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    Leo Messi was back on the training pitch this afternoon, his first session of the new La Liga season. Check out the highlights from Barça's Ciutat Esportiva!
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    1. FC Barcelona

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      1. Emirhan Karaduman

        Does anybody now how fast runs messi what was his record

      2. مراد مرادی


      3. Barça noticias

        @Will PLAYZ Messi is Better

      4. Will PLAYZ

        FC Barcelona Ronaldo is better

      5. yawmiyat oumo omar-يوميات ام عمر

        Welcom to my Chanel

    2. Atokarn

      Why do you try to cover it up? Everbody knows what is going on.

    3. Exotic Simplicity


    4. ManCity FTW

      imagine forcing and lying to someone who gave his whole life to the club, Very selfish!

    5. Abri Play Game


    6. Tapas Bhandari

      Just sell Gerard pique ,jordi alba rafinha , vidal and go for one best defender koulibaly 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    7. Tapas Bhandari

      Just sell Gerard pique ,jordi alba rafinha , vidal and go for one best defender koulibaly 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    8. Tapas Bhandari

      We need koulibaly

    9. Tapas Bhandari

      Messi I don't know how much tear it will come this season

    10. Tapas Bhandari

      We got 8-0 not win is a loose great loose no other team got 8

    11. Tapas Bhandari

      Messi is amazing but before that we have nothing in the defence line same poor thing koeman why you are not listening my point we need koulibaly as defender

    12. hawkar hawkar


    13. reypro alanya

      Alguien español acá 😑

    14. Granit Wallace Ings

      Why bartomeu out

    15. Satrio Wicaksono

      What a shame barcelona, bartomeu and koeman

    16. Dr Gr

      Messi Dios!!!

    17. Next Level Music

      Anybody know the name of the song? 🙏

    18. Pro skills

      I got no likes even though I was the first person

    19. Sania Sultana

      Messi should leave BARTOMEU a lier,corrupt,TRASH

    20. willi

      this club should be ashamed

    21. vikram nath

      Song name. Anyone ?

    22. saifulislam Opy

      Hope he will leave Barca next year ✌️ respect level went down for Barca🥴👎

    23. Nicat Ehmedov

      I love Leo Messi

    24. Mad max

      رجعوك بالقنادر

    25. rayane allali

      Messi 😧😧😑Cristiano Ronaldo ❤❤❤✌

    26. illuminate1111

      Those passes need to tighten up

    27. Già Anh

      Tôi đến từ VIỆT NAM và tôi rất thích phong cách đá bóng LEO bạn ý là một cầu thủ xuất sắc !

    28. Nicolas Buela

      Que lindo ver el mejor jugador del mundo de vuelta!

    29. Elird Qarri 2

      Lionel Messi Returns to Training with Barcelona

    30. Mat Pelor

      Koeman look like doesn't fit with barca style.

      1. Mat Pelor

        @anonymous123 45 no doubt about it, what we talking about barca style under koeman regime

      2. anonymous123 45

        Wow he was a Barca legend fyi...

    31. md_9602

      tw : @md_96_02

    32. Wilou 7


    33. abdul azeez zain

      Barca doesn't care for The Greatest

    34. miko foin

      Nobody has smile on their face.

    35. SaxonZXZ7

      what the hell are you doing barcelona ???

    36. Anoniem Anoniem

      Suarez looks in terrible shape! 😅

    37. Ahmed Tantray

      What FC Barcelona has achieved is all due to Messi and now what they are doing with Messi is not good 😡😡😡

    38. Mini Murali

      Vidal and suvu must leave it´s time😕

    39. Itz Nasty

      Regardless if he wants to be there or not he’s going to give it his all


      Make this the most disliked video Not for messi but to the club Messi should know we are there with him

    41. The Fourth Chairman

      Bayern wants to know your location

    42. Muhamad Rohibi

      Visca Barca from 🇲🇨🇲🇨Indonesia

    43. Mariano Lopez


    44. Dave Nakamura


    45. David Sambo

      Messi should start his own club lol. Barcelona is officially dead they probably going to finish 5/6 place. I feel sorry for him right now

    46. nika porozov

      The way Barca treated Messi after everything he has done for the club is disgusting! He deserves so much better than being forced to play against his will. Lost all respect for Barca.

    47. FOOT NEWS

      Best goat 🐐 ever 😍😍😍😍♥️💙

    48. Thanzil Nihmath

      Who are all these people?!

    49. Thanzil Nihmath

      Sad!Just Sad! what a weird song edit for a training video!! Messi looks real 'happy'.Disgusted with Barca

    50. _MarVyN


    51. effi euan

      Un gusto ver entrenar a Dios Messi.

    52. hussien. m

      I love you messi💕


      I though messi go to Manchester city😥

    54. Leonardo Cruz

      lol they're both buddy outcasts

    55. Grasmo Santiago

      The nerve to keep him hostage and force him back to training, and then upload a video like this as if he voluntarily returned

    56. COLONELUL 32

      Love Messi

    57. albe

      Ya barça les deposite los 100M€ por favor dejenlo ir :(

    58. TAC CAZ

      I thinking Messi unhappy with Bacelona now

    59. eddy enrique ordoñez vecino

      Un prisionero de lujo!

