Messi & Neymar ● The best of the magical duo (Goals, assists, plays)

FC Barcelona

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    Enjoy the best goals, assists, plays and actions that Messi and Neymar carried out during the seasons spent together at Barça (2013-2017) and get in the mood for the Barça-PSG match of the Champions League Round of 16!!
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    1. FC Barcelona


      1. Snipez The gout


      2. Pratik Rai

        You have to bring neymar in barca

      3. Miloš Tišer

        It was trio msn m-messi s-suarez n-neymar

      4. AKZ Music

        Neymar 💯

      5. AKZ Music

        Neymar 💯

    2. Soul Maker


    3. Alpha 123

      The Arabs ruins football by their oil money

    4. Retro GTX

      Why did they just upload it? Is he... Is he...?

    5. Mani Bharathi KP-074

      Now no influence of messi in barca.. Psg will win😏

    6. TheSebasGamer

      MSN 😔😔

    7. Shahzad Shaju

      First neymar went then Suarez where did the MSN go

    8. Visualgamer 360

      Please buy him

    9. Facundo Díaz

      Ya dejenlo libre a Messi para que esté con Neymar

    10. Veejon Ninja

      Rip the best duo fell apart

    11. GOLD DX

      Inilah eranya dimana barcelona menjadi tim yang sangat menakutkan buat lawan² nya

    12. zidan


    13. Duy Tũn

      When will Bar sell Griezmann

      1. Shahzad Shaju

        Don’t sell him

      2. Shahzad Shaju

        Greizmann plays so good

    14. Salminen


    15. Snipez The gout


    16. Чинара Арапбекова

      и в матче лиги чемпионов ней ничайно сделает голевую на месси)))

    17. Elma De


    18. Zafar shaikh

      Neymar come back in Fcb

    19. Mohd_92

      If you know this then why did you sell Neymar 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    20. Yasin ahmed

      Unselfish duo🧡

    21. Paul Estrada

      Seems like Ney was genuinely happy with Barca

    22. Ajarn Spencer

      antes siempre miraba los juegos. ya con ese del pay per view y lo dificil lo es para buscar como ver un partido por la tele, se me fue la gana de seguir futbol. pero siempre sere del Barca. Pero pa que seguir si no puedo ver los partidos?

    23. بسام عسيري


    24. brandon morales yt maidana

      los tres dijo perdon

    25. brandon morales yt maidana

      no es q sea agresivo el comentario por q ponian a messi ahi creo q en ese momento estaba suarez en el club pero messi suarez como se habia hido neymar tambien eran unas bestias jugandon y messi suarez yneymar eran bestias los dos juntos . chau :D

    26. Muhammad khan

      Barca dont show this messi and neymar U should have bought him not grizz Show 8-2against ayern

    27. Muhammad khan

      Guess what none of them won the globe bes player of century Cr7 did And 0-3 And on aggregate 2-3

    28. victor cevallos lopez


    29. Lifeline Bangalore

      Why did Neymar leave his friends? Barca wasted money in trying to find his replacement.

    30. منذر ياسين


    31. Pratik

      Swap grizemmnan with neymar Sell Braithwaite and bring youssoufa moukoko Sell matheus Fernandes and bring Ryan gravenberch Or wait for free transfer for neymar and xavi simons

    32. Ippokratis Kapetanakis

      Bring him back :/

    33. PlanetMars303 Minecraft

      It isn't a duo... It's a trio...with Suarez... called MSN

    34. pmf shaz

      In full swing👍

    35. Yunus Aydın

      From Messi, Suarez, Neymar to Messi, Braithwaite, Dembele. No words to explain.

    36. Budhish Doley

      PSG gonna see them together next season

    37. elyas junior

      It means either messi will go to psg or neymar will come back

    38. Manan Gupta

      Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll👏👏👏👏!!best Duo in the world no one can beat them!!!!

    39. Мария Мазакова

      Dear messi, I am your fan! I'm not a fashionable woman! I live badly! I need your financial help ... If you don't want to, then don't do anything.

    40. hamadou Diao


    41. Денислав Койчев

      Can you please bring Neymar back to Camp Nou

    42. ARTIFICE

      Hehe...just before they play again soon..

    43. Chilli 36

      To make your self better is Sack koeman and bring back pep then sell greizman next bring back neymar and suarez

    44. Chilli 36

      Barcelona fc you are very messed up

    45. Jaya Suriya

      Lot of Dribbling and passing between this duo...through a hell lot of defences 🧐

    46. Leon 281

      Messi + Neymar = 🔥⚽



      1. andieez_ geming_the_best

        Awokawok ada dokter

      2. Yasser Aufa Salam

        Lah Dokter ngapain disini dok?

      3. Dwi Abdullah Akbar

        Bacot dok

    48. Ash P

      Hey, release the highlights of your matches, so that we get to see our favourite team play. Every major club is doing it now. They are releasing the match highlights on youtube. What stops u from doing the same?? A humble fan from India

    49. SPARROW 《》

      It's impossible to replace like this duo in football... this duo is complete pack of absolute fantastic, brilliant, genius, amazing, beautiful.

