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    Join us for the UEFA Champions League knock-out draw LIVE!
    We'll be bringing you all the reaction to Barça's next challenge in Europe!
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    1. Mahmood Bajwah

      can I come to FC Barcelona merge with you Sarah ask your dad I went to merry Attaulshafi Bajwah November 11th I will be 17 years old my daddy and my mom is looking a girl for me

    2. Eduardo Ribeiro

      PSG here we come to lose 4-0 to Liverpool or lose 8-2 to Bayern

    3. Yanar Hadi


    4. Axel Ledezma

      He visto jugar al PSG y no son tan buenos como parecen, claramente se tienen mucha confianza pero en febrero no juegan contra los equipos de la liga francesa sino que juegan contra el Barcelona el mejor equipo del mundo

    5. haroontheslime king

      I know barca is having a though time but you should have not let Neymar and luiz Suraz go including xavi and inasta you guys just threw them with out any respect

    6. Antonio Ledesma De Buenavides


    7. Syarif Abdul Halim

      they are the best soccer players in the world

    8. Antonella Fonteñez

      Feliz navidad barcaaaa 💓💙♥️💙♥️ 🎅

    9. Antonella Fonteñez

      Messi barcaaaa 💙❤️💙

    10. Mohamed Zaitouni


    11. oofxserah :D

      Messi play against Neymar never seen the n a long time.

    12. Khurmat Babadjanov

      who is better like=barcalona fc comment=aftv

    13. Shohrat Jumayev

      Man this is just showing off

    14. Qais Al-Ismaili

      ok ok ok , no one can know what will happen ,lets see see sre you ready ? 🙂👍👏

    15. ادام بوخيزوا


    16. ادام بوخيزوا


    17. Nevil Appuhami

      I don't think bacelona win vs psg

    18. NathangamerZ 29

      I predict round 1 is: 1-2 barca Round 2: 2-0

    19. bouytt guyt

      Me: WE GOT THIS PSG: May I step in?


      Los octavos



    22. Otari Kikolashvili

      psg goo psg love

    23. gaglet


      1. gaglet

        @bouytt guyt lol what?

      2. bouytt guyt

        i saport both team!

    24. badr rox


    25. Sayer Al Sayer

      Baca: nervous psg be like: hello there 🥸😒

    26. Roman

      lets be honest now, ronald is not good either, putting all players in the sub like riqui puig and letting braitwate play, its just horrible.... now they are on number 5 in laliga, how will we beat PSG like this? they should have a better manager like enrique who knows how it works, he puts coutinho as LW? braitwate and griezmann at the same time? its just horrible, if it continues like this then barca will be out on top 16, i am sure... barca got a lot of talent but dont know how to use it only.. pajnic? lol worst player bought for 60 million i think lol? it will be old grandmother club soon koeman is just toooo bad

    27. Ehliman Hesenli

      pjanic out!!!! because of him our chances goes to trash he only know shoot

    28. 西本和矢


    29. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    30. PES MOBİLE


    31. حسين محمد


    32. حسين محمد


    33. bocoy noiu

      It will be so exciting to see messi and neymar on the same pitch after almost 3 years

    34. Mailak Shylla

      Messi vs neymar

    35. jubada matahari

      Barcelona will be beaten by neymar 👍

    36. asioe kiou

      I would like to play PSG but what if Messi ends up in PSG. 😂😂

    37. Black Bull Gaming

      Every time Barcelona win Against PSG because that time Barcelona have neymar suarez so they can win But This time Barcelona have only messi 😭 how they win the game But i saport both team!

      1. bocoy noiu

        Barcelona 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    38. عبدالله الاحمد

      أرجو أن يصبح في هذه القناة ترجمة إلى اللغة العربية

    39. AXEL FC

      We did it once with psg we can do it again i believe in our club 💙❤️

      1. Michael Huynh


      2. asioe kiou

        Your performance was better than psg but you face dyanamo,ferencavosi and juventus and we face manunited,leipzig and istanbul.

    40. ابن اليمن جمال حميد

      اهلين من في عربي

    41. TM Comps

      I think messi score but Barcelona will lose

    42. TM Comps

      Messi is football

    43. Mina Iskander

      I think Messi will transfer in these time he will play for psg

    44. bcvbb hyui

      This is amazing

    45. Ed

      Barca won last time Neymar did a big part I dont want to say this Ive been a barca fan for 8 years But their chances are low

    46. Steve Rubio

      I don't see Barcelona would win. I just hope they do not lose with embarassing score.

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Love you videos???

    47. Aliagha hafizullah

      the beautiful moment of the football

    48. Ashwin Dosieah

      barcelona got psg

    49. Zayed Al Hamed

      it wouldn’t easy to wen but there’s hope

    50. Daniel choi

      Definitely not bayern

    51. Darren Lu

      Was that gonna become PSG 6, FCB 1?

    52. Delwar Hossain

      Your performance was better than psg but you face dyanamo,ferencavosi and juventus and we face manunited,leipzig and istanbul.

    53. Delwar Hossain

      I don't why you are so excited you said last time barca hit 6 but that time we not have neymar,mbappe and navas so shut up.

