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    The FC Barcelona first team trained on Tuesday on the Tito Vilanova pitch at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, one day out from their LaLiga game against Real Sociedad. The team welcome the league leaders to the Camp Nou on Wednesday at 9pm CET.
    After having beaten Levante this past weekend, the squad are preparing for their latest challenge, and will have another session on Wednesday morning -followed by Ronald Koeman's pre-match press conference.
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    1. Dude Youtube

      why dont you train ter stegn to score

    2. Dude Youtube

      amazing traning there

    3. Moon OverSanjuan

      Valladolid-Barcelona. Otro posible día de BAR Koeman, jugadores fondo armario, vacas sagradas, junta gestora OUT!!! El duelo correspondiente de LaLiga Santander 2020-2021 se jugará el próximo martes 22 de diciembre a las 22:00. En sus últimos 5 encuentros en el torneo nunca empataron. El conjunto local obtuvo 1 triunfo y el visitante se quedó con 4 victorias. El local está en el décimo séptimo puesto con 13 puntos y 3 triunfos, mientras que el visitante llegó a los 21 puntos a nueve del liderato, y se coloca por el momento en el quinto lugar en el torneo. Rezar todas las oraciones posibles para evitar el desatre definitivo, para no pasar a nivel mental unos días de auténtico pánico.

    4. 西本和矢


    5. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    6. Ali Ali

      بلتفيق انشاء الله برشلونه

    7. Stevie Preston

      The festive trumpet immunochemically collect because barbara evolutionarily wreck aside a early deodorant. subsequent, smiling canvas

    8. Angel Jaramillo

      Sigo pensando que en definiciones son muy malos pegan el balón pero lo hacen sin vida quiero que maten ese arco se ven claramente tiros muy debiles.

    9. Leon 281


    10. Leon 281

      so beautiful👌

    11. Ilkay Exquisite

      This is much needed training we need someone to keep the ball like Iniesta

    12. Ronie Iebach

      The duet of young players center back Barcelona R. Araujo and o.mingueza are very good at working together. strong. deserves to be a core player for Barcelona this season ... rather than old pique and clement lenglet... who are very slow in running

    13. Tidiane guidierra


    14. Jaiden Banton


    15. Master Kirby

      Barcelona will not *win* a *title* if *Lionel Messi* remembers *Guardiola's False 9,* Remember it.

    16. Mo_ovo 12

      Lack of intensity.. thats our problem. Its not about the names we have. Its not about messi Its not about koeman Its our intensity.! And i will tell you what.. today we are beaten in our home whether we like it or not.



    18. Amante de las palomas

      Un equipo que pierde ante la Juventus, que empató con Atlanta, el equipo de tercera fila

    19. Yash Bhoopathi

      Come on we can win this game

    20. Anzonini Delpuerto


    21. Anzonini Delpuerto


    22. gaurav dev

      som lagent blaugrana tots units fem FORÇA BARÇA BARÇA BARÇA ❤️💙

    23. Continental Gaming

      What a team we have still we lost to juventus i cant beleive they should buy some defenders

    24. nived s

      When will our old barca returns , waiting for that after the match with bayren

    25. dionyshs tsr

      Guys I have been looking at the la liga table for hours where are u I couldnt find you

    26. CLM

      2:40 Busquets has such great passing skills it's insane

    27. Vorel 05

      Never give up!!! Forca Barca 💙❤️💪✊

    28. okay kool

      Koeman is a terrible coach. He puts his ego above the club.

    29. S̶H̶N̶A̶ 10

      00:43 leo💙 Only God know how much I love you🥺❤️ Força Barça 💛✨

    30. الثنائي المرعب

      8-2 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👻

    31. Sourya Chatterjee

      Everytime I see this drill since last 1 year , Alena misses the goal and gets it saved😂

    32. Naksu 13

      0:42 Wtf? 😨

    33. Adwaith S

      Barcelona vs Real sociedad Messi '17 Messi '38 Messi '78 Full score 3 -0 😌

    34. Huzaifa Salmani

      Zor zor se bolke logo ko scheme bata do

    35. saske army

      Barcalona neymar

    36. saske army

      Messi is teh best

    37. Jeremy Ikemuonso

      Barcelona will win against Real Sociedad today. If u agree with me, like the vid and my comment

    38. Rockers Rawrr

      Some people say miss valverde era. Its a joke . Although he still barca coach , barca still will fallen like this. With out transformation like how pep did when he come in ,new tactics , new philsophy , new motivation ,do you think we can survive in this modern football era ? The others team also improve their team season by season .


      Ni subtitles when koeman speaks

    40. turbito landazuri

      Barcelona no sirve.el técnico tiene que meter a Messi al minuto 75 porque Messi lla no sirve.

    41. Mrkl

      La parte de presión en los partidos se les suele olvidar


      Tu t'abonnes à ma chaîne je m'abonne je tiens ma promesse mais fait un geste pourque je puisse voire

    43. Guillermo DeLeon

      How about defense sessions? Since our D is lacking very much!

