IVAN RAKITIĆ says goodbye to teammates at training 💙❤️

FC Barcelona

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    The midfielder said goodbye to his Barça teammates at Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, acknowledging his six 'spectacular' years at the club in which he won 13 titles
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    1. FC Barcelona

      IVAN RAKITIĆ, you will always be a part of our history 4️⃣ paprom.info/block/v/rYfPsNSa4JmH25Q.html

      1. Zakaria Essadiki


      2. daniela bautista

        @Ljiljana Stojanovic que

      3. Ljiljana Stojanovic

        @daniela bautista mrs

      4. daniela bautista


      5. Ljiljana Stojanovic


    2. big nose avi iskhakov

      Am done with Barcelona

    3. Romeo Sangpui

      He is so smart

    4. Christian De Nuntiis


    5. Phong Nam

      why bartomeu don't out? Messi stay and he say "this is Bartomeu'problem", why Bartomeu do'nt out?

    6. D.N.A Studios

      Big memories about you man i will miss you so much then others

    7. M H

      Amazing player

    8. Xry Pro

      wtf! why the worst president in Barca history is in the video?!

    9. An Nguyễn Văn

      Fan Barcelona

    10. Zakaria Essadiki


    11. Zakaria Essadiki

      10 million subsss

    12. TECH BY ESHU

      Good bye ivan,thanks for everything u did for us ,we all love you .hope you cherish new records .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    13. Fernando Amaya

      So long buddy

    14. Uptodate Itc

      With bartomeu, we will see barca at uel. And if they play in premier leauge, barca will not play in europe. Worst president ever. Shame on you.

    15. Leo Ge

      Gracias Rakitić por todo eres un buen jugador y espero que ya valla bien en Sevilla

    16. De Rossi


    17. Firas Michel Koussa

      Bartomeo out

    18. Lil savage

      He left with the same hairstyle he arrived with..

    19. Κωνσταντίνος Στρομπολάκος

      Thank you and good luck!

    20. sojan joseph

      Legend player...

    21. Johan syah

      Next: Bartomeu, Goodbye Camp Nou

    22. Johan syah

      He is The Legend

    23. Cornelius Juwle Wreh

      Gonna miss you Ivan

    24. Mohan Vel

      Good and calm player

    25. Galina Berliba

      Para muchos no pero para mi Iván se va por la puerta grande

    26. Ridwan Ali

      He’s going to successfully team lol

    27. Steven Rivera

      Thank you "Goku" I will always remember that goal you scored for Barcelona at the 2015 champion's league final against Juventus.

    28. sharife hne

      Thinks for what you did for us Ivan Rakitic God bless your new destination peace?

    29. Ultraa Use

      Thanks Ivan, thanks for the fruitful career in Barca, for many goals, you are truly the legend of Barca and have the right to stay together with other true cohort of legends of this great club! Good luck further! Thank you!


      Ivan the power of barca

    31. ES Luffy

      Don't leave plz

    32. khafier France

      one of the best player after xavi in barca


      Thanks for your best.

    34. Samir Chabane chaouche

      When I see pique in training ground I get sick and tired. Another disaster year in défense. Just waist of time. All this year they should put a young defender from la massia would be much better

    35. droneultimatum

      No send off? Disgraceful

    36. Yoghi Fahri hamdi


    37. ASIA Vlogs

      Why? Sell Ivan Rakitic to sevilla Ivan rakitic, Messi, Luisaurez Is best What koeman did😒😒?

    38. Miljenko Rebernisak

      He is coming home in Sevilla now. I wish him to become Juan (Ivan) The Prince of Sevilla one more time.🤴 In the Croatian national team, his nickname is Raketa ( the rocket) 🚀

    39. Sebastian Torres

      todo un crack

    40. santosh Tamang

      Thank you rakitić😍👐👐

    41. Amir Thapa magar

      Miss you rakitic we steel love ❤️ you !✌️✌️🇳🇵

    42. zubeda kausar

      I love the goal rakitic scored against spurs

    43. zubeda kausar

      I will miss Ivan rakitc

    44. Arjun Patel

      Bartomeu deserves Nothing. The only thing he has done is make this club worse. BARTOMEU OUT.

    45. Binay Sarkar

      happy to see dembele

    46. Binay Sarkar

      why junior firpo...he is a nerd

    47. alan duncan

      I like this channel a lot. There are a lot of bogus channels out there on Barcelona. I prefer to come here for a more reliable source of information.

    48. Sathish Nair

      Looks like a new signing more than a farewell..

    49. creater master games

      Why you have shown bartomeu in last 😡😡now my mood is destroyed

    50. SHS TWERK TV


    51. Raheem Ghaffar

      Goodbye thanks Wages were too high tho Cya

    52. Ron Simpson

      What?! Gerard Piqué it’s still fucking practicing! And they’re kicking Rakitić out? Madness....

