💪 PLAYERS RETURN as focus switches to LA LIGA!

FC Barcelona

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    Barça's first team numbers were further bolstered by the welcome return of many of the players missing through international duty. Ronald Koeman's men were put through their paces ahead of tomorrow's live training session on Barça TV+ (11:00 CET).
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    1. FC Barcelona

      GOALS, GOALS & MORE GOALS away to ATLETICO MADRID 🔥👉 paprom.info/block/v/jGGvaNKom5-jyoI.html

      1. Dimuthu Dissanayake

        Busquet is not gonna play🥰😊.. wow.. bad luck for atletico to loose both suariz and busi at once..

      2. Wal B10

        @Cesar 2020 play dembele and give his chance to trincao

      3. Czech Dragon

        ¡Aúpa Atleti!🔴⚪

      4. Tommy Grizzell

        @ThiccboyFinn im upset he left but yes barca will go for the win...VISCA BARCA...FOREVER.

      5. Muhammad Syamaidzar


    2. Ejike Tony

      Barconla need good Cocha pleeas before is too late please

    3. Rayane : The Gamer

      Braithwaite doesn't deserve number 9. Impossible

    4. Xabi Altuna

      Bartomeu dejo un club en ruina a todos los niveles. Algún día lo pagará. Jugadores vividores de la sopa boba OUT ✊💙❤️

    5. Red Hood Ranger


    6. Red Hood Ranger

      🔵🔴💪🏼💪🏼🔥🔥forca barca

    7. Talal Flah

      No no 😡😡😡😡

    8. Santa Maya Rai

      Best club in the world barcelona messi Messi messi

    9. Fut Raiz

      Visca barça

    10. Abubacarr Camara

      But I don't see Misse

    11. Daniel Preuninger

      Forca Barca 👍😍😊

    12. Muhamadou kanteh

      Braitwaite siempre serio🤨

    13. Cesar Aguilera-herrera

      Where Messi at.

    14. Saad Khan

      Where's Messi?!

    15. Mijail Montenegro jurado

      Vamo barca

    16. Yazir Atash

      Riqui puiq

    17. Nidal nidal

      Why roberto always in Your cover pictures ?

    18. Habitat Boy

      FORÇA BARÇA 🔴🔵🔴🔵

    19. Ridho Ahmad Batubara

      1:17 who's that GK coach ?

    20. Dimuthu Dissanayake

      Busquet is not gonna play🥰😊.. wow.. bad luck for atletico to loose both suariz and busi at once..

    21. عشق كره القدم


    22. Mhamad. Rafiq

      Oh im bigest fun of barcelona 👍👍

    23. Ringo edu worldwide

      Vamos barca⚽⚽⚽🐐🐐🐐

    24. Just Bored

      Same playing 11 as last time just messi in for fati and pjanic or Puig for busi

    25. Andy Ntim

      Mingueza looks promising.. I just want to see him make his deput and I know koeman will fall for the guy

    26. alanjd hah

      Countinho is back from indonesia🇮🇩


      Vamos Barca!!

    28. FCB_Emz

      When Braithwaites on the thumbnail You know something is wrong

    29. alejandro fabian calderon campos

      Puede fichar a erlin halan

    30. bella samaniego

      Dios quiera Griezmann y Messi metan goles, asistencias y sean los más destacados!! ❤💙💯

    31. bella samaniego


    32. leonardo telaumbanua

      keep spirit barca

    33. B. Theophilus G Russell

      It is only me or Messi was not in training

    34. Miki

      We need Puig.

    35. Estiben Zamora

      Y messi?

    36. Muamel Saleh

      Barca vamos❤️

    37. Ricardo Campbell 666

      Sorry Ansu we all missed you who Agree ???

    38. Jacob Selasie

      i want to See puig Play in because je get everythigie

    39. English for generations with teacher MAHFOUD

      the best player ever is LEO MESSI, love you Sso much LEO

    40. ART WAR

      Is it me or Sergi roberto been doing better sense sergino came

    41. Anzonini Delpuerto

      Marc-André ter Stegen Dest Pique Lenglet Alba De Jong Coutinho Dembele Messi Braithwite Griezmann.

