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    The PES 2021 FC Barcelona edition is out now with a special trailer featuring Messi, ambassador for eFootball PES 2021. In the trailer, Messi meets his younger self and reviews his career through his videogame.
    Users who purchase the FC Barcelona edition will receive Messi as an Iconic Moment player.
    Get your hands on the official Club Edition now for extra in-game club content: konami.jp/32wx8a6
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      Aguante el FIFA

    2. avantjeef

      Why did griezmann score

    3. Carlos Santos

      Song name?

    4. Alex gamer

      A myne is alex

    5. Logic makes hiphop

      When is the other messi out

    6. Sheva Rizqan

      This trailer is sick, man🔥🔥🔥

    7. Charlie Rogers

      I bet messi hated seeing bayern

    8. DS CR


    9. agyas putra ramadhan mubarak

      tetap kawal 1-3 salam hangat dari indonesia

    10. Damaine

      This makes me wonder if Leo actually plays PES🤔

      1. DKingT 1

        If he plays football games, then probably. Because anyone actually involved with the sport knows fifa is trash.

    11. M-IN-M GAMING

      *Its not about being best,* *Its about being better every year* -MESSI

    12. Muhammad Aris

      1-3 I want to laugh at the fear of anyone who is angry wkwkwkwkwk

    13. Dark Emperor

      as a fifa fan i have to say im hyped to play pes

    14. Revan Maypratama


    15. Dante Official

      1:33 Did he really diss EA Sports?? Lmao..

    16. Afzallurahman balango

      2:12 / 3:05 bayern mhuncen 8-2 barcelona

    17. Born to be Legendary ,Bros!!

      Mario for ever😵😵😵😵

    18. MarksPa :v

      y ponen al bayern xdxdd

    19. John Harris


    20. Gang's Gaming

      0:15 he look like De Jong

    21. RGC

      What’s the music in this? I love this

    22. Crazy 9

      1:17 Super Saiyan Messi 😂😂

    23. abdad zuhayr zaneza

      Pes levers is beck😎 🔥🔥🔥

    24. shakila govender

      That is true

    25. Water Resisten

      Diadu lah messi jeng urg

    26. Lionel Messi2

      I’m curious if he play as himself when he plays fifa or pes at home

    27. andrea monzon

      Whats the name of the song ?

    28. ToP performer

      The trailer amazing but the gameplay 🤮

    29. Abidal YMCMB

      8-2 nightmare

    30. farid kanizki

      Messi is the best player in the world

    31. Xendert SSJ


    32. Xx Xx

      Me acuerdo cuandi jugaba Fifa :(

    33. Kevin Lopez


    34. Ayie Bryan

      Maybe this is why Messi decided to stay. He thinks about Konami.

    35. Ermínio jr

      Why didn't they show Messi vs bayern?

    36. Aqui tem futebol!

      where's atlético-mg?

    37. Razor Raiden

      Nice,but dont let this distract you Remember kojima

    38. Adam Shrestha

      damn this trailer is soooo good

    39. Pr4t By TH3M!S

      Este año se equivocó en la configuración tiene el botón de centro para disparar y el de disparar para central haha 🤣 Messi perdió el Norte y la Portería 😿😿😿

    40. Luis Edilberto Ocaña Navarro

      Cuando sacarán a Johannes cruijff en icoin moment

      1. Marroquin 15

        Tienen que tener permiso de la familia y eso es difícil

    41. Iron4Ian 26

      As a fifa fan they should do ronaldo since they got man utd and juvents

    42. nazil

      ronaldo in a barcelona video 😂😂

    43. Maurício Rogério

      Ó o varmengo alikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    44. Black Samurai

      Messi looking 2016 Messi

    45. MOMA GAMER 04

      i like this so much . Am madridista but i like messi and i respect FC Barcelona .. PES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FiFa

    46. Daniel Philipsz

      Though Messi is Good, he lacks leadership No Hate though

    47. Alexis Fajardo

      Grande messi👏

    48. supernoice gaming

      It's just a trailer bro..

