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    It’s non-stop in December and no sooner was the trip to Budapest behind them a 3-0 win in the bag, than the squad’s attention has switched to the league and a trip to sixth placed Cadiz on Saturday
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      إذا برشلونة خصر باريس سانجرمان انا اخصار ملون دولار في دوري الأبطال وراح تشوفون المباراة

    2. James Swabra

      Stay strong💪....

    3. Alex fabiano Dos Santos castro


    4. walter fritz

      What's name of that song?

    5. Hammad Raja

      * Messi harassing his teammates..

    6. Levi Hodge

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      Time ruim

    8. Moon OverSanjuan

      Partidazo del Cádiz, hoy hundieron al Barcelona de Koeman sin 'coraje' conocido, en otra liga pérdida de manera consecutiva; la anterior por desidia y pérdida de rumbo, la actual por falta de valentía en poner a los jugadores que habían levantado a este equipo en los últimos partidos. Ni vergüenza, ni rabia, simplemente uno ya no siente nada por momentos con la ruina que dejaron tras de sí la pandilla de mangantes ya conocidos. Lo que pase hasta final de temporada (de haber algo bueno será algo anecdótico). Llega la Juventus... Hasta la próxima semana  Koeman se equivocó con los jugadores, y por miedo propio y ajeno murió con las botas puestas. Joder con Conan el BÁRBARO!!!

    9. Ndiaye téranga touba

      Problème classement



    11. hilmi khatib

      Good luck

      1. hilmi khatib

        @galác tico what does this mean

    12. Roy Varghese

      title is inappropriate

    13. Reggie Milla

      Barca's training is too laidback and slow! The younger new players are faster and their last game was impressive. We need more power and speed training. Let's go Barca with another great game later 👍✌

    14. Rekha Tewari

      Messi in training is better than any footballer in the world..... 🐐 🐐

    15. CUBRE media

      Lord braitwhaite 🔥

    16. Jaume Reynals

      Messi genio mundial

    17. Komar Udin


    18. Pablo Armijo

      Dejen el nombre de la cancion... nunca dan credito a los autores de la musica de fondo

    19. Jubaer Khan Joy

      Whoa! Messi might be back to his absolute best. 🤤

    20. Bhimraj Sharma

      King Leo all time best player in the football world

    21. Bhimraj Sharma

      Messi, coutinho I really like both

    22. Ilias boujada

      Messi stay in barca!!

    23. hamza oussri

      the legend braithwait

    24. Samir Hayat



      Super fun video

    26. robaqxcore91

      Give us clean training without shitty music pls

    27. HikeRx

      Glad to see two U.S. players at Barca

    28. Modou Lamin

      Hey 1000 comments

    29. ThiccboyFinn

      I am 1000th comment🤩

    30. ThiccboyFinn


    31. Leningard

      هههه جحشلونه

    32. Landress Ho

      This team can win a lot of trophy I much good players no doubt they can be unstoppable

    33. range of Balls

      Malayali's ondi 🔥💛

    34. tecRetsnom


    35. Abdul Rahman Rhaeem

      Barca win barca win this match

    36. K- dilak B Garmel Fans

      Hoy ganaremos a Messi dos goles por favor pasa suscríbete con mi canal de youtube

    37. GAME ON


      1. GAME ON

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      2. Sami Ismaili

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        @Sami Ismaili INDIA

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        @GAME ON Where are you from

      5. GAME ON

        @Sami Ismaili Ooo

    38. Henry Mar

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    39. jonas.drumer

      Vamos equipo 💪

    40. FeelsBadMan n

      Don't start bosquests please.... we play 10x better without him..

    41. Isaya Yusah

      I want 8-0 win. Being ambitious.

    42. Ali Ataie

      Messi please stay in Barça 🥇🏅🏆🎖👑🔵🔴

    43. Kameel Mezqueldi

      Bro messi has scored so many amazing goals that now when he scores one, he doesn’t even get happy. It must be sad 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    44. RAOUF annaba23


    45. juma Nlechoppa

      Messi Barcelona 4ever ✌💜

    46. Andy

      3:00 GOLAZO

    47. Andy


    48. Nicolas Buela

      Messi 😍⚽

    49. wass

      Plz stop putting these garbage ass songs in these videos 😭

    50. Eduardo santos

      Lionel Messi the best

    51. Malvind Lorenzo Pakereng

      Vamos barca

    52. 2EG Gaming

      Only way to keep messi next season is to win champions league.

