⚽ LUIS SUÁREZ's goal vs Mallorca (FIFA #Puskas Award 2020 Nomination)

FC Barcelona

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    The uruguayan striker Luis Suárez is amongst the finalists for the Puskas award for best goal after his goal for Barça on 7 December 2019 against Mallorca was named on the shortlist.
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    1. ALINGZ

      anyone else here because of his moments card

    2. azis khoiri

      Reklut jack grealish 😁

    3. Daviltt 2.0

      Como vcs deixaram ele sair

    4. shoota17

      🔥Vamos! Excelente🔥 Before a big match or now when I training at home, I always watch GOL movie on the youtube and then put on playlist the rock band Delta Parole for warmup and then GO GO GOOOLLL!!!!!

    5. Alon Peretz

      The one and only 9 💔

    6. Elhaj Abdelhafid

      ضلموك يالويس😢😢😢❤

    7. Đào Hoàng Nguyên

      Messi 2004 Neymar Messi 2013 Neymar Messi Suarez 2014 Messi Suarez 2017 Messi 2020 ☹️

    8. Super G V2

      This club has no shame just as the social media admins don't

    9. Rupal Gadhavi

      Barcelona taking credit of suraz even after they made him leave, Barca have got nerve man!!

    10. vitor 1

      saudade do suares hoje de nove o barca tenho o brawate de 9 o mais ruim

    11. 西本和矢


    12. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    13. 97 79

      He’s el pistolero from Wanted ! He curved the bullet better than Angelina Jolie’s !!

    14. buhuu buhuu


    15. Carlo Santi

      Haters put 200 thumbs down 🤣🤣 how and why?

    16. saïfon saïfon Balde


    17. 김성훈

      특이하고 신기할뿐...그이상 그이하도 아닌골....ㅋ 쉽게말해서 손흥민보다 못하다고 ㅎ

    18. Kenny Cringeworthy

      Now ask Braithwaite to do this.

    19. 김하겸

      Son and Suarez who's gonna win it?

    20. Francisco Fagner Francisco Fagner

      De Arrascaêta foi mais bonito por ser um gol difícil e clássico!!!!

    21. Boty Boi

      Why you guys did disrespect suarez

    22. Bhudeb Barman


    23. Afnan Abdul Azeez

      Why did you people sell him.... 😔💔

    24. KilLeR Gaming

      Idk y, it came in my notification 😂😂

    25. dionyshs tsr

      Lol bayern go brrrrrrrr

    26. حمادي الفاخري / Hammadi Al-Fakhry

      😔😔Oh a loss in Suarez and Raktech

    27. 4gility

      Who’s idea was it to sell him?

    28. Art from Home

      selling suarez is a disgrace

    29. DaBBle

      Just to remind you guys that they sold this guy for free.

    30. Kaiji Doubell

      Barcelona should be ashamed to let such a legend of a #9 go

    31. Salty_ Trix

      So now u miss suarez

    32. Nick

      Suarez we really miss you man!! You were awesome!! Much better than Griezmann or Braithwait

    33. Brian17

      Y lo hechaste barca...

    34. DolphinBlox

      suarez please come back wene ed uu soo much

    35. Luvkush Tripathi

      No right to show this after he was brutally sold to atleti

    36. EvanatorPredator

      luis is not in barca anymore he should win it for acletico

    37. AtomaticoM18

      I still can’t believe you sold him instead of Griezmann. He was a club legend and Griezmann is an overrated bitch who spends more time practicing goofy celebrations and getting new haircuts than training and performing well on the pitch.

    38. Joao Pedro Diniz

      No one cares if you put vids of him you sold him because your manager is shit

    39. Aks 29

      No offence , but son's goal should be the winner

    40. Adam Abedrabboh

      Barcelona will compete Paris saint German messi vs neymar

    41. ᴍᴅ ᴍᴏɴᴢᴏʀᴜʟ ɪsʟᴀᴍ

      Barca Shouldn’t to sell Suarez

    42. Rohit Nair

      I miss Suárez but I miss Valverde more..

    43. fut lupine

      u should not have sell him barca

    44. Megalair 555

      Vamos Uruguayo!!! A ganar el Puskas!!!

    45. Ansif klm

      Ingane video ittal mathram pora Avne purathakiyille 💔

    46. Omkar Nehere

      Barcelona biggest mistake

    47. Kathir Sivagananam

      Then why did you guys sent him out😭😭😭😢

    48. Rahul Kapoor

      Why showing Suarez after selling him. Great mistake done by Barca

    49. Ambili S

      Why u sold him 😭

    50. buse demet

      I miss this Barça. With Suarez, Semedo, Rakitic and Valverde.

