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    Relive the highlights of Barça's stunning victory over Juventus at the Allianz Stadium and Koeman's reactions.
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    1. Arda Bs


    2. Bali property on cam

      Last chance in last minute must be direct shoot on goal 😃

    3. Samet Tepeli


    4. gaglet


    5. Tobias Benitez

      3 vs 2 le ganamos cagon

    6. Jetter Smith

      Ousmane Demélé and Romelu Lukaku is on the same level righ?

    7. GUARD_Emirhan Işık

      MERİHHHHH KOÇUM🔴🤍🔴🤍🔴🤍🔴🤍🔴🤍🔴🤍🔴🤍🔴🤍

    8. Elnur Eliyev


    9. Reena Gonsalves

      Hi messi

    10. Jorzy

      Good game visca barca Dembele nice shoot

    11. Anita Sharma

      I'm big big BARCA fan but I felt you won the match by luck 😔


      Ronaldo was no there

    13. Fırat BAŞ

      Kapak fotoğrafıınsa Merih olması❤️😂🇹🇷

    14. Azeri Omer

      Super bele udarsiz peçne

    15. Saif Shubita

      BARCELONA trash in camp nou cr7 will score hat trick Juventus forza juve

    16. J04ck1M 26

      Should be 0-4

    17. Black Ricky

      Messi finally scored something this year

    18. yea brother

      This shit scary af you can hear them kicking the ball

    19. Joseph Camilleri

      The ref was on barca side

    20. PUBG Fan

      I wish Ronaldo played:(

    21. Bari Hafizh

      Juve 0-8 bayern

    22. Frech_ 45

      Njirr gua doang yang disnih Indonesia_-

    23. Suyitno MZ

      I'm indonesian I don't understand, what he say?

    24. Vladimir Lenin

      Kapakta Merih Var 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    25. enosh gael .___.

      Ganaron de suerte 😈😈😈😈😈 xd

    26. FOOTBALL- Sport

      You guys didn't play well our defense was sleepy Morata scored 3 times if it wasn't for him being offside we would have lost!

    27. Beast Gamer

      I wish greizman do better, he was on fire in atletico but now, he is just.......

    28. Gabry Tron

      Le squadre italiane non reggono l'intensità che richiedono due partite ufficiali a settimana. 20 squadre vanno bene per la serie B, non per la serie A dove 7 squadre sono impegnate in competizioni europee e tutte in coppa Italia.. La serie A va ridotta a 16 squadre e quando ci sono i turni per le competizioni europee bisogna rinviare la partite di campionato antecedente quelle europee come avviene per la nazionale. Così le Italiane possono dare il massimo in Europa e andare lontano.

    29. game lover boy

      when i watching a football match . the first goal like this one . make me stop watching the game

    30. Shailendra Ingle

      Thank you, sir

    31. Salman Musthafa

      കളി പോര

    32. Ünal Doğruca

      Dembele knuckleball

    33. Om Cheliex

      Viva barca..yess messi my idol @kelikmessidona

    34. Natura Libera

      Il barca di oggi sembra una squadretta di promozione e la mafientus fa proprio schifo! Il calciomarcio dei burattini e delle signorine infrociate.

    35. Thushara Lakshan

      01:27 who the hell was calling for the ball from ansu 🤦

    36. Ryan Sandi

      what r u doing ansu fathi???

    37. Pusuk Goreng

      Barca just not very good in finishing ..too much passing,infront and inside the box... Keep on trying guys...just ignore other toxic comment...

    38. Rikko _Tube

      Berharap trio NMS kembali 🙂

    39. Cewe judes


    40. 4-L,HADI ALI,3490

      🖤🤍🖤🤍 is the best

    41. Amie Juhri

      Goo barcaa

    42. Wolvezzz

      Props to FAti for giving braith a chance

    43. بــنت الـمـغـرورةة


    44. Kareem Brome

      This... tHIS TEAm is a cheat, barcelona is full of cheaters if ronaldo was there that means that barca is ded but no ronaldo and three goals of side I was thinking like BRUH WDYM, messi is noob, ronaldo is professional

    45. ꧁FlameGames ꧂

      The 3 offside for morata is a hat-trick (even tho I’m a Barca fan OwO)

      1. ꧁FlameGames ꧂

        Right handball goal @Ras

      2. Ras

        Well the first one was handball and offside and the other 2 were offside

    46. Aaron Martinez

      Barca could start the league really bad back could the leagu around

    47. Daniel Angel

      Some idiot screamed ansu and distracted him from scoring lol

    48. DHRUV JHA

      I am happy seeing messi happy

    49. Heri Triyanto

      I miss the old barca

    50. Emilio Sisalima

      El FC BARCELONA debe concentrarse en comprar a David alaba y mandar a umtiti al Bayer con David alaba tendrán una mejor defensa alguien experimentado que ayudará al FC Barcelona a volver a la élite...David alaba es la mejor opción para la defensa

    51. patlican


    52. Lima Akum

      Unpopular opinion - Nevertheless Morata still scored 2 more unofficial goals than mesie.

    53. Alex TheJunkBot

      There not trying to get the attention off the alaves game, they are trying to cheer us up

    54. Mohammad Abdullah

      Johan cruyff said "quality without results is pointless" This is what happening with barca...they hav alot of quality but in front of the goal they fail

    55. Dimitris

      Football = Messi = Messiball

    56. Dimitris

      We played nice Messiball finally... Messi and the youngsters (Pedri, Fati, Araujo) were a real spectacle. This team has a bright future. Messiball at its best, congrats !