    42. 西本和矢


    43. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    44. the king


    45. Chea an Taing

      Countinho is back

    46. An As

      We will Win 3-1

    47. mesi pelaito

      Que alguien le diga a Griezmann que se corte el pelo

    48. Sahinox

      I hope that the messi and griezmann thing is resolved and the two stay at the club :(

    49. JC

      And messi?🤔🤔

    50. 101 45

      True fan of barca and messi like here

    51. Jaime Rosario

      Pique el maestro del rombo.

    52. Aland

      Griezmann hair vs martin braithwaite hair who wins 1-Griezmann/2-martin braithwaite comment

    53. tay tay

      should train goalkeepers in one vs one situation, and train greizmann to effective shot on one vs one with goalkeepers

    54. Yussef Jr

      So Griezmann didn't shave 😂😂😂

    55. Sulav Adhikari

      Hope that Rique Puig will be in the playing 11 tomorrow

    56. Charles Charles

      Matheus Fernandez😍

    57. Dilshad Shingaly

      Leo messi the best player in the world

    58. Suvojit Barman

      No energy in the practice session. Needs more energy and commitment from the team. -Hardcore Barcelona Fan

    59. طه لمحمد

      دي كلو خرا

    60. Barça Force

      Messi ????🥺

    61. Barça Force

      GRIEZMANN 🤬🤬💇🏼‍♂️

    62. koki atanasovski

      Come on Barcelona

    63. Czech Dragon

      Have much fear dembele is here.

    64. Szilágyi Samu


    65. Zəkəryə official Zəkəryəbəyli

      Barcelona win 💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤ King Messi 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁💙❤💙❤⚽️⚽️⚽️

    66. Akib Edits


    67. Ronn David Regis

      I want Griezmann to cut his hair pls

    68. ROBLOXER

      Ousmzn dempele

    69. Spoiler alert

      At 4:05 I was like : Bruh brathwaite's got fat😂

    70. Nawaz Khan

      Love Barca Love Dembele

    71. Rak EJ

      Wheres messi?

    72. Abdulrahim Barrie

      Dembele 💙💯

    73. Angel Flores

      Plz let umtiti play he’s world class

    74. koushal sarda

      Neymar: Sold Suarez: Kicked Messi: Kept like a prisoner The tragic end of MSN

      1. Antoine Greizmann

        True messi leaving😀😀😀😀

      2. Esa Khan

        Absolutely true.....

      3. Franziska Sieder

        Just reading that comment made me tear up😢

    75. Afgamez of indo


    76. Ahmad Sawa


    77. Ahmed Qureshi

      Im just thinking of Suarez rn

    78. شـادِنـ》ShaDen

      Finally Bosquets will not play🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💃💃💃

    79. Modibo Sidibe

      Bon chance a vous tous

    80. Nguyễn văn Toàn

      Antoine griezmann ❤

    81. Abidoye Samuel Abolaji

      Umtiti is playing FOOTBALL

    82. Omar Yahya

      Visca el barca!!!!

    83. Helmi

      i'm a simple men, i saw braithwaite and definitely i click it


      In so many trainings I'm not seeing leo in the field why?

    85. Abhinav A


    86. Sad News Everything

      Força Barça 💪

    87. Lordaxel Blaze

      Nothing will help ... No laliga no champions league

    88. Barça Herb.

      Visca Barça

    89. Cali TOOGY Joseph

      Ter Stegen is so good !

    90. SR10

      no messi, perhaps he is taking rest after returning home from argentina

    91. Wilson Varghese

      Expel Griezman..

    92. Zaki Boy

      The minutes of training are more

    93. Aley Kazem

      You are the best

    94. M. Rizki Ramadani

      Thumbnail : LordBraithweit

    95. Mop Axe

      Coutinho is back🔥

    96. Ultrainstinct X

      first there was valverde out then came barthomeu out now we want griezman out

    97. DIEGO Tasso

      Petition to: See Koeman taking free kicks now🙏🙏

    98. kavindu jayawardena

      Best team in the world🔥🔥🔥

    99. Sandip Basnet

      De Jong played 7 matches but had neither assist nor goal.

      1. Abidoye Samuel Abolaji

        Wtf you smoking.....Ansu goal againt ferencvaros bro

    100. David K John

      We need messi backk 😓