Mondays are for weekend recovery!

FC Barcelona

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    After the victory at the Camp Nou against Villarreal (4-0), Ronald Koeman's team returned to training this Monday morning at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. The players worked out on pitch 2, with those who played against Villarreal doing post-match recovery work. Martin Braithwaite joined part of the session as he continues with his own recovery from injury.
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    1. FC Barcelona

      ICYMI, here's how ANSU reacted to his brace against Villarreal:

      1. Savio

        Maybe you can get it from youtube itself Full match maybe there

      2. Temp Step

        Question: can I watch the full replay of the match from this weekend against Villarreal on Barca Tv+? I can't find it. I can only find a highlight under 10 minutes.

      3. Savio

        Mes que un club♥️

      4. Savio

        We should win a treble this season

      5. Musa Dayyab Usman

        We are waiting for him to wear the number 10 very soon

    2. Aslambasi Basi


    3. Rita Miller

      Gracias a hackerclinton124 en instagram por ayudarme a desbloquear mi iphone x muchas gracias

    4. Yahir Barrientos

      ¿Como se llama la canción?

    5. Mohamed Atef

      Name of first track ?!

    6. sizn سيزن

      Si Dios quiere, logramos la Champions

    7. Duarte Seide

      I req the title of the music

    8. Tähtöne Patrik

      Yall remember Messi, Neymar , Suarez during training so fun to watch :)

    9. Alex fabiano Dos Santos castro

      Muito Bom you tube ⚽⚽

    10. Cunga Lunga

      BARTOMEU OUT!!!!

    11. ANCHOR

      Pedri is mastering the "efficiency" craft

    12. L world

      Nice edit

    13. Millionaire Laish


    14. Franco Jordan

      What is the name of the song?

    15. Abhishek Jha

      Anyone starting background song

    16. Antoine

      XI for season with alternative TER STEGEN ( neto) DEST PIQUE LENGLET ALBA (Roberto araujo umtiti ? ) DE JONG PJANIC ( puig Sergio ) DEMBELE COUTHINO FATI (trincao griezmann pedri ) MESSI ( Griezman)

    17. Geyco Artola

      Me gustaría saber la musica?

    18. Hamza Abdirahman

      Trincao is more offensive while looking griezmans performance in Barcelona.

    19. David Zurutuza

      Es muy pronto, pero aquí ya te empiezas a ilusionar con los chavales. Riqui, Trincao, Ansu, Pedri, Araujo, Konrad.

    20. Sajan Balami

      I want puig to play more ...dejong and puig would be better than dejong and busquet

    21. Siby Thomas

      Where is 🐐

    22. Monalisa Smith


    23. Khadafi Saputra

      Why ter stegen?

    24. octabio Gomez


    25. علیرضا صادق زاده


    26. QPZC Rl

      Rafinha es muy bueno, no se por que lo quieren sacar

    27. I love 손흥민

      Ansu fati fighting !!! Barcelona fighting !

    28. tb hasyim

      I think bacra Need better song ✌️

    29. All In One

      Please do not sell Ousmane Dembele.. you will regret if you do..

    30. nitin arak

      What is the name of the song?

    31. David De los santos ramirez

      Messi no ha enternado?

    32. The Screaming Kid

      Fati 😍😍😍

    33. bro ok

      Bruh now they trying to sell dembele

    34. WiernyKatalonii5

      Alena out Riqui in : )

    35. barry clegg

      Visca barca💙❤

    36. David Sainz

      Y dest cuanto tarda ?

    37. Castty •


    38. Dave La vérité des écritures

      je ne vois pas Messi

    39. Mateusz Nikiel

      NO MUSIC.

    40. Turbinado Gamer

      Nosotros siempre estamos juntos ! 🔵🔴⚽️ 🇪🇸👍 Vamos Barcelona FC ! 🔵🔴⚽️🇪🇸👍 Vamos Botafogo RJ ! 🔥⭐️⚫️⚪️⚽️🇧🇷👍

    41. Girish Kuttalam

      Puig is playing soo well... want to see him grow in the barca jersey....

