Recovery session post ATLÉTICO - BARÇA

FC Barcelona

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    This Sunday morning, the first-team squad returned to training after the defeat against Atlético Madrid in the Wanda Metropolitano (1-0). The players that started in Madrid did post-match recovery work, while the rest worked out on pitch 2 at the Ciutat Esportiva.
    The next session will be this Monday at 11.00am CET, and after training Ronald Koeman and a player will appear online for a press conference from the press room of the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. This will be a prelude to the Champions League match against FC Dynamo Kiev to be played in Ukraine on Tuesday.

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    1. 西本和矢


    2. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    3. عبدوان اشريف


    4. {Flame08}

      I wish you victory

    5. Andrés Molina Rivera


    6. Arihant

      It is 22nd not 22th

    7. Rúben Elienai

      Vamooos Barça

    8. Ezekiel Kwaku

      come the famill batcv hrrd

    9. Ezekiel Kwaku

      the vcxm oooo fmko bar tyo

    10. Kokoleceran

      Koeman out

    11. Habibou Djigo

      Barca 2009👉🏾 Barca 2021

    12. Luis Maganisya

      Força força Barça

    13. ᴘʜᴀɴᴛᴏᴍ

      Por favor, llévate a Ernesto Valverde de vuelta con él. Barcelona nunca ha perdido un El Clásico y derramó a Liverpool y Roma, pero dale otra oportunidad con él. Barcelona juega el tipo de fútbol que debería jugar.

    14. RyZeX

      aupa Atleti

    15. Aamir Bangash

      Another video More tonnes of goals But sadly we can't see them scoring in a real match!

    16. Ankit Bagul

      nice song...... must be INDIAN....!!

    17. Gamer Jean

      We could win a game if you put riqui on the field

    18. Салим Лео

      Пазор барселона

    19. Jesse Alvarez

      Let’s see if we win the group stage and go to the final take the trophy home with us

    20. ماجد الخفاجي

      *This squad must retire we got tired،sick of seeing them walk on the field Without motivation and passion they just passing the ball with each others without result....the board should move. early elections should be held in order to bring in a new president to replace Bartomeu we are in a real crisis otherwise our fate will be like Manchester United* 😤😤

    21. Sam Goudarzi

      Where is the messi 😭😭😭😭😡😡

    22. علاوي المدريدي


    23. Chakuyyy

      I'm crying and dissapointing every match😔

    24. Thubstan Tsultrim

      Barca tame pests times

    25. Leon Martin

      Why can't we see some of these guys on the field

    26. Dimas Dahlan

      I like Barcelona

    27. Ara Fah

      "Fire Ronald

    28. Attisha Phillips

      I think we need another Bayern Munich beating to wake up🤦🏽‍♀️

    29. Felix Scott

      I hardly see Messi in training

    30. Sooo o

      Messi to man city 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    31. Dita Kartika

      Suarez sama neymar balikin pak

    32. Eyong Sammy

      Why does Messi hardly appear in Training videos of recent ?

    33. Gutz

      Where the fuck is Messi?

    34. Art3mist

      this is not barca i've known

    35. King Messi the great

      Lets forget the past and bounce back

    36. Ceena Ann Prasad

      We have to improve a lot

    37. Caleb Ampofo

      Pedri pls stop giving out balls to the opponents

    38. Caleb Ampofo

      Samuel please pick up form for me .U the best

    39. Caleb Ampofo

      I thank God pique is out .at least we can gave good kids trying to pick up the position

    40. beyond zoom

      we'll be back again to the top guys , barca get sick but never die i think it's time to give riqui puig a chance visca barca

    41. Lalu Prateja

      We need to rebuild barca without Messi from now. Don't wait until the end of season. Please let him go asap!

    42. Virtual realistic

      Barcelona played well but the thing is can't create more chances and turn into goals...

    43. Peter Varkey

      Where is messi? He is becoming lazy now a days.. Maybe age is catchin up

    44. To ReĐa

      *Love foe barca* 🔴🔵🇮🇶🌺✌

    45. deberjeet usham

      We can come back stronger than ever. FORCA BARCA

    46. اليماني PUBG

      Coutinho Bravo 👏👏



    48. Top Gamvies

      Saya sangat berterima kasih pd Ronald Koeman yg telah menghancurkan klub favorit saya Barcelona 😭

    49. JIREN

      I dont wanna say it... But messi needs to leave the club😭😭

    50. Aayush Chandra

      Yeahhhhh, I really respect the likes of Bartomeu and his french boyfriend, what was his name again, ...... Abiba.... Anyways..... I really respect them man. They have somehow made me doubt the club which I used to love. Stupid signings , clueless managers, no adaptability, and have somehow also made fans blame Messi somehow. They sold a diva ( Neymar ) , who no matter what he did, atleast performed and transformed Camp Nou into French National Team Holiday ground. People have such hard ons for Dembele, future of Barca, I don't see what he has done till now. Like literally, they rate him sooo highly. I hope he doesn't end up like the Jesse Lingard, the future of Man United. He's been here for more than 3 years..... And he arrived here before Joao Felix or Haaland was anything, for 100 + Million. And has scored 25 goals in all comps for Barca. For comparison, Haaland - 33 goals in 33 matches for Dortmund. But maybe he may have a injury free season when he starts creating chances left and right. Point is , he is a player for a Counter Attack team. And I am not even gonna mention Greasy or the other mediocre french stalwarts Umtiti and Lenglet. Thanks french guy.