    53. Bassel Fayad

      Messi 👍😃 Coutinho 👎🤬

    54. SquallRBLX •

      At least Barca is making a little bit of money out of youtube

    55. SquallRBLX •

      Put griezmann Messi and Coutinho in the starting line up later..

    56. Abdullah Mufid

      Visca el barca😎⚽

    57. Midlaj tm


    58. Christopher Aliva

      Messi Messi el.mejor

    59. P. C O U T I N H O 14


    60. Shedrach Ameachi

      Messi 🎄🎄

    61. Jayleen Giselle Llamas Granadillo

      Más minutos a Riqui ._.

    62. Joyce Ntim

      I honestly don't know why everyone is surprised by Messi's form. He is the best player in the world

    63. Taulant Gurie


    64. Danilo Balbuena

      club de amigos :') ☺

    65. Murillo Oliveira

      Espero que o Ronald Koeman pare com essa palhaçada de poupar o Messi ele poupou o argentino dos dois últimos jogos da Champions contra o Dinamo de Kiev na Ucrânia e contra o Ferencvaros na Hungria.

    66. Dimuthu Dissanayake

      GOATWAITE.! 10% luck 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure 50% pain And 100% reason to remember the name.

    67. Silver Soccer

      Yeah...I’m not sure the title really matches the video. Especially the bit where they said “Messi having fun”

    68. Paul Kigen

      I just learned messi doesn't stress him self with too much flashy skills

    69. Elijah Wood

      Messi is a beast😍😍🐐

    70. Muhammad Hakimi

      I just want to say stop comparing messi n ronaldo because they both is a goat 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    71. Sourya Chatterjee

      Look at that smile on Martin's face❤️

    72. Mohamad Zandi

      I belive that the best player in the world is leo.

    73. LazyLuqmenVR

      I may not understand what yall sayin but the love for barca is real

    74. KaranP _

      the lads working hard; you love to see it!

    75. Caleb Ampofo

      Forca Barca

    76. Kurnia Sandi


    77. Wonderkid

      barca 2:1

    78. StelSeRFeeD GAME

      I miss El Pistolero...😭😭😭

    79. Mr.P


    80. Ashish Ranjan

      Koeman still has to do a lot of work but the two most important things he is missing are (1) he should use messi as right winger only,without putting much pressure on him. He should let him enjoy his game more. Valverde was not that good coach but he utilized messi in one of the best possible way. (2) he should make puig start. He is really very talented and barca Can't waste such talent. He deserves every minute on the pitch.

    81. ben sher

      No one attacks no I understand why our defence is so poor

    82. BYRON10


    83. Shourya Tiwari

      All that's because of the one match rest to those 3. 😁

    84. Brian Maya

      0:03 konrad gets the messi treatment

    85. Diacamo Mankungi

      Messi showing who's de boss 🤔 👀

    86. Devanandan M M

      👇People who believe that there will be another barca vs bayern this ucl

    87. Josh W

      Messi needs to step up his game

    88. Josh W

      Trincao needs to work on his finish, he misses too many goals lately reminds me of Vinicius

    89. قطر الندى


    90. Miguel Bonilla

      Mesi ba echar un gol

    91. Jamal Basreng

      Lord braitwaite

    92. Hassan Khreiss


    93. Anzonini Delpuerto

      haber que hacen? 😧

    94. Seaway8⃣7⃣

      Força Siempre Barça 💪🔵🔴

    95. abide zimunhu


    96. P. Payán

      Nice song

    97. luis gomez

      Soy Del Barcelona Pero MESSI Se Le Ve Lento En La Cancha y Mal Mentalmente Mientras Que CR7 Esta A Otro Nivel Que Esta Pasando Con MESSI Alguien Sabe 😭😭😭😭

    98. Doustin

      Se le ve enchufado a Messi ❤️

    99. Caden

      Does anyone knows the songs name?

    100. Lukeyboy12 3

      Messi doesn’t need to train he’s to good