🤯 RONALDINHO relives his HISTORY MAKING debut!!! 🔥

FC Barcelona

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    Ronaldinho talks us through the historic night of his Barça debut against Sevilla as part of the blaugrana legend's insightful documentary on his career at the Camp Nou; 'The Album'.
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    1. FC Barcelona

      💙❤️ ALL THE GOALS: Every Ronaldinho strike for Barça! 👉 paprom.info/block/v/eIKnodZ-rqaIp2k.html

      1. Matriban Awang Ahmad


      2. Hrithik bing

        Keeping the best player as a prisoner. 🖕🖕🖕🖕 what a great club

      3. Anzonini Delpuerto


      4. soyuncu lcfc

        bartomeu out

      5. Guillermo Martínez

        Barça vengo por parte de Cracks, y la verdad quiero ganarme la camiseta de MESSI, Espero tener suerte y garme la camiseta de mi ídolo y del mejor jugador del mundo "Messi" Forca Barça

    2. F. Maxwell

      he can be a good coach in school

    3. Amol Asthana

      The man, the smile, the legend, the Joga bonito, the mentor. Salute to this magical player. Truly the best talented player to be a legend and just imagine what would he be like if he was concentrated a bit more and worked hard. He would probably make defenders look like noobs in every match he almost played.

    4. FreddyCøugar_99

      🤩⚽ 𝑇ℎ𝑎 𝑤𝑎𝑠 𝑎 𝐵𝐴𝑁𝐺𝐸𝑅👌🏾! 𝑁𝑒𝑣𝑒𝑟 𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑔𝑜𝑡𝑡𝑒𝑛

    5. Luis Jordan

      Bruh (Yes a bruh comment is the 1000 comment)

    6. Arham Muhammad

      Rona rona ronaldinho rivaldo cristianinho kaka

    7. Sangam Kumar

      There Are Some Footballers Who Are Loved By Everyone....Even Rival Players, Rival Clubs And Fans Of Rival Clubs....Ronaldinho Is One Of Them

    8. 국건이

      Gaucho !

    9. Luiggi Nicolo Paganini

      Best debut ever period

    10. ouhombléa yves kao


    11. ouhombléa yves kao


    12. FOOT NEWS

      Magico 😍😍😍😍😍😍💙♥️

    13. BULI TV

      First game First goal and already barca #10 true legend

    14. Headphone Legends • 10 years ago (edited)

      Barto Out, Please...

    15. An Nguyễn Văn

      Fan Barcelona

    16. moussa abakar

      Ronnie Gaucho joy

    17. Irving Rocket'z

      Gracias a Ronaldinho jugué FIFA por primera vez eres todo un Crack una legenda del fútbol 🙌

    18. apexEleven

      Barcelona is what it is today because of Ronaldinho, even tho Barca was that good he managed to win the UEFA

    19. Aiss Bijo

      The best player in the Barcelona

    20. pemimpi radikal

      I am supporter of Barcelona because of this man! Legend! also bartomeu out!

    21. Jadson Lima

      O mais espetacular de todos.

    22. Saulo Arcoverde

      Best Paraguyan player ever. 🇵🇾

    23. swag Lord

      Legend ❤💙

    24. Neo Monenyane

      My fav Barca player ever. Legend R10

    25. a l'aide je me noie

      Le but

    26. Gustavo Rosas Ortíz

      vengo por el concurso de craks

    27. Ione Mahugo

      Que pasada ronnie... que recuerdos !

    28. SAJ 2729

      0:43 Who also loves the tune playing in the background 😍

    29. SAJ 2729

      0:46 When Chapo Guzman was a free man 😂😂

    30. mankumari limbu

      great legend of Barca 💪 love you ❤❤

    31. Erdem Kızılova


    32. Andy Nkayilu

      Merci pour l'album

    33. Short Clips

      I pray who ever reads this becomes successful..

    34. Samdapro 20

      Out of jail

    35. Villains Never die

      His unusual skills made everyone to admire him. The facts is that he didn’t scored too many goals but he made everyone fall in love with football.

    36. EL PEPE

      Bartomeu: Fichable 😎👌

    37. Quineliner XIM

      Dinho en su mejor momento era igual de grande que mike tyson, michael jackson y michael jordan del basquet. figuras que nunca se olvidan.

    38. Filme&Cinema

      Brasil aqui (here) Ronaldinho R10 forever better than Messi gives a like..

    39. الموسيقار الليبي


    40. julio, tobe

      Soccer wizard

    41. OPLIRE YT


    42. Zakariya Almalki

      At midnight and it’s impossible not to play well 🤣🤣🤣🔥

    43. Jose Avila

      Ronaldino el mejor de la historia

    44. Adil Mehmedovic

      Ok, but Bartomeu out :)

    45. 4hmed_ 11

      Like here if u want bartomeu out

    46. MALIK MO

      The brazilian legend😍🔥

    47. Mayer

      0:44 Marcos Chavez

    48. king kings

      y lo demas??

    49. Nabeel JR


    50. Bocaradinho Ba

      He is the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

    51. Julkarnaeen Araf

      He's always remain as a legend.

