🏃 🎙️ Last TRAINING SESSION before the FIRST La Liga game

FC Barcelona

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    There’s just one day to go before the league gets going for FC Barcelona and this Saturday morning the team continued their preparations for the Sunday 9.00pm CEST kick-off at home to Villarreal.
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    1. FC Barcelona

      THIS SUNDAY: 🔥 BARÇA LIVE 🔥 : Warm up & Match Center - LIVE on PAprom from Camp Nou. - Featuring SPECIAL GUESTS @Cracks , Penya Barcelonista Nova York, USA and more! ❤️💙 #BarçaVillarreal POST GAME reactions - EXCLUSIVELY on BarçaTV+ barca.link/wT1w30qMyQO

      1. Sameera Abood

        @Ajmal Mubarak واضضان

      2. Jake Kỳ


      3. Jake Kỳ

        SUAREZ WILL STAY AT BARCA !!!!!!!!

      4. Jake Kỳ


      5. Savio


    2. Jahiem Wisdom

      Anybody knows the instrumental for this song??

    3. danh vô bụi đời

      hello 👋 😊

    4. akam xoshnaw


    5. juan shams

      Yo Joseph Maria ( the honorable president of FCB ) Luis Suarez is one of the best strikers and how you gave him for free at least you could sell him for 87M or more he is worthy for it think about UCL only because of Luis goal only it was 8-2 at least he scored

    6. juan shams

      We need Suarez back or kick out Joseph Maria the president of FCB

    7. Ravi Teja

      Bartomeu : Time Koeman? That's the only thing we don't have 🤣🔥

    8. انا احبكم Shu


    9. Thang Truong

      Messi Messi Messi 1

    10. Graciela Cruz

      Messi andate de ese c uadrode mafiosos malos compañeros y de este entrenador impresentable

    11. Hoi Ching Mak

      Bartomeu out


      link of live video of today's match

    13. hiphop hiphop

      Villarreal le va volar la raja

    14. ram rai

      I think Koe man cannot peel banana according to his dramma

    15. Isaac Rodríguez

      No me deja oír ese puto refri

    16. Firza Ramadhan

      Sampain titip slm gua untuk kuoman.. Dn mnjmen barca

    17. Destroy gaming

      for messi only

    18. Destroy gaming

      I hate koeman

    19. Andrea Gnzlz


    20. ThomasWRLDS

      this is so weird to see Suares not in barca anymore bois

    21. Nicholas Cage

      Messi want to go...who care how he train ....let him go...respect his decision

    22. Byron Rojo

      Presente del Barca, un equipo de segunda que pena. Gracias directiva de Bartomeu el mejor Madrista.

    23. 029_Zahid Mustafa

      Barca cannot even make Messi happy in his last years. Better rename La Masia in his name.That is the least you can do.

    24. Euno Arreola

      Lol... Suarez scored 2, almost won a penalty... assisted 1... you just have to disrespect a legend, dont you... sad...

    25. Geovana Hawerroth Pajeu

      Volta suares 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

    26. Funk Junk

      Good job koeman!!! Rebuild this beautiful club!!!! Don't look back and go moving forward!!!! That's life😉

    27. Józsefné Sztrókay

      Viva Barca !

    28. Deborah Luck


    29. FC Parcelona

      Leo messi10

    30. Pablo Azzlack

      Bartomeu out !!!!

    31. kimkheang san

      I will record your voice

    32. Sourya Rana

      Crap 💩

    33. Adrian Ojeda

      Me caes gordo koman vas a fracasar y vendra xavi

    34. rohan Dybala 21

      Aha..... finally Santiago Mingo in the squad for tonight's match. Was hoping to see him for a long time, the Argentine bulldozer.

    35. Andra Sudrajat

      Koeman out

    36. Muhammad Ammar


    37. Ravan Gasimov


    38. Kondeh Alhaji K M

      Those who want Lionel King Messi to score hat-rick Let me see you here ... 👇

    39. nao 2


    40. Theo Persoon

      Dest! 👍🏻

    41. Karol Ziółkowski

      Visca el Barca!

    42. Ruchi koodaram


    43. Manoj Kumar Shah

      please send alba busquets roberto and pique

    44. ps o

      El barca es un coladero atras , por eso nadie usa ese sistema koeman

    45. 09

      Riqui puig future barca

    46. AR

      BARTO OUT!