    57. Klevin The Gamer

      When Juve attack there is nothing in this video... It's not a highlight of the match but a highlight how barca players play vs juventus..

      1. I Like Turtles

        @Vincenzo Montalbano you really think you are right😬

      2. Vincenzo Montalbano

        @I Like Turtles I don't need to, my facts are clear. Instead... I will watch next match at Camp nou, meet you then

      3. I Like Turtles

        @Vincenzo Montalbano go watch the game again and talk to me then

      4. I Like Turtles

        @Vincenzo Montalbano they don't need to be right bcs they are FACTS.

      5. Vincenzo Montalbano

        @I Like Turtles none of your statements are right in my opinion

    58. Taha Ben Dhaouia

      barsa barsa baarsa

    59. yash dubey

      pijanic and messi are connecting griezmann messi too i hope coutinho and griezmann start connecting too

    60. Vishal Vinod

      Barca is plays awesome except they suck at finishing.

    61. The Messiah

      We might have already lost the league title, but we more hope than ever in the Champions League.🔴🔵Visca Barca, Y Visca Catalunya!!!🔵🔴

    62. Gumowy

      If Ronaldo Play...

    63. ferdian 29

      Wkwkw this team just a clown

    64. Kerem Taha Aynacı

      Adamların profil fotosu nda Merih var Türk ler her yerde 💪


        Tabi oğlum

    65. Felix Aria

      If ur read this barça i guess train griezmann a bit harder for a good perfection Força barça

    66. John Blessed

      We can beat Juventus away in a tough UCL match but we cannot beat Alaves, I told people we are not clinical enough in front of goal and it will comeback to haunt us in tough games if we do not address the problem.

    67. Syed Arslan Haider

      Why messi didn't leave Barcelona

    68. Nesreddin Quliyev

      Won vs Juve Draw vs Alaves WHAT THE FUCK

    69. Martin BRAITHWITE


    70. Cristiano RONALDO

      Hahah ronaldo will destory you😂😜

    71. Corrupted gamers

      Ronaldo is back ggs barca

    72. HIKS TV


    73. Yağız Doğan Çelik

      Where is Morata's offside hat trick?

    74. Kai Productions


    75. Kerem Vural

      Nobody: Barcelona: juventus 0 -2 barcelona


      Merih Demiral is a very best a match...

    77. Super G

      Admin are so cringe sometimes...its unbearable

    78. gaglet


      1. gaglet

        Messi’s penalty in the Juve game was quality

    79. yahya ahmad

      Jeventuse is stronger then barshalona i dare you to play aginvs jeventuse

    80. AvG

      What are you guys doing?? Lost 2 points against Alaves and they are posting the highlights of Juve game..🤷

    81. Ronie Iebach

      Player barcelona have to train hard for such a fine finish player liverpool jurgen klop👍👍👍

    82. Bille

      One of the most dominant performances from this team we have seen in a long time. Hats off to the players and Koeman!

    83. Gautama dharma

      man i aint gonna watch barca la liga matches again.. cant believe we were so good playing against juve and so shit against alaves

    84. Reynaldo Christianto

      Line Up Starter: Busquets --> Pjanic Sergio Roberto --> Dest

    85. KARDEŞLER ytb

      Merih is good

    86. alila dewanti

      Vamos barca

    87. Qwertyuiop 12345678


    88. Emir Özakdağ

      Merih Demiral> lenglet

    89. Dhawal Misra

      Dear barca, i will support you till the end... but please give good results... the match vs alaves was the worst performance of the season, despite having the last 15 minutes good... otherwise, we have been giving good performances all season long, even in losses vs getafe and real... but performances aren't the ultimatum, results are the ultimatum... good performance result in wins almost everytime, but still, not everytime... sometimes it feels as if we need a striker more than we need a defender... we make chances, but don't convert them... bartomeu ruined us, but now he's gone... don't prove the criticism about players being at fault instead of bartomeu right, cuz it isn't the case... please improve the conditions of results... we believe in koeman, cuz he is one of the only few coaches who decided to coach us in such a bad period... don't disappoint us cules dear barca... forca barca 💙❤💙❤

    90. Yiğit Can

      The era of the bell is over, we have just started barça :) 💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤

    91. sayan kayal

      Keep going .

    92. f g

      Nice Barcelona

    93. Soham Mondal

      Is it a highlight? Where is morata's offside hattrick 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    94. Beastial Adoration

      ¿Pero la gente que controla el canal del Barça es bruta o qué? Venimos de un empate contra Alaves dando lástima y suben esto? Despertar YA!

    95. Shayan Abbaspour

      Koeman out Koeman out Koeman out Koeman out Koeman out Koeman out Koeman out Koeman out Koeman out Koeman out

    96. Shayan Abbaspour

      Koeman out

    97. Shayan Abbaspour

      messi out messi out messi out messi out messi out messi out messi out messi out messi out messi out messi out messi out messi out messi out messi out messi out

    98. Shayan Abbaspour

      messi out

    99. Shayan Abbaspour

      messi out

    100. Shayan Abbaspour

      messi out