    53. Stefan The Best

      That’s right just blow the whole team up and sign every Ajax player

    54. Rick

      Where messi and Suarez's and the others they should have brought the hole Barcelona team to say bye or something Rakitic was a legend


      Muy buenos y malos momentos con este jugadoraso

    56. simiso zwane

      Great potential wasted

    57. Pamuda Ismail

      Racktic are gone ,why Bisquet and Pique not gone , Barca Is A Rasicme

    58. Mohammed Adli __10

      I don't know why at he end when I hear the barca I feel he's gonna say barca tv

    59. Houria Yacef

      Goodbye rakitic ❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭😭

    60. idris farjad

      Bartomeo out !!!!!!! He's the biggest blame in Barcelona history and he makes the best player of all time sad

    61. Green Chilly Entertainment

      Let messi go, and we will say goodbye to you barca

    62. Daauud Amin

      We lost more legends only for Bartomeu lol 👇

    63. Alpit Riot

      I sad rakitic tranfer

    64. muhammed aways

      Bartomeu out 😡😡

    65. ANTI-FRANCMAC Maroc


    66. Ixonia

      Ivan's long-distance shoot on PES is my favorite. Thank you and goodbye Ivan Rakitic.

    67. CH3RRYxB0MBx

      Terrible decision. We should've kept him as long as possible

    68. TAC CAZ

      I don't like Baca Nanager now. Cuz he don't like. Messi, Rakitic, Luisaurez

    69. Tollah Tv ferkah

      Dude has good hair

    70. OG azazel

      The only reason Rakitic seemed like a bad player was that he was constantly getting compared to Xavi and Iniesta :/ Goodbye Rakitic, we'll always remember you as a Barca legend.❤💙

    71. Dipesh magar

      We gonna miss you raki😢😢😢😭😭💔💔💔 Thank u for everything and good luck🙏😭


      godbay rakitic

    73. Badr Erkhayla

      En español

    74. Miguel Angel Cortes Galicia

      no te ballas Rakitic nooooooooooooooooo adios fuiste uno de los mejores jugadores del FC Barceona es mas fuiste uno de mis faboritos

    75. باندا Panda

      IVAN RAKITIĆ I wish you the best in your new club

    76. danh vô bụi đời

      hello 👋👋👋

    77. AL POLI gAmEr

      Messi lover's like here

    78. abdulrahman said

      No longer Barca fan

    79. tri4 mantle

      Rakitic is barca legend now and he is competitor of modric both are expert in long range goals and now barca is selling rakitic then there won't be any player who can score long range goals put efforts like rakitic

    80. Logic Frog

      rakitic wasn't only a player he was like a member of barca family

    81. Yousif Toma

      I am about to cry because of Ivan Rakitic thank you and good luck

    82. Vidit Srivastava

      dont know why they have sold him at only 1 million even when 1 or 2 year ago psg was offering them 80 million

    83. Dorji Tshewang

      He is also the legend of Barcelona, He played very well IN HIS STAY AT Barcelona

    84. Shariif Zeen

      Gerard Pique is one of the most overrated players. He disappeared since Puyol retired. The guy can't defend at all in 1 on 1 situation. He's one of Barca's biggest problems in my opinion.

    85. Vanadio

      Leo, Espero de tot cor que sigui cert! Desitjo sincerament que us quedeu! Tots estem ferits i us esperem a tornar a casa! Torna als entrenaments! Estem esperant que el cor comenci a bategar de nou! Si us plau, torni del fons del meu cor! Tots us estimem el nostre estimat fill! No escoltis mai els benefactors que et diuen que vagis a mcity! Són cucs disfressats! Només volen fer-vos mal a vosaltres i a aquest equip. Queda’t aquí i guanya la glòria eterna! Perquè aquest és el vostre paradís Leo! I sense ell només hi ha perdició! Tots us esperem per tornar-vos a veure i sobretot per veure aquell gest vostre amb les mans cap al cel! Llavors sabrem amb certesa que ELL existeix i que ens ha retornat la vida.

    86. Shariq Cv

      Good luck ivan!😑

    87. jupp derwall

      He is better than modric. Bartemeu Go Go Real

    88. Lelet kipgen

      Really miss u goodbye and good luck

    89. Manas Kumar Das

      Barcelona is not Barcelona without Messi the craze and excitement of fcb is no longer

    90. Dwaipayan Mahalanobis

      I wished not to see that jackass Bartomeu's face. But ..

    91. Francisco Javier

      antes de el debio irse busquets o sergi roberto

    92. Bapeti Uys-Kosweti

      Who’s next..?

    93. Shankar V

      Bartemeou is almost getting arrested for corruption.Yes!!!!!!!

    94. Bhaskar

      By slow motion shit, riding cottails of messi. Do something on pitch for Seville

    95. Jo Ker

      I know is crazy but if Messi goes to ManC, Barca doesn’t need a star they need a team, and here’s come the crazy thing Tecatito Corona, is one of the best dribbling stats in Europe, MVP last season in Portugal, is Cheap, he play for the team, only because he’s Mexican the top clubs doesn’t look at him but there is a good player in the dark.

    96. bitegoatie

      Follow him out the door, Bartomeu. Enjoy what time you have before jail and leave the club to heal from your abuses. Farewell to Ivan, who deserved better.

    97. Krishna Kumar

      A whole era coming to an end. Ivan Suarez neymar Dani iniesta xavi and now Leo. That team was so special under Lucho😭❤️

    98. Aziz rising

      Well farewell champ,all the best for yr future journey...we had enuf great time watching u enjoyed as always and will continue to watch u wherever ur❤️❤️

    99. Tamim Max Fur You


    100. Faysal Br

      فيسكا برشلونة⁦❤️⁩💙👑 فيسكا كتالونيا⁦❤️⁩💛👑