    44. Sameer aamir

      All players have to practice for shooting but Messi is genius 😍😍

    45. El Guarro 3000

      Like si creéis que Pedri se merece más minutos

    46. تيم العصابة_ El3saba

      كل يعمل اشتراك في القناه ويتفرج على الفيديوهات الجديدة

    47. sad d

      Msn msn msn

    48. sad d

      Msn msn msn msn msn msn

    49. Cảnh Đạt Lê

      I hope the rumor of Messi being isolated by his teammates is not true


      'te suscribirias a mi canal..


      'te suscribirias a mi canal


      'te suscribirias a mi canal

    53. Bima Feli

      Tolong pjank mainkn full

    54. Fadil Gamer


    55. lee baller

      Nececitamos a win today por favor🙏

    56. AJMAL aju

      We are win today forca barca 🔴🔵

    57. KASUKI29WD

      creo que matheus puede correr mas que busquets

    58. Deaf stone

      they've been trained to pass the ball, pass the ball, not to score the goal.

    59. Deaf stone

      can anyone explain the difference of those training vest colors? like messi, fdj, busquet wear blue, while their teammates wear green. is it like role-based or something?

    60. dae rezky rahadian

      if messi want to go to psg,, go asking psg to exchange him with drexler and juan bernat,,, that will be good deal

    61. Soccer worldwide

      Barcelona win 2-0 today's match

    62. Wonderkid

      Puig and data or funds need to play

    63. Minha & Misbah siblings

      Get the ball pass the ball get the ball pass the ball

    64. Wacky 11

      Plz put subtitle 💔🤧


      Even thought Messi slipped in the 43 second of the video, he still made an absolute genius pass to Mingueza

    66. Vishwamitr Joshi

      if messi bags a brace he can become the top goalscorer in la liga with oyarzabal

    67. Olaoye Odubore

      Very weak team. They are only good with possession style of football which is old and it doesn’t translate into goals. They don’t give their strikers ball more often. They are only good in passing the ball backwards and sideways. That system needs to be changed if not more disgrace to come.

    68. Koushik Parameswaran

      Make English subs for us non Spanish fans

    69. Muhammad Afsal M

      Koeman is the worst manager ever. Man never won against a good team this season. No tactics no plan. Just weaker team and inshallah.

    70. Daniel Preuninger

      Forca Barca 👍😍😊

    71. Роман Храбрый

      Forza Barca!

    72. Jayashree Dutta Borah

      Ami kali jikiboi lagibo. 🔥🔥

    73. Emon Barça

      Trinscao must score today


      Barcelona should use this team to will every single matches Ter stegen Dest Mingueza Araugo alba De Jong Pjanic Alena Messi Braithwaite Greizzy

    75. Ismail YAHAYA ALDOMA

      Bonjour, j'adore Sergei, mais malheureusement c'était un bon moment, mais maintenant il est terminé. Merci de dire à l'entraîneur de Barcelone Sergey Pushkin ne participe pas à une équipe de base dans ce match contre la Real Sociedad. Merci.

    76. navaneeth krishna

      Its all fun and games until u lose posession in midfield

    77. Vikas Ahlawat

      Play without Busquets and Messi. And we will win

    78. IvangamingHD

      *Hope you can keep the ball against psg*

    79. ANTHONY Absi

      I hope barca will win vs real sociedad

    80. 1

      Sergio Bosquets ❎ Sergi Roberto ❎

    81. M B

      Our biggest problem is pressure.

    82. juliuscesaar

      Barca will lose Today. They cant wint against cadiz. Real sociedad play better

    83. Shivansh Arora

      Pessi Noob

    84. Mahad Ismail

      Yo barca practice some tiki-taka

    85. Nawaz Khan

      We miss Demboz Dembele.

    86. Julen ASENSIO

      La Real os ba a meter una paliza hoy de ensueño

    87. Wisdom Nelly

      Let's every player join hand in defense concentrate in defending 4 men can't do it alone, if you watch football very well you will see how day defend against the opponents


      Puig de jong alenã They can make Barcelona greater Alenã is playing like iniesta while puig like XAVI and de jong can be both But no more XAVI and inietsa will come

    89. Adryansyah hinta

      Koeman!!!! Please give pjanic a more match

    90. Kanu Naman

      2:40 busi has officially forgotten how to shoot

    91. Gil Green KG

      But we see nothing on the pitch

    92. Jean Thomas DABIRE

      C'est toujours beau les entraînements mais ça doit se ressentir en match

    93. Yoko Oh No

      Show us we are still in the game. Vamos

    94. Suraj t

      I'm a bayern fan

    95. rolexzo9 7.0

      We want Ricki puig . Koeman are you dumbt ??????????

    96. Pallab Pratim Borah

      Waiting for this team to dominant the world 🌎 again. Forever Barcelona ❤

    97. Rafa Soha

      I have pedri on DLS21 and he is a beast He gave 6 assists and 1 goal in his first 2 match

    98. Mislav Čondić

      Vamos Barca ! 💙 ♥️

    99. jandriR

      Griezmann solo mete goles en los entrenamientos

    100. Rishi Kausik

      Give puig more time