🎙️KOEMAN previews friendly as squad get ready 💪

FC Barcelona

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    Ahead of tomorrow's tie against Gimnàstic de Tarragona, Barça's first-team were hard at work going through their final preparations before their first test of pre-season. Manage Ronald Koeman spoke about the build up and how is squad is gaining fitness ahead of the league season.
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    1. FC Barcelona

      🚨 CULERS! Remember you can watch tomorrow's friendly LIVE on Barça TV+ 👉 barca.link/fpYK30r8AZu

      1. Nichols Nguidjol


      2. Francis Abrams

        Josep Maria Bartomeu and Ronald Koeman Barcelona problem is the defence line Gerard Piqué needs to be off load now Gerard Piqué is not used in the squad and we need a new centre-back, new a left-back and a right-back

      3. Ruben Guerrero Gonzalez

        Hablad españoooooooooool

      4. حہسہيہنہ آلَعہبہيہديہ

        May I know after Griezmann got Coutinho's number, which number would he get, and Bianesh what number 🤔

      5. CombustionKnight

        @ATIB MOMIN nowhere

    2. Tapas Bhandari

      This team is good but another team should have fear for our defence line ... Koulibaly is only the right guy

    3. Tapas Bhandari

      We are lacking in our defence why anyone are not feeling same as me

    4. Tapas Bhandari

      We don't need to do anything just sell pique ,jordi alba and suarez and rafinha and go for koulibaly ...he is the one who can manage our defence line

    5. Tapas Bhandari

      Please kouman if u want to win tournament for long time go for defender like koulibaly he is amazing

    6. Tapas Bhandari

      Bro are we calling this a team it's a loosing team where we havent sell our defenders pique and jordi alba should be sell they need to go now go for target go for the great defender like koulibaly .....again u want 8 what u think they can brake sallah and mane and Neymar n mabbape

    7. Prince Bhebe

      I will

    8. Maxim Panov

      WE ARE HAPPY WITH ALL THIS.. except messi

    9. José Luis Rodríguez Rivero

      Piqué ya no está para jugar en el Barcelona, Busquets,S.Roberto, Grisman,ya no son titulares, no tienen puestos fuera ya por favor

    10. MBISS 83


    11. Spencer Kweyu

      Who else feels like koeman was the change we needed not the players ✨

    12. miisA miisA


    13. fercho B

      Los fanboys del Barcelona olvidan muy rápido

    14. Tjeltar

      Please keep Luis Suárez!!!!

    15. rajeev gauchan

      why do we still have piqué, busquets in the team.I can react n run faster than them n to have defender like them we will concede again n again.. Somebody tell the board we have to defend the goal to win as well. Where r fast LB n CB signings. lets c how this goes..Viscaelbarça et viscamessi Koeman change the style of our play for god shake give us fan some happiness n something to cheer about.. 👏👏👍👍

    16. Big Apple

      Koeman welcome to putalonia 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈

    17. Vuvum Manlun

      Wonder why pique still included

    18. r

      Ansu fati running looks like bolt

    19. Hoa Nguyen

      if Barca want to have Thiago ple keep Rafinha

    20. Elmaster

      m'alegro molt que troben arribat als 10 milions de subscriptors però recordin que aquest no és l'objectiu d'equip :),

    21. RU'Z CRAFT

      Greetings everyone🇮🇩

    22. OGShadowGod

      This is how many people want Bartomeu out 👇🏼

    23. Liam_Myth

      👇🏻this is how many people hates Bartomeu and wants him to get out!

    24. Mohamed Shabab

      If the match we can see in tv Sony ten channel

    25. KK Criativo

      Koeman pfv coloca essas crianças pra jogar futebol bonito! 🥶

    26. rida brahim

      We have all the players to do champions league we just must change the dependence on Messi

    27. Admir Monteiro

      We need defensive players. Sevilha has two great defensive players and Paul Torres is great as well. Martinez is great offensive player but we need more defensive players . Learn with Liverpool. Pique,Alba are old and slow. Nelson is ok player but we need great players like Segino from AJax

    28. Cqrløs 666

      8a2 yes kkrsrs

    29. noorudin hack TV

      Siap 8 - 2

    30. الجنازهـ الشمري

      Go, the best team in history❤️🔥🔥🔥

    31. Ahaspath Bharadwaj

      Suarez IN and Bartemmeu OUT PLEASE

    32. Adams Stephen

      Sell Semedo,pique ,alba,and lenglet and but new strong and aggressive ones

    33. M Dzul Nurfaizal

      2014 : 0 trophy 2015 : Treble 🏆🏆🏆 -------- 2020 : 0 trophy 2021 : let us see

    34. red sus

      Oof man dumbell

    35. driss said



      HOW Are You Lionel Messi🖒💜




      Barca can you reveal the squad number of all players...............in 1 video

    39. Un cule mas VB

      Where is the revolution that the board of directors was going to carry out? Luis Suárez, Martin Braithwaite, Umtiti, Arturo Vidal, Rafinha, Semedo, all out. We must take advantage of the situation of players like David Alaba, Eric García, Thiago Alcántara, Héctor Bellerín and Memphis Depay. Get it right for once, please. Revolution now.🔵🔴💪

    40. Rajesh

      Barca needs world class defenders . Not old guys like pique . Defenders who can take pressure in big matches . Otherwise , In this season Barca can't do anything again . Mark my word .

