vidal Buy Bellerin Gaya Alcantara Garcia

    96. Rakotoandrianiriantsoa Fanomezana

      what's the title of this song ? *.*

      1. Shinichi Kudo

        Pls tell me

      2. rawan saad 2

        if you know tell me


      WIN 1000.000⚡⚡⚡

    98. Rafa Ele

      Vamos que se puede resurgir de las senisas como el ave fenix

    99. yagoub nafea


    100. theJMK27

      I really hope Konrad de la Fuente is doing well