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    Tomorrow, the #JuveBarça Champions League match will take place. Make the wait more bearable and enjoy a friendly PES 2021 match between Saúl “@the_palma2”, representing Barça, and Ettore “@Ettorito” Giannuzzi, representing Juve. The perfect esports counterpart to the exciting football match that we will experience tomorrow!
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    1. FC Barcelona

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      1. Yetər Məmmədova


      2. Yetər Məmmədova

        I subscribe Barca since 2015

      3. Yetər Məmmədova

        @Culer Visca el Barca No he is very good at last matches

      4. Reda Ali Alsady

        🌴🇮🇶🌴أكثر من مجرد نادي برشلونة حب حياتي ♥️💙 Visça *barça*

      5. MDA F2

        Juve youtube 4-2 barca youtube 4-2😲😲😲

    2. Sebastian !


    3. Sebastian !

      I love this game!

      1. Sebastian !

        1,000 comment!!!!!!!!!

    4. Dhananjay Krsingh

      “Ronaldo for the tap in. As usual”. My man 😂.

    5. gaglet


    6. Alex fabiano Dos Santos castro

      Muito Bom you tube ⚽👏👏👏


      Poda malayali anada puli Ronaldo fan😍😍😍

    8. Daniel Brito

      In the real game Cristiano was not on the pitch, that's why Barça did 2x0 instead a 4x2 loss kkkk

    9. JOCKER

      2 : 0 !!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    10. Muhammad Reza Octavatika

      Coba kalau gw yang main

    11. MISS MESSI

      WHAT'S UP WITH THIS pes QUALITY. LOOKS TERRIBLE. i'll stick to fifa thanks

    12. Jayed Hassan

      Idk if he's playing the game or not but whoever is playing as barca doesn't even know how to play lmao. stupid passes and always sprinting players. I'd beat him 10-0 if played with me

    13. Savio Sonny

      The Goat and Cristiano a good player. Were u born yesterday. Idiot. I have nightmares about CR7 destroying barca. And he shows this level of disrespect to Cristiano. Grow up man


      Lol Barca is gonna fire this man who lost

    15. Latheef M.k

      Juventus is the best

    16. naruto uz

      Messi Messi Messi

    17. Mahmad Pro


    18. Katia Zanda

      Forza juve

    19. GOLDEN BOY

      Really match Juve 0:2 Barca 👏👍

    20. Varsha Modi

      You are noob

    21. D Escobar

      Forza Juve y Barça

    22. Arvid Elvebakk Henriksson

      0-2 to Barcelona❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    23. Awesome 5

      Who's here after we won 2-0

    24. Crypte_ M7md




    26. EyeSee

      10:34 'Ronaldo for the tapin, as usual' 😂👏👏👏

    27. Yipiru Pfithu

      Did you guys hear that he just said "And there is Ronaldo for the tapin as usual"😂😂😂😂

    28. MR007

      Ronaldo is THE GOAT🤩❤

    29. Benjamín Cruz Ávila

      Que atrevimiento

    30. Daniel Velazquez 20

      Por que si el Barcelona es de España por que aquí solo hablan inglés 🤔 Alguien habla español?

    31. Nazar Bonchevskyi

      FIFA is much better than PES

    32. Mert Gümüş

      hahahahah Cristiano is the best in the game too

    33. Jubaer Khan Joy

      No one: Aviv: Okay Google, what is defense? We don't know it. This made my day. Describes the actual situation of this team 😂

    34. Fútbol Deportivo Mundo



      Barce Winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    36. [TP]RenzoyT

      PERDEMOS 4-2 XD

    37. stichgamer


    38. Ali Gaming


    39. Yetər Məmmədova

      Barca will win the match Juve vs Barca👑

    40. Amir Hossein Rb

      it's PES 2021. not 2020

    41. Imposter Aliyan


    42. Ibraheem Al_nuaimy

      حتى هنا خسرانين

    43. True Ram Bhakt 100%


    44. Sunil Kalra

      Fc Barcelona share their lose in thier own channel 😂😂😂

    45. sh4v1 sh0v

      Hahahahah his inteligent killed me GOAT Messi and on the right side a Very good player C.Ronaldo hahahahah yo mate you sound like an idiot this Very good player scored more than your GOAT in Ucl .... Dislike streight away

    46. Luna Fanisa

      Forca barca im from indonesia skuad garuda

    47. iQKZL

      why’s he roasting ronaldo like that “ronaldo with the tap in as usual” “everyone’s doing well except ronaldo” no respect , shit club.