      1. Game Bot


    51. muhammad Shameel

      ഇവിടെ മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ like അടി 👍 Coach griz നെ super sub ആയി ഇർക്കോ Messi യുടെ possition messi thanna കൊടുക്കണം 🙏🙏🙏 Braithwaite cf akko

    52. Andy Hartono

      I think this season is not messi season. Barca performance is so bad really. Hope there is miracle... While ronaldo now is beast at Juventus. Champion mentality.

    53. Amara Jonah Sesay

      With all the shooting drills they still finding it difficult to score Griezmann shouldn't be a starter in Barca at this particular moment.

    54. FUERA Pseudo Culés


    55. mario marioscovic

      I hope WE Will Win this game

    56. Nihal Pes2021

      We need puig not Braithwaite

    57. Edwin Artiga

      Lest go barca

    58. Fut Raiz

      Vamos Barcelona vcs vão vencer

    59. Heni Cilacap

      c'mon boy comeback stronger again

    60. klein

      see no hope

    61. Birakta Jamatia

      Flop team not like bfor more.. though m Barca fan I had to mention dat bcoz m not happy anymore with the results

    62. A Av

      Still we can do it Come on boys 💪💪💪💪 You can do it

    63. Mausham Ghatani

      Remove pedri koeman griezman

    64. Oybek Soyipovv

      Barca 1-1 Dynamo Kiev 😭😭

    65. Mausham Ghatani

      This year also 0 titile


      Messi , please score a hat-trick

    67. New BornXoX

      So what happen to Braithwaite...

    68. Pawan Kapade

      There is no way we are going win league this season. Its becoming embarassing now.

    69. starred jelly

      Day 1 of commenting until griezmann cuts his hair

    70. Lalremruot Pajamate

      In place of Pedri ,if Braithwaite plays it would be more effective

    71. Tarek Amrouni

      Sell griezemann

    72. Meki Lamo

      I want Barca to play Bayern Munich in round 16. So that we will get used to this disappointment. Because right now it's still difficult to adapt to this new normality of this great Club.

    73. Damilola Dare


    74. mnyanduzi k

      We have 9 points cl in 3 games but 11 in 8 games in laliga. Currently we are fighting relegation more than being in europa

    75. victor xyz123_xyz456

      Everyday training, 0 improvements. And yet the dumb ass coach starts Roberto and Pique in every game

    76. abba saeed

      All we really need is a a proper number 9 which can be Depay a solid midfielder which can be aour or wijnadium despite his age his still a baller a cb which can be eric Garcia and then umititi can hopefully be back and we will have 4 centre back then we need ok left backs as reinforcements not too good not too bad also in the right back and then we need to rotate our players and line ups this can make Barca great again my opinion

    77. THAT GUY

      On the way to Be Next ManU

    78. Negib Khalef

      Siempre Força Barça!, Mes que un club🔴🔵

    79. FERgameplays

      Suscribanse a mi canal de PAprom estoy subiendo MODO CARRERA EN FIFA 21 y si les gusta pueden suscribirse :)

    80. Dhawal khona

      It doesn't make any sense watching such session any more when nothing reflect on the field

    81. Mustafa Nuhali

      dont give up barcelona we just started the season we can come back from this!!!

    82. Football Sports

      Next match, let's Play umtiti please!!

    83. Autumn Leaf


    84. niaz CPM

      To be perfectly honest this is football! Ronald Kuman brought young players which is good! They need time, months and perhaps one year till they reach their top and harmony! Losing 0-1 against Atletico (which is very strong this year) is much better than losing against Bayren 2-8!! I think Kuman is doing good job but he needs time he dismantled last version of Barca (only 5 players stayed) which I think is good!

    85. Douglas Alexander

      I think the problem is not even defense, the problem is that the club right now is really tense for everything what’s going on with Messi, i can’t even see chemistry between teammates, like if it’s a prison. We need to change mentality, even if it’s Lenglet and De Jong again as a center back, we can win everything. You guys need to hang out more, more communication, more chemistry and motivation. We have to bounce back

    86. Paw Leo

      I won't sleep happy today Where is Dembélé 😭😭😭

    87. Sachin Nair

      Are You a Barcalona fan who is tired of the club as a result of Multiple Humiliations....Do you have what it takes to be on a non Toxic Fan base Then ....ISL Side "Kerela Blasters" is the Answer...the club with most Supportors in the biggest Continent of this Earth....come and be a part of our Yellow Army ...We many not be the most successful club Now....but with the support of some international fans..... especially who are tired of European dominance...we can be at the top one day...Stop Depressing and start Enjoying with Us 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

    88. Verner Phillips

      Гном уже и на треню не ходит, по сути вредитель сейчас в команде(

    89. Sourav Krishna

      I supported this club when they won everything 💪🏆🔴🔵 I supported the club when they lost 😢🙏🔴🔵 I supported my Idol when he went through good times 🐐💪 I supported him when he went through bad times 🐐🙏 And at last I will support you forever 🔴🔵 Visca Barca 🔴🔵

    90. Mane Kris

      this team is done

    91. Sam S

      Lol why every player is not participating in training And we are thinking they want to improve

    92. Sandy Pratama

      Please come back WEAKER Barca. We need you more weak than now...


      They should focusire on shooting and combination play

    94. osvaldo mac

      We have a lot of defensive problems ...

    95. arakkal abu

      Find better striker than brathwaite

    96. arakkal abu

      Why brathwaite

    97. Mohammed Althaf

      Is there chance of getting laligaa

    98. Rabin Chhetri

      why messi not participant in training

    99. Kenneth modisane

      The faster you sell Messi the better

    100. TUCO

      no change no glory . boomers out start from pique