    60. Siam Ahmed

      Messi 💙❤

    61. قناة علي الرياضي

      When does the lka start?

    62. قناة علي الرياضي

      ميسي هو الأفضل في العام

    63. Aashish Rai

      oooo rafiha also back to home....

    64. Cars Remakes

      Messi is just staying one more year at Barcelona also Barcelona get ready for next season 2021/2022 in champions league 😂😂😂😂

    65. Kevin Toledo

      Volvio obligado por que sino ni vuelve al barca

    66. marwan aldaini

      We lose today but we win tomorrow and we won in the past We are people who have loved Barcelona for years and we will not leave it for a match

    67. M.I. Ahad

      Finally the g.o.a.t is back

    68. Sayf Alghamdi

      Suarez running 2:20 😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀

    69. Jason Kay

      Ojalá se hubiera podido ir... No haremos nada con gente que se quiere ir... Asi nos lo agradece el cabrón, cada prtido dejandome las manos aplaudiendo y cuando las cosas se ponen feas, se quiere ir el tio, VERGÜENZA.

    70. Emaad Khan

      Ok this is bad cus I feel he is like a prisoner now

    71. freedom


    72. Mhmod Ajeeb

      LEO ❤️❤️🥀🥀

    73. valentino silva

      porque filman a suárez si no esta en los planes de koeman


      Leo Messi "Had to" return to action....Feel sad for what happened in last couple of days....but...lets hope next season would be different...Since they are trying to restructure the team.

    75. Sushant Paudel

      Messi made Barca his home. Barca made Messi their prisoner.

    76. Der Shadow

      This vid is breaking every Barça Fans Heart !

    77. derby sejati

      Aku orang indonesia... Like kalo kita 1 negara

    78. Shamnad CT

      All kerala leo FANS, 😍 Come Here

    79. Archangel

      I hope he leaves next season you cheaters.

    80. DemiSx

      No entiendo porque el entrenador le da instrucciones a él D10S 🐐

    81. Yunus Erenler

      then it's clear why countinho in bayern Munich in Barcelona the video is old

    82. James Town

      Messi doesn't look happy

    83. Frank !!!

      Mis 2 jugadores favoritos entrenando.!

    84. عاشق ال football

      Last year for him baby🤣

    85. خلك فله

      i love ❤️ fs Barcelona

    86. juan camilo forero

      Suarez comiéndose los goles de aposta!🤣🤣

    87. juan camilo forero

      La mente de Messi, pensando 🤔 los dos últimos goles de coutinho, y la incomodidad de coutinho pensando 💭 🤔 cuando en los mismos dos goles, 8-2🤣🤣

    88. MuhammedBasheer Moothyel

      Messi coutinho 💕💕💕

    89. Jacobo Orlando

      Bartomiado Out!!!!

    90. Barca 360*


    91. das mono

      Love u lm10

    92. Headphone Legends • 10 years ago (edited)

      *_Poor Messi-_*

    93. Pokémon Trainer V-Kid

      It was MSN Then it became MS Now Going to be M Nice Progress ( Sarcasm intended)

    94. The Neuromancer

      People who say he is in a prison. 1: he gets more money from this prison that everyone of us commenting here together 2, He is not angry at Barcelona or the club itself but 1 person. His anger at Griezmann, his meh performance during Bayern, they are all “scapegoats” because he can’t truly hurt the president. 3, If he would hate the club or feel like in a prison, he would risk a lawsuit. 4, He is not depressed, 100%. How I know? Had a similar situation at my work with very similar problems. He will give everything. 100%. How I know? It’s their mentality. All of the La Masia golden generations have 1 thing in mind: The fans. 5, What has changed since the 8:2? I think, that he will quit scapegoating around. Blaming everyone and everything, hating on Griezmann passively for example with not passing the ball and wasting chances etc. I think through the media attention he got, he could for the first time really let his anger out and unite even the laziest fans against Bartomeu. He knows now that 2021 Barto will go and slowly becoming part of a dark short history. People should not forget that Barcelona is not 1 guy in a suit. Talking bulls**** about Barca is unfair and attacks the people who really care about this club. Barto is not Barca. And like Trump, he is thankfully on his way out.

    95. Willi Bald

      Ps: Coutinho should show them how Bayern got his muscles ready^^. Better fitness > less injuries (I’m talking to you dembele)

    96. Willi Bald

      He should stop threatening griezmann and everyone barto signed like trash only because he is mad at barto. They are innocent and they are not the scapegoats 🙄. Messi is also to blame for Barca’s flop. Because of his anger, he refused to pass to griezmann so often and look at the 8:2 game, he played like a zombie. His anger at this stupid president will destroy his legend status of he continues. Neymar wanted to go no matter what. Barca must stop making the team and every strategy focused on Messi. Football is a team sport. I really hope that all barto signed players find their ways elsewhere, far away from this club. They are too good to be only scapegoats and only there to pass the ball to Messi 🙄

    97. Sohib Sodikov

      players are so slow

    98. PHY6HD


    99. advit chauhan

      Pls don't leave Barcelona , messi

    100. Kendall Carvajal

      Porque coño hay puro gringo aquí si barcelona es de España