    52. Hrithik bing

      Keeping the best player as a prisoner. 🖕🖕🖕🖕 what a great club

    53. ABL Quality

      What a legend

    54. Anzonini Delpuerto


    55. Skrooz


    56. vimal raaj

      Bartomeu out

    57. HayLex ZWER

      The legend football and top on top

    58. Paul 10

      Ronaldinho misses playing football so much. For someone who still has the desire to play and win he needs a couch/personal trainer for him to be in the best shape of his life, absolutely shredded lean muscle 💪🏼 and train with barca again and play at least one or 2 more seasons He is only 40 years old still possible for a skilled legend like Ronaldinho 💜⚽

    59. Yaan Khan

      I'm a Argentina supporter But I Respect Ronaldinho.


      Doesn't matter what anyone says, Ronaldinho is by far the best player Barcelona has ever had, Messi even said once that Ronnie is better than him. His first and last goal for that club was truly phenomenal. He scored goals by chilena twice, something Messi has never done before unfortunately, not that he can't but fans really want to see him score the way Ronnie and even Rivaldo did. Sucks how this dude was incarcerated, but one thing I don't get to this day is how can he not know, especially being from Brazil, that a passport isn't required when traveling to Paraguay from there? Anyone out there know the answer to that because it just confuses me how his bro and him weren't aware of that. I'm just glad he's out and spending more time with his son seeing how he can potentially become the next Ronnie some day.

    61. Alonso Aliaga Diaz

      Quien antes de los 10millones?

    62. Aryados

      If you hate Ronaldinho you hate football.

    63. ultra boixo.


    64. Edward Masias Gamarra

      Larga vida a Ronaldinho!

    65. Renato Ferreira

      A liberdade cantou kkkkk

    66. Сергей Сергеевич

      Bartomeu out!!!! Ron❤️

    67. Said Flores

      Jugador de talla mundial, mi razón de irle al Barça, ídolo total Ronaldinho

    68. Michael Uwimana

      i haven't seen messi's interview is this channel maybe because he criticized the board and bartomeu

    69. Eduardo Franco Heredia Romero

      Ganó La Copa del mundo 🏆 La champions league 🏆 La Copa libertadores 🏆 Leyenda viviente

    70. Ricardo Santana


    71. franco gatica

      Despues de messi el mejor 10 de la historia del barsa

    72. YAGO FF

      Brasil ronadinho

    73. Nayan Neupane

      Bartameu out

    74. ExoGoDz

      *Ronaldinho siempre será mi jugador favorito, desde chico lo veía y me encantaba como jugaba era una maravilla y era el mejor haciendo la culebrita, GRANDE RONALDINHO GRANDE*

    75. Daniel Lau

      Ronaldinho's first goal and first assist for Messi is unforgettable and breathtaking.

    76. Your Card Hack

      Well I know we all want bartomeu out but disliking a video of Ronnie? Come on guys, it's Ronnie

    77. Felipe Santacruz

      Ronaldinho sos la magia pura con el balón... extraño esos partidos de lujo con vos en la cancha... astro grande papá...

    78. 1001


    79. MyNamesAlwi

      02:18 Luis Enrique's last season as a player of FC Barcelona.

    80. Хороший Человек


    81. Хороший Человек


    82. Patrícia Lima

      I love Ronaldinho 👑👑👑❤

    83. Russell Brook

      Bertameou, u don't deserve the president post. So, get out!

    84. dede dede


    85. Kamen Petrov

      Almost 30 years Barca Supporter - and now u r NOTHING, u disrespect LIONEL MESSI, And u r no Barca ofc, u r Bartomeo and company.

    86. Erick Avila

      Ahora ven recuerdos de como trataban a sus estrellas, pero ahora qué? Messi se la pase diciendo todo el año que no estaba cómodo y la directiva seguía diciendo que iba a renovar y se retiraría del Barcelona. Han sido tan hipócritas que ni su propia palabra tiene valor ahora, respeten lo que dicen y las decisiones de los jugadores.

    87. Sebastian Torres

      el mejor

    88. e.h skills10

      Idol legendinho😍🙏⚽️❤

    89. lilsnoopy90

      Ronaldinho for President. Bartomeu out

    90. Der JägerzumMeister

      I miss you DINHO❤💙

    91. Vicente Ancieta

      Es una leyenda, un líder, un campeón de el FCBarcelona 🏆🥇⚽️

    92. Rowan CFC

      Barcelona truly is a remarkable club

    93. League Of Draven

      Only came here for Ronaldinho. Only supported Barcelona because of Ronaldinho. Started watching football at the age of 9 because of Ronaldinho..

    94. Sandra Barreto


    95. Oz-kar 77

      El mejor de todos los tiempos , el que cambio para siempre al barcelona el dios del fútbol 🤙🏻

    96. Ali dubabaxaka zoom.

      Put statue of Ronaldinho in campnou

    97. Arihan Gupta

      We are never gonna see this legend play again

    98. pranav hrishikesh

      Not better than Lingardinho

    99. Sattaki Basu

      20 yrs from now messi the god the legend relives his moments

    100. debanjan mukhopadhyay

      He was emotional man we miss you roni