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    Miralem Pjanić arrived this evening in Barcelona ahead of joining Barça's first-team for pre-season training.
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    1. FC Barcelona

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      1. Francis Abrams

        Josep Maria Bartomeu and Ronald Koeman Barcelona problem is the defence line Gerard Piqué needs to be off load now Gerard Piqué is not used in the squad and we need a new centre-back, new a left-back and a right-back

      2. ItsPires [GD]

        Bartomeu fueraa

      3. Soul gamer

        bartomeu sack out

      4. Rabiu Kasim


      5. Zara Klein



      I know pjanic will do much better than Busquets.

    3. Kenzi

      the amount of people that think a controlling midfielder is old at 30 makes me lose hope in football fans

    4. BalkanGamer123

      pjanic is one of the only players to be on both ronoldo and messis team

    5. neki tip

      THIS IS WHAT BARÇA NEEDS mark my words

    6. Ntlopi Mogoru

      I am excited to have signed him,our striking department is well reinforced Back to winning ways,Viva El Barca

    7. Anil Behera

      E to saala hona hi tha

    8. Pepe Molina

      no me convence

    9. David George

      I forgot that he can speak english

    10. Game Addictgonewild

      wanna hear a joke? Trading arthur for pjanic

    11. olympiakos

      "i wanna leave"

    12. blanc jays

      Sergio bousket is been replaced

    13. Дмитрий Семёнов

      why such a wrinkled t-shirt?

    14. Дмитрий Семёнов

      Неужели не смогли ему футболку погладить?)

    15. the best 1990

      Vamos a darle una oportunidad a este hombre el no tiene la culpa de q lo fichen. La mala gestión es del presidente . Quizás esté jugador nos deja con la boca abierta.


      Very very excited to see Pjanic in action for BARCELONA...

    17. percy gabriel estrada gastañaga

      ahora intercambien ter stegen por buffon pero bienvenido pjanic!!!!!

    18. Banana Beluga

      Please Pjanic just be good

    19. Please Read Me

      Said the guy who nearly smashed messi's face

    20. Attilia Demitri

      Tanti auguri Pianic per la tua nuova avventura,ti aspettiamo allo juventus Stadium😜✌

    21. Filbert Haliesius

      Why does Pjanic looks like Eden Hazard

    22. Certinho

      What a classy player. And he's a really good player too!

    23. edsfgctuBohlale /Lebo Madigoe

      I'm so excited you got Pjanic in the club I can't wait to see him play hopefully we got the perfect talent so far Barcelona's performance maybe hasn't been the best but I'm so excited that we signed this talent to bring back the glory


      No calvooooo

    25. punsara 2007

      I have seen that Pjanic is positive for covid

    26. Aliou Boye

      Goals barça

    27. Aaymaan Ryan Khan

      Melo Was 22 but Pjanic is 29... Melo Could have played for years but Pjanic Can Play For 5 years... Bad Decision

    28. Zio Nuri

      Pjanic 🎻💛🐺

    29. Wilkin Dubon

      Son de españa i no lo ponen en español idiotas

    30. bdm tv darly

      Welcome 🙏

    31. Rasid Smajlovic

      Ze Bosnian magician will prove all of you doubters wrong. Trust🇧🇦

    32. Ashik Rahman

      This is how many times he said ehh 👇

    33. Skankhunt 42

      Dont hate pjanic. He is class and its not his fault that our board wanted to get rid of Young players like arthur

    34. Salim Bahlewa

      Instead of responsibilities he said responsablities 2:57

    35. Priya Pandey

      he look like as Bernardo silva

    36. Ana Meiga Abusada

      Um dia eu estarei aí Barcelona mim aguarde . So focado deteminado pra vercer.

    37. FlyingHulk

      No body need him, vidal or rakitic are much better.

    38. Fernando Rodriguez vea

      Vamos haber que es lo que nos ofeece el fichaje de pianic,nobita estas en el punto de mira,fichando jugadoes de edad elevada y malgastando el dinero que dio arthur y que como mucho le quedan 2 años buenos, ai que estar bien chalado de la cabeza

    39. NUX 666

      Forca Barca. Welcome Pjanic ❤️

    40. willi gamer ff

      Nooo va a bracasar con el eneno de messi

    41. Vil Wozah

      He was to replace Messi. But Messi choose to stay because he respect the fan and Barca.

    42. 徐奔腾


    43. Sebastian Rojas Bendezu

      Es una joven promesa sera el nuevo Iniesta tiene mucho por recorrer

    44. Rafael Raimundo

      Contrata um cara de 30 anos e o Bartomeu fala que vai deixar o Barcelona mais jovem kkkkkkkkkkkk

    45. Alex P Kurian

      Waiting to see you in the field at Camp Nou ♥️..


      If Koman uses double pivot, Pjanic and Dejong together will make it great.