    49. Sherly Shibu


    50. Cause_Im_Carlos

      Anyone know the song? The closest I got was a song called how bizarre by OMC

    51. Gerardo Martinez

      Amo a Messi pero me sigue gustando más FIFA

    52. By N1COX

      Chupenla y dejen ir a Messi

    53. PES Mobile Tournament

      Pes lovers like this comment 🤘

    54. tuto informatique

      Bonjour j'espère que tout va bien chez vous, juste que je n'arrive pas à jouer pes mobile on me dit que l'accès de votre région est interdit, comment résoudre ce problème de région?

    55. Pedael Firmino

      Messi the best in PES, Fifa and real life

    56. Radja Maulana

      ooo yess im smilin, great video

    57. RSD1

      This trailer would be fked up if Messi leave on recent transfer window

    58. mang oleh anjing banget

      fifa better than pes

    59. bigboss_cuxasss

      Me sale un anuncio de FIFA 21 en un video de PES, que grandes!!

    60. Jayden Films

      It’s not about being the best, it’s about being better every year. ~ Lionel Messi ✍︎︎✍︎︎✍︎︎

    61. Mannan Chaudhary

      messi is a king

    62. football skills


    63. Fayes Gaming

      Messi you are the best player that I have ever seen❤❤ Also if you leave barcelona I will never gonna hate you You are the best player Good luck

    64. Orlando Flores

      El mejor del mundo

    65. Jonah

      Better trailer, better game.

    66. Benedict Wesseh

      I. Love. FCB

    67. Gudu's Hub

      Messi and PES both are the best forever

    68. mister Seitan Nicaragüense

      La música?

    69. J05U3 JB

      Se llevaron a messi y cristiano

    70. Carlos Edits

      Renueva rapido a messi

    71. Colonel VITEL


      1. SEBAS


    72. Mihrali Keskin

      I swear I got a fifa 21 ad

    73. Harriet Masaba

      I’m looking for 2 teams arsenal and barca

    74. Zidane Azka

      Hi,i am player PES2021

    75. Vriskychan


    76. Dim Τek

      Man everyone knows FIFA is way better than PES more like PISS

    77. Emanuel Maran

      Fifa is better

    78. Miki

      Just imagine how good PES will be on PS5 later in 2021...

    79. Lambros Mazarakis

      Before the video starts, I get advertisement of fifa😅

    80. CR7 GAMING

      They said messi would never cheat But his handball goal changed everything Haha

    81. joshua barboza

      ojala messi se valla al manchester city

    82. Jolly John

      you heard of Fifa?

    83. Playboi

      I love messi

    84. Ginting jan agrifa atmaja Atmaja

      Messi my idol👍👍👍

    85. Isaacacocoa

      como se llama

    86. Isaacacocoa

      cual es la musica

    87. Jibin George

      Barthameu out


      Wow!! Konami signed big deals and stole the show from EA SPORTS

    89. Goalscorer 7

      Is it me, or does he look 10 times better without a beard?

    90. Bro Dory

      As a FIFA fan, this trailer is amazing!

    91. TwenttyOnneLP

      Wtf Suarez At The End

    92. LiNu iUsTiNu

      Messi when he sees bayern; Can I dribble my team? Ref:no Messi: let's go home


      God messi 🔥

    94. Cdxst

      I understand barcas plight Let's say messi left All the sponsors would pull out

    95. Nepali boiii 69

      Ronaldo : Am I a joke to you

    96. Hero Max

      Ronaldo left the chat.

    97. David García Sigüenza

      Es normal que es un video de pes21 y me sale un anuncio de Fifa 21??

    98. Xanittyy

      Will definitely be buying pes21

    99. Xanittyy

      I love this trailer

    100. Blockhain Investor

      I want to see real messi play PES lol

      1. AkRAm sUhAImI

        That is the real messi