    48. Portia Nkomezulu

      Ronaldo not just a good player he's a beast

    49. KoTgAmE 069

      Barromeu camee outtt yeaaahahahah

    50. Reda Ali Alsady

      🌴🇮🇶🌴أكثر من مجرد نادي برشلونة حب حياتي ♥️💙 Visça *barça*

    51. New guy

      0:19 respect Ronaldo he is also the goat

    52. Hamzah Ali


    53. Varghese Kunju

      Força Barça

    54. Varghese Kunju

      Just imagine Mèssì and Ronaldo Playing together in Barça

    55. sree sree

      Any NEYMAR fans here

    56. Pietro Bombardi

      Lol that respect from both Teams🙃🙃

    57. PERDIANS

      Barca VS Juve... Juve without Ronaldo?

    58. PERDIANS

      Ah ronaldo gk main

    59. هیوا نظری

      The only way Griezmann can score a goal: Pes presents 🎈

    60. Sarbagya Pudasaini

      honestly pes 21 player graphics like as fifa 14


      We should wait upto December for messi vs cr7 yeah but today messi fans vs cr7 fans yeahh.......


      Give me a heart I am from India please give if you don't give Barca will win for 3-2 if you give also 3-2 Barca win I am sure pls pls pls pls give me


      You guys can't do it in real life🙄


      Ronaldo is not play againts barcelona

    65. subodh dhimal

      Griegmann didnt score on game alsoo after getting many times chancee


      Finally I can watch this Ronaldo messi battle hope rono returns

    67. αmrutєj .G

      So we are losing in a game too *sad culé noises*

    68. Sumit Kumar

      Aviv you are super sir 🙌🤩

    69. Lucas

      Viska Barça!!! 🔴🔵

    70. Mad Max

      Bartomeu Out

    71. Alexander Plays20

      I play FIFA and I love it well PES a little bit

    72. Jose Lajuj

      Pobre barca otra derota

    73. Flick Sfz

      Let’s go

    74. ItzJustBacon

      Juventus’s channel replied respect

    75. Rodolfo Flores

      Barca is going to lose 3-2

    76. Kunal Bakre

      I feel bad for them because they had to play PES for Juventus as they don't exist on fifa anymore. Poor guys🤣

    77. Gonzalo Orozco Robles

      Well we all know why this is not FIFA 21 : /

    78. david purba


    79. zFrank *-*

      .  。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • Josep Bartomeou era el impostor.  。 .     。0 impostor restante.      . ,    .  .   . 。

    80. Bukan Vlog PNS

      you break our heart... you make barca lose even in the pes2021. this is sucks..

    81. World Movies And Entertainment

      Hahaa The GOAT vs A Very Good Player, can't wait😂😂

    82. ABJ 001

      I know that you are a betcelona agent and you will prove that still messi is the best👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆

    83. Pedro Henrique

      Queria ver Messi vs CR7 amanhã salvee Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    84. Roberto Carlos García Velásquez

      Alineación culera esa

    85. shkodran baftjari

      shame on you for posting how you lost your very weak in pes2021  👎

    86. David Stewart

      Please play a 4 21 3 formation it may help to balance the team as we are a little shaky in the defense, it also gives an advantage in the attack, an attacking midfielder, cmf and dmf. The team also need to go back to the possession style of playing and defend aggressively by closing the spaces if we are going to win any Trophies this season. All the best. I hope the coach sees my comment.

    87. Steven Hurtado

      eso está en nivel amateur...

    88. Kloki La para

      4 ha 2 entonces perdemos 😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏

    89. Blastex007 YT

      Pues espero que no quede haci ya se fue bartomeu ahora hay que hecharle la culpa a koeman si pierde el barca

    90. Danimartinez_1 _

      Imagine this happen tomorrow 😵😵

    91. the bananin007


    92. Royal Jazzy

      Even in PES, Griezmann was still wasteful.

    93. Santiago Granados

      lets be honest barca has very small chances of winning against juve.. the team is playing better but not a level to compete against big teams

    94. POtatO Master

      Queria que fosse o cristiano jogando com o time da juventus e o messi jogando com o barça😐

    95. Claire Lehane


    96. Xabi Altuna

      “El futuro tiene muchos nombres. Para los débiles es lo inalcanzable. Para los temerosos, lo desconocido. Para los valientes es la oportunidad.” Víctor Hugo. Aviso para navegantes, sobre todo para aquellos que optan a la presidencia del Club, ojalá los socios estén siempre alertas ante próximas plagas de vividores, tecnócratas, emboscados, empresarios de bolsillos calientes, comisionistas y demás lacras conocidas, no se puede repetir algo tan fatídico y bochornoso para la entidad. Solo falta que todas las causas pendientes abran el camino del enjuiciamiento de la junta al completo, con el posterior encarcelamiento de Bartomeu y los suyos, que salga a relucir toda la verdad, propia y ajena, con todo lo que conlleva más allá del Club. Pura Mafianistán. 🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾 🏴‍☠️✊💙❤️

    97. Killer Quorum

      I hate Barcelona.

    98. Aref Karimi

      PES is just as shit as Barca's defence

    99. Samore Brown

      Who is here after bartemeu resign

    100. Ambili M

      Even the video game knows that the favorites are juve even without CR7