    47. Anzonini Delpuerto

      se aproxima la primera derrota de la temporada, KOEMAN BARTOMEU OUT

    48. Amit Karmakar

      A season without Right back

    49. Reusstar Nongrum

      I love suares n miss him we want martines in barca

    50. K Kawseri Hasan


    51. Taha Mufaddal

      Bartameou out

    52. Brat

      I think Koeman trying to bring the glory back. Players should corporate him and board should listen to him in positive way keeping the business aside for this season at least .

    53. Legend Remains

      Public shout That "BARTOMEU OUT"

    54. Jalol Yunusov

      Fanats in the Uzbekistan go go go messi

    55. Ali haktan Taşoğlu

      Bartomeu OUT!!!!!

    56. Vicwilliam Vinsent

      ed woodward out

    57. Mochamad Hari Fitradana

      I m in indonesia

    58. شهم

      العرب : لماذا نحن هنا كلهم اجانب😂😂🤦‍♂️

      1. شهم

        @kam oo 😂😂😂

      2. kam oo

        سوال صعب

    59. Anas 71

      Koeman out

    60. HKK10 _GaminG

      I want Neymar go back to Barcelona 😁❤️

    61. Himanshu Bobade

      Yeah Barcelona...now what.. where's ur barca tv..huh....lamooo finally gng to watch on fb live free...🤫


      *FCB* Football Club Bartomeu's

    63. Del Eskobar


    64. Tonmoy Sarker

      Only Messi ❤❤❤🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

    65. Ibrahim Coulibaly


    66. BM I

      Alena is given no:6 , so it means Todibo will be sold.

    67. TrymDekker

      I Love Frenkie de Jong

    68. Spiros Papadopoulos

      Vamos koeman, Vamos Barça! Y Vamos Messi!! All the best and good luck to all of you! Hope we have a good season! Barça players and especially Messi play as u always do! The best ❤🐐

    69. ahmedeldamyaty ahmed

      احلى كومان

    70. Savio

      Koeman please communicate with the players like pep did♥️

    71. FTVcomps

      Messi to score a brass !!!!.... If you're a culer leave a like😃😃✊

    72. FTVcomps

      People nowadays don't know the meaning of first.......

    73. hussien. m

      I love you messi

    74. Rudi Prasetyo

      Visca Barca

    75. Sumit Kumar

      Alba Busquets pique if that same line going to start again then barca my club we are finished

    76. Barcaholic Messiholic

      Koeman call me this morning to inform that he doesñ't count on me to be ideal dad for my daughter😞 Bigger shit iam unmarried yet😑

    77. José David Diaz sandoval

      Vamos barca demostremos que nosotros podemos ganar jugando bien y sin robos

    78. Muhammed Sinan

      6th number must be given to dejong

    79. Brian Boi

      Messi hair looking handsome. I think he’s gonna play well and score lol no homo here. Good luck Barca!

    80. turbito landazuri

      Vamos Griezman...

    81. World Class Football Matches

      Instead of wasting money on players you don't need, just hire amazon for documentary like All or Nothing Tottenham Hotspur. Got it Bartomeu and Barca board.

    82. Qinthara Faiz

      Suarez left :/, Rakitic left :/, Semedo left :/, Vidal left :/, Bartomeu out :)

    83. Anjum Afroz

      Can I download video from FCB nd edit it then upload on u tube.will I get copyright??? Plss answer me anyone

    84. Sachin Nair

      Griezmann Konrad Coutiho Messi Frankie. Alenia Alba Lenglet Pique Roberto Neto Starting line-up

    85. Sidharth sid 10

      All the best barca

    86. Umar Dhani


    87. Bigi Ibbi

      No more barca.

    88. Maria guillen

      Hola FC barcelona

    89. Angel Suyán

      When are you gonna hire someone to the team??

    90. king 67 Palestino

      Los periodistas hablan por hablar yo creo que será un buen año para el club

    91. Andrei Zing505

      Sign defenders!

    92. Shubham Bhavsar

      Folks who says that Lewandowski is better than u r Renaldo fans becz Lewandowski is nothing without his virtuoso players he gave a damn shit in Dortmund,For win UCL he went to Bayern and same is like Ronaldo also. Imagine If Messi gone to Man City They have won everything and totaly conquer whole Europe

    93. Michael Huynh

      Bartmoeu out!!

    94. almegdad mohammad

      8- 2

    95. Ammar Umair

      Messi is looking sad after suraz left😳



    97. Oldemar Ortiz

      Vamos Panamá 🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦👏👏👏👏

    98. Samson Debbarma

      Barca lose tonight

    99. Pradeep Singh

      Buy some defenders

    100. Luis Ángel

      nobita vamos a por ti