    47. Kiwawa Quokkoso

      My eyes will see u forever in Juventus kit

    48. Bona Pasogit

      Wow musim depan barcelona pasti menanh

    49. 리오메르시

      I admire camera director 0:45

    50. Giwrgos Spiridis

      Pjancic fantastic 🇪🇸🇧🇦🇪🇸🇪🇸🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦🌀



    52. Dr Anooj

      Daa daa...?

    53. Mahesh Parsekar


    54. Gamer Rekt

      Pjanic first word in barcelona is......."Bartomeu out"😂

    55. Dai Haruki

      And the old men club continues...

    56. nunzio-m.

      Bravo Pjanic , auguri per la tua nuova avventura, in Italia hai fatto bene, speriamo ugualmente in Spagna 👍, grande calciatore

    57. Marvin Hoff

      Pja ic is gooing to be a revelation at barca. Finally we have another playmaker Messi load has just been a little bit little 😍😍😀😀😀

    58. Mr. No

      Welcome BERNARDO SILVA🤣🤣🤣

    59. Parmareggio

      Già mi immaginavo pjanic che voleva tornare alla juve perché probabilmente non avrebbe trovato né messi né suarez

    60. boys phone canal

      I have really high hopes for Pjanic, he's an excellent player. I still wish we had signed him earlier though.

    61. Sahrim Muhammad

      Ha! I am a juventus fan and the barca have swamp arthur for pjanic i cant believe😲😲😲

    62. F Fuad

      Lol where he got himself to

    63. Better Than You

      finna retire in like 10 minutes

    64. Ally Brooke FanBoy

      Welcome Champ 💙❤

    65. Dom Hemingway

      Si vede da lontano un miglio che non ha mai voluto andare al Barcellona

    66. AG3NT乡 woLF

      I not 100% happy with the signing but it is what it is. I wish him all the best for coming season hopefully he will make our team better.

    67. Pietro Agosta

      8-2 for Bayern

    68. Bách Vũ

      A question for every new player in Barca: about Messi 🙂

    69. Saurav Shahi

      He maybe Old But he is Still a GOLD. 👍🌟🌟. Welcome Pjanic.

    70. GAmBiT 237

      😍😍😍😍fav mid fielder

    71. Fedrick Swai

      Always barca sign best player but the way tring to use them have be a problem

    72. Rajab

      Welcome miralem Have a great time here And provide us a strong hold of mid field Visca el Barca

    73. Neymar Psg

      Pijanić kralj svgm like ko se slaze 🇧🇦

    74. RayanTheDarKing TheKingOfTheDarknes

      Pjanic 🤍🖤🤧😭🥺

    75. Matte 31

      Pjanic ritorna a Torino

    76. Somto Agbodjan

      Wow I never realized Barca had the balls to display dis lik dis

    77. Dawn kh

      I pray to whoever read this don't ever post 4,5 comments In just one video like that guy over there.....

    78. 1 3

      0:22 the mask is wrong

    79. Daniel Marin

      Un fichaje joven y con proyeccion bien bartomeu fichando jovenes promesas

    80. khafier France

      why you not sell dembely to Manchester and buy a good defense i can't we need new strong Guy's

    81. Ansupermarket HD

      Enamorado del estilo del barça en los últimos años??Si acaso en el Fifa...

    82. Mohmed Mohmed

      Pjanic reforzará el centro de la línea Barcelona

    83. Moussa Doumbia

      Pense a la défense svp ça ne pas du tout a la défense c'est nul

    84. Supriyo Nandi

      pjanic author swap deal 😆😆 another bad dission for ruin barca sold talented young player bring old player

    85. Matias Ignacio Sanchez Lavadie

      Usame como botón de F I I V

    86. Naufal Muhamad Fakhar

      same Iniesta

    87. Eithan Monroy

      No entendi ni verga

    88. Sport 1

      welcome home pjanic

    89. Hafizul haq Mofezul haq

      Welcome to my best club in the world love you and best of luck 💪💪💪

    90. Sriyono Kranggan

      30 years old?? Barca need young generation to compete...

    91. iv

      "I looked at this team and how well they were playing and doing great things" is your definition of great thing no trophy, 8-2 defeat to bayern

    92. Ljusmi

      Najjace su majke sto radjaju balkance💪

    93. Kolkata YouTuber

      He is a brilliant player like d Jong, basquets...high hopes mate❤️👍👍

    94. Toheeb Adeshina

      How old is he, and also Is he a great addition to the barcelona squad.

    95. Hussaen Emad

      Busquets and Pjanić 🐌🐌

    96. Clever Knees EM

      Can't wait to see his last 😂

    97. Yo ann

      Now Barca Have three 6 but 0 8 Nice job !!🤦‍♂️

    98. Afif Islam Salvi

      Will miss him in seria still wish a great journey for him

    99. Fed3rico Corsini

      Miralem 😭⚪⚫

    100. Urbano Ramos