    42. hisham Klr

      Where the hell is Leo messi....😡

    43. bryan mbeng

      finally ,players playing in their posts,,Griezmann especially

    44. Nizamudheen vlogs

      Where is messi?

    45. Ivan Muñoz

      Trincao titular, Griezmann a la banca :D

    46. Billy deforme

      Reunanse hispanohablantes Algu sap parlar catala? Parell qué soc l'unic

    47. Mandistar Mawkon

      I support Barcelona because of Messi....No messi no Barcelona

    48. mamat sudrajad

      pls dembele no more injury again 💪💪💪

    49. danh vô bụi đời

      hello 👋 😊

    50. Hind Abd


    51. El esta Dale


    52. Daksh Froster123

      Where is messi?

    53. kun kang

      Where is the MESSI!?!?

    54. Karan Sawant

      I think the deal for Dest may have collapsed As it was to be announced yesterday Go Bayern Munich!!!!

    55. Amro Taher

      Come on barca!!!!

    56. Abhi Sinha

      Koeman should give chance to Rafinha, He's a pretty good player though

    57. Miguel M

      So many forwards are going to make them compete hard

    58. Rawot Bishnu

      where is messi😥😥

    59. Anshul Sharma

      Where is Messi

    60. Anakin CHAN


    61. danel shrestha

      Messi missing

    62. Shreejal Kz

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    63. Ndiaye Mahrez


    64. Umut Uysal

      Let araujo play

    65. Ade Suhendra

      Where is Leo?

    66. Roman Terbalyan

      Give the editor double salary, these songs are crazy! 🔝

    67. amine belarbi

      where messi ,fati,grizemann?

    68. Medoo Asaad

      Couti 😍😍

    69. Shuma Atiqunnassa

      Yeaaaa trincao is improving his finishing! He’s gonna play so awesome next game

    70. Oluwajirioghene terytrill

      Can anyone help me with the title of the song?

    71. Short Clips

      I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life......

    72. Koushik Bar

      Play Rique for fuck's sake.


      AND MESSIII????

    74. Nikit Bhattarai

      Trincao is so sharp. Dribbles with so much ease.



    76. Saksham Bansal in COVID-19

      I am the only fan of Barcelona that thinks that what we are doing to Bartomeu is wrong and we should not create so much pressure on him He brought Suarez from Liverpool in 2014 He brought legends like Ivan Rakitić, pjanic, dembele, and even coutinho and griezmaan We shouldn’t hate Bartomeu, and we should motivate him to do better in future I know there a lot of comments coming here

    77. Priyank Srikanth

      That save from Arnau Tenas....we found the next Ter stegen

    78. brandon keen

      Its good that the next GOAT might be a black😃

    79. ala ayari

      Where is messi

    80. Armageddon

      Dont think about Memphis Depay if you send a better player SUAREZ to Atletico !! This must be a Joke Memphis Depay -))

    81. Patrick Afriyie

      Plxx what's the title of the song on the background

    82. Pritam Moni

      Everything about Trincao is so exquisite ;_; ❤️


      trincao and fati pedri could provide width and pace needed

    84. Saranjit Singh

      Where is messi

    85. sangeeta rai

      Don’t know if anyone noticed but I don’t see messi




      I don't see messii here

    88. wanbissaka0XX

      Bartomeu out RIQUI IN

    89. MercyxRon FTW

      Where is ter Stegen?

    90. Yohamed Herrera

      Come on desttttt

    91. Tinumon Johnson


    92. Aqib Ahmad

      FCB..i hate koeman after what he did with suarez ...not in my plan ... Yeah griezman is in your plan a shit player not suarez... Watch his first debut match with atletico club He scored two astonishing goals. No to barca....

    93. Prasurjya Dutta

      Where's Messi

    94. Adria Smith

      Que le pasa a Ter Stegen, porque no jugó el domingo?

    95. Mukul Kumar

      Who thinks Trincao is better starter than griezmann😱

    96. Saad Almabrook

      السلام عليكم

    97. Achmad Basri


    98. Achmad Basri


    99. Achmad Basri


    100. Temp Step

      I looked for the replay of the full much vs Villarreal on my Barca Tv+. I can only find the highlights which is less than 10 minutes. How can I watch the full match? Or is it available only live?