      1. Master Tanjir

        @Ahmed Umair Oh ok Nice

      2. Ahmed Umair

        @Master Tanjir I am also a PSG fan. I am also a Muslim like you Tanjir

      3. Master Tanjir

        Yes bro you are right I am also a PSG fan Inshallah We will win

    54. king cody

      Messi against neymar jr psg 2-6 barca


      like para que el barcelona gane los partidos

    56. of course

      Finish Barça , paris on t en###

    57. Lilaf Asaad

      Messi is the best football player ❤

    58. arantxa hamargarrena

      Esto va a ser una pesadilla..

    59. Tahira Bibi

      I would like to see messi and neymar on the same team because I’m a fan of both

    60. dont takemeseriously

      Here we go, tons of psg fans trying to roast Barca

    61. Luvkush Tripathi

      If we are in good shape then Barcelona can beat any team in the world. We still have potential We all Will be there with you Barca I have faith In my great team.😌

    62. o gato m

      Here you come...? LOOOOOOOOOL 🤭..... take your pills barca you old and tired just take your pills and go to bed its better for you

    63. athallah vicky p

      Wes angel,angel tenan iki

    64. Ashar_Muflih_ Alwani

      gana el barca visca barca 🔵🔴


      Hello Messi

    66. موسى الشويلي


    67. موسى الشويلي


    68. Breuzesky Noutai

      De nada serviría hacernos creer que lo serás o que tendrás la mentalidad o las agallas necesarias para enfrentarte al PSG ... Todo será como siempre (joderás mierda, echarás vergüenza una vez más en el club), de lo contrario cómo entender que todo el vestuario está feliz de haber caído en el PSG y no en el Liverpool, Bayen y el City ?? .. sentimos que estos jugadores ni siquiera tienen confianza ..

    69. de fortnite spelers

      Barça 6-2 paris

    70. Abdullah Mateen

      first was Messi vs Ronaldo second is Messi vs Neymar third should be Messi vs Suarez

    71. Kush Tripathi

      i still have faith on my team

    72. Kush Tripathi

      umtiti and pique should be back to their original forms and fortunately slowly both are recovering .. this time we will set the pitch on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    73. Kush Tripathi

      i expected juve against real mad it would have been on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    74. Faraj Gaming

      Nos volvemos a encontrar con el PSG, podemos ganar aquí, pero no seas arrogante porque podemos regresar, así que no estés orgulloso de vivir en este mundo. Visca Barca

    75. Pablo Escobar

      I said this in the beginning of the season this barca team is in rebuilding mode I'd be surprised if they make it to the semis I more focused on the spanish league I just hope we finish top 4 at least

    76. Messi Hyper4k968

      19:00 draw for Barcelona

    77. Huda Khalifa

      Maybe Barcelona has such hope to beat Paris Saint-Germain, but I think Barcelona will come out.

    78. Nizar elissa

      The only way Barça has a chance of beating Paris is if Neymar and mbappe both get injured in both games.

      1. Master Tanjir

        But this not happening brother

    79. Jack Tz

      When is ansu fati coming back

    80. Michael Nikonos

      At the moment it would be a miracle if Barca beat PSG!

    81. Fantam GamingYT

      Barca Is Going To Lose With Neymar I Guess

    82. AshirCreatoins

      If neymar + mbappe show their magic barca may need to say bye bye from UEFA champions league

      1. AshirCreatoins

        @Toka Brandon true but barca team are not good at this time so we wried about it

      2. Toka Brandon

        And if at the same time messi shows his magic,it will be bye bye to PSG ...

    83. Vincenso Marin

      Atalanta will beat the Madridistas.

    84. Daniel Preuninger

      Forca Barca 👍😍😊

    85. Raphael Castiaux

      Messi packaging his stuff in the corner after seeing the psg draw🤣

    86. zul hisyam

      Please make live Paris vs Barcelona.. I don't have television...

      1. dont takemeseriously

        Espn is stupid enough to stop airing in my country, I cant watch matches now

      2. Aman Nizar

        You can stream it on certain websites like espn FC

    87. A 1992

      Barca should always play with 4-3-3 system ... In fact, they should have more players in the attacking phase and close to the opponent team's goal

    88. Arif Baloch

      I love you Barcelona

    89. viciado free fire

      Cadê os br Se inscrevam no meu canal

    90. دانييل حسين أحمد ذيب

      I really hope Barcelona Wins the champions league this year 😔😔😔😔😔

    91. Alejo Cardenas

      KOEMAN OUT!!

    92. CarlosM 10


    93. Buszel

      4-0 6-1 💙❤VISCA EL BARCA💙❤

    94. Karolina Czop

      Atalanta might easily go through, but as well it might now. My prediction is that it might end up with penalties, or there will be maximum 1 goal difference between them.

    95. Karolina Czop

      5:3 for PSG..... They have a better manager, only grow stronger, and rn they’re saving their players for CL bc they know they can re-make the local league. Tuchel knows what he’s doing. The only thing that can save Barca is a last minute change of the manager - a bet Bayern did last season.

    96. Barcelona forever

      Hello Sarah barca will win the round of 16

    97. Adrik Dutta

      Sry Barca this is a easy win if we keep up the same form we’ve had

    98. Yusuf Muhammad

      Messi and Neymar renion 😭

    99. JOHAN KING

      No one: Not even FC Barcelona: Bots:Be honest who else is a TRUE fan of FC Barcelona for over a month now

    100. Manager Nick M L


      1. Aman Nizar

        Nope. It’s mid February