    41. Lamin dembouz Diallo

      I want to see piqué and J. Alba out of the club


      8 - 2 yess😂

    43. Wee Salaetim

      i want to see messi speak english too ^___^

    44. 扶虎姬

      👇This is how many people who want Bartomeu out.

    45. Studio Yessin

      Forsa Barca forsa Koeman style❤️

    46. Rijo Sam

      Dani Morer got sold(a quality RB, when we are in desperate need of fullbacks), Akieme (a quality LB) got sent back to Barca B, Monchu(had two great seasons) and he's getting sold, Collado like Monchu had two great seasons and who knows what's going to happen to him. And we're still counting on Coutinho instead of Puig who has proven his worth. Then there's Alena who was loaned to Betis when he had a great time with the first team. Oriol got sent in loan to a team that doesn't help in his development (another bad loan just like they did with Samper)

    47. حہسہيہنہ آلَعہبہيہديہ

      May I know after Griezmann got Coutinho's number, which number would he get, and Bianesh what number 🤔

    48. hicham iGoneRogue

      Bartomeu out

    49. Legend Ary

      Noooo Piqué have to go

    50. Josue Guillen

      Es el mismo Barcelona del 2-8 solo cambia el cuerpo técnico y de allí es el mismo equipo mediocre 🤬🤬🤬

    51. Rodrigo Fiuza Porto


    52. Ally Brooke FanBoy

      Coutinho 😍❤

    53. Everson tekerz Tekerz

      Messi balancing is underrated

    54. جابر البصراوي


    55. TRG gurung

      trincao 9 coutinho 8 pedri 14 Jersey number 😍

    56. Kinalwa Brian

      The training is okay, but they should introduce gym sessions also. Our players are skinny

    57. Gray Su

      There should be a race between fati and dembele..

    58. madhu varun

      Can't believe Semedo got out paced by Alphonso Davies.

    59. Pynshngain Lyngdoh

      Why Barca can't sign a new defender....

    60. علي مفتن عبادي

      نطالب بلترجمه الى العربية

    61. Peter Chadwick

      Let messi come to city

    62. Marchel Sugi

      Everyone seems to have problem standing in those balance ball except Messi.. 😄

    63. Hani *


    64. Ognjen Matic

      Messi 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

    65. Rio Bere


    66. musica para dormir a gusto

      Waoo viendo al próximo campeon de la champions Dejen su like los que apoyamos al barca

    67. حسين احمد


    68. set sett

      Yes Coutinho is Back💪💪💪

    69. Omar As

      برشلونة العشق ❤❤❤❤❤

    70. Kevin Philips


    71. Hatem Alhrbi

      If anyone forgot im here to remind you ,🔥8-2🔥

    72. Тимур Картакаев

      Semedo 💨

    73. Drakon Official


    74. Сыдык Палванов

      Bartomeu out

    75. Arun Prasad

      rafinha needs to be in barca he is young and he is like thiago in bayern if barca give rafinha more minutes he will be great just like thiago so dont loan him out

    76. Xohir Alam

      Messi is trying to imrpove his heading skill.

    77. Yash Urade

      Everybody is happy that messi is back, only messi is not happy what the club has done to the greatest player in barca history is so disgusting

    78. mAAd


    79. Jawad 007

      Bartender Bartomeu Out

    80. Pierre Dikangu

      très beau , tokoos

    81. يوتيوبر كردي


    82. Souleymane Sarr

      Piqué doit quitte le barça

    83. Ashwath Krishna

      Suarez and messi?



    84. Souleymane Sarr

      Piqué doit quitte le barça

    85. Prawesh K

      How can we watch the live in mobile? Someone tell me please.

    86. Souleymane Sarr

      Piqué doit quitte le barça

    87. Seydi Ngom

      Força Barça ⚽🏆

    88. Ryzenao ツ


    89. Akash Chatterjee

      1:56 Messi Suarez 😃



    90. Binti Sheikhnoor

      I wish you all best insha allah

    91. voicer lab

      Did you know Barcelona is the 1st club to hit 10million subscriber in PAprom!! Barca fans are in the whole wide world! Am from India and where are you from?

    92. Balázs Malik

      neto firpo araujo ? wague puig alena pedri dembele brathwaite trincao

    93. Eddy Mwaka

      I love barca more than all team in the world

    94. Eddy Mwaka

      Very happy to see dembele on the pitch

    95. Rajesh D

      I think barca need a good defender ...not a striker

    96. Win Cyber

      I feel another white season and wasted transfers with Bartomeu

    97. douglas orestis

      Μπαρτσελόνα γίνεται καλι

    98. Peter Somogyvari



      Missing *neymar*

    100. CHILD WORLD

      മലയാളി സ് ഉണ്ടോ ടെയ്