    50. Vedant Kothari

      WHY DO U GUYS TRINA MAKE ME MORE SAD BY SEEING MESSI AND NEY IN 2 DIFFERENT SHIRTS IN THE THUMBNAIL!?!? anyways they'll be in the same shirt next season and it will be a PSG shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! feel bad for suarez 😟☹😥

    51. Robinho Frero

      De jong is a duck.

    52. brakes GP

      Se escreva ✌🏽

    53. Лёша Наташа

      A Russia

    54. Yashu Talks

      Messi + Neymar = Destruction 🔥 . . . . Messi + Neymar + CR7 = ?

    55. Mohamed Ana

      لا اله الا الله

    56. 西本和矢


    57. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    58. María Fernanda Farinango

      Soy el único español

    59. Hank Storm

      Ney and Messi two lightning sparks with Luis the lightning rod in the middle

    60. Adolfo Romero

      neymar please NOT COMEBACK

    61. David's Octane

      We all MSN even if you're not a barca you can't even lie there were the best trio


      What was the time when MSN attack was the best in world..... Barca failed to manage that Trika.... Best of the best indeed.... Alas 😶😒😢

    63. Akon

      This is masterpiece. Art of football, Messi & Neymar duo alongside Suarez. 🎷

    64. Mahad Ismail

      In this season I miss neymar so much he was the one who could change the course of the match

    65. ka nall

      every body whotalk abol neymar have to cancel accont...please

    66. Neha Nagar

      after the money we got after selling neymar they should have buyed mbappe and salah but they chose death

    67. Cornelius grauslund

      We miss him. Take him back

    68. Itzniklas

      This is the Button to show that Barca should bring back Neymar on the one hand for messi and on the other hand to get trophies again

    69. Kreb 2

      I miss MSN

    70. Angel Agramonte

      Mi dupla preferida 👻⚽🔥

    71. Navaraj Rimal

      We are never going to know the importance of gem until its going to another hand

    72. CallMeTariq

      Did Barcelona post this video, because Neymar is coming back...

    73. BRIAM 54 54

      Los cules que quieren a neymar de vuelta 👇

    74. Harry Solihin

      Jika mereka main lagi bersama, peluang timnya menang ucl 70%. Penonton bahagia melihat kombinasi mereka berdua.

    75. Joel

      Messi + Neymar =🔥❤️

    76. Ivan Kuenyefu

      "Ahhh the good old days.."

    77. Andrés Mateo Luna


    78. Shifas Py




    80. Tobias Bednar

      Msn forever

    81. Balázs channel

      Long time ago:Neymar,Messi,Suarez, Now:Griezmann,Braitwaite,Messi MANY CHANGE

    82. MHGedits

      This video sus as hell

    83. Mojo OP

      Come back neymar 🔥🔥

    84. Raditya Zafir A

      kangen masa masa ini ketika semua senang melihat permainan barcelona

    85. William Johnson

      Focus on how barca put psg flag to show relationship between the two clubs. Something's up! 🧐

    86. Surjo Naskar

      Barça is nothing without MSN !

    87. Bautista Lescano

      Ney in barsa pls 😲👌

    88. UDI RUNGKA

      Oke maju terus🙋‍♂️👍

    89. Moon OverSanjuan

      "Aquí no hay quien viva". El holandés errante y reiterante. Próxima estación otro equipo de Blaugrana. Desde el Alcoraz llega el Huesca para iniciar el año para clasificarse 'por los pelos' a la Champions, aunque pintan bastos. Definitivamente Koeman Tata Cuatro, más conocido por caja fuerte. Jugadores de la sopa boba. Hasta el día 1 vacaciones con dos COLLONS. Laporta salva este Club!!!

    90. Migos Studio

      Miss MSN 😭💔, hope they reunite 1 day, I've don't know, best trio ever, bring back the good old days 😔

    91. Paulo Guina

      Estranho o canal oficial do Barcelona postar isso em 2020... Pela primeira vez eu to achando que tem uma pequena chance de Neymar voltar ao Barcelona, mas é bem pequena.

    92. marinerphil xavi

      A Duo we will never forget. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    93. sakura mamadisimo

      Ahora sí se confirma que van a fichar a Neymar

    94. Akbar Alfian Syah

      Neymar is back..? I miss him😁🙂


      At that time Barca has best ever trio also. But now.. We miss them.

    96. Shmanuel Dminikue

      Barca realliss them

    97. Mani Yuvi

      Unlikes Ronaldo fans 😂😂

    98. itz Nobody

      Seeing them as rival is the most heart breaking for barça Fans

    99. adriano bonaldo

      I rember the words of one the first trainer of Messi when He was very Young: This guy is not good for football He got short legs no no is not ok se are loosing time.....The last campus words! 😂😂😂😂

    100. Mr Awsomeness

      No one : Barca PAprom making me emotional for no reason