    51. golden Frieza

      Wow u celebrate as he is at Atletico are arch rivals in laliga

    52. Dhiwa Naftali

      Fuvk management lost elpistolero

    53. takieddin Samadi

      Parece que no hay ningún español por aquí todos hablan inglés 🤣🤣si eres español like 👍👍👍👍

    54. takieddin Samadi

      Ahora se acuerdan de el 🤣🤣

    55. Freddie Prado

      Idiots literally comment that we wanted him out when nobody did. Bartomeu was president at the time he was taken out

    56. Harry Kandel

      Barca's two biggest mistakes Selling neymar Selling suarez F*** bartemou

    57. M.A.Z B10

      U won’t believe me but Suarez is yo Favorito jugador

    58. M.A.Z B10

      It’s MSN

    59. arantxa hamargarrena

      Golazo de nuestro pistolero gordo !! ❤️💙

    60. Muhammad khan

      Wth . U sold him and sending his videos Atletico should make his vid

    61. Brayan Benitez


    62. Gamer King

      This player was world class. We don't need young talent, we need experienced person who could score in big competitions and can help the team to win titles. He was the best player Barcelona rejected to keep. No problem he will show his class when it will be 4-0 ATM vs FCB with Suarez hattrick

    63. Ajmal S

      He can score at any position's without even looking at it ,perfect positioning and eye for goal he knows were that is and yet we sold him without an actual replacement.

    64. Boy Rizqi

      Pistolero 😫 we Miss

    65. Tricolorrr533

      I was there, just behind the goal ☺️☺️

    66. Wolf Sounds

      no les de da vergüenza colocar un video de suarez después de la forma que lo sacaron

    67. Faizulhaq Satria


    68. Ben Matheson

      And you sold him. What a mistake you made!!

    69. Reus Kr

      I Love you Suarez ❤️♥️🔥😢

    70. Matanmi Joseph

      Valverde 🐐

    71. Diego Kisshimoto

      No es lo mismo sin Suárez verdad Koeman?

    72. Kim Pu

      I really miss him. :(

    73. Shojim Brawls

      Barcelona are dumb let suarez fo and now making a vid about him he doesn't play for u anymore

    74. Lm10 The legend

      It's still feels that he is our player

    75. Ga-on Choi

      MSN forever in my mind


      Who cares about those awards U idiots ditched him😠

    77. Anouar dz

      a master piece

    78. Ayanov Lekharu

      Don Velverde😢

    79. M Syafri

      Barcelona ulpload this video cause of miss with suarez? 🤔

    80. Akram El Faressi

      What a shame from fcb to sold the PISTOLERO ¡! And now they going to sold de Jong to Bayern-M. The player who gave the assist to PISTOLERO to score that unforgettable goal ¡!

    81. Luvkush Tripathi

      You barca boards officials did wrong and useless signings year by year but now if you have even a little money left then try to sign a promising one Like erling haaland And I think which can properly replace el pistolero We miss you luis Suarez

    82. DooDieDee

      I still dont get it why they sold suarez lol

    83. PhobiaFL

      this guy is the player u guys wanted to sell, koeman is a joke

    84. salman bin saif


    85. Mike Stewart

      Lol Barca Management

    86. suja Abraham

      Those who disliked this video have no respect to beauty of goals

    87. FAK MV

      Should be griezmann out not suarez

    88. N9klas

      Why did suarez leave this is why we suck now

    89. Anish Kushari

      I'm already missing el pistolero

    90. k.m.vimala manoj

      It's a fuc*ing disgrace barca made suarez leave in bad manners and he is 10000000 better than griezmann

    91. Nakkeeran K

      I am die hard fan of Messi, but Messi should leave Barca next season, then only Messi and Barcelona will both play well.

    92. Hermanto Yanto


    93. Zirkir Zilah

      farewell luis, we'll always miss you❤️

    94. Martin Castro H

      X lo menos q comiera banca 45 min al partido ya q no estaba en forma. Ahsta q trajeran un 9 meuor q suarez. Mejor era q vendan a griezman

    95. Claudio Jr Miranda

      It was for him to win the puskas

    96. Fr4ncisc0 García

      Equipo español Comentarios en ingles Perfectamente equilibrado

    97. Prazil Thapa

      Feel a little shame posting Luis's goal! Throws out legend from the club and now u posting his goal vidoes for views?


      Barca posting videos about players they didn't respect

    99. Arthur Morgan

      I was a die hard fan of Barcelona but when good players left then I was fuck that

    100. Leon Iranosian

      Son is winning